(Korean Movies) I Love You, 2010

I Love You, 2010
Audience over 15
running time
118 minutes
cumulative audience
1649407 people
32nd Blue Dragon Film Awards 2011


The most beautiful confession of four men and women in love!

This couple is…
Man-seok, a black-haired man who only opens his mouth, and makes a fuss when he makes eye contact.
Then he meets Song, who has a lovely warm smile.
Just thinking about it makes a smile on your face, and you start a love that makes your heart flutter.

and the other couple is…
A wife armed with childish innocence and loveliness
Gunbong, who has been with her all his life
Life without each other is unthinkable.

One word that made them the best romantics in the world,
I love you.

2011, February full of love.
Their happiness virus spreads!

<I Love You> is out for release.
<I Love You> is soon to greet you as a movie.

Several of the originals have already been released into movies, so I had a hard time deciding what to say.
I’m a little disappointed.
It’s hard for me to praise my own original movie, but it’s also ambiguous to write it as if it belonged to someone else.
I am writing with an embarrassment heart.
<I Love You> was a cartoon with elderly people as the main characters.
When I started drawing comics, I started making comics with a doubt, ‘Will readers like this kind of comics?’
It was a kind of adventure and an attempt in a comic book version where you might get a reaction even if you draw a pretty and good-looking picture of young men and women.
I found out when the serialization progressed to some extent.
Surprisingly, it received more enthusiastic responses than any other manga I had drawn before.
Love was not the only love story between a good man and a beautiful woman that even I had doubts about.
<I Love You> became a cartoon I was rather grateful for.
It was a cartoon that broadened the boundaries of what I was lacking as a cartoonist.

Now, <I Love You> greets you with a movie.
Director Choo Chang-min and all the staff.
And Lee Soon-jae. Yoon So-jeong. Song Jae-ho. Kim Soo-mi. Special thanks to the teachers.
Manseok Kim. only song. General Bong. Soon-Yi Jo. you did
They were the ones that brought tears to my eyes just standing there.
The movie “I love you”. I’ve already seen it.
Every time my original movie comes out, the same words.
“Good movie.”
I can’t help it.
To me, they are like my children who have lost their objective eyes.
You will say the same thing this time.
“Good movie.”
I am not disappointed.
Having the courage to subjectively say, “I like the movie.”

-The winter of 2011. Gangful Dream –

[ History ]

Webtoon ‘I love you’ serialized
Book [I love you] 1, 2, 3 published
Selected as <Today’s Woori Manga> in the second half of 2007 (co-hosted by Ilgan Sports and Korea Cartoonists Association)

Book [I love you] Naver Book of the Day (October 2) / 150,000 copies sold
Book [I love you] Talking about TV books – Selected as <Interesting Masterpiece> at the Book Literature Awards
The play (I love you) was performed in 17 cities from its premiere in April to 2010.
Recorded 90% of audience share
At the time of opening, it surpassed large-scale musicals and ranked first in overall performance sales (Interpark)

Actor Kang Tae-gi of the play (I love you) won the ’13th Flower Bag Society Actor of the Year Award’
Play (I love you) Japanese subtitle service
Movie (I Love You) released on February 17th

[ About Movie ]

Soon-jae Lee, So-jeong Yoon, Jae-ho Song, Su-mi Kim!!
Come back as the best romantic!

Four actors Lee Soon-jae, Yoon So-jeong, Song Jae-ho, and Kim Su-mi, who have established themselves as national-level performers by traversing the CRT, screen, and theater stages for a total of 200 years, have successfully transformed into romantics who will leave a lasting impression on their acting careers. Lee Soon-jae, who shows the charm of a man who fell in love by acting as ‘Kim Man-seok’, and Yoon So-jeong, who met his clothes for the first time in the history of acting, with the polite and polite ‘Song Yi’. In addition, Song Jae-ho, who plays the role of handsome Jang Gun-bong (a warm city man), is expected to establish himself as the best romantic guy through his undisclosed love for his wife. Kim Soo-mi, through the role of ‘Jang Gun-bong”s lovely wife, brings laughter and emotion at the same time with her innocent, child-like appearance. The romantic four-person room created by the best actors who are self-proclaimed will vividly convey what true ‘love’ is to the audience with one expression, one trembling finger, and one warm gaze.

