(Korean Movies) intruder, 2019

intruder, 2019

intruder, 2019
Audience over 15
running time
102 minutes
cumulative audience
532047 people


The younger brother who returned after 25 years,
I doubt her!

Architect Seo-jin, who has lost his wife in an accident recently and is in despair, receives a call saying that he has found his brother, who disappeared 25 years ago. Unlike 'Seojin', who is somewhat uncomfortable with 'Eujin', who calls himself an older brother for the first time, the family quickly accepts her.

However, after Eugene returns, strange things begin to happen to the family, and Seo-jin, who is suspicious of this, finds out that she is involved in an incident that shakes up her daily life while pursuing her brother's secret…

The shocking truth revealed at the end of the chase!
The most intense mystery thriller of 2020


The missing brother is back after 25 years!
Returning younger brother VS suspicious older brother, don't trust anyone completely
June 2020, the birth of the most intense mystery thriller!

A space to eat warm rice after a day's work, sitting at a large table after returning home. For many people, a home is the only place where they can rest their weary bodies. What if a stranger invades this personal and everyday space, and the intruder gradually encroaches on everything around me and eventually threatens even myself? When there is a crack in our ordinary daily life, that fear eats us up in an instant. <Intruder> digs into the rift between everyday spaces and relationships. Director Sohn Won-pyeong said, "The concept of a house and a family is a universal concept, but I thought that it would give a strange, scary, and strange feeling when such everyday materials were twisted." .

In hopes of the return of his younger brother who disappeared 25 years ago, his missing younger brother, Eugene, reappears in front of 'Seojin', an architect who has been recognized in the industry for his architecture that embodies the house of that time. 'Eugene' quickly adapts to his friendly and gentle personality among the family members he's met after 25 years, but 'Seojin' is wary of 'Eugene', who seems to be hiding a secret somewhere. An older brother who is receiving excessive hypnosis treatment and taking a neurological disorder to protect his family, and a younger brother who gradually reveals his presence in the family. The relationship between the two people who are uncomfortable with each other makes the audience unable to trust anyone while watching the movie.

Song Ji-hyo, who showed the most radical transformation of her acting career
Kim Moo-Yeol, who showed the aspect of a thriller craftsman without regret
Explosive acting synergy full of precarious tension!

It would not be an exaggeration to say that the reason for confidently saying that the movie <Intruder> is a mystery thriller that will captivate the audience in June 2020 is the powerful acting synergy of Korea's representative actors Song Ji-hyo and Kim Mu-yeol. Director Son Won-pyeong, who directed <Intruder>, said, “Even though it was never an easy task, both actors Song Ji-hyo and Kim Mu-yeol showed explosive acting skills. I was able to have confidence in the work by watching the performances of the two actors,” he said, raising expectations for the acting chemistry that the two actors will show in the movie.

First, the popular actress Song Ji-hyo, who has shown a cheerful image across screens and CRTs until the drama [Emergency Man and Woman] [This Week's Wife is having an affair], the movie <Wind Wind Wind>, and the entertainment show [Running Man], is home for the first time in 25 years. He tried an unconventional acting transformation by disassembling the mysterious character 'Eugene' who returned to the drama. It is planned to surprise the audience with another appearance of actress Song Ji-hyo by digesting 'Eugene', who cannot hide the cool atmosphere that has been built up over the past 25 years, without a sense of incongruity. In addition, Kim Moo-yeol, who has steadily broadened his acting spectrum through various works such as <In-Rang>, <The Villain>, and <Night of Memory>, joins, raising expectations for the work. Kim Mu-yeol takes on the role of 'Seo-jin', a man who tries to protect his family.
As such, the explosive acting synergy of the two actors Song Ji-hyo and Kim Mu-yeol will increase the cinematic perfection of <Intruder> and become another point of observation.

Original screenplay & feature-length debut by Son Won-pyeong, the best-selling author who swept the Literature Award!
With an immersive composition and detailed development without gaps,
Heralding the new beginning of 'Director' Won-Pyung Son!

The movie <Intruder> also became a hot topic from the crank-in to the fact that it was the feature-length debut work of 'director' Won-Pyung Son. It must have been because the presence of the 'writer' Wonpyeong Son was so intense to the public. [Almond], the first full-length novel and the winner of the 10th Changbi Youth Literary Award, was praised as 'the birth of a Korean-style English-language novel that is more intense than a movie and tighter like a drama'. Wonpyeong Son became an unforgettable name in the Korean literary world by winning the 5th Jeju 4·3 Peace Literature Award for [Strike Back at Thirty].

