(Korean Movies) LUCK-KEY, 2015

LUCK-KEY, 2015

LUCK-KEY, 2015
Audience over 15
running time
112 minutes
cumulative audience
6975631 people
12th Korea University Film Festival 2017


100% success rate Perfect killer!
Life is changed as an unknown actor because of the bathroom key?!

Hyeong-wook (Yoo Hae-jin), a relentless killer, falls on soap in a bathroom he accidentally stops by after dealing with the case, and loses his memories of the past. Unknown actor Jae-seong (Lee Jun) decides to die due to lack of popularity and the will to live.
After that, Hyung-wook thinks he is Jae-sung and tries to succeed as an actor…

A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! Super special reversal!
This is LUCK.KEY!


“Now, is it my turn?”
Mystery, action, noir, drama, melodrama, nothing is impossible for him!
Yoo Hae-jin, an icon of box office that satisfied 100 million viewers!
Yoo Hae-jin's comeback work that contains everything in life's acting!

Yoo Hae-jin, who celebrated her 20th anniversary this year, is a veteran actor who has mobilized 100 million cumulative audiences for the works she has appeared in. After he received attention for his strong personality through <Tazza>, he was loved by many for his realistic comic acting in <Jeon Woo-chi> and <Pirates: Bandit Who Went to the Sea>. After that, he overwhelms the audience with his excellent acting skills through his serious appearance without laughter and delicate emotional acting in works such as <Veteran>, <It's the Gnome>, <Top Secret Investigation> and <Moss>, and solidified his position as a well-known Korean representative national actor. In this way, regardless of genre, Yoo Hae-jin, who created a life character for each of the works he has been working on for 20 years, returned to the screen after a year with <Lucky>, a work that can be said to be the aggregate of all the characters.

Yoo Hae-jin said, "The reversal shown in the screenplay of the movie <Lucky> was unique and fresh. I thought it would be really fun to go back and forth between two completely different characters, so I willingly participated.” The fresh sense and the scenario of the story showed tremendous synergy as his acting skills were added. Yoo Hae-jin reinterprets two characters in opposite situations from the charismatic perfect killer 'Hyung-wook' to the unreasonable action actor 'Jae-seong' in his own style, completing the all-time anti-war comedy genre. He said, "The synergy that is formed when both of them are shown together, when they are cold-hearted killers and when they are unknown action actors, is the point of watching the movie." As such, the movie <Lucky> has a unique fun like watching various genres ranging from action, noir, drama, melodrama, and comedy, according to Yoo Hae-jin's wide acting skills. Yoo Hae-jin will upgrade her comic acting and deep facial expressions she has shown so far in <Lucky> to demonstrate her true qualities as Korea's representative box-office actor without any regrets.

The movie <Lucky>, in which Yoo Hae-jin's acting skills are gathered to give a performance that does not miss even the smallest details, will shoot down the taste of the audience properly this October.

“The evolution of anti-war comedy has begun”
Unpredictable development! Variety of characters fun!
Following the box office success of <Beauty is Painful> and <Miss Granny>
A super-special anti-war comedy that will give you a gigantic laugh in October!

The movie <Lucky> is an anti-war comedy that unfolds as a successful killer loses his memory and changes his life with an unknown actor. The reversal story of <Lucky> reminds me of <Beauty is Suffering> (2006) and <Miss Granny> (2014), which were successful in the comedy genre. The reason why the audience's response to the anti-war comedy story is high is that the unpredictable development that takes place in the process of solving the problem of the protagonist in a complex situation is exciting and pleasant. In addition, the passionate performance that one actor in the movie shows while digesting various characters is enough to capture the hearts of the audience.

