(Korean Movies) Long Live the King, 2018

Long Live the King, 2018

Long Live the King, 2018
Audience over 15
running time
118 minutes
cumulative audience
1094404 people
1st Chungbuk International Martial Arts and Action Film Festival 2019


Jang Se-chul, who lives recklessly as the boss of a large organization, decides to become the 'good person' she wants with the advice of Kang So-hyeon, a strong lawyer he meets at the site of a protest against reconstruction, which he went to demolition service.

What is a good world?
I am Jang Se-chul, a person who goes to the ends of the earth once he wants to.

Jang Se-chul, who was trying to put everything down and become a new person, accidentally saves a citizen from a bus crash with his whole body and emerges as a Mokpo hero.

As Jang Se-chul's position gradually moved on his feet and moved people's hearts, the opposition candidate Choi Man-soo, who was aiming for a third term in Mokpo, regarded Jang Se-chul as a thorn in his eyes and planned a conspiracy with Jang Se-chul's rival organization boss Jo Gwang-chun to stop him. to do… .

Jang Se-chul jumps into an election board worse than a fist board!
A thrilling reverse pole that cannot be turned back to change the world unfolds!


A cool drawing of the 'good world' we dreamed of!
The birth of the most exhilarating and delightful entertainment movie that will change Korea!
In June 2019, theaters want <Long Live the King: Mokpo Hero>!

Interesting characters, solid setting, and colorful characters, such as the crime entertainment action <Veteran> (13.41 million people) in 2015, the crime comedy <Againstance> (9.7 million people) in 2016, and the criminal action <Crime City> (688 million people) in 2017 Movies with spectacles captivated the audience and succeeded at the box office. In particular, the exhilarating comedy and high-quality action in the movie led to explosive word-of-mouth and played a major role in the box office success.

In June 2019, <Long Live the King: Mokpo Hero> is scheduled to reproduce the box office formula of the previously released entertainment film. The film reinterprets the setting of the original webtoon, 'The boss of a large organization becomes a citizen hero and runs for the National Assembly election', and enriches the play by completing interesting character relationships and dramatic story lines. In particular, the ensemble and chemistry shown by various characters, from the heroic organization boss to lawyers and lawmakers, will be a point to watch the movie. Director Kang Yoon-seong's signature intense action and delightful comedy, which appears at every decisive moment, delivers a refreshing laugh to the audience. In addition, <Long Live the King: Mokpo Hero> is a movie that captures the 'good world' and true 'hero' that we all dream of living in the present in 2019 through the story of 'Appropriation', who rose from an organization boss to a Mokpo hero. It will provide more fun than that.

As such, <Long Live the King: Mokpo Hero> raises the expectations of prospective audiences by foretelling the birth of a super entertainment movie with dramatic settings, lively characters, a sense of scale, and a variety of attractions. The appearance of the main character, 'Appropriation', who becomes a Mokpo hero with the sole purpose of becoming a 'good person', and even challenges the election, is coupled with the chaotic situation, which will provide catharsis to those who are feeling frustrated.

<Crime City>, the protagonist of the box office syndrome in 2017, is the next film directed by Kang Yoon-seong!
Let's blow a cool shot with a super-luxurious entertainment movie in 2019!
Action X Comedy X Romance X Drama Return to the All-Fun Entertainment Movie!

Director Kang Yun-seong, who captivated 6.88 million viewers and created a craze for <Crime City> in the theater district on Chuseok in 2017, returns. He opened a new chapter in criminal action by receiving favorable reviews as a 'Korean detective action movie' with unpredictable tension-filled developments and thrilling actions. is going to drive <Long Live the King: Heroes of Mokpo> is a thrilling reverse play in which 'Jang Se-chul', a giant organization boss who became a citizen hero by accident, runs for the National Assembly and changes the world. If <Crime City> drew fun with intense action based on a true story and rivals Ma Dong-seok and Yoon Kye-sang chased and chased, in <Long Live the King: Mokpo Hero> 'Appropriation' meets 'Sohyun', a passionate lawyer, and becomes 'good'. With the determination to become a 'person', it will focus on the 'period of human growth', which challenges even the parliamentary elections, to provide a different kind of fun from 'Crime City'. In addition, based on the sensuous direction, fast-paced development, and solid composition that director Kang Yoon-seong has proven in his previous work, he will capture the audience with action, comedy, romance and drama.

