(Korean Movies) Le Grand Chef, 2007

Le Grand Chef, 2007

Le Grand Chef, 2007
Audience over 12 years old
running time
113 minutes
cumulative audience
2965359 people


A battle of fate to succeed the best taste!
A place where only one chef is selected from among the students in order to succeed the generation of Unamjeong, which boasts the best taste of food in Korea. Seong-chan (Kim Kang-woo), a genius chef who puts his heart into food, and Bong-ju (Im Won-hee), an ambitious person who fights for victory, battle for the successor position. The task of the cooking showdown is Hwangbokhoe! The two chefs are the best in taste and shape to the point where it is difficult to decide whether they are superior or inferior, but the judges who ate the food of the sacrament suddenly became poisoned with pufferfish poison and collapsed one by one. Seong-chan is embarrassed by this, and Bong-joo is smiling of conversion next to him. In the end, the successor of Unamjeong will return to Bongju.

fatal rival. Their dazzling hand movements begin again!
And five years later, the knife of Dae-ryeong-sook, the best cook of the Joseon Dynasty, is discovered and a cooking contest is held to find his enemy. Seongchan, a genius chef who accidentally gave up cooking 5 years ago, decided to participate in the cooking contest thanks to the constant recommendation of Jinsoo (Lee Hana), a passionate VJ covering the cooking contest, and the appearance of his fatal rival, Bongju, and became the best chef in existence. Seong-chan and Bong-ju meet again after leaving their seat. And Jin-soo is watching the tight battle between the two.
Bong-ju, an ambitious person who wants to go beyond the genius chef Seong-chan to take over the enemy of Colonel Suk-soo, and Seong-chan, who shows off his skills despite his powerful sabotage, finally face off in the final.
Who will be the best chef in existence?

November 2007
A splendid cooking war that stimulates the five senses begins!

[ Hot Issue ]

First comics serialized in daily newspapers,
best selling copies,
Cartoon 'Sikgaek' boasts the highest online click-through rate!!
In the second half of 2007, the anticipated movie <Sikgaek> was born!!

Starting with 'Mother's Rice' in 2002, the cartoon 'Sikgaek', which was first serialized in the Dong-A Ilbo, became so popular that some readers bought the newspaper just to watch 'Sikgaek'. It became a bestseller, creating a lot of buzz, recording an astonishing number of copies sold. In addition, the cartoon 'Sikgaek', which has recently been met with netizens online, is once again confirming its reputation with a huge click-through rate exceeding 200,000 views. In addition, Heo Young-man's comic book 'Sikgaek', who has read daily newspapers, comic books, and online, became a hot topic at once with the story that it will be made into a movie.
In particular, what is noteworthy about the food-themed movie <Sikgaek> is that it was created as a delicious film by utilizing the unique charm of <Sikgaek> in the sensuous image and detailed description that mobilized the imagination of the cartoon. In addition, the next generation actor Kim Kang-woo, who will lead the domestic film industry, Im Won-hee, an individualistic actor from Chungmuro, and Lee Ha-na, a rising star of Chungmuro, are in the interest of much interest from the time of production until it unfolds on the screen.
The movie <Food Eater> is the most anticipated film of 2007, awaiting its release with high interest as it unfolds various and solid episodes of the cartoon in a well-structured way, with colorful images that stimulate the five senses by making full use of the charm of the cartoon and the vividness of the video. .

From common food to royal cuisine, the movie <Sikgaek>!!
It catches the eye, stimulates the taste of the mouth, and stimulates the five senses!!

The movie <Sikgaek> is expected to catch the attention of the audience by showing a lot of things to see, from ordinary food to the splendid cuisine of the royal court. Like a movie dealing with cooking in earnest, <Sikgaek> features a variety of dishes, from egg rolls, soybean paste stew, and ramen to royal cuisine such as pheasant bulgogi hotpot, steamed rice, yukhoe, Seopsanjeok, Hwayangjeok, sea bream noodles, and Hwangbokhoe. In particular, in the scene of a cooking contest to determine the best chef, colorful and beautiful dishes will catch the eye. The most eye-catching among them is the pork belly, which is cooked right in the oven. It is an easily accessible food, but it is expected to stimulate the five senses of viewers with the sound of sizzling in a charcoal kiln and delicious video. In addition, Yukhoe reminiscent of a single colorful flower, sea bream noodles made as if swimming freely in the sea, and hwangbokhoe with colorful wings will make the navel clock move actively with pleasure to watch.

