(Korean Movies) Insadong Scandal, 2009

Insadong Scandal, 2009

Insadong Scandal, 2009
Audience over 15
running time
109 minutes
cumulative audience
1187684 people


The most expensive painting in Korea that disappeared 400 years ago
The cloning engineers who copy even the sound of the wind
The painting war has begun!

Byeok-ando: If the restoration is successful, it is worth the call!

An Gyeon's 'Byeokando' at the Royal Palace Garden. A painting that was made known through Jang Seung-eop's book appeared in the world after 400 years. A legendary painting that has been pursued by countless people. What if the restoration is successful? At least 40 billion. In the international auction market, the price is what you call it.

Swarm: The cloners copying the world have begun to move!

Tae-jin Bae, the chairman of the gallery inscription who obtained the wall relief, scouts the genius restorer Kang-jun Lee. However, Kang-Jun Lee, who is copying with ghostly hands, and Tae-Jin Bae, who is like a villain, have different intentions… As the perfect figure of Byeol Ando is revealed, the hidden masters of the Korean art world appear. Madam Kwon (Ha-ryong Lim), a living genealogy member of Insa-dong, the head of the art world, the president of Hojinsa (Chang-seok Ko), a forgery factory that boasts the highest quantity in Korea, Ga Park (Son Byung-ho), a national treasure craftsman who once dominated the art reproduction era, and the real power in the art world. Members of the National Assembly, large art collections in Japan, and even the mourning clothes (Dong-Seok Ma), Geun-Bok (Jeong-Se Oh), and Su-Jung Gong (Song-Hyun Choi) of a mysterious gang who came after smelling money! In addition, Detective Kang (Byung-ok Kim) and Detective Ha-kyung Choi (Soo-hyun Hong), a member of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Department's Cultural Heritage Team, are tracking them in an endless picture war! Deceivers and deceivers, believers and betrayers, those who want to keep and those who want to have! don't believe what you see Everything you see may be fake. Where is the end of the exhilarating scam surrounding Byeol Ando?

[ Chapter 1 ]

"Everything you see is fake!"


Kyungja Chun's <Beautiful Island>
Seeing <Beautiful India> in the collection of the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, the artist himself insisted, "It's not my painting."
The authenticity debate ignited
In the end, with the result of verification that it was genuine, the painter Cheon Kyung-ja declared a necessity.

Park Soo-geun's <Laundry>
The auction was sold at a record price of 4.52 billion won.
However, allegations of forgery have been raised, and a court battle is underway.

Three Buddha Standing Statues
Works of Unified Silla in 715. I Auction, an antique art auction house, exhibited at auction for 5 billion won
Auction canceled due to fake controversy

An Gyeon's 'byeokando' that disappeared 400 years ago was discovered
A legendary picture that was considered impossible to have the more you tried to have it
If the restoration is successful, at least 40 billion won.
I still don't know the truth…

[ Chapter1-1 ]

An Gyeon, a royal garden depicting the king's dream

Angyeon, the royal garden of the Joseon Dynasty. He was favored by Grand Anpyeong and completed his own style by learning the styles of masters through the calligraphy and paintings owned by the king. 'Mongyudowondo', which depicts the dream of Grand Prince Anpyeong, is known as a masterpiece, and it is currently in the collection of Tenri University in Japan, and only a replica of it is displayed at the National Museum of Korea. He painted portraits, landscape paintings, four gentlemen, and chieftains, and was particularly good at landscape painting. It is known that An Gyeon's style of painting is based on that of the painter Kwak Hui of the Northern Song Dynasty, and his style also influenced the development of ink and landscape painting in the Uromachi period in Japan.

The legendary painting that disappeared 400 years ago, Byeok-ando
A legendary painting drawn by An Gyeon at the royal court garden of the Joseon Dynasty. 'Mongyudowondo', which vividly captures the dream of Grand Anpyeong in three days, and 'byeokando' was drawn as a response to the great Anpyeong who wanted to see his dream. Its existence was first known to the world through the book of Seung-eop Jang, discovered 60 years ago, and has been passed down as a masterpiece by An Gyeon, recognized as superior to the original Chinese painting style. The painting 'Byeokando', which was intended to be dedicated to the King Anpyeong, who was ousted by King Sejo, depicts Buyongji Pond in Changdeokgung Palace, and contains Angyeon's dream of becoming a king.

