(Korean Movies) Little Forest, 2018

Little Forest, 2018

Little Forest, 2018
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24th Chunsa International Film Festival 2019


“It’s okay to take a break, be different, be normal!
A very special four seasons story of young people where everything is fine.”

Exams, dating, employment… Hye-won returns to her hometown after a break from her daily routine, where she meets old friends Jae-ha and Eun-sook.

'Jae-ha', who returned to his hometown to live his own life different from others,
Hyewon, who dreams of escaping from everyday life, and Eun-sook, who makes a meal out of her own crops, spends winter, spring, summer, and fall, and welcomes winter again.

After spending such a special four seasons, Hye-won, realizing the real reason for returning to her hometown, takes the first step to welcome a new spring…


<The Best Moment of Our Life> <The Informant> Director Im Soon-rye's comeback after 4 years!
Giving rest to those living in the present!

Director Im Soon-rye of <The Best Moment of Our Life> and <Informant> is returning with the movie <Little Forest> after 4 years. Director Lim Soon-rye, who has been paying attention to 'people themselves' through past films, has built a consensus with the audience through humanism that moves the heart, rather than teaching or forcing messages. Even through works that dealt with social issues, such as <The Best Moment of Our Life>, which deals with the story of handball players who finished runner-up, and <The Informant>, which deals with a stem cell manipulation case, what Manager Soon-rye Lim was trying to say is that in the end, the real hope is through the relationship between people. It was an insight that could be gained.

The movie <Little Forest> is the story of Hyewon, the main character, who is tired of daily routines such as exams, dating, and finding a job, returning to her hometown and spending the four seasons growing up. Hyewon finds her own way of life through the process of making and eating seasonal food with her own crops, and emotionally interacting with old friends 'Jaeha' and 'Eunsook'. In <Little Forest>, director Im Soon-rye reinforces the theme of finding rest and comfort in relationships compared to his previous films. The main characters in the movie are teenagers who are passing through their twenties, but the message they want to convey is a story that all of us living in this age can relate to, regardless of generation. Director Im Soon-rye illuminates various ways of life through characters such as 'Hye-won', 'Jae-ha', 'Eun-suk', and 'Mom', and at the same time gives warm comfort about 'however you live'. In the spring of 2018, director Lim Soon-rye hopes that <Little Forest> will be a work of relaxation for the audience, and the story told by Im Soon-rye is for all of us living now to look back at the meaning of life at least once and find our own 'small forest'. It will provide an opportunity to

Healthy and refreshing energy from Kim Tae-ri, Ryu Jun-yeol, and Jin Ki-joo
The best combination of the hottest actors in Chungmuro in 2018!

In the casting of the movie <Little Forest>, the most important aspect for director Im Soon-rye was the synchronization with the characters. When adapting the original Japanese manga of the same name, the focus was on 'relationships between people', so for the production team, the situation of the three characters, 'Jaeha' and 'Eunsuk', as well as 'Hyewon' was the most natural for the production team to play. In fact, it was an urgent task to complete a combination of actors who could show perfect chemistry like friends who have been sharing for a long time.

The most important thing was the casting of the female lead 'Hye-won'. Director Im Soon-rye is independent and self-reliant from Kim Tae-ri, who played 'Sook-hee' in <The Handmaiden>, who was cast with an unprecedented competition ratio of 1,500 to 1, and 'Yeon-hee' in <1987>, who showed a strong character even among prominent senior actors. I found the figure of 'Hyewon' with a clear center. Director Im Soon-rye said about Kim Tae-ri, "She is an actress with a natural look who doesn't decorate or wrap herself. I liked the cleverness of keeping the center of gravity while harmonizing naturally like flowing water anywhere. It was also a great advantage to be always bright and to give good energy to all the staff working together.” Kim Tae-ri, who took part in the 47th filming that took place over the four seasons and captured the process of 'Hye-Won' growing up, said, "I felt that I was a little different like 'Hye-Won' after living as 'Hye-Won' for a year." . This is why Kim Tae-ri, who has completely transformed into a refreshing youth 'Hye-won', which is 180 degrees different from her previous work, through <Little Forest>, is expected to grow.

