(Korean Movies) Love Forecast, 2014

Love Forecast, 2014

Love Forecast, 2014
Audience over 15
running time
121 minutes
cumulative audience
1891993 people


Junsu (Lee Seung-gi), an elementary school teacher who does everything he asks, but doesn't even last 100 days, always makes a difference to his girlfriend.
To him, a woman's heart is an ever-unsolved task.

Junsu (Lee Seung-gi) has a special girl. Hyeon-woo (Moon Chae-won), the most popular weather caster these days.
Everyday we eat, watch a movie, take us, hold hands, help us in emergencies, and even know the officetel off-duty, but we are not lovers.
She cries because of another man when she calls for a drink.
The cool thing about Junsu's childhood confessions… . 18 years (!) friend.

Hyeonu is overflowing with men who are tangled up, from a senior in the company (Lee Seo-jin) to an active younger man (Jung Joon-young).
Junsu, who has to take care of her thumb, can't stand it anymore…

Between 18 years of unorganized and no progress
Do you have a relationship that you need to explain?

The first romance of 2015 for you who are in a hurry!

[ Prologue ]

“Are you okay with today’s dating?”
2014 Some & Love Behavior Report

Survey method: <Today's Romance> Online survey through the official Facebook page
Survey period: 2014.11.11~11.24 (2 weeks)
Number of participants: 2,102 men and women in their 10s to 40s nationwide

POINT. 1 Currently, how many people are there in the country?
30% of men and women nationwide are currently dating, and 17% of them have a relationship with 3 or more people
As of November 2014, it is estimated that there are about 4.27 million people in their 20s and 30s nationwide.

POINT. 2 To what extent are you a thumb, and from where are you a lover?
When asked about the criteria for distinguishing between a lover and a lover, the majority (51.0%) answered, “We should have agreed to each other’s proposal to date each other.”
So no matter how often you keep in touch (17.2%) or go out on a date (6.3%),
Confessed by one side (12.8%) or even having physical contact (11.9%)
We're dating, but if we don't agree, we're not lovers! It can be seen that you think

POINT. 3 Skinship, how far can you go?
When asked about the range of possible touch in the thumb stage, they answered up to hugging (34.4%), kissing (14.5%), and even having sex (6.3%), while only 11.9% of those who answered that touching was impossible, You can see the tendency to think lightly and generously when it comes to physical contact with someone you are not fond of, but not with. In particular, it is worth paying attention to the difference in the perspectives of men and women on skinship. Men answered kissing (20.1%) and sex (8.4%) as the level of possible touch in the thumb stage, while women answered kissing (11.3%) and sex (2.0%), so men were more open to the level of touch than women. Demonstrated aggressive and aggressive character. In particular, in the case of the male group in their early 30s, the highest percentage of respondents answered with sex (29.0%), and the percentage was also the highest among all generations.

POINT 4. Some have an expiration date?!
When asked about the appropriate duration of dating, more than half (55%) answered within 3 months, and among them, less than a month (29.3%) and less than 2 weeks (7.6%) recorded high numbers. Rather than seriously exploring, you can guess the value of a light love relationship that you want to have a meeting only for the purpose of 'something' rather than rushing to identify and draw conclusions within a short time, or try to develop a relationship into a relationship from the beginning. have.

POINT 5. How to get real dating after a thumbs up!
As for the answer to the question about what made Thumb develop into a relationship, the most decisive response was when they confessed or received a sincere confession (73.9%). There are ways to introduce each other as 'lovers' to other people (9.1%), to naturally fall in love because the period of dating is prolonged (8.9%), or to make rapid progress in the progress of skinship (6.3%). Proof that a sincere confession is the most effective and quick way to love!

'Some', a new word that refers to the stage before a man and woman are dating
However, while formally defining the stage with the word 'some',
Relationships between men and women today are lighter, less accountable for meetings, and more difficult to love.

short exploratory period of 3 months validity;
We keep in touch, we date, and we do deep skinship.
I'm irresponsible when it comes to love
Today's men and women wander between dating and dating.