Many of the colorful and mouth-watering foods appearing in the movie <Sikgaek> are not only the efforts of Kim Kang-woo and Im Won-hee, who act as chefs, but also the 'Food & Culture Korea' team, which boasts the best skills, was specially invited to enhance the perfection of the food. All the production crews who put a lot of effort into the expression of food to stimulate the tongue of the audience said that in the fall of 2007, it will become a <sikgaek> that will make everyone in Korea gain weight.

The actors' strong performances that will show the best combination!!
A total set of cartoon characters <Sikgaek>!!

The movie <Sikgaek>, which is based on a cartoon, pays a lot of attention to how to express cartoon characters. Kim Kang-woo, Im Won-hee, and Lee Ha-na, who played the roles of Seong-chan, Bong-joo, and Jin-su, the main characters of <Sikgaek>, brought out the characters well with their unique performances. It is said that Im Won-hee, an individualistic actor in Chungmuro, acted like a greedy chef in clothes, from speech to action, and the staff applauded. In addition, Kim Kang-woo, who skillfully expressed the acting of a good young man, said that it was a new appearance that he had not seen before, but his acting continued into real life and changed his life pattern. Lee Ha-na is the only Hong Il-jeom in the movie <Sikgaek>. It is expected that the love call of Chungmuro will increase even more by making the essence of the movie <Sikgaek> completely her own with her appearance that just came out of a cartoon.

Kim Sang-ho (Woo Jung-geo) and Jung Eun-pyo (Ho Seong), who play a delicious seasoning role with the best licorice, which should not be missed among the actors leading the movie, will also make the audience grab their belly button. The two actors, who have already been recognized as the best supporting actors who bring out the individuality of the movie, are reaffirming their appearance by naturally digesting strong cartoon-like characters in the movie <Sikgaek>. As seniors, the two actors, who volunteered to be mood makers inside and outside the filming, gave vitality to Seong-chan's irresponsible fan and Bong-joo's right arm and stumbling block, harmoniously sublimating each strong character to make the movie <Food> more delicious. .

The movie <Sikgaek>, in which all the actors performed passionately, is expected to show personalities beyond imagination as the characters harmonize in a fantastical way.

[ Production Note ]

A world of delicious cuisine to enjoy with colorful images!!
The production diary of <Sikgaek> that catches the eye and stimulates the tip of the tongue!!

– Special delicious hunting behind-the-scenes –
The scene of a tense nerve battle between sacrament and bonju against the backdrop of hundreds of jars spread out at Unamjeong Jangdokdae was filmed at Seoil Farm in Anseong, which makes traditional soy sauce. The Jangdoks there are said to have been purchased through antique dealers all over the country and preserved, and it is said that it is impossible to feel the history and elegance of it without seeing it in person. When hunting at Seoil Farm, the producers of <Sikgaek> were amazed at the amount of Jangdok spread in front of them, and they were impressed by the miso soup and the food they prepared there, choosing it as an unforgettable place.

In addition, in order to make a proper charcoal shape among various episodes, not only the staff but also the actors directly went into the fire and watched the process of making charcoal, paying attention to the scene directing. When I went hunting to make real charcoal, I found the Chilbong charcoal village in Wonju, where about 10 kilns are cozy. It is said that the production team and actors who made the shape by burning charcoal in three kilns for 7 days for the filming of <Sikgaek> bought the charcoal as a souvenir after the filming was over. As an added bonus, I steamed in a kiln without charcoal, and enjoyed a three-second samgyeopsal dinner where the pork belly is grilled at once in the kiln, leaving behind memories of three groups in one seat.

Other places recommended by <Sikgaek> include the Gochang Academy Farm with sunflowers and buckwheat fields, the authentic Gongju beef market where guerrilla-style filming took place from 4 a.m. at the 5-day market, and 'Unamjeong', which boasts the best taste in the movie. Gangneung Seongyojang, where the film was filmed. In particular, Gangneung Seongyojang is known as a famous tourist attraction, with dramas such as <The Palace> and <Hwang Jin-i> being filmed in addition to <Sikgaek>.

– Cooking behind the scenes-
A variety of foods are included in the movie <Food Eater>. From doenjang stew and egg rolls that are commonly found around the area, to the best royal cuisine, royal pheasant wanja hotpot. Among these numerous dishes, the most expensive ingredient is A++ beef. In order to shoot a small scene, it was necessary to purchase more than 6 million won of Korean beef. When filming for Sojeong-type, they cut beef and dip it in salt and eat it, and after filming, all the staff and actors invited a nearby dakgalbi restaurant to hold a beef party and have a sudden dinner.