‘I love you’, a true well-made content recognized by the whole nation
‘I Love You’, the work of ‘Gangful’, which was a sensational hit in webtoons, was published as a book in 2007 and was a success with sales of 150,000 copies. (The Ambassador), who met the audience through a play in 2008, performed in 17 cities for three years and received a warm response with a seat occupancy of 90%. The Daehak-ro performance attracted 120,000 spectators, which is unusual, continuing the craze of ‘The Line’ that started with a webzine and continued through books.

‘The Dialogue’, which shows the successful case of domestic OSMU with the power of content with a sincere and intense story, is attracting attention as to whether the success story will continue by finding audiences on the screen in 2011. ‘Your Line’, which is rated as the most dramatic of the ‘Gangful’ stories, has received the power of video and music, delivering delicate emotions that only the movie media can show, and is different from webtoons, books, and performances. It will give the audience an unforgettable impression with different charms. Based on the well-made content that has already been recognized and loved by many people, director Choo Chang-min, who has a delicate directing ability that can make the audience laugh and cry, grabs a megaphone and amplifies expectations. Here, the hot performances of Korea’s top actors such as Lee Soon-jae, Yoon So-jeong, Song Jae-ho, and Kim Su-mi, who have been praised for being 100% in character synchronization from casting, will clearly show the audience what genuine acting the actors deliver. The biggest reason to look forward now is the movie, the next move of <The Line>, which has captured the hearts of viewers through various media, including webtoons, books, and plays.

Crazy presence that cannot be hidden! Best supporting actors!
Dal-Soo Oh, Ji-Hyo Song, Moon-Sik Lee!

The movie <That Line> captures the hearts of the audience with the appearance of attractive supporting actors who sometimes add to the flavor of the movie in a different way, along with the four luxury actors who control the hearts of the audience. Dal-su, the owner of the junkyard, who named the character ‘Dal-su’ with Oh Dal-soo in mind even before director Choo Chang-min wrote the screenplay, was played by Oh Dal-su, who is loved as the best scene stealer in Chungmuro. He plans to deliver a refreshing smile to the audience once again with his own color. Song Ji-hyo is the granddaughter of ‘Man-seok’ and shows his lovely side to the audience as a character that encourages ‘Man-seok’ to confess his love to ‘Lee-man’. In particular, Song Ji-hyo wanted to work with the seniors, so she participated in <The Line>, succeeded in a perfect acting transformation, and received the affection of the seniors. Lee Moon-sik, who shows off a delicious performance as the only villain in <That Line>, provides a richer spectacle to the movie with his clumsy villain acting. The passionate performances of Song Ji-hyo, Oh Dal-su, and Lee Moon-sik, who will leave a deep impression with their individualistic appearance that are as unique as the lead actors, will approach the audience as another point of observation.

Valentine’s Day 2011, the most beautiful confession of my life!
Meet a love story that crosses generations and forms a consensus!

The movie <The Line>, which captures the beautiful love of four men and women faithfully continuing the love that came to the end of their lives, from a deep perspective, delivers the original message of ‘love’ to the audience without using provocative materials or forcing them to move. . Man-seok, who was dissatisfied with everything, learns laughter and love from ‘This Only’ and realizes anew the happiness of life. The scene in which they have and regain the meaning of life is enough to touch the hearts of the audience. In addition, the love story of ‘Gunbong’ and ‘Gunbongcheo’, who have loved only one person in their lives, raises serious questions about the modern way of wasting love and makes you think again about the meaning of true love. This true love story soothes the mind and body of the audience who are tired of stimulating materials and settings.
There are young and hot actors who catch the eye only with their visuals, splendidly decorated art, and glamorous editing skills do not exist, but small and pleasant humor codes, sincere stories and outstanding performances of famous actors who do not throw away even a single scene fill the screen. It will be approached as a film that draws the sympathy of all generations from teenagers to 60s. The perfect movie for Valentine’s Day 2011, loved ones, or with family and friends this spring, <Your Line> will reach the audience as the most powerful movie that will make everyone happy.

