(Korean Movies) Keys to the Heart, 2017

Keys to the Heart, 2017

Keys to the Heart, 2017
Audience over 12 years old
running time
120 minutes
cumulative audience
3420221 people
38th Golden Cinematography Awards 2018


Former WBC welterweight oriental champion Joha (Lee Byung-hun) is now an obsolete former boxer. He reunites with his mother, In-sook (Yoon Yeo-jeong), who has been separated for the first time in 17 years by accident, and encounters his unexpected younger brother, Jin-tae (Park Jung-min), who he has never heard of or seen at the house he followed to solve the problems.

I saw it for the first time in my life… You're my brother?!

Jintae with Servant Syndrome is the best at making ramen and playing games, but above all else, he has a genius for the piano. As soon as Joha opens her mouth, she says, “Yes~” When she sees her strange little brother, Taryeong, it comes out with a sigh. But Joha, who is determined to hold on until she can afford to go to Canada, begins to live an uncomfortable life together…

The place I have lived, what I am good at, and what I like are different.
Two brothers met!

[ About Movie ]

<The Himalayas> <Cooperation>
Presented by the best box office producers who made Korea laugh and cry
The best laughter and emotion to start the new year 2018!

From <The Himalayas> (7.75 million), which depicts the moving true story of the human expedition to Everest in the Himalayas in 2015, to <Cooperation> (7.81 million), which depicts the pleasant cooperation between North and South detectives based on the first unofficial joint investigation between the two Koreas in 2017, pleasant laughter in each work. JK Film, which has captivated audiences of all generations, regardless of age or gender, with its warm emotion and sympathy that touches Korean emotions, is coming back with a new movie <That's My World>, which will bring laughter and emotion to the new year for the first time in 2018.

<That Only My World> is the story of two brothers who met for the first time in their lives, Joha, a former boxer who lived only by believing in his fists, Jintae, a younger brother with Servant syndrome who lived only by trusting his mother, and different places where they lived, what they are good at, and what they like. A film depicting 'Joha' was once a successful boxer who won the WBC Welterweight Oriental Champion, but now he has nowhere to go. He accidentally reunites with his mother, In-sook, whom he has been away from for 17 years without contact, and lives in the same house with his Servant syndrome younger brother, Jin-tae, whom he has never known or seen in his entire life. It creates pleasant laughter and fun with the brother's chaotic chemistry. In addition, as time goes by, the changes in 'Joha' and 'Jintae', who open their hearts to each other and become real brothers, and the appearance of 'Insook', a mother who takes care of them from one to ten, is the family's It evokes meaning and inspires. Not only that, the Korean acting champions, who give infinite trust to the audience just by their name, are united in <That Only My World>, raising expectations. The first meeting of Korea's representative actor Lee Byung-hun, who shows the best acting in every work, and Park Jung-min, a new actor who is paying attention to Chungmuro, the movie <That's My World> is the We will open the New Year's theater in 2018 with pleasant laughter and warm emotions that all age groups can relate to.

Former boxer hyung 'Joha', who lived only by his fists
Servant Syndrome younger brother 'Jin-tae', who only trusted his mother

Two brothers who met for the first time in their lives
The world's most delightful chemistry begins!

The extraordinary bro chemistry of two brothers, 'Joha' and 'Jin-tae', who are far from others, who are hard to find in common, such as personality, appearance, and special abilities, fills the play with emotions that are naturally dyed in unpredictable laughter. 'Joha', who has lived his life with fists, strength, and pride without a family or anyone to take care of him, looks blunt, simple, and rough on the outside, but when he gets to know him, he is a deep-seated person and exudes a human and deep charm. The younger brother 'Jin-tae', whom I met for the first time in my life, grumbles that it is uncomfortable and annoying, but takes care of him even though he hates it, pretends not to see him but cares, and becomes Jin-tae's side at the decisive moment. It becomes the central axis of emotion and leads the play. On the other hand, Servant Syndrome 'Jin-tae', whose mother is everything and has the best games, ramen, and piano, is not good at communicating and lacks social skills, but she inspires unexpected laughter and vitality with her genius talent and pure and lovely charm. . Jintae's performance of playing the piano as he sees and hears, who continues to win one hundred and one hundred victories against his older brother 'Joha', accurately remembers the time every minute, captivates the viewers with his special charm that makes everyone smile. And as 'Joha' and 'Jintae', who live alone after their mother has been away from home for a month, gradually get closer to each other, the process of becoming familiar with discomfort, awkwardness, familiarity, and rejection into brotherly love is a process of warm emotion and warmth. fill the chest The chemistry of 'Joha', who has lived her life believing in one fist, but meets an unexpected younger brother who can't even make a fist, and 'Jin-tae', who has lived her whole life trusting her mother but who can't even smile, meets a scary brother who can't even get through the theater. will be.

