(Korean Movie) Hunt, 2022

Hunt, 2022

Hunt, 2022
Audience over 15
running time
125 minutes
cumulative audience
2096253 people
box office


Find the spy hiding in the organization!
Will you be a 'hunter' or a 'prey'?

Information was obtained through a high-ranking North Korean official who applied for asylum.
'Park Pyong-ho' (Lee Jung-jae), an overseas team of the Ministry of Security and Public Administration, and 'Kim Jeong-do' (Jung Woo-sung), a domestic team,
Start an operation to find the hidden spy ‘Dongrim’ within the organization.
When top secrets are leaked through a spy, they face a crisis
In the midst of fierce confrontation and competition, foreign and domestic teams put their opponents on the line of suspicion.
accelerate the investigation.

If you don't find it, you're in danger of being designated as a spy.
'Park Pyong-ho' and 'Kim Jeong-do', who were fiercely pursuing each other, come closer to the hidden reality,
Finally, we are faced with a huge incident called 'Korea's No. 1 Assassination Operation'… …

One target, two muzzles
An operation that puts the beliefs of two men amid suspicion and vigilance begins


A splendid advance into the Midnight Screening at the 75th Cannes Film Festival!
Director Lee Jung-jae X <The New World> <The Peacock> Teamwork!
The birth of the most complete spy action drama in 2022!

The movie <Hunt>, which is attracting attention as actor Lee Jung-jae's directorial debut, was officially invited to the Midnight Screening of the 75th Cannes Film Festival ahead of its domestic release on August 10th. The world premiere was successfully completed with a standing ovation. The movie <The Hunt> is an espionage action drama that unfolds as 'Park Pyong-ho' and 'Kim Jeong-do', who are suspicious of each other in order to find a hidden spy in the organization, face a huge incident called 'Korea's No. 1 Assassination Operation'.

The Midnight Screening in the non-competitive category, where <Hunt> is invited, is the representative section of the Cannes Film Festival that introduces genre films such as action, thriller, horror, fantasy, and science fiction, and selects works with both artistic quality and popularity. <Hunt> is a popular domestic and international media outlet, such as “A charming psychological spy war full of action” (DEADLINE), “Sophisticated, serious and shiny film” (THE WRAP), and “Once you start watching a movie, you may not want to end it” (SCREEN DAILY). It has been well-received as the most anticipated work of 2022.

<The Hunt> is the directorial debut of Lee Jung-jae, who has become a world-class actor through the Netflix original series [Squid Game], a representative actor in Korea who has mastered works of various genres such as drama, melodrama, and action. have. After four years of passionate writing, directing, and acting, he expands the spectrum from acting to directing, raising the expectations of movie fans around the world. In particular, it is said that Lee Jung-jae, who usually concentrates solely on acting, showed a completely different side to him in <Hunt>, such as paying attention to everything on the set and preparing for it, thereby strengthening his trust as a director. Director Lee Jung-jae said about <The Hunt>, "It is a genre-wise spy action drama, and it contains the content of people who are conflicted with beliefs and beliefs." raise expectations for

<Hunt> is expected to gather anticipation as the veterans of Chungmuro who participated in works such as <New World> <Duke> <Along with the Gods> and <The Handmaiden> work together. First of all, it is the first work that Man Pictures and Artist Studio met through production, which captivated both audiences and critics with <New World> and <The Peacock>, and did not miss the box office, adding credibility. The face of the production crew is also gorgeous. The cinematographer Lee Mo-gae, who was well-received by critics for his works such as <Asura>, <I Saw the Devil> and <The Good Guy, the Bad Guy, the Weird Guy>, participated, and the art was <Master>, <The Himalayas> and <Kundo: Art director Park Il-hyeon of <The Peacock>, which was invited to Midnight Screening at the Cannes Film Festival, including The Age of Rebellion, implemented the perfect mise-en-scène on the screen. Martial arts director Huh Myung-haeng, who has shown wild and rhythmic action in <Mt. Baekdu>, <Seokjeon> and <Crime City>, joins and raises expectations. Lastly, costume director Jo Sang-gyeong, who captivated the audience with his unique style through <Battle of Bongo-dong>, <Along with the Gods>, <The Handmaiden> and <Inside Men>, <The Handmaiden> and <Assassination> as well as <The Villain> and <The Peacock> Music director Cho Young-wook, who has a close relationship with the film festival, will participate to further elevate the atmosphere of the film.

