(Korean Movie) Love My Scent, 2022

Love My Scent, 2022

Love My Scent, 2022
fantasy / romance / melodrama
Ages 15+
running time
108 minutes
cumulative audience
12046 people
box office


Sweet love that starts at the tip of the nose?!

'Chang-soo' (Yoon Shi-yoon), a man who has never been in a proper relationship because he was hit by life
As soon as you spray the perfume you received from a stranger, women run at you?!

'Ara' (Seol In-ah), a woman who seems to have never liked anyone because she was hit by her family
One day, I start pounding with the scent of the bus I ride every day.

'Ara', attracted by 'Changsu', falls in love without knowing why.
Even though I was clumsy, I grew up in love little by little!

The secret of 'Changsu' revealed by his ex-girlfriend 'James' (Noh Sang-hyun) who suddenly appeared!

I fell in love because of perfume?

In February 2023, a magical romance begins!


What scent is your love?
A mysterious perfume that makes you fall in love when you spray it?!
A magical romance that will thrill the hearts of lovers!

The movie <When Our Love Remains as a Fragrance>, which will show off the most fragrant romance this winter, catches the eye with its unique subject matter, 'the magic perfume that makes love come true'. In <When Our Love Remains as a Scent>, 'Chang-soo' (Yoon Shi-yoon), who has no feelings for work or dating, and 'Ara' (Seol In-ah), who has everything but is not easy in dating, appear in front of a perfume that makes them fall in love. A magical romance that unfolds while doing it.

Now that people in their 20s and 30s who have tasted the sweet and bitter taste of dating, or whose lives are too tiring to love, are gradually giving up on love, <When Our Love Remains as a Fragrance> tells us that love is achieved by simply spraying perfume. The material catches the attention of the audience. Even if you wash your eyes and look for it, you can't find the charm, and you don't have enough courage to talk to your crush, so the magical romance that begins with perfume appears in front of 'Chang-soo', who was silent alone. It will be dyed with love. Like this, the movie <When Our Love Remains as a Fragrance>, which captures the most fragrant romance this winter, is love at first sight that anyone has ever dreamed of, a fateful meeting, and romantic moments like a relationship that must come true. Expectations are high that it will show colorful moments of love that those who have loved, such as kissing impulsively because they can't do it, getting drunk and building a dark history, will surely sympathize. In addition, 'James', a man who knows the secret of perfume, appears, raising expectations by raising various questions about what will happen to the relationship between 'Sura Couple' and how 'James' knows about perfume.

Reality empathy 208%
A reality that anyone in their 20s and 30s can relate to!
Yeon.Po.ja 'Changsu' and 'Ara''s explosive romance!

<When Our Love Remains as a Fragrance> presents fun with a thrilling romance that revives the love cells of male and female characters who have given up dating for their own reasons. 'Chang-soo' (Yoon Shi-yoon) is a master of the arts who doesn't like work or love, and can't even say a word to the woman he loves unrequitedly. There is nothing like the heart, but 'Chang-su' thinks that she is happy just looking at her 'Ara' (Seol In-ah) on her way to work. Meanwhile, 'Ara' (Seol In-ah), the eldest daughter and head of the family who has to take care of her immature mother and younger sister, doesn't dream of a new love after her last love affair. 'Changsu' and 'Ara', who think that dating is a luxury and love is only a room in their situation, are the 'N-four Generation' who gave up too many things such as dating, marriage, and buying a house due to social and economic pressure. It reflects the image as it is and draws empathy.

In this way, the two men and women who have given up on love in the face of life feel the thrill through the 'perfume that makes you fall in love' and fall into a magical romance, making the viewer feel thrilled. Lines such as “I look forward to every day since I met you” and “I want to seize a magical opportunity at least once in my life”, etc., express the inner thoughts of people in their 20s and 30s who are not good at love. It is expected to convey a heart-warming romance by awakening new emotions to numerous 'Chang-soo' and 'Ara' in reality.

Yoon Si-yoon X Seol In-ah X Noh Sang-hyun, the most attractive love triangle this winter is born!
The romance tension that will sweetly enchant 2023!
Fall in love with the fresh chemistry of the three!

In 2023, when the romance of 'Sega Wan-sam', which means 'the most perfect triangle in the world', has become a trend, a love triangle romance presented by Si-yoon Yoon, In-ah Seol, and Sang-hyun Noh is coming. As <When Our Love Remains as a Fragrance> contains the sweet and bloody romance of three people intertwined with a magical perfume, we look forward to the fresh chemistry that Yoon Si-yoon, Seol In-ah, and Noh Sang-hyun will show.