Contrary to the most expensive ingredients, samgyeopsal is a dish that has always been shared with everyone. But in <Sikgaek>, pork belly is also special. On the day of the filming in Gwinemi-gol cabbage field in Taebaek, the taste and atmosphere of the good people in harmony with the taste and atmosphere of the samgyeopsal prepared in the field at the recommendation of the owner of the cabbage field, were made with charcoal, and eaten with high-naengji cabbage directly harvested from the field. It is proud to be the best food of <Sikgaek> and the best memory.
Other mouth-watering episodes such as Hwangbokhoe, Domimyeon, and Seopsanjeok can be found in the movie <Sikgaek>.

Actors who do not spare themselves for <Sikgaek>!!
From special training to on-the-spot practice, it's a practice diary.

From basic cutting to shaping beef, Kim Kang-woo and Im Won-hee's cooking challenge!!
After being cast in <Sikgaek>, the main actors Kang-Woo Kim and Im Won-Hee started learning cooking practice and went to a culinary academy until crank-in, where they strengthened their skills. Kim Kang-woo and Im Won-hee practiced from cutting ingredients to cutting and cooking food.
Kim Kang-woo, who went to a private academy and practiced hard, showed a terrifying enthusiasm to cut his hands while sharpening, and once he started cooking, he could finish it. Among them, the most memorable dish is none other than 'Rolled Egg'. It was a dish that he thought would be the easiest, but he was able to finish it after many twists and turns. In the end, as much as I worked hard, it remained in my hand even after filming was over, so it became the best food. In addition, Im Won-hee, who is usually left-handed, heard that left-handed people are rare among the best chefs, so she practiced right-handedness while cutting with her right hand. Imwon-hee, determined to show that he cooks with his right hand, is said to have learned how to use his right hand through the movie <Sikgaek>. The most striking thing among Kim Kang-woo and Im Won-hee's culinary practice march is that they have mastered the small formal process that is usually difficult to come across. He even surprised the production team by completing regular small-format training while learning directly by entering a cold storage that is not easily accessible.

Kim Kang-woo and Im Won-hee, who usually like to cook and cook simple food themselves, were given the opportunity to learn how to cook properly, so they practiced happily, and they showed off their skills by passing the food they made to the staff. With the passion of Kim Kang-woo and Im Won-hee, who wanted to show the audience the way they cook themselves, rather than a stand-up, the two will perform many cooking scenes directly without a substitute, showing splendid hand movements.

Learn how to operate the camera by Hana Lee, who became a camera woman as a passionate VJ!!
Lee Ha-na, who usually likes to take pictures with polaroids and digital cameras, is said to have fallen in love with broadcasting cameras anew when she took on the role of a hot-blooded VJ in <Food Eater>. In order to express the skillful VJ essence, Lee Ha-na was diligent in learning how to operate various cameras before starting filming. Lee Ha-na, who fell in love with the fun of filming with the camera, said that she showed VJ not only on the screen but also at the filming site, such as not letting go of the camera from her hand even during breaks between filming and taking pictures of the field family on the camera whenever she had time. In addition, Lee Ha-na, who carried a Polaroid and captured each scene from the filming site of <Sikgaek> as a memory, gave the crew a photo as a gift and left it as a souvenir.

The hard work of the actors on and off the set can be seen on the screen on November 1st.

It made the movie <Food> even more delicious.
A fantastic couple of colorful cuisine and enjoyable music!!

Music director Hwang Sang-joon captivates the ears with his upbeat rhythm
Music director Hwang Sang-joon, who was usually a fan of the cartoon 'Sikgaek', said that 'Sikgaek' was going to be made into a movie, so he gladly joined the music project. Director Hwang Sang-jun thoroughly analyzed the scenarios of the cartoon 'Sikgaek' and the movie 'Sikgaek' and created music so that the audience can enjoy the movie in a bright and pleasant way. The music made for <Sikgaek> gives a sweet taste on its own, but it will be a great help in attracting the audience with the video.
In particular, “Delicious World”, which goes up to the ending song of <Sikgaek>, with a bright and cheerful rhythm, will leave you with a familiar feeling that lingers in your ears once you hear it.

Music director Hwang Sang-joon, who will give pleasure to watching and listening to the movie <Sikgaek>, won the Grand Bell Award in the film music category for the movie <Danjeokbi Yeonsu>. there is a bar Recently, he has been receiving attention by taking on music for the OST of the popular drama <Time Between Dogs and Wolf>, straining the ears of viewers.