Chungmuro representative acting god Lee Byung-hun X next-generation acting god Park Jung-min
The bursting laughter of an unusual brother!
The best comedy of 2018 is born!

<That Only My World> is the first meeting between Lee Byung-hun, the best actor representing the Korean film industry, and Park Jung-min, who is attracting attention as a next-generation actor, and expects the freshest and most special synergy in 2018. Lee Byung-hun, who has captivated the audience with his perfect acting regardless of genre and character, from <Inside Men> to the political thug, <Master> to a rare fraudster to <Namhansanseong>, to Lee Jo-pan-seo. He will show off a new transformation with his older brother 'Joha'. 'Joha', a former boxer who has lived his whole life believing in his fists, but now has only pride, has been completed as a charming character the more he looks at it, with Lee Byung-hun's excellent acting that digests charisma, comedy and emotion. Lee Byung-hun, who expressed his joy and confidence in this work, saying, “I met the main event,” showed off his hair and clothes that made the most of the simple feeling commonly found in the neighborhood, as well as delicious ad-lib acting completed with witty ideas. He perfectly portrayed the tsundere character of 'Joha' with his affection. Park Jung-min, who emerged as a next-generation actor in Chungmuro by showing his explosive acting skills in director Lee Jun-ik's work <Dong-ju> in 2016, won six Rookie of the Year award, and took on a special role in acting as his younger brother Jin-tae. Park Jung-min, who took on the role of 'Jin-tae', the younger brother of Servant Syndrome, completed the role of 'Jin-tae' through intense preparation and ceaseless effort, enough to say, "It is the most special experience in my acting life." Park Jung-min, who has completely transferred to the character of 'Jin-tae' with delicate acting such as slurred speech and constantly moving hand movements, will bring immersion to the climax by playing the piano at a high level. Lee Byung-hun, who took off the weight of his previous work and showed a friendly and human-like acting transformation, and Park Jung-min, who perfectly digested the Servant Syndrome character with his delicate passionate acting, and the fresh combination of Lee Byung-hun and Park Jung-min, which no one could have predicted, is a very special viewing point unique to the movie <That's My World>. will be

<Myeongryang> <Himalayas> <The Prosecutor's Gaiden> <Collaboration> Filming, art, even music
The best staff in the Korean film industry are united!

The top production crews in Korea who have been recognized for their best skills in name and reality have joined <Only My World>. With cinematographer Tae-seong Kim, art director Lee Tae-hoon, and music director Hwang Sang-joon, Korea's leading box office production team, <That Only My World> completed various things to see and hear with the help of talented staff.

Cinematographer Kim Tae-seong, who won the Best Cinematography Award at the 51st Daejong Film Festival, is well-received for his shooting style that encompasses a wide range of genres, from realistic and dynamic shooting <Myungryang> to <Going to the End> and <Tunnel>, which creates tension around the characters. Only that is my world>, excluding close-ups and tight angles, and using a wide lens to capture the actors' delicate performances, gradually maximizing emotions. In addition, in shooting locations that cannot be completely controlled, such as Sinchon and Daehangno, an Anamorphic Lens with a wider angle of view than standard lenses was used to concentrate on the person while capturing the feeling of the scene, enhancing the sense of immersion. Art director Lee Tae-hoon, who won the 47th Daejong Film Festival Art Award for his realistic and detailed art that reveals the characteristics of the character in <Cooperation> and <Moss>, paid attention to even the smallest details and completed art that stands out in detail. In particular, Insook's house, which is the main setting of the movie, is unique in order to complete a realistic space that exudes a sense of life, such as choosing a location and designing the interior space to create a landscape inside and outside the house that shows the traces of time. effort was made Music director Hwang Sang-joon, who left a deep impression on the audience with music that maximizes the tone and message of the film by participating in works of various genres such as <The Prosecutor's Gaiden>, <The Himalayas> and <Cooperation> With a wide selection of songs from genres such as 'It's Only My World', he completed the music that drew the audience's sympathy. The music that fills the play with various sounds, including the original score that doubles the emotions and charms of each character, plays a role as another main character of the movie. In this way, from filming, art, and music, the best production team has contributed to the colorful sights and sounds of <Only My World>, which will be a viewing point not to be missed.