Director Lee Jung-jae and the production team representing Chungmuro work together to create the highly anticipated movie <Hunt>, which heralds the birth of the most complete spy action drama in 2022.

Jungjae Lee X Woosung Jung X Hyejin Jeon X Sungtae Huh X Yunjeong Koh
Take control of the screen with irreplaceable chemistry!
Complete golden casting with 100% character synchronization!

The movie <The Hunt> was a work that Lee Jung-jae and Jung Woo-sung met for the first time in 23 years, and it has been a topic of discussion early on. Lee Jung-jae and Jung Woo-sung, who became close friends after rising as youth icons through the movie <No Sun> in 1999, are best friends in the Korean entertainment industry. However, they have not met in one work since <No Sun>, and many audiences have been looking forward to seeing the two of them appearing in the same work again.

Following the success of works such as <Save Me from Evil>, <Assassination> and <New World>, Lee Jung-jae, who caused a global syndrome with the Netflix original series [Squid Game], is a major operation due to a spy intruding within the organization in <The Hunt>. When this failed, he played 'Park Pyong-ho', an agent of the Ministry of National Security who fiercely pursues the reality. 'Park Pyong-ho', with cool and rational judgment, suspects 'Kim Jeong-do' and drives him into 'Dong-rim', a spy who invaded the organization. Lee Jung-jae, who played 'Park Pyung-ho', completes the three-dimensional aspect of the character by expressing not only the action but also the inner conflict of the character in depth, and will once again fascinate audiences around the world with a completely different look from [Squid Game].

Following his acting skills that crossed genres with works such as <Witness>, <Steel Rain> <God's Move>, <The Good, the Bad, and the Weird>, he directed the movie <Guardian> (working title), and directed the Netflix original series [Kyo]. of the Sea], the best actor in Korea, who is loved by the public through various activities such as production. He played the role of 'Kim Jeong-do', an National Security Agency agent, who received orders from his superiors to search for spies in the organization and continued to pursue the spy without hesitation. 'Kim Jeong-do', who leads the national team of the Ministry of National Security, rushing towards the goal without hesitation, drives 'Park Pyong-ho' to 'Dongrim', creating a tense atmosphere. Jung Woo-sung is an actor who shines even more in genres such as the <Steel Rain> series and <Watchers> and <The Good, the Bad, and the Strange>. It will satisfy the expectations of the audience by showing them how to firmly adhere to their beliefs that they are right.

The production team of <Hunt> said, “The way they cared for each other and respect for each other while keeping goodness stood out. When two people were first caught on the same screen, everyone on the set was overwhelmed.” pull up

In addition, actress Jeon Hye-jin, who played a strong character in <Baekdusan> <Bandbang> <The Bad Guys>, etc., works with 'Park Pyong-ho' and 'Bang Joo-kyung', an overseas team ace of the National Security Agency to quickly find information in order to find spies in the organization. Disassembled and worked with Lee Jung-jae. 'Ark Joo-kyung', who approaches the reality of 'Dong-rim', a spy based on his excellent investigative power and intelligence, is the only person who can evoke the drama with a pleasant personality. Not only that, he is also a person who conveys the situation to 'Park Pyung-ho' and the audience through his lines. In response, Jeon Hye-jin doubled the perfection of the play by performing delicate acting to keep the goodness of the situation communicator while preserving the pleasant personality of the character.

Actor Heo Seong-tae, who left a deep impression on the public by showing his own acting world through films such as <Crime City>, <Namhansanseong> and <Spying> and the Netflix original series [Squid Game], is an agent of the National Security Agency, who is looking for spies. He appeared in the role of 'Jang Cheol-seong' and showed off his brilliant chemistry with Jung Woo-sung. Moving like the limbs of 'Kim Jeong-do', he is like a bulldozer who does not back and forth when it comes to finding spies. Heo Seong-tae, who has proven his presence with his excellent acting skills in each work, will show off his strong acting in <The Hunt> and fill the play with abundance.