[ Chapter2]

copy the world

Painting, wind, sound… by the hand of God
copying anything in the world
There are cloning technicians
A painting that disappeared 400 years ago appeared in the world
Their warlike scam over the painting has begun!

Pre story
Lee Kang-jun
Although raised as an orphan, he showed a natural talent for art from an early age. However, he goes down the path of a replicator to pay for his younger siblings' tuition and living expenses, and he meets the best gang of people, Park Ga, and begins to learn techniques. After some time, thanks to the Cheondongsa family who are like family, he goes to study in France. He was on his way to becoming the first Asian restorer at the University of Paris 3, but when he returned to Korea, he embarked on the restoration work of 'Ganghwa Screen'. 'Ganghwa Screen', which was Lee Kang-joon's first work on his return to Korea, and successfully restored it with all his might for the family who believed in him. However, the painting disappeared like smoke, and Lee Kang-joon's dream as a restorer came to an end as he was investigated for taking out cultural assets.

Taejin Bae
For her, who prided herself on being the best when it comes to art, the art world in Insa-dong was a huge wall. To her, who was frustrated because she had no money and no power, money and power were art itself. Using unknown painters as reproduction engineers, she raised capital by trading counterfeit art, and accumulated wealth by smuggling and smuggling national treasure-class cultural assets and North Korean paintings through Japan and China. And for 7 years, she has established herself in Insa-dong without missing the lobby of high-ranking officials in the political and business circles. To her, neither human life nor past relationships are useless in front of money.

[ HOt PoiNTs 6 ]

first interest
Restoration of paintings and the birth of a film by cloning technicians

Sotheby's Auction House, Orsay Museum, Insadong Street… Park Soo-geun's 'Women in the Market' 2.5 billion won, Picasso's 'Portrait' 130 billion won. Da Vinci's 'Mona Lisa' set 4… The world's art market adorns newspapers every day. There, art auctions in excess of trillions of units are held annually, the pride of modern French art blooms, and thousands of painters and technicians flock to it! The painting market is growing in interest with the value of paintings and their astronomical amount. For the first time in the history of Korean cinema, <Insadong Scandal> was born, in which the professional technology to restore and reproduce paintings, especially the process of restoring and replicating ancient art, will unfold in an interesting way. The audience will feel the thrill of new sights and interests that they have never seen before. The stories of Korean painting restoration experts and cloning technicians appearing when the disappearing painting 'Byeokando' is released to the world will make the audience jump into the painting craze in 2009. Don't trust your eyes. Everything you see is fake!

First fun!
Birth of a painting war scam that copies the world

The most expensive Byeokando in Korea in 400 years. There are masters and technicians in the art world who appear with the painting. The war has begun between those who want to have and those who want to copy, and those who want to keep and those who want to deceive. Kang-Jun Lee, a genius restorer with the hands of God. Bae Tae-jin, a big devilish hand who grips and shakes the art world through cloning, robbery, and smuggling. Although she scouted Kang-Jun Lee to restore the wall, the two have different dreams. Madam Kwon, the genealogy of Insa-dong. He supplies Bae Tae-jin with paints and information, but insists that Byeok Ando belongs to him. Choi Ha-kyung, a detective in the Cultural Heritage Team. And the president of the counterfeit factory, who believes that imitation also has a level, has been kicked out of the countryside by Bae Tae-jin's scheme. The three mysterious brothers and sisters who follow Byeokando, Geunbok, Gongsujeong, and Kwak, a Korean-Chinese smuggler, and Park Ga and a private auctioneer, Korea's best gangsters (replica technicians)! Now the world dances to their hand movements. The mega-scale painting war <Insadong Scandal> where the brush becomes the sword, the tongue becomes the sword, and the money becomes the sword. Where is the end of the art cloning scam that shook Korea? An exhilarating swindle of picture duplicators who copy anything they want begins. Who is it a scam, and what is it a scam for? don't trust your eyes They even copy the wind noise in the picture!