The godmother of cuisine that will dazzle the eyes of the audience with gorgeous cuisine!
“Food & Culture Korea” Director Kim Soo-jin

Director Kim Soo-jin helped both Kim Kang-woo and Im Won-hee, the main actors of the movie <Sikgaek>, to show the skills of a skilled cook. Director Kim Soo-jin, who thought of the actors of <Sikgaek> as if they were his own children, taught them to cook, showed a demonstration, and took care of them from the preparation process to the cooking setting, also took care of them. is a character All dishes appearing in <Sikgaek> were completed through the hands of Director Kim Su-jin, and the 'Food & Culture Korea' team, including Director Kim Su-jin, spared no effort to produce colorful and delicious dishes in <Sikgaek>. In addition, Director Kim Soo-jin made simple snacks on the spot for the staff who were busy with filming and could not fill their meals, and became known as the 'mother' of the field.

Director Kim Soo-jin was in charge of directing the royal banquet award, royal food, and food styling for the movie <The King's Man>, and the premiere party of <Naughty Seosaeng>: Cooking Party (directing a party with royal food), MBC "Daejanggeum Theme Park" and the Lunar New Year's Day & Daeboreum He has already shown his side as a cooking godmother by taking charge of royal food and seasonal food events.

The ending song of <Sikgaek> that will make the second half of 2007 into a 'delicious world'!!
Ha-na Lee, who was responsible for the ending of <Sikgaek> with a sweet tone!!

In 2007, <Sikgaek> produced a special ending song, which will guide the seasonal audience of Cheongomabi to a “delicious world”. The ending song of <Food Eater> was composed by music director Hwang Sang-jun, who is recognized for his OST for many movies and dramas, and lyrics by famous singers such as Kim Gun-mo, Park Hyo-shin, and Lee Jae-hoon were written by Kim Tae-hoon. In particular, music director Hwang Sang-joon showed special affection for <Sikgaek> by specially producing the music for the entire OST and trailer as well as the ending song for <Sikgaek>. Lee Ha-na, who performed as the best composer and lyricist in the movie <Sikgaek> as a lively and passionate VJ, sings with a sweet tone, attracting more attention. Lee Ha-na, who majored in practical music in college, sweetly expressed “a delicious world” with a tone that is as good as a singer. Hana Lee's clear and clean voice goes so well with the bright and upbeat melody of “The Delicious World” that it will make even those who listen to the music feel good.

The ending song “Delicious World” of <Sikgaek> will show you the charm that makes you hum without realizing it with its bright and cheerful rhythm and easy lyrics that catch your ears once you hear it.

[ Special Tip ]

[Food Talk]
Taste the delicious movie <Sikgaek>!!

_ Hwangbokhoe: A food that can be eaten only for two months from May to June of the year. Hwangbokhoe, recognized for its taste worth the price of death, is a high-quality fish that top gourmets choose first. The best product, Hwang Bok-hoe, cost more than 1 million won, so throughout the filming, the staff and actors acted like they were handling jewelry in a tense state. Even after filming is over, it is by far the most delicious food.

_ Yukhoe: The famous Yukhoe is Jeonju. A++ Thinly sliced red meat, mixed with various seasonings, and topped with egg yolk, you can enjoy the taste and the taste that melts softly in your mouth at the same time. Because of the lusciously shiny yukhoe during filming, many staff grabbed their stomachs and started filming. The meat sashimi, which Seongchan and Bongju each boasted uniquely in the movie, will stimulate the salivary glands of the viewer.

_ Gujeolpan: A food that represents the harmony of all 9 items, decorated with 8 items in 1 package of local products. The food in the box reminds people of a flower and dazzles people's eyes. In particular, it is said that no one could easily take chopsticks with the decorations so beautiful even after filming was over. Food to taste first, Gujeolpan is recommended as a very classy dish for entertaining guests at home.

_ Sea bream noodle: This is a delicious food made with the same ingredients as Zidane and Invitation used in Sinseon-ro. The flavors of various ingredients harmonize to express a fantastic taste in your mouth. It is a dish that is difficult to come across as it is a royal cuisine, so many people will see it for the first time in a movie. It is said that one ingredient in sea bream noodles takes as much devotion as making a typical dish.

_ Doenjang Stew: The Power of Korea! A savory doenjang stew for all ailments. Korea's unique representative food that occupies a central place on the table all year round. It was the most loved food on the set, and it was the dish that Kim Kang-woo practiced the most.
In particular, the cooking scene with soybean paste stew in the opening will make the audience salivate the most.

_ Ramen: This is the biggest ambush in the movie <Sikgaek>. It is a food that makes your mouth water more than any other fancy, expensive, and hearty food. The audience will also be unable to bear the saliva that collects in their mouths whenever they see the constant effort to find delicious ramen using a pot or a military banquet. As we can easily see it all around us, ramen is the food that stays in our mind the whole time we watch the movie!

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