(Korean Movies) I want to know your parents, 2022

I want to know your parents, 2022

I want to know your parents, 2022
Audience over 15
running time
111 minutes
cumulative audience
416161 people


“Someone must have done something wrong.
But never my son.”

'Kim Geon-woo', a student at the prestigious Haneum International Middle School
Leaving a letter with the names of four classmates,
Found unconscious on the shore of a lake.

'Do Yoon-jae', the son of the hospital director
'Park Gyu-beom', the grandson of the former chief of the National Police Agency
'Eun Jeong', the son of a teacher at Haneum International Middle School
And Kang Han-gyeol, the son of lawyer Kang Ho-chang (Sol Kyung-gu).

Parents of children accused of perpetrators
He tries to cover up the case by using his power and wealth.
However, due to the declaration of conscience of the homeroom teacher 'Song Jeong-wook' (Chun Woo-hee),
Geon-woo's mother (Moon So-ri) also learns the truth about her son's death.

The world's attention is on Haneum International Middle School,
The ugly face of the perpetrators' parents to protect their children is revealed…

When children become monsters, parents become demons.


the perpetrators of the case
how to judge the situation
how to interpret

I wondered what the perpetrators would look like.

If I get into that reality
I admit the child's sins
About the time to sincerely atone and take responsibility
can you talk

Thinking that I can't either
I thought I had to make this movie.

Director Kim Ji-hoon


“How shameless a parent can be when it comes to their children’s problems”
School violence that is happening even at this moment
Ugly bare face revealed through the perpetrator's point of view

It is not yesterday or today that the problem of school violence, where there are only victims and no perpetrators, has been treated as a chronic problem in our society. The reason why the issue of school violence should be taken seriously regardless of the intensity of cruelty is that the perpetrator is always forgotten as a loose punishment at the boundary of the law because the perpetrator is immature and not an adult. because it shakes. Contents that are at the forefront of popular culture, such as [Human Lessons], [Judgment of Boys], and [The King of Pigs], such as recent movies, dramas, and OTT, constantly raise the issue of school violence in our society is a problem of school violence that cannot be easily eradicated. It also proves the seriousness of

Director Kim Ji-hoon, who directed <I Miss Your Parents' Faces>, is aware that the problem of school violence can be experienced by victims and their families, the perpetrators and their families, and the people around them, but not everyone can make the right choice. departed from “The new reality of cinema is based on many real events we know of because it reflects the reality of reality. The types of events were mostly similar. The reality of all incidents was that the parents of the perpetrators wanted to avoid and avoid the incident, not the time to repent and ask for forgiveness. I thought it was the starting point for <I Miss Your Parents' Faces>,” he said, explaining the reason for planning the film. In our society, there is an implicit moral standard of being generous only to one's own children because of love for children and responsibility for their future. However, on the other side, the question coexisted with the question of whether someone must objectively take responsibility and repent for an incident that left a scar that will never be erased in the lives of others. At that point, director Kim Ji-hoon put the camera in front of the perpetrator, not the victim, and tried to deal with their gaze and face. The director said, "I miss your parents' faces" is a film depicting the true face of how shameless parents can be and how selfish they can be when it comes to their children. It is a work that deals with the social problems of the perpetrators, 'I can only avoid it' and the bare face that tries to hide it despite the fact that there are clear facts and truths."

As such, <I Miss Your Parents' Faces> focuses on the creepy face and attitude of the perpetrator, the root of the school violence problem. What kind of expressions do the four faces of a prestigious international middle school student who had to throw themselves on the shore of a lake write their names in a letter and the faces of their guardians in the process of chasing the truth of the incident? They boldly unfold in front of the screen how ugly and arrogant their faces, hoping that those times will pass, like a prank of their immature age.

Seol Kyung-gu X Chun Woo-hee X Moon So-ri
Meeting of actors representing Korean cinema
The best acting synergy that will warm the hearts of the audience