In addition, actress Go Yoon-jeong, who appeared in the drama [Law School] and the Netflix original series [Sweet Home] and [Health Teacher Ahn Eun-young], will make her debut on the screen through the role of Jo Yoo-jeong, a college student who is caught up in a spy search operation, and is expected to heighten the dramatic tension. In addition, actor Kim Jong-soo, who appeared in <Kingmaker>, <Money> and <Asura>, takes on the role of 'Director Ahn', newly appointed to the Ministry of National Security, causing a new conflict, and Jung Man-sik of <Mogadishu> <Insiders> <Going to the End> He joined as 'Yang Bo-seong', the head of the overseas team of the Ministry of Security and Public Administration, and is expected to bring an unexpected crisis to the team. As such, actors representing Chungmuro have gathered to complete the golden casting of <Hunt>, which is expected to enhance the richness of the play and increase the fun of watching the movie.

A breathtaking psychological warfare that cannot stop doubting until the end!
A solid story that you can't take your eyes off of for even a single moment!

The film <The Hunt> completes the process of finding a hidden spy in an organization with a breathtaking psychological warfare and a dense storyline. The high-level psychological warfare between the overseas team led by 'Park Pyong-ho' and the domestic team led by 'Kim Jeong-do' to become a hunter, not a prey, and the internal investigation process to find the spy 'Dongrim', will give the audience a high level of immersion. Is expected.

At the center of the breathtaking psychological warfare, the National Security Agency agents 'Park Pyong-ho' and 'Kim Jeong-do' exist. 'Park Pyong-ho' is an INS agent who fiercely pursues the reality when a major operation fails due to a spy infiltrating within the organization. 'Kim Jeong-do', who opposes him, is an National Security Agency agent who receives orders from his superiors to search for spies in the organization, pursues them without hesitation, and approaches the reality. The two suspect and drive each other to find the spy hiding within the organization, and rush to find evidence, creating a perfect psychological warfare. In particular, the unpredictable development unfolding between two people facing a huge incident called 'Korea's No. 1 Assassination Operation' as their beliefs are shaken increases the immersion of the play and adds to the genre's charm. Above all, the psychological portrayal of Lee Jung-jae and Jung Woo-sung, who played the two characters, is a masterpiece, and the perfection of the film has been enhanced by elaborately acting the aspects of the characters who fall into a dilemma as their beliefs are overthrown. The tense psychological warfare between the two characters, who improved the level of perfection with the strong performances of Lee Jung-jae and Jung Woo-sung, will make it impossible to slow down the tension until the end of the movie, giving the audience a feeling of extreme immersion.

In addition, <The Hunt> draws attention with its solid story set in Korea in the 1980s. <The Hunt> is a fiction with cinematic imagination based on real events. Director Lee Jung-jae said, “I decided that the 1980s was the right time to make a work in the spy action drama genre, in which the two main characters confront each other due to false beliefs. It was necessary to make the actual event unique to <Hunt>,” he said, raising expectations for a high-density story.

The movie <Hunt>, which stands out with such a tight psychological warfare and a solid storyline, is expected to captivate the audience at once with an immersive feeling that cannot take your eyes off it.

Spectacular action that unfolds without a breath
The essence of a densely packed spy action drama that is colorful and colorful!

<Hunt> deals with the psychological warfare between 'Park Pyong-ho' and 'Kim Jeong-do', who are agents of the Ministry of National Security, but does not miss the pleasure of the genre of an espionage action drama. Various actions boasting a huge scale, from car chasing through the city center to large-scale bombing, provide the audience with a sense of tension and immersion with a high level of psychological warfare. The delicacy of not missing every detail that fills the screen guarantees the essence of a dense spy action drama.

The scene that showed vividness from the text to the extent that the cinematographer Lee Mo-gae said the scene was drawn the moment he read the script, is the Tokyo car chasing and gunfight that takes place across the city, and it is by far the highlight of the action in the movie. The pursuit of vehicles moving at high speed, as well as the unstoppable gunfights in the midst of collisions and overturns, clearly demonstrate the powerful action of <Hunt>. Director of Photography Lee Mo-gae said, “The Tokyo scene had many interesting elements, and I was very much looking forward to seeing how the shooting and car chasing that took place on the streets of Tokyo in broad daylight would be portrayed.” wanted to provide. In particular, the part that the director requested was 'powerful', and the action was completed by adding an action sequence rather than a scenario." At the same time, the high-level large-scale explosion sequence in which the set collapses is a scene completed through numerous preliminary preparations, boasting an overwhelming scale. Martial arts director Huh Myeong-haeng said, “We talked a lot with the production team about showing the explosion in three dimensions. I believed in the production team and the director,” he said, explaining the focus of the scene and the secret to making good scenes.