The production team who led the box office in Korea reveals it directly!
Chungmuro's classic scenario
Rich acting & reality of actors, living characters
From delicate emotional lines to warm sympathy messages

<Only My World> boasts a solid storyline, enough to mention the scenario as the first reason for not only the box office production team that guarantees the laughter and emotion of Chungmuro, but also the actors of each generation representing Korea. Producer Yoon Je-gyun, who decided to make a movie as soon as he read the script, said, "It was the most complete scenario I've read recently. I was convinced that it could be a warm movie in a harsh world, and it was the first work I thought I had to make without looking back”, Lee Byung-hun said, “Because it is a story that is most closely related to our daily life, it was much easier to empathize with the scenario. I could have laughed more or shed more tears because I fell in love with it.” In addition, Lee Byung-hun, Park Jung-min, and Yoon Yeo-jeong, who have been recognized for their acting skills, have perfect character synchronization and a rich acting ensemble, which is also the highlight of <Only My World>. The passionate performances of the actors who were also recognized by the producers on set, such as “Combination of Acting Gods”, “Monster-like acting skills”, “Great acting synergy”, and “Irreplaceable actors”, maximized the vivid charm of the characters with different personalities. . Lee Byung-hun, who took off his weighty character and transformed into a friendly and human-filled former boxer brother 'Joha'; The acting of the actors who breathed breath into the character, including Yoon Yeo-jeong, who played the role of her mother In-suk, will raise the audience's immersion. In addition, the way the three families, who are living together for the first time in their lives, gradually open up and become closer to each other, reminds us of the meaning of a family that all age groups can relate to and conveys a warm message. Director Choi Seong-hyeon, who was in charge of directing, said, “I wanted to capture the stories of neighbors that we can easily encounter around us and the relationships between characters that change in everyday events. I hope it will be a film that everyone can relate to and a film in which the heart reacts before the head.” With such a high-quality scenario recognized by Chungmuro, a lively character completed with the perfect acting skills of the actors, and a warm message that everyone can sympathize with, <That Only My World> will open the new year in 2018 happily and cheerfully.

[ Charm of three people who fell in love with the production team talk talk talk ]

About Lee Byung-hun

Lee Byung-hun is a dream
“Acting with Lee Byung-hun while working as an actor is
For me, it was a dream that may never come true.”
-Park Jungmin-

Lee Byung-hun is a good actor
“Lee Byung-hun is a really good actor. He did better than me.”
-Yoon Yeo-jeong-

Lee Byung-hun is the god of acting
“I am really good at acting. It's not the first time I've admired it.
He is an actor who influences not only himself but also other actors and leads them.”
-Director Choi Seong-hyun-

Lee Byung-hun is the opposite
“Lee Byung-hun on the screen has a strong sense of charisma and coolness.
In fact, Lee Byung-hun is an actor who has a lot of gaps, has a sense of humor, and is really full of humanity.”
-Producer: Yoon Je-gyun-

Lee Byung-hun is the neighborhood older brother
“Lee Byung-hun is a world star that everyone recognizes, but in this work, he was really like a neighborhood hyung.
He perfectly transformed into the character ‘Joha’ that you might find in everyday life and made the story real.”
-Music Director Hwang Sang-Jun –

About Park Jung-min

Park Jung-min is an actor with both talent and hard work
“Park Jung-min has a really special talent.
He is a great actor whose hard work and sincerity are truly unmatched.”
-Lee Byung-hun-

Park Jung-min is a hard-working actor
“Park Jung-min is an actor who works really hard.
It was heartbreaking to see them practice and work hard.”
-Yoon Yeo-jeong-

Park Jung-min is an irreplaceable actor
“There were many missions such as acting with Servant Syndrome and playing the piano.
He portrayed it so well that I couldn’t think of any other actor other than Park Jung-min.”
-Director Choi Seong-hyun-

Park Jung-min is a gem
“When we first worked together on <Dancing Queen>, I thought of Park Jung-min as a gemstone.
In this work, I felt once again that he was the most brilliant diamond-like actor among jewels.”
-Producer: Yoon Jekyun-

Park Jung-min is a monster
“I couldn’t even imagine preparing difficult performances in such a short time, because I was so good at it.
I felt like a monster.”
– Artistic Director Lee Tae-hoon-

About Yeojeong Yoon

yoon yeo jung is funny
“I am a close junior.
First of all, he made the atmosphere very comfortable with funny jokes.”
-Lee Byung-hun-

I am a fan of Yeojeong Yoon.
“He was a fan I really liked and respected.
He stayed by my side like 'Jin-tae' throughout the filming.”
-Park Jungmin-

Yeo-jeong Yoon is an actress who works tirelessly.
“It was the first time I tried acting in the Gyeongsang-do dialect.
He received lessons every day without missing a day and practiced thoroughly.
I felt the attitude towards the film was great.”
-Director Choi Seong-hyun-

Yoon Yeo-jeong's older sister
“I thought it was difficult at first, but he made me feel comfortable.
He's really passionate, funny, and hilarious."
-Producer: Yoon Jekyun-

Yoon Yeo-jeong is energy
“You radiate incredible energy”
-Kim Tae-seong, Cinematographer-

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