First attraction!
Ghost's Hand Rae-won Kim vs. Eom Jung-hwa, the villain

There are things you want to avoid out of fear. It seems that Lee Kang-joon and Bae Tae-jin of <Insadong Scandal> did that to Kim Rae-won and Uhm Jung-hwa. Kang-Jun Lee, a genius who restores paintings by the hand of God, and Kang-Jun Lee, a con artist who duplicates like a ghost. Because it is a character that cannot be expressed simply, Rae-Won Kim threw away his million-dollar murder smile for the first time. If Bae Tae-jin was just a femme fatale, Uhm Jung-hwa would not have rejected the role. Murder, fraud, smuggling, cloning… A tough human who will do anything he wants. Bae Tae-jin's character, who had to express the original villain, was hesitant. However, in the end, the two actors decide to become the 'player' the coach wants. Because it was too coveted role to miss. Rae-won Kim begins to study under restoration experts at the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea for two months. In order to shoot a scene of washing washing, he showed unimaginable perseverance by surviving 8 hours in the valley water in the mountains of Gangwon-do in the cold winter of minus 20 degrees Celsius. Uhm Jung-hwa begins to bring out the anger that was dormant in her. And he began to enjoy the other self he had discovered. He presented himself with bold hair and makeup, and revealed Bae Tae-jin to the world with gorgeous costumes worth 200 million won. Those who want to have and those who want to keep, those who want to be deceived and those who are deceived, those who believe and those who betray. <Insadong Scandal> is a mega-scale fraud drama that deceives and gets scammed, chases the truth and hides the truth. The big bang of genius restoration expert and cloning engineer Kim Rae-won and the art world's big hand, Uhm Jung-hwa, who will do anything for money! Towards the end of a fraudulent drama with repeated reversals, two characters that cannot be denied start a confrontation!

Ultimate fun!
Variety movie that crosses between reasoning, cheating and winning, action and humor

The legendary painting 'Byeokando' drawn by An Gyeon of the royal court during the Joseon Dynasty. A painting that first announced its existence through a book by Seung-eop Jang, discovered 60 years ago as a response to the dream of dreaming, is shaking up the Korean art world. Surrounding the paintings that would be worthwhile to be restored if restored, another mongyudowondo of art fraudsters is drawn in Insa-dong. A huge scandal between Korean and Japanese collections surrounding the auction and private auction markets, big hands in the art trade with replicators! What is the truth, and who will be the main character of the picture? A variety of fraudulent dramas that start with a single picture, go beyond reasoning and fighting, action and humor!

2009, the greatest clash ever!
Big bang with 10 million spectators

Point of view! There was a big plate full of fun to watch. The main characters of the competition are the Vampire riot <Bat>, the mutant action <X-Men Origins: Wolverine>, and the world-famous picture-copying scam <Insadong Scandal>! In April 2009, who will be the final winner of the contest for 10 million viewers? The most exciting show in history with repeated twists and turns has begun. <Insadong Scandal> succeeded in attracting attention as a foreboding of a masterpiece was conveyed with the material of restoration and reproduction of art, which was first planned, and the passionate performances of luxurious actors such as Kim Rae-won, Uhm Jung-hwa, and Im Ha-ryong. However, as the hardcore vampire <Bat>, directed by Park Chan-wook and starring Song Kang-ho, was scheduled to be released on April 30, the fight turned into a melee. There was a sense of weight given the name value. In addition, as the actor of the mutant action <X-Men Origins: Wolverine> came to Korea, the situation is getting bigger. The situation of the times when the darkness of the global Great Depression is weighing down will also be a major factor in the victory. <Insadong Scandal> has a different color from its competitors. 'The picture war scam of cloning engineers copying the world' is a game of colorful and varied fun. The fun of various characters and characters is also evaluated as the core of the fun that competitors cannot provide.