First of all, Yoon Shi-yoon, who recently showed off his gentle and affectionate charm as 'kind Mr. Paper' in the original Teabing's [Drinking City Women], took on the role of 'Chang-soo', a man who doesn't go his way in work or love. Yoon Si-yoon always mentions in interviews that he wants to receive the 'Best Couple Award', and in fact, he is an actor whose chemistry with the other actor stands out to the extent that he is a regular customer of the 'Best Couple Award'. In this <When Our Love Remains as a Fragrance>, it is expected that the thrilling chemistry will thrill the viewers by acting as 'Ara', the unrequited love partner, and 'Chang-soo', who is entangled with the magic of perfume.

Seol In-ah, who captivated the public with her lovely charm, played the role of 'Ara', who will show a fragrant romance with 'Chang-soo'. In the 2022 SBS drama [Company Match], Seol In-ah, who played the role of 'Jin Young-seo' and won the Best Couple Award and emerged as a 'roco newbie', created a fandom with a strikingly lovely appearance and cool charm. In <When Our Love Remains as a Fragrance>, Seol In-ah plans to draw deep sympathy from the audience in their 20s and 30s who cry and laugh in love through 'Ara', where everything is perfect but dating is too difficult.

In addition, Noh Sang-hyun, who made his face known through Apple TV+ [Pachinko], appears as 'Ara's' ex-boyfriend 'James' and puts a break on the love front between 'Chang-soo' and 'Ara', completing a love triangle. 'James' is a dubious man who knows the secret of perfume, and is raising expectations that he will add fun to love by raising the romance tension of three people intertwined with the magic perfume in between.

A spoonful of humor that brings out the taste of romance!
Kim Soo-mi, Moon Ji-in, Kim Young-woong, and even Yoon Jeong-soo!
Surprise appearance of Chungmuro's representative scene stealers!

In <When Our Love Remains as a Scent>, Chungmuro's representative scene stealers, who have not only strong acting skills but also various charms, added to the fun. First of all, Moon Ji-in, who is optimized for the role of a best friend who gives comfort and sympathy to female protagonists in the dramas [Beauty Inside], [Daegun – Drawing Love], [Two Cops], and [Doctors], as well as giving advice to the female protagonist, is 'Ara's workplace. He appears as a colleague and best friend. Moon Ji-in, who opens up the breath of 'Ara', who is a principled person to the point of being a little stuffy, catches the eye with her quirky and lovely charm. Meanwhile, Kim Young-woong, who left a strong impression in the films <Hansan: The Emergence of the Dragon>, <Air Murder>, <The Grave Robbery>, and <Dark Priest Murder>, took on the role of the manager of a car dealership, the boss of 'Changsoo'. Kim Young-woong, who has completed a character equipped with the characteristics of a vicious boss that he seems to have seen at least once in one body, such as unspeakable faults, handing over work, and a confusing tone of advice or criticism, Kim Young-woong, who has experienced work life with delicious acting, laughed sympathy from the audience. pull out Not only that, but because of the magical error of the perfume, the image of being attracted to 'Chang-soo' without knowing it and getting confused is expected to cause laughter.

The performance of special cameos that boasted a short but strong presence also draws attention. First, Kim Su-mi makes a surprise appearance as a grandmother who gets on the bus to work that Chang-su (Yoon Shi-yoon) and A-ra (Seol In-ah) ride every day. Kim Soo-mi makes the audience laugh with her thick talk that fits her nickname of 'national curse grandmother'. Not only that, but in a funny situation where 'Changsoo' is mistaken for singer 'Yun Soo-il' due to the magic of the perfume that 'Chang-soo' sprayed on, he even reveals his vigorous fan spirit as if he went back to his days as a girl fan, adding to the fun of the play. add up Then, comedian Yoon Jung-soo appears as a mysterious customer who returns after only taking a test drive, and presents 'Chang-soo' and Tikitaka. At the car dealership where Chang-soo works, Yoon Jung-soo, who has appeared as a customer who avoids everyone and turns into a strange customer who only test-drives and returns every day, arouses curiosity about what changes he will bring to Chang-soo's life. Yoon Jeong-soo plans to show off his shining presence by performing passionately for 'laughter', from his personal skills of making engine sounds with his mouth to his unique fashion.

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