To you who are tired of a relationship without progress
The movie <Today's Love> talks about real love, real love!

[ About Movie ]

2014 hot keyword “some”
Talk about the hottest dating trend for men and women in Korea!

(The definition of a thumb will be simplified as follows.)
A newly coined word 'some', which refers to the stage before a man and woman are dating. In 2014, Korea was hot with 'some'. From songs to comedy program corners, 'some', which has deeply penetrated into our lives throughout popular culture, has established itself as a new dating trend, representing today's male-female relationship.

The movie <Today's Romance> is a romance film that empathizes with reality that captures the hottest dating trend 'some' between men and women in Korea.
The movie <Today's Romance>, which depicts the story of Junsu and Hyeonu, who continue a subtle relationship that has not progressed and is difficult to organize for 18 years, is a relationship that eats and drinks but is not a lover, and emotions that are neither hot nor bad. It depicts the complex and subtle relationships between men and women these days in a realistic way. The characters in the movie who go on a date but have a flirt with other people, run whenever they get a call, know the other person's feelings without accepting them, and constantly struggle without accepting them. pay
It deals with the 'some' that warmed the hearts of men and women in Korea, and depicts today's romance and love in a pleasant and sympathetic way.
The movie <Today's Love>. <You Are My Destiny> Director Park Jin-pyo grabbed the megaphone, and Chungmuro Blue Chip Lee Seung-gi and Moon Chae-won performed a fantastic acting ensemble, <Today's Romance> captivated theaters in January 2015 with its unique wit, humor, and 100% empathy for reality. will catch

Chungmuro's next-generation actors Lee Seung-gi + Moon Chae-won!
The best 'love inducement' couple of 2015 was born!

Chungmuro's next-generation actors Lee Seung-gi and Moon Chae-won met as a couple in the movie <Today's Romance>. After the drama [Brilliant Inheritance], Lee Seung-gi and Moon Chae-won, who show off their unique chemistry by working together for the second time, exude a more realistic and human charm than any other character they've shown so far.
Lee Seung-gi, who has studied music, entertainment, and drama, and made his first challenge on the screen, takes on the role of 'Junsu', a man who is always frustrated even though he does everything he wants in <Today's Romance>, but he can't even go 100 days. It shows the victim's climax. Although he has not been a lover for 18 years, 'Junsu' takes care of 'Hyeon-woo', plays with him, and even greets him. Lee Seung-gi showed off 'Junsu' and 100% synchro rate with solid and stable acting skills and completed it as a three-dimensional and multi-layered reality-based character. And Moon Chae-won, who swept the Rookie of the Year award at various film festivals with <Bow, the Last Weapon>, transforms into a 'woman girl' and 'Hyeon-woo', a 'female girl' who gives vaguely but gives out when it is decisive. . Moon Chae-won captivates the viewers by showing off the charm that everyone can't help but fall in love with with her outspoken talk and bold and clever acting.
As such, Lee Seung-gi and Moon Chae-won, the next-generation romance couple in Chungmuro, chosen by director Park Jin-pyo following <You Are My Destiny> Hwang Jung-min + Jeon Do-yeon, <My Love By My Side> Kim Myung-min + Ha Ji-won, gave birth to the best love-inducing couple in Korea in 2015. It is going to drive a love craze.

A romance with a different class is coming!
A true love story drawn by director Park Jin-pyo!

