(Korean Movies) Inside Men, 2015

Inside Men, 2015

Inside Men, 2015
Youth not allowed
running time
130 minutes
cumulative audience
7073581 people
53rd Daejong Film Festival 2016


“Let’s go to a revenge drama, hotly”
Ahn Sang-goo (Lee Byung-hun), a powerful presidential candidate and the chairman of a chaebol, and a political thug who helps them. It is Lee Kang-hee (Baek Yun-sik), a famous editorial weekly who moves public opinion in Korea, who made the behind-the-scenes deal. Ahn Sang-goo, who wants greater success, is caught preparing a transaction with their slush funds, and is abandoned as a result of this.

“You want revenge,
I want justice. Do you like the picture?”

Prosecutor Woo Jang-hoon (Cho Seung-woo), who has no background and no genealogy, always sits down in front of a promotion. Finally, he seizes the opportunity to become a sniper in a massive slush fund investigation ahead of the presidential election. However, the investigation is closed because of Ahn Sang-goo, who hijacked the slush fund file, and Woo Jang-hoon is demoted to take responsibility.

Ahn Sang-goo, a political thug who plans revenge on the gang who made him a bad person. Jang-Hoon Woo, a prosecuting attorney who wants to succeed using his slush fund file and the existence of Ahn Sang-goo. And the presidential candidate, chaebol, and their designer Kang-hee Lee who must cover the slush fund scandal

Who will be the real survivors?

<Insiders: The Original>, which is 50 minutes longer than the original film, will be released on December 31, 2015.
Insiders: The Original / 180 minutes / Released on December 31, 2015


A storyteller who portrays this era most realistically!
The unfinished webtoon 'Inside Men' by Yoon Tae-ho!
Finally finished with a movie!

The film <Moss>, which mobilized 3.3 million viewers with a new interpretation of a Korean thriller, and the drama [Misaeng], which touched the hearts of the Korean people and caused the so-called 'Misaeng Syndrome'. became a writer To be called a webtoon writer, he is a storyteller who draws the most realistically of this era, and a writer who spreads his base through various cultural contents such as movies and dramas beyond webtoons.

Writer Tae-ho Yoon started serializing [Inside Men] in 'The Hankyoreh Opinion Magazine Hook' in 2012. However, less than three months after the serialization, production was abruptly stopped. In an interview with the release of <Inside Men>, writer Tae-ho Yoon said, "At the time of production, I wrote down the sentence 'All cracks are completed by internal conditions' and started drawing. However, at some point, a crack appeared within me, and I reached a stage where I could not complete this huge story.”

As such, [Inside Men] stops at Volume 1 due to the author's arbitrariness. The contents of Volume 1 correspond to the groundwork to discover the sources of corruption and corruption in our society through insiders deeply entrenched in the political, economic, and media circles of Korean society as well as in the prosecution and police organizations. <Inside Men>, a movie based on a webtoon, was reborn so that the audience could easily watch it by removing the prejudices of heavy political dramas and adding the genre appeal of crime dramas. In addition, the character Woo Jang-hoon (Cho Seung-woo), a prosecutor who did not appear in the cartoon, appeared in the movie, making changes unique to the movie.

Writer Yoon Tae-ho, who confirmed the script, said, "As director Woo Min-ho's personality and style were added, it became faster and more fashionable than the original. I hope that the audience will be able to follow the story in an interesting way by expressing the dark cartoon story in a lighthearted way.” Director Woo Min-ho also said, “I wanted to express the color of a male movie while keeping the poignant and sharp fun that was in the circle. In that regard, I think the acting of actors such as Lee Byung-hun, Cho Seung-woo, and Baek Yoon-sik saved this movie.”

The webtoon [Inside Men] has been hiding in the world for nearly three years since its first publication in 2012. An unfinished webtoon by Yoon Tae-ho, a writer who has an insightful look at Korean society from 'Moss' to 'Misaeng', a film with a synergy between the original author and the production team, will be completed on the screen.

Lee Byung-hun, Cho Seung-woo, Baek Yoon-sik's irreplaceable main characters!
And the combination of solid supporting actors!
All actors who will give the best acting in Korea are dispatched!