The action of <Hunt> focused on realism in a more realistic situation while not losing vitality and power. Director Lee Jung-jae said that he discussed the action concept by focusing on “all actions look real and powerful”, and that he tried to express vividly by adding ideas to scenes that might seem excessive. In addition, as the martial arts director Huh Myung-haeng said, “Action expresses a person’s psychology,” he uses different styles of action depending on the opponent, sometimes violently and sometimes full of tension, completing the colorful action unique to <Hunt>. increased immersion. In particular, director Lee Jung-jae made several revisions while holding several action continuity meetings with the cinematographer, martial arts team, and special effects team. This process was repeated several times depending on the location and on-site situation, raising the level of perfection of the work. As such, the action of <Hunt>, which was created through the endless worries and efforts of director Lee Jung-jae and the production team, will be another point of viewing that cannot be missed.


Super-special casting completed with the efforts of director Lee Jung-jae
Responsive with a passionate performance!

Director Lee Jung-jae did not neglect the process of persuading the actors by running directly with his feet to complete the casting that matched the character and 100% synchronization rate. This is because he wanted to be recognized by the actors as a scriptwriter alone as a new 'director' who is making his first directing rather than a long-established friendship as an 'actor'. Director Lee Jung-jae said, "When proposing a role, I suggested casting considering the actor's natural color as well as the acting he wanted to see from the fan's point of view. So, every time, I modified the screenplay to fit the actors and sent them. I wanted to be selected for the screenplay, and I am very grateful to the actors who responded to the proposal.”

Actors Jung Woo-sung, Jeon Hye-jin, Heo Seong-tae, and Ko Yun-jeong, who joined <The Hunt> through the efforts of director Lee Jung-jae, showed solid acting skills. Not only did he directly digest the action scenes with difficulty, but he also worked hard to create a flawless character. Director Lee Jung-jae, who played 'Park Pyung-ho', as well as directing and scripting, was the first to take the lead. In the scene where the spectacle of the character action of 'Park Pyung-ho' explodes, he showed a natural action without a double, receiving praise from the field staff.

In order to play 'Kim Jeong-do', a character who is in strict competition with 'Park Pyong-ho', Jung Woo-sung fiercely acted with director Lee Jung-jae, who always boasted a strong friendship, excluding personal communion at the scene. This is because I thought that the psychological stability of the opponent was revealed in the camera. Above all, Jung Woo-sung, who waited for the two of them to reunite on screen more than anyone else, said, “Working together was more difficult, and the pressure of being careful and doing well was enormous. Our own meaning should not be everything. So I gave him a lot of cool advice.” In this way, Jung Woo-sung's hot acting passion and cool judgment lead to explosive tension between 'Park Pyeong-ho' and 'Kim Jeong-do', which doubled the fun of the movie.

Here, Jeon Hye-jin, who first challenged the spy action drama genre through <Hunt>, not only learned how to hold a pistol, but also perfectly demonstrated the urgency of various actions in numerous episodes. Above all, he revealed that he was worried about the psychology of the character in various ways. 'Ark Joo-kyung' tried his best to assist 'Park Pyeong-ho', and he put this into his character. It seems that the unique pleasure of 'Ark Joo-kyung' and the flexibility to cope with situations were the only weapons that could protect 'Park Pyung-ho', the shooter.”

Heo Seong-tae, who worked with director Lee Jung-jae in the Netflix original series [Squid Game], first tried to create a perfect character visual. [Squid Game] Heo Seong-tae, who gained 15 kg at the time, took on the character of 'Jang Cheol-seong' in <The Hunt> and lost 15 kg immediately, as well as communicating with director Lee Jung-jae for small actions and gait to increase the detail of the character. He also revealed that he had completed 'Jang Cheol-seong' through constant conversation with director Lee Jung-jae, saying, "The director prepared so much. Before the whole reading, we conducted one-on-one readings about five times, and we discussed deeply in order to show the acting that actor Seong-Tae Heo had never done before. There was no separate reference for creating the character. Those times when I only communicated with the director through acting were the reference itself.”