In 2009, a new maestro will compete.
New director Park Hee-gon's premonition of a masterpiece

The consensus that April 30th will be the biggest release in the box office market for the opening week. The spring of 2009 is full of fun to choose from, but there is another point to watch, which is not to be missed: the battle between director Park Chan-wook, master of <Bat>, and new director, Park Hee-gon of <Insadong Scandal>. different names? However, if you look at the faces of the leaders who have led Korean cinema in the 21st century, the fight becomes unpredictable. Dong-Hoon Choi in <Reconstruction of Crime>, Hong-Jin Na in <The Chaser>, Hoon Jang in <A Movie is a Movie> and Hyung-Cheol Kang in <Speeding Scandal>, all of the characters who resuscitated Korean films in recession were new directors. Director Park Chan-wook needs no further explanation. However, the story of rookie director Park Hee-gon begins now. Variety of episodes that transcend genres and new materials of picture restoration and reproduction. And the composition of dozens of characters with different characters. Only 11 scenarios bound into books. While persistently making use of each episode and character, the 99th scenario went through the process of being modified and supplemented by Park Hee-gon. To shoot one scene, he dragged dozens of staff to a winter mountain and airlifted 20 tons of snow. It took 8 months to design the gallery inscription. Only 20,000 props were mobilized. Kim Rae-won confesses, "I respect director Park Hee-gon for writing such a reversal story." Uhm Jung-hwa, who met the director to refuse the role, changed her mind after two or three hours of conversation. However, these behind-the-scenes stories are only the tip of the iceberg. As beneficiaries of the new media environment, do the new directors born in the 70s and 80s, who have grown up with nourishment, have the image DNA that previous generations did not have? If watching a fight is the best thing to watch out for, the fight between a master and a rookie on April 30 seems to be a pretty interesting spectacle.

More interesting terminology once you know it

Swarm _ Clone Technician

Circular and Placing _ Original drawing is circular welding. Placing a single sheet of the same paper to prevent deformation of the original weld As the years pass, ink and paints seep into the porcelain as well.

Sangbak _ When making a finished oriental painting with hanging scrolls, if you make it into a porcelain pattern and add water to the back side of the paper, food will naturally seep into the paper underneath as time goes by. The highest level of oriental painting reproduction

Perineum _ Technique of spraying a painting on a painting dyed in the baejeop so that the painting comes to life just like the original one.

Secho _ Technique of removing ink from old books and royal courts by washing them in clean water

Color capture _ A technique to color by placing cleaned paper in a jar, loosening it and drying it, and then using boiled leaves or acorns.

Overlay _ Technology of covering hundreds of years old dust on colored paper

The story of cloning technology that copies the world
<Insadong Scandal> in Numbers

In a winter of minus 20 degrees Celsius, where about 20 tons of snow had to be airlifted,
Filming for 100 days, 55 times at 50 locations across the country, including China.
15 main actors and 300 extras
For the first picture reproduction film, 3 months of design work, 500 million set cost
300 paintings and paintings by real artists alone cost 500 million,
About 20,000 items and special items costing 170 million won
200 million costume cost for the best character, 3 real paintings, restoration experts
The first interest to steal the world, the first fun
April 30th, you can check it out.

[ production issue ]

Kim Rae-won! his first challenge.
Take off the pure image, radiating sexy and intelligent adult charm!

Kim Rae-won, who has played a character with a fresh and simple image, in the role of 'Oh Tae-sik' in the movie <Sunflower>, which talked about beautiful hope amid despair, and 'Sung-chan' in the popular drama <Sikgaek>! He returned as a sophisticated adult as 'Lee Kang-jun', a genius restorer of <Insadong Scandal>. He showed enthusiasm and affection for the character by immersing himself in painting and restoration practice before filming in order to perfectly fulfill his job as an art restoration expert, the first attempt in Korea. Kim Rae-won, who is remembered as the actor with the purest smile among domestic male actors, learned professional restoration techniques to improve the perfection of his work, as well as being 100% crazy about the character of the genius restorer 'Lee Kang-jun'. Until he was born as 'Lee Kang-jun', who was urban, sophisticated, and intelligent, he created a new character in every detail that changed his hand gestures, tone of voice, expression, as well as his gait. As much as Kim Rae-won himself was confident that “I will greet you in a very different way from before, so you can look forward to it”, the audience will meet the new charm of Kim Rae-won, who took off the image of a pure youth and returned as a sophisticated adult through <Insadong Scandal>. .