The most important thing in the casting of 'Jaeha' and 'Eunsook' was working with Kim Tae-ri, who played the role of 'Hye-won'. Director Im Soon-rye, who wanted an actor with a physically and mentally healthy image who could exchange positive energy with ‘Hye-won’ for the role of ‘Jae-ha’, was met through the joining of Ryu Jun-yeol, who showed a passionate passion for acting through various works. could be done Ryu Jun-yeol said that he decided to join at once because the scenario gave him encouragement and comfort. In response, director Im Soon-rye praised him, saying, “He is very professional in his role and has great potential for development with passion and attachment in acting,” raising expectations for the 'Jae-ha' he created. On the other hand, the role of Eun-suk, the elementary school classmate and best friend of Hye-won, is played by a newcomer, Jin Ki-joo, discovered by director Im Soon-rye through Little Forest. Director Im Soon-rye, who casts the role of 'Eun-sook' and focused on how well he can show his best chemistry with Hye-won, said about Jin Ki-joo, "Bright energy and a positive mind are great strengths. An actor who combines basic sincerity and seriousness in acting.” “I played 'Eun-sook' lines one by one in my mind. I feel comforted through the character of 'Eun-sook'." Jin Ki-joo's 100% synchro rate acting, who identified himself with the character, foreshadows the birth of another notable rookie actor chosen by Im Soon-rye.

And Moon So-ri, a famous actor in Chungmuro who believes and sees
Another encounter with director Im Soon-rye following <The Best Moment of Our Life>

Moon So-ri, who is working with director Im Soon-rye for the third time following <The Best Moment of Our Lives> and <Fly Penguin>, leaves delicious food and memories with Hye-won in <Little Forest> and hurries to find the answer to the life she wants. I took on the role of 'mother' who left. Director Im Soon-rye said, “I’ve worked with actress Moon So-ri many times, so I was very curious about how the role of ‘Mom’ that she played would be portrayed. Again, he completed the character beyond what I imagined.” Moon So-ri's unrivaled acting ability, which perfectly portrays motherhood beyond typicality, is expected to be another important viewing point that should not be missed in <Little Forest>.

[Little Forest] by popular manga artist Daisuke Igarashi who has won numerous awards
Reborn with Korean sensibility!

The movie <Little Forest> is based on the manga of the same name by Daisuke Igarashi, a popular manga artist who has won numerous awards. The original author, Daisuke Igarashi, is a popular cartoonist who has been recognized for both his work and popularity, such as winning the 38th Japan Manga Artists Association Award for Excellence for [Child of Seawater] and the 13th Agency for Cultural Affairs Media Arts Festival Manga Division Excellence Award. [Little Forest], which is also his representative work, drew more attention based on the author's experience of self-sufficient life in the Tohoku region. It is a work that has mass-produced a mania base in Korea with the appearance of Director Lim Soon-rye raised the expectations of movie fans by saying, "I decided to direct this film because I want to present a movie that is comfortable and pleasant to the audience in these days when violent and provocative materials are the main thing." .

With the news that director Im Soon-rye is making a comeback after 4 years with <Little Forest>, the film also discusses the differences from the Japanese films of the same name, <Little Forest: Summer and Autumn> and <Little Forest: Winter and Spring>, which were released in 2015. Fans' curiosity is growing even more. The Japanese movie of the same name was released in two parts, summer and autumn, winter and spring, but in Korea, the four seasons are included in one side, the passage of time is more pronounced, and the sense of speed and rhythm is added. Also, if the Japanese movie of the same name focused more on ‘cooking’ the main character eats on his own during the four seasons, similar to the content of the original cartoon [Little Forest], director Im Soon-rye’s Little Forest is a little more involved in the story and relationship of the characters. It is also a differentiating point to focus on the adaptation into a Korean film.

The main character 'Hye-won', played by Kim Tae-ri, is the process of eating seasonal food with the crops that he farmed for the four seasons in his hometown, and emotional exchange with people around him such as 'Jae-ha' (Ryu Jun-yeol) and 'Eun-sook' (Jin Ki-joo). You will have time to introspect yourself. All of the foods appearing are linked to Hyewon's memories, and while cooking, she confronts the memories of her mother who left without a word, and shares her heart with friends while cooking together. In addition to 'Hyewon', the characters of 'Jaeha' and 'Eunsook', who seem to have transferred the appearance of ordinary 20-somethings around us right now, are also expected to create a deep sympathy for the audience. Director Im Soon-rye said, “I made it with a focus on the stories of the characters rather than the cuisine. I worked hard to reveal the relationship between people,” he said, adding that it will be a work with a different charm from the Japanese version of <Little Forest>.