As such, the movie <Lucky>, which preserves the box office points of the anti-war comedy in <Beauty is Suffering> and <Suspicious Woman>, and adds fun to the characters, is ready to meet the audience with more advanced laughter points. What stands out above all is the sophisticated combination of comedy and action. Unlike the existing anti-war comedies that focused on self-discovery and appeals for emotion, Yoo Hae-jin provides new fun to the audience with natural, life-related comic acting and sophisticated action. The comic lines and action scenes in the unpredictable situation that take place as the killer 'Hyung-wook', who was enjoying the best life, turns into an unknown actor, brings fresh laughter to the audience. Another extreme drama presented in the movie is also a laugh point that guarantees fun. Hyeong-wook, who has grown up as an action actor, appears in a TV drama and gives unexpected fun. It is difficult to hold back the laughter when you see Hae-jin Ha, who gradually melts into the characters of the drama as time goes by, and Hyebin Jeon and Lee Dong-hwi, who are united as shameless and rude characters. Last but not least, the character digestibility of the actors as if they were wearing their own clothes. Not to mention Yoo Hae-jin's anti-war charm, Lee Jun's unstoppable passion, Jo Yoon-hee's super positive energy, and Lim Ji-yeon's mysterious charm were maximized in the movie <Lucky>. It is said that the pleasant ad-libs of the actors who came out naturally filled the atmosphere of the filming site with laughter.

<Lucky>, a super-luxurious anti-war comedy filled with the delightful joy of learning a new taste of life as fate changes, will bring laughter to the audience this October.

“One-top movie box office run! This time it's Yoo Hae-jin's <Lucky>!"
<Goodbye Single> Kim Hye-soo, <Princess Deok-hye> Son Ye-jin, <Tunnel> Ha Jung-woo!
Korea's box office craze code is the hard carry of 1 TOP actor!
There is <Lucky> that succeeds the box office code in the second half of 2016!

'Multicasting', chosen by blockbuster films such as <Veteran>, <Thieves> <Assassination> and <Contemplative>, was the official success formula for the recent Korean film industry in that it could see actors with high audience preference perform in one movie. However, in the summer of 2016, movies that lead the story with the main protagonist in the first place began to seek a reversal. In one-top movies, one actor must lead the story completely, so solid and appealing acting skills are the most important. Kim Hye-soo, Son Ye-jin, and Ha Jung-woo are representative actors who succeeded in box office success with one-top movies this summer. Kim Hye-soo of <Goodbye Single> completed her own character overflowing with skills in a style she had never seen before. Son Ye-jin of <Princess Deok-hye> was well-received for meeting the character of her life, and Ha Jung-woo of <Tunnel> was once again recognized as a one-person theater craftsman, and received great support from the audience. This October, <Lucky> is scheduled to continue the box office trend of one-top movies armed with the actors' crazy acting skills and hard carry.

In <Lucky>, Yoo Hae-jin takes on the lead role in the first one-top comedy in his acting career, and meets the audience with laughter by Yoo Hae-jin, by Yoo Hae-jin, and for Yoo Hae-jin. The episode where the killer 'Hyung-wook' actively utilizes his organs until he finds out that he was an unknown action actor announces the birth of a character unprecedented in the history of Korean comedy. As a killer, Hyung-wook, who has freely handled a knife, shows the seasoned hand movements and expressions that only Hae-jin can show in his pickled radish craft or kimbap art at a snack shop. Director Lee Gye-byeok of <Lucky> said, “This is a scene where I felt Yoo Hae-jin’s skill. I was really surprised to see the smile on the simple Hyungwook’s face, who seriously cooks kimbap,” he said, admiring his comic prowess. In <Lucky>, you can also see Yoo Hae-jin's powerful action performance. Martial arts director Park Jeong-ryul explained, “The core of the action concept is a simple and fast strike as it is a killer, and the skill of the sword.” Yoo Hae-jin said that he not only received martial arts training for a long time, but also spared no time for physical training in order to make full use of the killer's action.

Yoo Hae-jin's passionate performance, who will have a hard-to-carry gigantic laugh in <Lucky> this October, will continue the trend of one-top movies in 2016 and revitalize the theaters again.


KEY POINT 1. Super special moment of reversal
Destiny, space and circumstances
We captured all the moments of reversal!

The super-reversal comedy <Lucky> was a series of reversals even at the moment of filming. The actors and crew made a special effort to capture the moment of reversal that not only changed the lives of Hyung-wook and Jae-sung, but also changed the situation, space, and talent.