Go Yoon-jung, who made her first screen debut in the movie <The Hunt>, had several scenario meetings with director Lee Jung-jae and analyzed the character. Go Yoon-jung said, "The director explained the scene rather than the character itself. As a result, I came to understand more about the characters around 'Jo Yoo-jung', and naturally, my immersion in 'Jo Yoo-jung' increased." In particular, Go Yoon-jeong added to the perfection of the work by directly digesting high-level acting, such as the scene of being tortured by water. In addition, Kim Jong-soo and Jeong Man-sik, who showed impressive performances in many works, played the roles of 'Chief Ahn', the new head of the Ministry of Secrecy, and 'Bo-seong Yang', the head of the Overseas Team of the Ministry of Security and Security, and showed an impeccable performance.

In addition, a large number of actors, such as Hwang Jung-min, Lee Seong-min, Yoo Jae-myung, Park Seong-woong, Jo Woo-jin, Kim Nam-gil, and Ju Ji-hoon, who can be trusted by their names alone, appear in friendship, raising expectations. Actors who gladly accepted the appearance of Friendship are gathered together to sincerely celebrate director Lee Jung-jae's directorial debut, adding something special. Beyond the meaning of a simple friendship appearance, the excellent performances of the high-quality actors who put their sincerity into every moment of filming will fascinate audiences who visit the theater this summer.

Shooting and lighting where the perfect balance of power and delicacy shines through
Complete the unique atmosphere with elaborately refined visuals!

Director Lee Jung-jae thoroughly calculated and meticulously paid attention to all aspects of filming and lighting in order to realize the characters living on the screen and the visuals that fit them. In particular, in order to differentiate it from the works of the existing spy action drama genre, even though it is a period drama, modern elements were added to create a unique atmosphere of <Hunt>.

First, an in-depth discussion on the shooting method followed to implement the characters 'Park Pyeong-ho' and 'Kim Jeong-do', who aim at each other with suspicious guns. Cinematographer Lee Mo-gae said, “Director Jung-jae Lee had a strong intention not to use the references of period dramas shown in existing films, and he set the tone of the entire film accordingly,” making us curious about the unique aura of < Hunt >. Here, director Lee Jung-jae's words, "I had a lot of conversations with the cinematographer Lee Mo-gae about how to express the emotions of the situation in which the character erupts more realistically," gives a glimpse into the traces of intense worries. Cinematographer Lee Mo-gae also said, "I filmed it so that the audience could immerse themselves in the story that made the audience doubt who 'Dong-rim' is." In addition, <Hunt> utilized various shooting equipment such as drones, Ronins, and Russian Arms. Among them, the Russian Arm is an expensive equipment that is not easily used, but it was mobilized to effectively capture the scene of the cemetery in Thailand, the climax of the play. In particular, through the experience of using it in the movie <Asura>, cinematographer Lee Mo-gae was able to shoot the most efficiently in the right place. As a result, he completed a dynamic scene with considerable freedom in composition and angle. The fantastic breathing of the grip team was added to this, raising the level of perfection. The Grip team, who had worked together through works such as the movie <Daeho>, quickly decided that the scene the director wanted was difficult to implement with existing equipment, and then created equipment that can implement various movings and made a breakthrough.

In addition, at the shooting site, detailed lighting that calculated even the shadows was used to make the actors' performances stand out more. This was a choice based on director Lee Jung-jae's own experience. When I stood in front of the camera as an actor, I was well aware of the importance of the angle of the lighting thanks to the experience that the feeling of the smoke changes depending on the angle of the lighting. Director Lee Jung-jae discussed with the lighting team the direction in which the light came in and the shape of the shadows hanging from the corners of the camera angle, and made a lot of effort to find the lighting that could make the actor's acting stand out more. These elaborately polished details are perfectly placed to further enhance the level of perfection of <The Hunt> and to immerse the audience in depth.

Robust mise-en-scène that delicately embodies the image of the times
The perfect harmony of colors, props, and costumes unfolds on the screen!