Director Kang Yoon-seong said, "If <Crime City> was an action-oriented, exhilarating movie, <Long Live the King: Mokpo Hero> is a work that blends comedy and action. You will be able to enjoy the fun of an entertainment movie in which the various stories of the characters are properly harmonized.” In particular, director Kang Yoon-seong constantly consulted with actors to draw more realistic stories and characters based on webtoons. Kim Rae-won, who met for the first time through this work, expressed his infinite trust in director Kang Yoon-seong by saying, "I was excited to work with director Kang Yun-seong." Actor Jin Seon-gyu also said, "It was directed by Kang Yun-seong, so I was able to choose it without hesitation. He is a person who can comfortably suggest opinions about the work,” he said, expressing his feelings about working together for the second time following <Crime City>.

Director Kang Yoon-seong, who returned to <Long Live the King: Mokpo Heroes>, created a box-office syndrome once again with the most exhilarating and delightful entertainment film, with a well-structured story centered on 'Appropriation', which went to an election that was stronger than the fist board. foretell

From action to romance, actor Kim Rae-won with a wide spectrum of acting!
Chungmuro trend that you can trust and see Jin-ah Won, Seon-gyu Jin, Gwi-hwa Choi, even luxury actors!
A perfect chemistry created with solid acting skills and fantastic breathing!

There are films that are constantly talked about among the audience even after several years have passed. <Sunflower>, which created the character of Kim Rae-won's life, is a representative work. Actor Kim Rae-won, who has become a legend by showing off a new charm that he has never seen in a noir movie, is his charm in any role, regardless of genre, from <Sunflower> to <Gangnam 1970> <Prison> to dramas [Punch] [Doctors] [Black Knight]. By perfectly digesting it, it captivated everyone of all ages. Such Kim Rae-won came back this time as 'Mokpo Hero'. He is expected to meet the audience with a character optimized for actor Kim Rae-won, which is recognized by everyone. In <Long Live the King: Mokpo Heroes>, Kim Rae-won perfectly digests everything from action to comedy, making the audience completely immersed in the play. Director Kang Yoon-seong, who worked together for the first time, also said, "Kim Rae-won is an actor who is very good at concentration. I admired him throughout the filming, and I thought he was a great actor.” He revealed his strong trust in Kim Rae-won.

In addition, Won Jin-ah, who has created attractive characters in films such as <Steel Rain> and <Money> and drama [Life] since her debut in the JTBC drama [Just Between Lovers], played the passionate lawyer 'Kang So-hyun', who does not bend his beliefs in the face of fire. She said that she showed her true self through <Long Live the King: Mokpo Hero>, and she plans to show off her charm as an actress in this work. Meanwhile, Jin Seon-gyu, who has built his own character in various works such as <Sabaha>, <Extreme Job> and <Sexual Murder> after winning the Best Supporting Actor award at the Blue Dragon Film Festival for <Crime City>, will play the role of ‘Cho Gwang-chun’, the rival organization boss of ‘Jang Se-chul’. took charge In <Long Live the King: Mokpo Heroes>, Jin Seon-gyu is going to show a cute and sad villain character that is quite different from <Crime City>. Here, Choi Gwi-hwa, who has established himself as a popular actor by participating in all box office works, takes on the role of 'Choi Man-soo', a member of the National Assembly who challenges the third term in the Mokpo region, showing heavy acting and catching the center of the play. Choi Gwi-hwa, who has performed irreplaceable performances in various genres from <Train to Busan> to <Taxi Driver> and <Crime City>, is expected to fascinate the audience with a new look different from her previous work, appearing as the antagonist of the Mokpo hero. to be.

In this way, the movie <Long Live the King: Mokpo Hero> features outstanding performances by top-notch actors including Kim Rae-won, Won Jin-ah, Jin Seon-gyu, and Choi Gwi-hwa. In the movie, not only the actors' solid acting skills, but also the fantastic chemistry they create will be another point to watch.

Cumulative views 100 million views, cumulative subscribers 1.97 million (Kakao Page), the legendary webtoon [Long Live The King]!
Participated in the script by Ryu Kyung-seon, the author of 'The Willow Forest', who improved the film's perfection!
It added the fun of the original to the fun of the movie!

The legendary webtoon [Long Live the King] with cumulative views of 100 million and cumulative subscribers of 1.97 million (Kakao Page) was reborn as a movie. The webtoon [Long Live the King] won the grand prize in the 2012 Manga Contest, and is a work that emerges as a must-read webtoon every election season. The webtoon, which depicts the story of the boss of Mokpo's largest organization, Jang Se-chul, challenging politics, captivated many readers with its unique pleasant and warm atmosphere, despite its somewhat heavy material. Director Kang Yoon-seong, who directed the film, said, "I liked the clever story of one character. It is the story of a character with a warm and honest heart.”