Episode 1. The moment when 'destiny' changes: the bathhouse
The bathhouse, where the fates of killer Hyeong-wook (Yoo Hae-jin) and unknown actor Jae-seong (Lee Joon) are reversed, appears as a very important background in the movie. In this scene, which was actually filmed by directing a public bathhouse located in Doksan-dong, Seoul, the lead actors Hae-jin and Lee Jun, as well as male auxiliary actors, performed naked. Jo Yoon-hee said that she was the only woman allowed to enter the men's bath filming site for the role of Rina, a rescuer. Also, in the movie, the scene where Hyung-wook stepped on the soap and fell had to be captured dozens of times for a realistic and comical depiction.

Episode 2. The moment when 'space' changes: Hyungwook's Penthouse VS. Jaeseong's rooftop room
In order to maximize and express the conflicting lives of the killer Hyung-wook and the unknown actor Jae-seong, the space called 'home' is very important. Hyungwook's penthouse is lavishly decorated with secret weapons and secret places only seen in <Kingsman: The Secret Agent>. On the other hand, Jaeseong's rooftop room was filled with realistic props and cluttered shapes that show the difficult reality of the 5th generation. The two characters, each entering an unfamiliar space, change their lives and transform themselves through the house.

Episode 3. The moment when the use of 'talent' changes: action and acting
After losing his memory, in the process of tracing his past, Hyung-wook discovers that he has a knack for knives and a knack for martial arts. Skillful swordsmanship is fully utilized in a part-time job at a snack shop, and skilled martial arts skills provide a foothold for growth from a minor actor to an actor in the main cast. Martial arts director Park Jeong-ryul, who was in charge of the martial arts of <Inside Men>, said, “A funny situation was created when the murder technique hidden in the body of a person who had lost his memory suddenly popped out. Also, seeing the classic action in the drama as he grows up to be a leading actor is another fun point.”

The fatal charm of <Lucky>, which has been doubled with this super-special moment of reversal, will invite the audience to laugh out loud in this October.

KEY POINT 2. Passion of super-special staff
<The Handmaiden> <Beauty Inside> Wellmade Producer Yongfilm
<Inside Men> <Veteran> <The Thieves> <The Apostle> The laughter artisan project

In the movie <Lucky>, a large number of representatives of Korea participated as a super anti-war comedy. First, Yongfilm, a well-made production company, took the lead, showing sensuous and splendid visuals and original storytelling that were not easily available in Korea through <Target>, <Beauty Inside> and <The Handmaiden>. Yongfilm, who purchased the original copyright, perfectly reconstructed the work in original colors with director Lee Gye-byeok, who gave a unique comic point through <The Beast and Beauty>.

<Lucky> also worked with the super-luxurious crew that made Korea's top box office hit. Director Lee Gye-byeok, along with cinematographer Kim Tae-kyung and lighting director Hong Seung-cheol of <Apostle>, focused on adjusting the tone of the play, which changes according to the character of the god even in the same space to express various genres in the comedy genre. This is because it was important to feel that the bright comedy tone at the beginning of the movie gradually transitioned to the tone of mystery and crime. For this, art director Lee Ha-jun, who was in charge of the art of <Contemplation> and <The Thieves>, implemented the set so that the changes in the character's personality and situation could be naturally expressed in Hyung-wook's penthouse, Jae-seong's rooftop room, snack shop, and the abandoned factory of the last scene. did.

The most surprising part of the film is the music. Music director Bang Jun-seok, who was in charge of the music for <Veteran> and <The Apostle>, completed the music of <Lucky> by melting the trot elements with a somewhat exaggerated and overt feeling. For this <Lucky> OST, he collected top-level sessions and recorded a real instrument as a base, creating 53 tracks, more than a regular movie. In particular, as a song that flows in the opening scene of the movie, [The Man] by 'Ham Joong-ah' is newly arranged and captivates both the eyes and ears of the audience. Music director Bang Jun-seok said, "[The Man] contains lyrics that can express the fun of Yoo Hae-jin's role in a new way, so it will be a new point of observation when watching the movie."

As such, the film <Lucky>, created by the meticulous preparation work of the top production crews representing Korea, will establish itself as a leader in well-made comedy in the second half of the year through unique visuals, reversal developments, and music variations.

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