<The Hunt> caught the attention of movie fans around the world with its mise-en-scène, which stands out among the works of the spy action drama genre. Director Lee Jung-jae and the production team went through numerous meetings for a unique mise-en-scène, from the color of props and costumes to the style, and improved the film's perfection.

<Hunt> not only maximizes reality through a large-scale location shooting method, but also reflects the 1980s era through various parts such as art, costumes, and props, providing a sense of reality while also providing splendid sights with colors and spaces that vary depending on the character. The production team carefully reinterpreted the main stage, such as the Ministry of Security, in a unique way of <Hunt>. In particular, Art Director Park Il-hyeon said, “It was difficult to find dense materials in a space hidden from history like the Ministry of National Security. It has been reinterpreted by referring to various materials such as historical materials and historical videos. In particular, the outside of the interrogation room was set up as a very dark and overbearing space, with only recording equipment of the same type and a strangely long sofa.” The production team's efforts to create a high-density tension and atmosphere raised the level of immersion of the actors acting in the field. Actress Go Yoon-jeong, who plays the role of 'Jo Yoo-jung', a college student who gets involved in a spy-searching operation in the play, said, "The pressure and pressure that I felt as soon as I entered the space helped a lot when I was acting." made me expect

Art director Park Il-hyeon, who revealed that he was drawn to the intense tension and daring action of the spy movie “The Hunt,” said, “The space was designed and constructed according to the psychology of the characters.” The production team not only controlled the colors to give the overall sense of weight, but also changed the space composition to express the characteristics of the characters 'Park Pyung-ho' and 'Kim Jeong-do'. The space of 'Park Pyung-ho' expresses the realistic conflict inherent in the character through wood and gray furniture, and vintage low-saturation green and orange color accessories. On the other hand, the space of 'Kim Jeong-do' had a clear contrast, and the dark contrast of white and black revealed the character of a person with strong beliefs. In addition to this, the costumes of the characters were differentiated with props such as vintage ties and accessories, thereby resolving the monotony of the similar appearance of the National Security Agency agents. Art director Park Il-hyeon repeatedly tried to use new colors, and the necessary props were airlifted from abroad six months before filming, or he had a passion for making his own. Among them, director Lee Jung-jae actively discussed with the production team and created creative vitality. As director Lee Jung-jae said, “Thanks to the mise-en-scène, the film has become richer”, the seamless mise-en-scène filling the screen will give you a sense of pleasure you cannot take your eyes off of for even a moment.

#228 places #2,500 people #10,000 shots Actions and attractions completed with #520 units!
An extraordinary sense of immersion provided by the overwhelming scale!

The production team of the movie <Hunt> worked hard down to the smallest detail to create a work of the spy action drama genre with sophisticated action and splendid sights. In particular, the surprising number of locations, auxiliary actors, and props such as 228 places, 2,500 people, 10,000 shots, and 520 units firmly support the background of <Hunt> and herald a huge scale.

First of all, in order to add a sense of realism appropriate to the background of the times, an unprecedented scale location was opened. The pre-location hunting period alone lasted about 10 months, and the production team put their efforts and passion into carefully selecting the best filming locations. Filming takes place at 228 locations in 15 regions across the country, including Seoul, Busan, Tongyeong, Geoje, Jeonju, Gunsan, and Chuncheon, providing a variety of attractions. In addition, a total of 2,500 auxiliary actors, including 2,300 domestic and 150 foreigners, filled various scenes of the film. Together with the main actors, they realistically express the times of turbulence, adding tension and vitality to the play.

10,000 bullets and 520 vehicles were also mobilized to complete the gun action and car chasing scenes that are indispensable in the spy action drama genre. Since guns are the main weapon of agents looking for spies, they used a considerable amount of ammunition. Excluding 100 sniper bullets, the total number of normal ammunition alone is 10,000, providing an immersive feeling like a war movie, and will provide intense spectacle with exciting gun action. A total of 520 small vehicles were used to realistically express the background of the times in Korea as well as abroad, which made it possible to realize a dynamic and exhilarating car chasing action. In addition, among the 520 vehicles mobilized for filming, only dozens of vehicles damaged due to violent action scenes are known, raising expectations for the car chasing action in <Hunt>. <Hunt>, completed on such an overwhelming scale, will not only perfectly reproduce the atmosphere of the times, but also enhance the audience's immersion with intense action such as guns and car chasing.

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