The color and the case are different!
Uhm Jung-hwa's first villain transformation – 200 million costumes

Who the hell is inside her? Uhm Jung-Hwa returned as Tae-Jin Bae, a great hand in the art world who obtained Korea's most expensive painting 'Byeokando'. It's not femme fatale! A dignified and charismatic villain, herself. The costumes and accessories that Uhm Jung-hwa showed in the movie for this character are over 200 million won, including rental and production costs. Director Park Hee-gon, stylist, and actors directly participated in this movie, where costumes were important enough to determine the character's costume concept. In addition, to express her power and greed for money as the chairman of the gallery inscription, expensive fur and accessories were also essential accessories. He helped create the big-handed Bae Tae-jin. The relentless effort to transform into a character that possesses the femininity of the gallery hostess and the neutrality felt from the name can be confirmed with just one eye-catching photograph.

The second protagonist, art space
From a shabby forgery factory to a modern restoration room, perfect!

Restoring and copying art, buying and selling… <Insadong Scandal> will be the first film about art and the fraud surrounding the art trade. Therefore, the space where art and events unfold is the main character more important than any other character. Not only the works drawn by the art team, but also 'Byeokando', 'Ganghwa Screen', 'Woman by the Window', and 'Self-Portrait of Song', which are the center of morale in the movie, were directly requested from artists working in the real world. Director Park Hee-gon and the art team actually created the process through detailed discussions about the technique and style of painting, so the process was not easy either. In addition, a professional space for the sale, reproduction, and restoration surrounding art is also an essential point. It is said that there are only a few detailed materials about the space that director Park Hee-gon has been preparing for three years. In particular, the staff travels around the country, focusing on how to visually differentiate the conflicting spaces such as the restoration room and counterfeit factory/gallery inscription, Insa-dong antique store/Korea Auction, private auction house, and Japan's Kuroda Collection. was actively used. The cost of this set and space work alone was about 500 million won. In particular, in contrast to the space of the minimalist, stylish and cold restoration room, Hojinsa, a forgery factory, completes the interior by filling it so densely that it can create not only the old exterior but also anything, emphasizing the visual difference and adding visual fun. Through the place, the character's personality is emphasized, and the fun of the scam is planned to be enriched.

Do not neglect a line or a color!
Byung-gap Cha, the best restorer in Korea, Hyeong-joo Lee, an expert in oriental painting

The best masters have come together for the best film. Since <Insadong Scandal> is the first film in Korea that realistically deals with the process of reproduction and restoration of paintings, the preparations of the production team were not easy. To this end, Mr. Byeong-Gap Cha, the best oriental painting restoration expert in Korea, and Hyeong-Joo Lee, an expert on traditional oriental painting, participated directly to enhance the film's perfection. Byeong-Gap Cha, who is in charge of Korean painting in the Art Conservation and Restoration Team of the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Gwacheon, which boasts the highest authority in Korea, has contributed to creating realistic and realistic restoration scenes by consulting on the most important part of the film, the restoration of paintings. He is the hidden person who gave birth to the genius restorer Lee Kang-jun. Kim Rae-won judged that it was essential not only to have professional knowledge in art, but also to have painting skills above a standard level, so he went to Mr. The main character who completed the legendary painting 'Byeokando', which appeared for the first time in 400 years, is the traditional oriental painting artist Lee Hyeong-ju. He had always been interested in movies, but he had already demonstrated his skills in the movie <Chwihwaseon>, but in this <Insadong Scandal>, he showed his skills once again by drawing the 'byeokando', which is the core of the story. 'Mongyudowondo' by An Gyeon and 'Byeokando', which was painted with reference to the photos of Seunghwaru in Changdeokgung, was completed in two months at the fingertips of artist Hyeongju Lee. In addition, he not only improved the quality of the work by showing zeal to add perfection to completion, such as going through more than 10 corrections while drawing the wall painting, but also left an impressive appearance by appearing in the role of An Gyeon in <Insadong Scandal>. .

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