There was a time when the saying, “All the male actors in the Korean film industry are gathered at the filming site for <Inside Men>” was a buzzword among the officials during the production of the movie. For the movie <Inside Men>, where the filming site used to become a 'acting showdown', all of the male actors representing Korea are dispatched. Not only Lee Byung-hun, Cho Seung-woo, and Baek Yun-sik, but also Lee Kyung-young, Kim Hong-pa, Bae Seong-woo, Jo Jae-yun, Kim Dae-myung, Kim Byeong-ok, and other male actors recognized for their acting skills in the Korean film industry, regardless of their roles large or small, willingly decided to appear and performed enthusiastically.

The movie <Inside Men> is a gathering of all these solid actors. Lee Byung-hun takes on the role of 'Ahn Sang-goo', a political thug who is only used by the president of a large corporation and politicians. Lee Byung-hun, who was recognized for his best acting ability by winning six domestic film festivals for Best Actor in <Gwanghae, The Man Who Became King> and <Sweet Life>, is also active in Hollywood as an actor representing Asia. After 25 years of acting career, he tries the most intense acting transformation through <Inside Men>. In order to express the character Ahn Sang-goo, who had a tumultuous life in the 1990s and 2000s, Lee Byung-hun did not hesitate to destroy not only his appearance but also his first dialect acting and life action acting. Jo Seung-woo takes on the role of 'Woo Jang-hoon', a passionate prosecutor who has endured in the organization with no backbone or genealogy. The role of Woo Jang-hoon, who must simultaneously digest the meanness and passion of a person who dreams of success, was successfully digested by Jo Seung-woo, who has the acting ability to believe and see. In particular, the crazy acting skills that he showed in <Marathon> and <Tazza> are admiring him as 'Cho Seung-woo' in <Inside Men>. The veteran actor who will hold the center of the tense acting confrontation between these two people is Baek Yoon-sik. Baek Yoon-shik took on the role of 'Lee Kang-hee,' the best editorial editor in the country, who served as the head of the political department of a prominent conservative magazine in Korea. He is the practical background of politicians and a person who connects them with various figures such as chaebols and gangsters and designs a political board for his own benefit. The character of Lee Kang-hee, who is characteristically fishy and sly, but quickly takes care of her own interests like a fox, would be impossible to digest without Baek Yoon-sik's long acting skills.

Not only the irreplaceable lead actors, but also the supporting actors' performances cannot be left out. Actor Lee Kyung-young takes on the role of Jang Pil-woo, a powerful presidential candidate and editorial editor Lee Kang-hee. Lee Kyung-young is a supporting actor who can't be left out in box-office movies in Chungmuro, and also shows charismatic performances in <Inside Men>. Here, starting with <War Against Crime: The Golden Age of Bad Guys> and <The New World>, actress Kim Hong-pa, who recently received attention for her role as Kim Goo in <Assassination>, is the owner of a future car and a strong supporter of Kang-hee Lee and Pil-woo Jang. exercise The role of Park Jong-pal, the concubine of political thug Ahn Sang-goo, is played by Bae Seong-woo, who appeared on the screen in <The Phone>. Here, scene stealer Jo Jae-yoon takes on the role of chief investigator of the special division of the Seoul District Prosecutors' Office, who helps prosecutor Woo Jang-hoon to investigate the case. Actor Kim Dae-myung, who was loved as Kim Dae-ri in the drama [Misaeng], plays the role of a reporter at the prosecutor's office who asks Woo Jang-hoon for food. In addition to this, male actors leading the Korean film industry are expected to come out and put on a perfect match. In November 2015, the movie <Inside Men>, which cannot be missed just by the actors' performances, is coming.

<The Uncle> <The New World> <War on Crime> <Veteran>!
Join the production team of the best crime dramas in Chungmuro!

<Inside Men> is a crime drama about the loyalty and betrayal of insiders who move Korean society. <Inside Men>, a movie that has lightened the political colors in the circle and clearly shows the charm of a male movie. For this film, the best production crews who have a tight grip on crime dramas in Chungmuro joined.