Seol Kyung-gu, Chun Woo-hee, and Moon So-ri, the representative actors who made the hearts of Korean audiences hot with their sincere acting skills, will meet in one work this spring. <Silmido>, <Haeundae>, <Watchers>, <Rogues: The World of the Bad Guys>, <Memoir of a Murderer>, <Jasaneobo>, and <Kingmaker>, who created their own characters with irreplaceable acting. In this work, Seol Kyung-gu takes on the role of Kang Ho-chang, a lawyer and father of Kang Han-gyeol, who was pointed out as one of the perpetrators of school violence. The selfish and sober image of conspiring with the offender's parents to protect their son and meticulously covering up the incident will give you a sense of immersion you can't breathe while watching the movie. Actor Chun Woo-hee, who imprints his presence on <The Wailing>, <Han Gong-ju>, and even the drama [Melodrama], plays the role of 'Song Jeong-wook', the homeroom teacher of the children surrounding the incident, trying to uncover the truth of the incident. 'Song Jeong-wook' is the most human character in <I Miss Your Parents' Faces>, and he confronts the perpetrators' parents who reveal their ugly face, and creates tension by injecting variables into the play. In addition, Moon So-ri, who is not only a representative actress of Korea, but also a producer, a film director, and a screenwriter, plays the role of a mother who lost her son who was raised alone, and presents an irreplaceable passionate performance. He plans to lead the audience's immersion by realistically portraying the deep inside of the character with his sincere acting. In particular, the meeting between Seol Kyung-gu and Moon So-ri, who moved and delighted the audience through three works across genres, such as <Peppermint Candy>, <Oasis>, and <Spy>, foreshadows explosive synergy and I want to see it> makes you look forward to it even more.

In addition, Oh Dal-soo, Ko Chang-seok, Kim Hong-pa, and Kang Shin-il are also accompanied by solid actors who can't find any smoke holes. From teachers and principals surrounding school violence to ex-police officers who are the parents of the perpetrators and the hospital director, their activities do not miss the tense tension until the end of the movie.

“It was difficult to admit that my child was the perpetrator after watching the play”
Court adjudicated perpetrators and perpetrators parents
A play that attracted attention from the Ministry of Education, parents, and other social circles, finally meets with a movie

In January 2012, <I Miss Your Parents' Faces>, which was performed at the 5th Contemporary Japanese Play Reading Performance, became a topic of discussion, causing outrage beyond shock among domestic audiences at the time. Seiko Hatasawa, a Japanese playwright and high school teacher, completed the screenplay for the play I Miss Your Parents, based on the suicide of a middle school student in Fukuhoka Prefecture, Japan. “At that time, a first-year middle school student committed suicide, and I heard a report that five students thought to be the perpetrators laughed while looking inside the coffin at the funeral. After reading the article, I felt that I wanted to see the offender's parents, and the story of the offender was not reported, so I thought I should leave it as a play.” .

After being premiered in Korea for over a month, the play, which has been continuously performed to this day, has drawn favorable reviews for solving social issues and heavy educational issues in a tense situation. In particular, the actors who participated in the work shocked the audience and society enough to say, "I cried uncontrollably." It caused a sensation in connection with the issue of school violence, which was a hot topic in Korea at the time, and it drew attention by watching government officials such as the Ministry of Education, the Autonomous Committee for Countermeasures against Parental Violence, as well as the students and parents of the perpetrators who were judged by the court for school violence. In particular, after the performance, the parents of the perpetrators frankly revealed the position of the perpetrators of school violence, saying, “At first, it was difficult to admit that my child was the perpetrator.” Director Kim Ji-hoon, who said, “It was very refreshing, very painful, and shocking to see the performance,” contacted the original author that he wanted to make a movie. did. Unlike the original play in which only the offender's parents appear in one space for a period of one day, director Kim Ji-hoon focused on reinterpreting the story of the victim and the offender's children in a cinematic way based on the expandability of the character and space. In addition, the original author Seiko Hatasawa, who read the screenplay of the movie, expressed anticipation for the unique charm of the movie, which is different from the original.

Based on the play of the same name, which brought the never-ending problem of school violence beyond the favorable reviews of critics and audiences into a social topic, <I Miss Your Parents' Faces> will be released in 2022 about the heartbreaking social problems that are currently ongoing in Korean society. The question will once again be thrown in front of the audience.


Shame, arrogance, cruelty, and anger
The story of all of us that no one could easily bring out
5 years from planning to scenario

Director Kim Ji-hoon decided to make a film based on the original play by Hatasawa Seiko, but the process was not smooth. The biggest reason was that school violence is an important social problem that cannot be easily solved, although it has been constantly repeated in the past and present. Director Kim Ji-hoon looked at the cause from another point of view and thought it was necessary to show the perpetrators what their problems were and their faults. Director Kim Ji-hoon thought that <I Miss Your Parents> is a film that deals with the worries of human life, so it should not be an artificially created film. “While planning a movie and working on a screenplay, I carefully prepare the time to think about how this movie can reach the audience, how the audience will see this movie, and how can I express this movie well? I tried to do it, but it wasn't easy. It was because the story of <I Miss Your Parents> is a painful story, one aspect of our society, and something that continues to happen today.” It is a time of reflection to contemplate.