However, director Son Won-pyeong is a film critic who made his debut in the film magazine 'Cine 21' in 2001 before his career as a novelist, and has built up his career as a director by majoring in film directing at the Korean Academy of Film Arts. He has written and directed a number of short films such as <The Human Unsatisfied>(2005), <The Meaning of You>(2007), and <Good Neighbor>(2011). She won the Special Jury Prize at the 4th Mise-en-scène Short Film Festival and the Excellence Award at the 7th Seoul International Women's Film Festival.

The movie <Intruder>, which director Son Won-pyeong took on from the script to directing, was completed within the genre of mystery thriller that can show the charm of a unique character with an immersive composition. Here, Eugene, a younger brother who returned after 25 years, and Seojin, an older brother who doubted him, added to the level of a more dense mystery thriller with a carefully designed story that no one could believe. The movie <Intruder>, which will be the new beginning of storyteller Son Won-pyeong, is ready to capture the hearts of the audience, foretelling a cool and overwhelming suspense.


The most ordinary space becomes the most unfamiliar space
The beginning and end of the crack revealed in 'House'
If you pay attention to the space, you can see the suspense!

Director Sohn Won-pyeong twists everyday subjects such as 'house' and 'family' through 'Intruder' and interprets it from a new perspective.

The 'family house', which is the basis of <Intruder>, draws attention with its unique structure. The house where ‘Seo-Jin’ lives is a building that ‘Seo-Jin’, an architect, took away his younger brother’s room and attached to his new house. It is an important device to So, the production team ran over 100 houses on their own to find the most suitable house of awe.
Unlike the exterior, where the existing house is used as it is, the interior is all made as a set. This is because 'Family House' changes from a quiet and dark feeling to a bright feeling with the appearance of 'Eugene' and then changes again as if it was bleached at some point, because it is a space that changes symbolically according to the character and the story. To express subtle differences, variations were made in wall color, lighting, and furniture arrangement. This change of space expresses the process of 'Eugene' encroaching on the family represented by the house, and the slight twist of the everyday space more effectively brings out the strange and bizarre fear. In addition, the production team found the best place to direct symbolic places such as 'Family House' as well as a hypnosis room that represents the psychology of 'Seojin', an amusement park where 'Eugene' was lost as a child, and the genre of mystery thriller is the most popular. It is said that they focused on saving the sense of space to be effectively realized.

In this way, <Intruder> maximizes the suspense of truth that is revealed along with the change and movement of space, allowing the audience to indirectly feel the horror that comes from twisted daily life.

<Chronicles of Evil> <Crime City> <The War of the Villains>
From the production company to filming and music, the thriller production team has come together!
The emergence of a well-made thriller finished with delicate touches

A powerful thriller corps representing Chungmuro has gathered to further enhance the quality and completeness of <Intruder>. Director Son Won-pyeong, who directed <Intruder>, said, “Everyone is the best staff in Chungmuro, so it was really reassuring to work together.”

First, BI Entertainment, which delivered special pleasure to the audience with intense characters, unpredictable developments, and fresh materials in each work from <Chronicles of Evil> <Crime City> <The War of the Villains>, participated in the production of <Intruder> to create another well-made thriller. completed BI Entertainment, which has shown the aspect of a thriller 'restaurant' by sniping the taste of the audience with a story that makes you sweat, is planning to show its true value once again through 'Intruder'. In addition to this, cinematographer Baek Yun-seok of <Myungdang>, which has been noted for its sensuous visual beauty, has been added to portray the psychology of complex characters brilliantly. In particular, a tilt-shift lens was used to effectively create a distorted screen to depict the psychology of 'Seojin', a mixture of everyday life, trauma and hypnosis. In addition, the shooting speed and delicate hand-held technique were added to match the psychology of the characters to maximize the immersion in the characters' psychology. Music director Kim Tae-hoon of <Night of Remembrance>, which presented music with a rich genre, added strength by expressing the fine boundaries of <Intruder> through music, which starts from an ordinary daily life and reaches its peak while riding the genre line. . Art director Nae-kyung Nae-kyung of <Prison> also contributed to creating an atmosphere that goes beyond what is simply shown by concentrating on every detail that suits the situation and feeling of the character.

In this way, the mystery thriller <Intruder>, in which experts in each field collaborated, will give the audience a sense of tension that cannot take their eyes off them for even a moment.

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