Another concern of the producers is revealed in the fact that they tried to realistically draw the cartoon-like settings in the original until the webtoon was decided to be made into a movie and reborn. In particular, director Kang Yoon-seong said, “I wanted to make a character that is attached to the ground. I thought that the audience could immerse themselves in the movie only when the situation felt real.” In fact, the effort can be read from the fact that the cartoon characters were removed from the caricature setting and created a 'real-life' character, or the high-altitude crane incident was adapted into the Mokpo Bridge incident. As much as the producers tried to realistically capture the cartoonish elements of the original, they also tried to preserve the original charm of the webtoon. Not only did the film reflect the core stems of the story that can be applied cinematically, the spatiotemporal background, etc., but, as well as writing the story of the webtoon [Long Live the King], writer Ryu Kyung-sun participated in the script and improved the level of perfection. In particular, writer Ryu Kyung-sun, who was active in filmmaking, agreed that he was the first contributor to improving the perfection of the play with great writing skills as well as a perfect understanding of the story.

Casting is also an important factor in the completeness of a movie with an original work. Kim Rae-won was also ranked first in the virtual casting among fans of the original work, collecting topics. This is because he was the only actor who could best express all the elements of the 'Appropriation' character, such as Kim Rae-won's appearance, sympathy, charisma, and cuteness. Director Kang Yun-seong also picked Kim Rae-won as the number one synchro rate and said, "I wondered if Jang Se-chul was actually alive. I thought it was the perfect Jang Se-chul in every way.” Not only Kim Rae-won, but also Jin Seon-gyu, Won Jin-ah, and Choi Gwi-hwa, as the producers say that they are proud of the 'casting with a high synchronization rate enough to tear the original out', the fans of the original work and the audience who are new to [Long Live The King] as a movie are also interested in them. You will fall in love with the charming characters you create.


Confidence for a reason! A preview of the box office syndrome in 2019!
<Long Live the King: Mokpo Hero> is worth watching!

#One. Mokpo is alive
<Long Live the King: Mokpo Hero> tried to capture Mokpo, the background of the movie, in a scale and lively manner. In particular, the Mokpo Bridge bus accident scene, which took place after 3 months of continuous contact and persuasion in the production stage, and after consultation with 6 related organizations, catches the eye by capturing the huge scale of buses, cranes, and ships. In addition, the scene of the imminent accident unfolding on the open Mokpo Bridge completed the most spectacular sights of all time. In order to capture the vibrancy and scale of the accident scene on the screen, the production team filmed on location for a week at three locations, including Mokpo Bridge, Goyang Aqua Studio, and Incheon Yeongjong Island. The scene completed after the hard work of the producers is expected to show the heroic side of saving citizens by risking their lives from a crashing bus, and at the same time, it is expected to show spectacular fun.

#2. fierce election campaign
The highlight of the movie, the campaign scene, focused on filming so that you can feel the vitality of the fierce election scene. Not only the campaign truck, but also the uniforms and election posters for each candidate's party were painstakingly produced, and even actual Mokpo citizens were invited as extras to show off the perfect campaign choreography. In particular, the election song, which was reminiscent of an actual campaign site, was sung by Lim Hyeong-jun, an actor who plays the role of 'Man-seop Han,' an assistant to 'Choi Man-su'. The election song, which contains his expertise, who has released trot albums in the past, delivers a different kind of pleasure by forming an exquisite combination with the fierce election that takes place between 'Appropriation' and 'Mansu'. The election scene, which was completed after the hard work of the production team and actors, will provide the audience with chewy fun.

#3. hot people
The efforts of the cast and crew to make an ultra-luxurious entertainment film also paid off. Director Kang Yun-seong stayed in Mokpo while working on the screenplay, realizing the atmosphere of Mokpo realistically, and the actors stayed in Mokpo as much as possible even on days when there was no shooting schedule and concentrated on the work. In addition, in order to use the perfect dialect, she received 1:1 dialect lessons from an acting teacher from Jeolla-do, and worked hard to practice listening to the recorded lines whenever she had free time. The production team also showed a passion to complete the perfect work. Kim Kyung-mi, the costume manager of <Crime City> participated and based on a thorough scenario analysis, toned-down suits and shirts that could feel the sincerity for 'Appropriation', and 'Sohyun' and the election camp characters chose neat monotone clothes, For 'Gwangchun', the boss of the rival organization, to differentiate it from 'Appropriation', colorful clothes such as green color or wine color were used. On the contrary, 'Mansu' is set as a clean and typical parliamentarian costume, and the individuality of each character is reflected in the costumes. There, <Along with the Gods – Causality and Kite> Martial arts director Jeon Jae-hyung, who performed exhilarating action in <Extreme Job>, created a guide video for the action scenes that maximized the fun of the play, adding to his passion for the work. The actors also did not sacrifice themselves for the action. For scenes where sum is important, even with a busy schedule, he completed a scene close to perfection through dozens or hundreds of practice. These completed scenes gathered to show the essence of director Kang Yoon-seong's pyo action, adding to the fun of the play.

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