(Korean Movies) HOWLING, 2012


Audience over 15
running time
114 minutes
cumulative audience
1612554 people


A mysterious serial murder… The only clue is the teeth marks of the beast…
There is a reason for his murder.

Sang-gil (Song Kang-ho), a late-life detective in the homicide world, is pushed back by his juniors every time he gets promoted. One day, along with a low-achieving self-immolation case, he is entrusted with a new female detective Eun-yeong (Na-young), a new blue-eyed female detective from the patrol squad as a partner.
Sang-gil starts the investigation by crying and eating mustard, but as a result of investigation, it is revealed that this was a planned murder by an elaborately crafted time-belt ignition device. Sang-gil is greedy for promotion, so he launches an arbitrary investigation without reporting to the superiors. Eun-young pays attention to the teeth marks of the beast found on the corpse, but Sang-gil just ignores Eun-young's opinion.
Meanwhile, a murder by a beast occurs, and Eun-young senses that the last and this case are connected. Despite the seriousness of the case, Sang-gil still conducts an independent investigation, and Eun-young, who has no choice but to follow Sang-gil. Finally, the two discover that the tooth marks common to the victims' bodies belong to a werewolf dog, a hybrid of a wolf and a dog, and that the victims have known each other in the past… …

Why did the wolfdog kill them?

>>What is a Wolfdog?
Wolfdogs are a cross between a wolf and a dog. Since wolves and dogs are from the same family, dogs of all breeds can interbreed with wolves, but the most commonly used dogs are the Siberian Husky, Malamute, and Shepherd. Some people bred fighting dogs to make them more ferocious. In particular, he has excellent memory and sense of smell, and his intelligence, sprinting ability, and jumping ability are excellent. Because they inherited the wild nature of wolves, they have strong pride and vigilance, so they are not easily tamed like pets.


The movie "Howling"…

What I have always talked about through previous works such as <Mean Street>, <Maljuk Street Cruelty> and <Ssanghwajeom>
It's all about the 'neighbors'.
Like all creators, I am a minority in the city,
I believe that drama is born through characters who are marginalized and suffering.
The wolfdog in 'Howling' is neither a wolf nor a dog.
A being who has the friendliness of a dog and the wild mystery of a wolf at the same time.
It's like the people around you who can't easily fit into any world.
The two main characters, Sang-gil and Eun-young, and the wolfdog are borderline people and minorities who wander around us.
Interest in these minorities has led me to this point.
<Howling> is a work made with the silent cry of these people in mind.

– Interview with director 'Yooha'-


A crime investigation drama dealing with the unique subject of 'Wolf Dog'
<Howling>, a wolf dog serial murder investigation that will captivate 2012

<Howling> is a crime investigation drama about detective Sang-gil, who is obsessed with a case because he is thirsty for promotion, and Eun-yeong, a new detective who is trying to uncover the secret behind the case. If until now, crime investigation dramas in which humans are the perpetrators have been the main focus, the movie <Howling> draws attention as it deals with the unique subject of serial murder by a 'wolf dog', a cross between a dog and a wolf. The setting of a planned murder by a wolf dog aiming at a specific target rather than simply an attack on an unspecified number is enough to stimulate curiosity about the truth behind the incident. In addition, the process of tracking two detectives digging up a mysterious serial murder case will create tension and increase the immersion of the play. In particular, the conflict and harmony experienced by a late-year detective and a new female detective with opposite personalities meeting as partners are expected to provide fresh fun to the audience who have been accustomed to the male-male detective combination. The movie <Howling>, which raises the curiosity about the drama that will unfold in the process of two detectives digging into the 'wolfdog serial murder case', is scheduled to be released on February 16, 2012 and heat up the theater district.

Korea's representative actor 'Song Kang-ho' returned as a homicide detective
Showcasing the essence of the detective's jjambab investigation!

Actor Song Kang-ho was praised by the audience for his perfect portrayal of a rural detective full of personality in 2003's <Memories of Murder>. He, who perfectly expresses all characters regardless of genre and material, in this work, <Howling>, was disassembled as 'Sang-gil', a ten-year-old detective who risked his life in a wolf-dog serial murder case because of his performance, and portrayed a character that exudes a human pathos in an attractive way. In the drama, Song Kang-ho is promoted to a living-type detective who is beaten at home and at work, and is expected to arouse the consensus of the audience by vividly expressing the realistic difficulties of ordinary men who suffer from work stress through unique life acting. In addition, after intuition that the wolfdog murder case would be a golden opportunity to change the miserable life of a detective who had been repeatedly promoted for promotion in one shot, he plans to conduct a 'Jjjambap investigation', which he accumulated over many years of life as a subsistence detective. Curious about his performance is growing. As such, Song Kang-ho, who returned as a late-life detective 'Sang-gil', is expected to leave a strong impression on the audience by showing the essence of the Korean detective character once again.

'Na-young' transformed into a new female detective who conducts emotional investigations
Showcasing a different emotional performance sequel to <Chorus Poetry> and <Knowing Woman>!