Director Park Jin-pyo, the master of melodrama, who has deeply moved and resonated with the audience with his extraordinary insight into 'love' through <You Are My Destiny> and <My Love By My Side> is returning with <Today's Romance>. Director Park Jin-pyo, who chose “Today’s Romance,” a romance that realistically deals with today’s men and women who have struggled with dating, as his next film, is a realistic sympathetic romance film that contains a unique delicate emotional expression and dense directing power, from pleasant laughter to a deep message about love. It will show the essence of

Director Park Jin-pyo said, "These days, the word that defines the relationship between a man and a woman in one word is 'some'. I wanted to put an end to the ‘some’, which symbolizes a light encounter, and share sympathy with the audience through a story that approaches a little deeper in love.” He continued, “Today’s love affair often stops at the ‘some’ stage, which is the emotion before falling in love. As there are more channels that do not require direct communication, such as messengers and SNS, I feel the fear of having a serious relationship. In order to have a real love and romance, you have to bump and break a lot, but it's a pity that a lot of those parts have disappeared." "Through this movie, I look back on the meaning of the word 'some' and deeply explore the relationship and emotions between men and women. I was trying to figure it out.”
Lee Seung-gi, who chose <Today's Romance> as his screen debut, said, "Director Park Jin-pyo's perspective on love and romance is very good. It is not light at all, and it is a story of real and fantasy love. I liked that point of view, so I trusted the director and chose this work.” Moon Chae-won also said, "All of the director's works are based on human suffering. I think that happiness and despair are exquisitely crafted in it. He brings out the emotions of the actors well and always considers them so that they can act comfortably.”
“I think true love is a love that protects you until the end rather than a fateful love at first sight. Wouldn't destiny be complete when we protect that love to the end? As director Park Jin-pyo said, “I want to see someone next to me once again and feel the importance of it through our film,” the movie <Today’s Romance> is a ' It will capture the hearts of the audience by delivering a message about ‘real love, real love’.

A guide to today's love that has become infinitely lighter!
Now, let's end the teasing and "real love"!

According to the trend of 'some', emotions between men and women are easily consumed, and today's romance has become too light and short. The movie <Today's Romance> tells the story of Junsu and Hyeonu, who have been in a subtle relationship for 18 years without progress and difficult to sort out, and delivers a piercing tip to men and women today, who have a hard time in real love because they have a lot of fun.

Junsu, who has liked 'Hyunwoo' for a long time and supported her like a friend like a father like an older brother, and another man 'Dongjin' despite knowing Junsu's feelings, and having a relationship with a younger man 'Hyobong', who actively pushes them. Burning 'Hyunwoo'. Romance and love are difficult and difficult for two people, who are torn between friendship and humour. The movie <Today's Romance> asks the question of 'What is love?' through 'Junsu' and 'Hyeonu' from different positions and makes you seriously think about love. In addition, as Moon Chae-won said, "A film that asks young men and women the definition of love and romance these days, who only have a short flirtation," raises awareness about Thumb, and Lee Seung-gi said, "I think we need to approach the feeling of love more seriously. <Today's Romance> is a sincere movie that talks about real love in a realistic way,” reminding us of the meaning of love.
In these days, where everything is changing quickly and easily, <Today's Romance>, which conveys the meaning of true love through sincere 'real' love, will heat up winter theaters with deep sympathy and warm emotions.

[ Production Note ]

A hot place for young people!
100% all-location shooting site!

Like a movie about the romance between men and women these days, <Today's Romance> was filmed on 100% all-location locations such as Hongdae, Gyeongnidan-gil, Itaewon, and Garosu-gil. The production team, who chose the shooting location based on the place where lovers often visit, found a place that best expresses the appearance of a place only when a person is captured with a camera.
From the cafe street in Seogyo-dong, where 'Junsu' and 'Hyun-woo' go on a date, to the Hongdae mural street where the two are on their way home, the Mapo Bridge observatory where 'Junsu' ties Hyeonu's shoelaces, 'Hyeonu' and ' "Today's Romance", such as "Hyo-bong" walking along the Gyeongridan-gil while having a conversation, captures the liveliness of the undecorated streets and the freshness of young men and women. Director Park Jin-pyo said, "I chose a place where I could go when I saw a movie and thought, 'I want to go too', that is, a place that started from the movie but exists, so it can also be a place of memories for the audience." Explain why you chose the location.
However, filming in such a hot place was accompanied by unexpected difficulties. The pub 'Hongdae Tang', a hideout for 'Junsu' and 'Hyun-woo' in the play, could not be filmed until the owner of the building did not give an answer about whether or not it was filmed until a week before filming, and it burned the hearts of the production team. The actual cafes, exhibition halls, and pubs they are looking for have been constantly protested by customers who were unable to use them due to filming.
<Today's Romance> was filmed after hard work by persuading the shops to close and asking the owner to open the shop that was closed. Uncontrollable weather such as rain showers and strong winds also added a part. Director Park Jin-pyo said about the filming site, "It's a movie about dating and love these days. There were too many people at each filming location and it was hard because of the weather, but I wanted to capture the place in which young men and women meet while having a thumbs up and dating rather than decorating the set realistically,” he said. <Today's Romance> is expected to draw more sympathy from young people by capturing the image of today's handsome men and women wandering in front of love and love.