4 crank-in and 4 crank-up to capture all four seasons
A behind-the-scenes story about the 47th journey!

Unlike Japanese films, which were released in two seasons, the movie <Little Forest>, based on a Japanese manga of the same name, contains all four seasons in one movie. The production team decided to shoot the real landscape as it is, rather than using a set or CG to show Korea's distinct four seasons. It was not easy to hire a crew and actors to work together for a long filming period of one year, but as director Im Soon-rye took charge of directing, filming in the four seasons became a reality, not a dream. Here, the one word of actress Kim Tae-ri, who joined as the main character 'Hye-won', “Is it okay to shoot in all four seasons?” The movie “Little Forest” repeats four crank-ins and crank-ups over spring, summer, autumn, and winter. It is said that it became a big driving force for completing the long journey of a total of 47 episodes. In particular, Kim Tae-ri, who played the role of 'Hye-won', earned an unusual and meaningful title of 'an actor who appeared in all episodes'.

In order to capture the four seasons in Korea beautifully, the film was filmed during the actual seasons, and the staff planted, nurtured, and farmed not only the peppers, potatoes and tomatoes in the vegetable garden, but also the rice in the paddy fields. . However, the most difficult thing in reality while filming the four seasons was that nature had to support it. In order to capture the seasonal characteristics such as apple blossoms in spring, tomatoes and corn in summer, rice fields in autumn, and snowy fields in winter, the production team focused on capturing the seasonal changes surrounding Hyewon’s house, rather than using special shooting techniques. Focused. Despite the difficult circumstances of having to rely on the environment like this, it was said that it was a time when not only the production crew but also the actors who participated were able to feel the gratitude of nature more deeply. And the audience will also be able to see the more comfortable and beautiful scenery of nature in <Little Forest> than any other beautiful art.

“I thought it was important to focus on Hyewon’s emotions that change as the seasons go by” – Director of Photography Lee Seung-hoon

Director Lee Seung-hoon, who received praise from director Im Soon-rye for capturing the most beautiful subject on camera, succeeded in capturing the changes of the four seasons and the beauty hidden everywhere. “When I read the script, the best thing about it was that it wasn't emotionally burdensome. I wanted the audience to feel this comfort, too, so I tried to capture the natural scenery as simply as possible on camera,” said Lee Seung-hoon, cinematographer. He said that he thought that this movie was a story in which Hyewon finds her own recipe for life, and focuses on following the emotions of the main character that change with the seasons. told Just like his camera, which contains 'Hyewon''s heart, the audience will be able to feel her sincerity through the screen.

It was just as important as the character's casting!
Hyewon's house, created by people and time, and the aesthetics of space!

In <Little Forest>, the story of Hye-won, who is tired of city life, returning to her hometown, the most important space during the four seasons is ‘Hye-won’s house’. In fact, director Im Soon-rye put as much effort into finding 'Hye-won's house' as much as casting the actors. However, it was not easy to find a house where the basic structure could harmonize well with nature while having a rich natural environment as the background. The production team chose Gangwon-do, where the boundaries of the four seasons are clear, as the first candidate site, but there was a drawback in that there was not a variety of grains, flowers, and fruits suitable for the season in terms of topography. After visiting rural villages across the country, I found the place to be located in Gyeongsangbuk-do, a 70-year-old wooden annex. It is said that the first time they saw a house with a large yard, a stone wall with traces of the years, and a house with red persimmons opened on three persimmon trees, director Im Soon-rye and the production team were all captivated at once. Hyewon's house, a space where she can interact with nature and adapt to nature, not only in the yard, but also through the large open windows and the floor, was the perfect space to show her inner side as she grows with the changing seasons.