[ Production Note ]

From people to places! 100% synchronization with the original!
The production team put a lot of effort into the visuals of the movie so that the audience who saw the original did not feel a sense of separation. Thanks to director Chang-Min Choo’s firm will that “small things come together to achieve great results”, the original feeling is preserved in casting and location selection, as well as small and large props such as ‘Manseok’ motorcycle, ‘Gunbong’ alarm clock and mother-of-pearl. He worked hard to save it. As a result, ‘Sorry Man’ is 100% synchronized with the original. The casting of the lead actors such as ‘Borok Man-seok’ by ‘Borok Soon-jae’ and ‘Hunnam Gun-bong’ by Song Jae-ho, the pronoun of a caring father, and netizens’ enthusiastic reaction to it, became the driving force to move the body and mind of the staff who were tired of the arduous filming. The filming location was just as important as the casting. The production crew searched all parking lots and junk stores across the country to find the parking lot adjacent to the junkyard, which is the main setting of the movie. As a result, I was able to find a place that matched the original. The house and hometown of ‘Only Lee’ were also found dramatically. Even director Choo Chang-min was surprised by the house of ‘Only Lee’ located in Gyeonggi-do. My hometown was also barely found as a result of searching almost all the mountains in Gangwon-do. After such hard work, <The Line> was completed as a movie that would satisfy both the viewers who saw the original and those who didn’t.

For the best scene, the three-day schedule was shot into one day!
A romantic ‘snow’ alleyway scene is born!

The scene where ‘Manseok’ drags a cart down a snowy alley and drags him down is the most romantic scene in the movie <That Line>, and ‘Manseok’ is just starting to open his heart. It is a scene that symbolically shows the heart of Director Choo Chang-min and the production team had to ponder over and over again before filming this scene, which has a very important meaning in the story. He was worried about the amount of snow he prepared for this scene, which was divided into a three-day schedule. I had to choose between whether I would use a lot of snow at once to create a pretty scene with snow piled up, or a comfortable shooting schedule. In the end, director Choo Chang-min, who could not give up on the alleyway covered with ‘snow’, the most important medium of ‘Fully’ and ‘This is the only’, ended up filming scenes that should have been filmed over three days with the mindset of ‘Let’s shoot for one day and pour it down’. It was filmed while driving. The romantic scene in the white snowy alley was born thanks to the tears of the actors and staff. Actor Lee Soon-jae, who had to shoot on the 3rd in one day, was reported to have shown a high level of satisfaction with this scene by giving the director a compliment, saying, “I worked hard” to the director, forgetting about the hardship after seeing the scene in the movie through the monitor.

Modern sensibility completed with sophisticated music!
The participation of colorful musicians such as Lucid Fall who wrote the lyrics themselves!

Music director Kang Min-guk of <Your Line> completed the delicate and modern sensibility of the movie <Your Line> by inserting the music of musicians who are loved for their warm and sophisticated sensibility, such as Lucid Fall and Rooftop Moonlight. In particular, music director Kang Min-guk’s sophisticated and warm music, which does not lean toward indie or popular music, is most effectively used to convey the modern sensibility of this film. The thrilling appearance of ‘Manseok’, who gives the name ‘This is the only’ to ‘Mr. Song’ for the first time in the office, was completed by the music director’s improvised piano performance. will stimulate Lucid Paul also participated in the music of <Your Line>. Lucid Paul watched the movie and wrote the lyrics to complete the song. His music harmonizes well with fairy tale-like images and the emotions of honest and warm characters, and plays a role in multiplying the pure and unadorned ‘real’ emotion of <Your Line>. In addition to this Lucid Fall music, rooftop moonlight and various scores will be appropriately inserted throughout the film to moisten the audience’s ears with their emotions.

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