From bungee jumping and gyrodrops to directions for 10 won!
Behind-the-scenes footage of a fun and sincere filming site revealed!

<Today's Romance> revealed the behind-the-scenes footage of the filming site, where the actors' fantastic acting ensemble shone with brilliant teamwork.
First, in order to express real characters, real emotions, and real situations, Lee Seung-gi and Moon Chae-won of <Today's Romance> directly digested all the scenes without a double. Moon Chae-won, the goddess of the weather in the play, shows a unique weather forecast by blowing up strong winds and climbing high hills depending on the weather. Unlike the character in the play, who jumps happily with a bright smile, Moon Chae-won did not easily jump out of fear and fear during the actual filming. According to the expert saying that if you can't bungee jump within 2-3 minutes, you can't jump forever, so the production team postponed the filming and prepared a double. However, Moon Chae-won, who succeeded in bungee jumping, dispelling everyone's concerns at once, transformed into 'Hyun-woo' in an instant as a proficient professional actor, and created a great bungee jumping weather forecast scene with pleasant and pleasant emotional acting.
On the other hand, for Lee Seung-gi, the gyro-drop ride was a big task. Like Junsu in the play, he actually had a phobia of heights. Unable to get on the gyrodrop due to fear, he decided to directly hit the key scene of the movie and this scene that shows the change of character, and started filming without choosing a double. Seunggi Lee completed the gyro drop scene over a total of 3 days. Each time the take was repeated, he stayed in the air for about 15 minutes at a height of 40 meters above the ground, and after filming on the first day, he showed a mental limit, showing symptoms of exhaustion. The next day, filming started again amidst all the staff's concerns, and Lee Seung-gi actively came up with ideas and performed various emotional performances like a professional 10-year-old actor even in extreme horror situations, completing a realistic scene containing Junsu's sincerity.
Finally, the acting direction of director Park Jin-pyo, who made the scene pleasant and aroused a topic. Director Park Jin-pyo, who expressed the expressions that elevate the actors' emotions a little more at 10 won, but only 20 won, said, "I wrote that expression to make it easy for actors to understand, and there is also an aspect that I used to give them a sense of relaxation." I explained why I decided to use the . In response, Moon Chae-won responded to director Park Jin-pyo's direction, saying, "It is not easy to express the level of emotion in detail, but it was good to know how much more the director asked for more emotion by using the specific expressions of 10 won and 20 won." Lee Seung-gi also said, "I think it's a good direction that doesn't kill the actor's spirit. I was embarrassed when I first heard it, but I quickly got used to it, and I was able to play comfortably by making small changes in the direction the director requested.”
Lee Seung-gi, who overcame real fear of heights through the shooting of 37 gyrodrops, Moon Chae-won, who sublimated fear into acting, and director Park Jin-pyo who spread the Happy Virus with sensible direction. The fighting spirit of the two actors who do not spare themselves at the filming site, which was full of pleasant energy, enhances the authenticity of the characters and deeply empathizes with the feelings of thumb, love, and love that the two characters create.

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