“It was a time to be healed through the warm sensibility of nature” – Artistic Director Yoon Na-ra

Art director Yoon Na-ra focused on creating a space where Hye-won, who returned to her hometown after a long time, could feel comfortable as if she had lived there. She said she wanted to keep the feel of an old house that was built 70 years ago, but to let the sensibilities of Hyewon, who is in her 20s, naturally come out in it. He created a space unique to 'Hyewon'. Art director Yoon Na-ra said that she wanted to create a work that is not provocative or flashy, but that can feel nature as it is. As she said that she had a time to heal through the warm sensibility of nature rather than simply doing art work, <Little Forest> will provide the audience with a time to feel comfortable away from the complicated daily life.

a precious meal for me
Another main character in <Little Forest>, ‘food’

Director Lim Soon-rye, who decided to direct <Little Forest>, which is based on a Japanese manga, chose to introduce Korean traditional cuisine as one of the ways to add a Korean sentiment. These are rice cakes and makgeolli, which the main character, Hye-won, makes with great care. In addition to this, director Im Soon-rye introduced foods that young audiences enjoy on a daily basis, such as pasta and tteokbokki, so that the audience can feel a sense of familiarity. Here, a feast of various foods appearing regardless of nationality and type, from 'Creme Brulee' to 'Okonomiyaki', which appears as food in the memories of 'Hyewon' and 'Mom', will satisfy the five senses of the audience.

But the more important role of food lies elsewhere. Director Lim Soon-rye, who said that the most important thing was the relationship between people while directing Little Forest, uses 'food' as a medium to connect people in the play. In order to restore her estranged relationship with her best friend Eun-sook, Hye-won makes the “crème brulee,” which her mother gave her as a gift to soothe her upset in the past. The thing that comforts friends who have come to their house with a troubled heart is 'Tteokbokki', which is spicy enough to make you cry. In addition, 'Hyewon' makes and eats various foods herself, summoning memories related to the food, and creating precious memories. As such, the food in <Little Forest> is not just a meal, but plays an important role in connecting people.

“The biggest meaning was that it could contain the process of filling the hunger of the heart” – Jin Hee-won, food stylist

Jin Hee-won, a food stylist, is the main character who gave birth to another main character in <Little Forest>. Jin Hee-won, a food stylist who fell in love with the charm of the cuisine in <Little Forest>, which has no special meaning and is only for a well-prepared 'one meal'. Fascinated by 'Hye-won', who carefully cooks a healthy meal using the crops she planted and raised herself, she said, "I painstakingly prepare a table for myself, recalling memories of the past, understanding the emotions of others other than myself, and making new memories. I always worked with the 'indifferent consolation' provided by the process of making the movie," he said. As she said, through the various foods in the movie, the audience will be able to feel as if they are filling their hearts with hunger.

100% nature-friendly filming site!
Love all life, the behind-the-scenes story of the filming set where even a single insect was precious!
What was special about the filming site of <Little Forest> was that it was a nature-friendly site that 'cherishes all life'. Director Im Soon-rye, who is both a film director and a representative of an animal protection civic group, is well-known as a person who practices the love of life. Director Lim's love for animals continued even at the filming site, where various animals and creatures such as 'Ohgu', a friend of Hyewon's Jindo dog, cows, chickens, caterpillars, silkworms, caterpillars, frogs, and snails appeared.

In order to film the scene where 'Hye-won' removes the caterpillar attached to her friend's body and throws it under the railing on the second floor, a blanket was laid on the floor on the first floor to prepare for the impact the insects would experience, The filming site of <Little Forest>, where all lives were cherished, such as finding a solution. After seeing the efforts of director Im Soon-rye, who took the lead to realize the preciousness of all life, the staff took the lead and did their best to return even one frog or snail that they filmed together to nature.

Among these various animals, the one that played the most important role was a Jindo dog named 'Ogu' who lives with 'Hyewon'. Due to the filming schedule of “Little Forest,” which was cranked in in winter, the production team, which had to recruit two adult dogs “Ogu” and a young “Ogu” respectively, first hired an adopted Jindo dog through an animal protection group as an adult dog, “Ogu.” He visited abandoned dog shelters across the country and cast a 'child actor' who resembled an adult dog 'Ogu'. The baby 'Ogu', who was cast in this way, had plans to send him for adoption after the winter filming, but he ended up staying at the PD's house and eventually became her pet dog. It is said that 'Boyhood' was completed.

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