Over the past five years, the news was covered with horrific and brutal cases of school violence that were difficult to even dare to speak in Korea. People were outraged, victims were frustrated, and perpetrators were sentenced to death, but mostly forgotten. Director Kim Ji-hoon thought about how to get the audience to agree with these stories while looking for case law books of many real cases. “It seems that it took a long time to find the answer to how to interpret and express the film well. During that time, there were times when I was moderately distanced and there were times when I was moderately immersed, and those times seemed to have made me a little more mature, and I think it gave me time to make choices that were uncomfortable but made the movie a little more comfortable.” He expressed his feelings about the time of trouble. Like that time of trouble, during the running time of <I Miss Your Parents' Faces>, I sometimes follow the perpetrator with a cold and dry gaze, and sometimes make me angry enough that hot blood rushes upside down from my body. The issue of violence that can never be forgiven, but if you are the parents who gave birth to and raised the assailant, would you be able to maintain the firm standard of 'absolute'?

I wanted to capture the real image surrounding school violence.
The filming process that everyone, from the actors to the production crew, sympathized with and suffered.

The production team of <I Miss Your Parents' Faces> knew that it was impossible to capture reality as it is in a feature film, but their first goal was to capture as much of the message of the film as it really is. Because it was a project that had no choice but to contain uncomfortable material and heartbreaking scenes, both the production crew and actors started filming, thinking that the movie had to go towards the real thing. Regarding the direction of the direction, director Kim Ji-hoon said, "We always talked about not forgetting what we want to convey to the audience on set. In <I Miss Your Parents' Faces>, the actors were not good at acting, and the criterion of whether the movie was interesting or not was not the priority. It really hurts and really sympathizes with the story the work dealt with was the priority. The basics of directing acting is not whether the actors are good at acting or not, but 'are they really in it or are they feeling the message of the real work', so I had a lot of discussion with the actors about that point."

Many actors who worked together could not hide their pain during the script reading and filming process. Moon So-ri, who took on the role of the mother of the victim student Kim Gun-woo, stayed alone at the filming site and endured sadness and pain throughout the filming period. Seol Kyung-gu, who plays Kang Ho-chang, the father of Kang Kang-gyeol, who was pointed out as the perpetrator, deeply sympathized with the scenario and was truly heartbroken. Not only the actors but also the field staff were the same. Director Kim Ji-hoon said, "I thought that the pain of the victims in the movie should be conveyed to the audience. Otherwise, I thought the movie had no meaning. I thought that if the director, production crew, and actors did not feel it, it would not be transmitted to the audience and the audience would not get sick.” Completed with the perseverance of the actors and crew, who had to appease the overwhelming emotions and sorrows throughout the filming period, <I Miss Your Parents> is heartbreaking, but it will boldly unfold in front of the screen a problem that we must never ignore.

Top 1% of international middle schools, to lakes and cliffs
Sets and locations that express desire and truth

The prestigious Haneum International Middle School, which is the backdrop for <I Miss Your Parents' Faces>, is a private middle school where only the children of the top 1% socially and economically parents can enter. The meaning of true education has long since faded due to sexual supremacy, and the power and win-win structure of parents and principals, principals and teachers supports the school. The appearance of Haneum International Middle School in the movie expresses Korea's passion for education with the appearance of a huge spiral staircase with a spiral staircase and a studded interior, as well as the large arch pillars supporting the building. Director Kim Ji-hoon actually remembered the appearance of the building he saw at a private international middle school and the unnatural sense of heterogeneity where classes were conducted only in English, and tried to capture the desires of social privileges in its strange and unusual appearance. Regarding the setting and location of the international middle school, director Kim Ji-hoon said, “I set the situation of sexual supremacy as the background of international middle school, and there, I saw a cross-section of social reality that I think is ‘filial filial piety and the starting point of becoming a socially complete person’. I wanted to express it. I wanted to capture the stress that children experience there, the fear of failure, and the vague desire to win than others in the space.”

The location of lakes and cliffs, which contain complex meanings in the film, is one of the parts that the production team paid special attention to. “The cliff that appears in the film and the lake viewed from the cliff are important metaphors and symbols in the film. In real life, when I see middle school and high school kids, I recklessly climb up the cliff, but I remember the feeling of being slippery.” The location, which was so important that I even thought about filming overseas, was found after hunting that continued until two days before filming. In particular, this place not only appeared as an important space in the movie, but it was also the place that the actual director Kim Ji-hoon visited whenever he had concerns about his work during the filming period. “I went to work every day on that cliff for almost three months. Standing in that space every day, I kept thinking, 'What would I have done here if I were the main character?' From the image of a school with sexual supremacy prevalent in our society to the cliff with important meaning inside and outside the film, the effort and sincerity of the production crew in each scene will deliver the film's heavy message to the hearts of the audience.

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