Cinematographer Gorak-seon Gorak-seon, who is considered a 'director who understands light' based on his long experience of working as a lighting director for <Cheating Family> and <Beastie Boys>, took charge of <Inside Men>. He is a staff member who showed excellent filming instincts to capture the atmosphere of an era in <War Against Crime: The Golden Age of Bad Guys>. In <Inside Men>, it was shot in the 1.85:1 format, not the 2.35:1 that is currently used. This was his calculation that 1.85:1 would be easier to focus completely on the emotions of the characters than the 2.35:1 format, which should be concerned with the mise-en-scène of the left and right screens. Director of Photography Gorak-seon Gorak-seon said, "The actors in <Inside Men> were actors who were very good at acting, whether they were leading or supporting roles. So, rather than making the camera work flashy, I decided to focus on the movement and emotions of the characters and show them straight.”

Art director Hwa Seong, who has led the production design of Korean box office crime dramas from <Veteran>, <Watchers>, and <The New World>, charmingly expressed the "world of the insiders" in <Inside Men>. He said, "There was no pressure to express the webtoon as a live action. We just focused on hidden spaces in our daily life that we were not aware of even though we were around. It was a job that had to contain both the dark and the dark of society, such as newspapers, prosecutors’ offices, and nightclubs,” he said. Also, “The spaces in the movie are the inner side of the characters. It is an everyday space that you can always meet and a space where your personal desires can flow. We needed an attractive space that was glamorous and decadent, and that could draw the attention of the audience.”

Music director Cho Young-wook, who produced splendid filmography such as <New World>, <Berlin>, <War Against Crime: The Golden Age of Bad Guys> and <Unfair Trade>, is also a member of the staff who fell in love with the <Inside Men> scenario. “It was a perfect scenario,” he said. I didn't feel like decorating or adding anything to the music. If the music just explains the situation a little more and plays a supporting role, then I think the music has fulfilled its role in <Inside Men>,” praising the completeness of the scenario.

Martial arts director Park Jeong-ryul, who made a new mark in action movies with <The Mister>, said, “I tried a real-life action. In general, I envisioned an action where the body and the body collide, rather than an action that matches the sum. But all these natural actions were born through countless tests.” Cho Sang-kyung, the costume director for <Assassination>, <Veteran>, <Watchers>, and <New World>, is also one of the character makers for <Inside Men>. She completed a signature style that fully revealed the character's personality by using handmade costumes that were airlifted directly from color to suit style.

The production team of Chungmuro was at the center of the box office crime drama movie that Korean audiences have been passionate about. You can see their perfect collaboration in <The Insiders>.

The real story of insiders who move Korean society
A topic that will make Korea curious in 2015!

Who is the real protagonist of the back deal that moves Korean society? The movie <The Insiders> is a film that bets head-on about the real stories of insiders who move Korean society.

The first start of the movie story was the original webtoon 'Inside Men' by Yun Tae-ho. People often say that with a little effort, you can change the world. However, there are always people who make realistic choices to conform to the organization. The original webtoon started with the story behind these characters. The reality of Korea, which always flows in a different direction from the ideal. The webtoon, which illuminates who the reality started from, creates a great repercussion for readers. Unfortunately, the ending of the webtoon, which was discontinued due to inability to reach an ending, can be seen in the movie.

The film was completed with the director's imagination, taking the motif from these webtoons. The director paid attention to corruption and corruption rooted in the Republic of Korea, and the chronic system in which such things are bound to be created. However, in the judgment that films that simply focused on such a system could jeopardize the immersion of the audience, we chose the direction of showing the system while focusing on the story of the characters. As a result, the three characters, Ahn Sang-goo, Woo Jang-hoon, and Lee Kang-hee, face the fiercest confrontation in screen history. If the audience concentrated on who would win and survive at the end of these confrontations, it was decided that the story that <Inside Men> was trying to tell would be accepted naturally.

The choices that make the director's system pale and the focus on the character's story have been completed into an immersive scenario. This scenario, which was rumored to be in Chungmuro, culminated in the perfect performances of the actors. <Inside Men>, which embodies realistic reality in the most cinematic way, will be reborn as a topical work that will shake the Republic of Korea in 2015.

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