Na-young Lee, an actress who has been loved for her excellent looks and stable acting skills through works such as <Our Happy Hour> and <Woman Knowing>. In this movie <Howling>, when everyone is trying to catch the criminal, she is the only female detective Eun-yeong, a newcomer who digs up the truth hidden behind the incident, and presents a new charm. 'Eun-young', a rare new female detective character, was a big challenge for Na-young in that it was a male-female detective partner relationship that was not easily encountered before, and the female detective leads the center of the play rather than the concept of an assistant. However, Lee Na-young perfectly expressed the character of a female detective who is marginalized and ignored because she is a woman in the male-centered criminal world, but conducts a delicate investigation with excellent intuition and guts with her unique emotional acting. In addition, as a female detective, she is expected to show a strong side that has not been seen before by not only performing intelligently, but also taking on the physical pain of running and bumping with her body. Through such delicate emotional and action acting, Lee Na-young, who has completely transformed into a new female detective with cold intelligence and emotion, is expected to captivate audiences this winter by presenting a new female detective character award to the film industry.

An outstanding storyteller with dense directing skills, director Yoo Ha
<Howling>, a city trilogy that connects <Atrocities> and <Mean Street>

The movie <Howling> draws more attention in that it is a new work by director Yoo Ha, who has implemented high-quality dramas with in-depth directing skills through works such as <The Street of Cruelty>, <Mean Street> and <Ssanghwajeom>. Director Yoo Ha wrote the screenplay based on the novel [Frozen Fangs] by Naoki Award-winning Asa Nonami. He was attracted to the new subject of 'wolf dog', a lonely existence that is neither a dog nor a wolf, and the strange homogeneity of the female detective character, who could not be easily incorporated into the criminal society, and decided to make a film. In particular, this work draws more attention as it can be interpreted as a city trilogy by director Yoo Ha, which follows the 2004 <Mean Streets of Cruelty> and 2006 <Mean Streets>. As a director who digs into the problems of modern society with a sharp insight through characters who experience destruction or growth without belonging to the mainstream in his previous works, this work is also expected to show the delicate directing power of director Yoo Ha.
Director Yoo Ha portrays the pursuit of two detectives digging up a serial murder case with a unique subject matter of 'Wolf Dog' with a unique sensibility. Attention is focused on what kind of story he will show through the crime investigation drama <Howling>.


A production process that emphasizes the emotions and reality of the actors
Director Yoo Ha has a reputation for realistically portraying modern society through his sharp eyes on humans and detailed directing skills. In this work <Howling>, unlike other investigations, he focused as much as possible on the emotions and reality of the characters digging up the case rather than the case itself.
Most of the filming is hand-held with minimal shaking, allowing actors to comfortably immerse themselves in the acting in any space. In addition, this work, which was often filmed outdoors at night, was shot in green, blue, and yellow tones by maximizing the feeling of natural moonlight. The cool atmosphere unique to the detective genre was more effectively expressed.
Sets and props that reflected reality played a major role in expressing all spaces more realistically and realistically. As a result of analyzing the actual crime case data and photos, and meeting with incumbent detectives for advice, we were able to perfectly reproduce the actual murder scene, including the burnt corpse. In addition, the homicide office set, which was the main location of the movie, moved the inside of the actual police station as it is, and efforts were made such as making the taser gun (gun-shaped stunner) exactly like the real thing, which is used by real detectives but cannot be rented as a prop.
In their costumes, the two actors show a realistic detective style that is common around us, breaking away from the typical and rigid image of a detective shown in existing investigations. Song Kang-ho, who plays the role of a homicide detective, focused on saving the image of a homicide detective who has been active in the city for a long time, unlike the rural detective in <Memories of Murder>. Lee Na-young, who appears as a new female detective, is a lonely character with inner pain, unlike the characters of existing tough and easy-going female detectives.
The detailed efforts of the producers to revive the reality like this enhance the perfection of the play and further stimulate the anticipation for the movie.

The struggle to capture the movements and emotions of the wolf dog,
A wolf dog model that boasts 100% synchronization

As the movie <Howling> deals with the unique subject of 'the wolf-dog serial murder case' that has not been dealt with in criminal investigations until now, recruiting a wolf dog was the key. During the pre-production period of more than 6 months, the production team focused on recruiting wolf dogs by conducting a full-scale investigation into domestic and foreign wolves and wolf dogs and similar breeds and trainers. The grievances of the producers continued even when filming with real animals. Despite the trainer's instructions, the wolfdog's movements were unpredictable, so it was difficult to change the lighting and filming equipment settings frequently. In addition, in order to capture the desired emotion from the wolf dog's expression, the filming set was always a series of waiting. Also, in the scene where a wolf dog attacks a person, there was a limit to shooting only a real wolf dog, so it was necessary to make a wolf dog model that is perfectly similar to the real thing. The special effects team carefully observed and modeled the teeth, gums, and shape of a real wolf dog, and imported and planted real wolf fur. The realistic wolf dog attack scene, which was created after the hard work and effort of these producers, will give tension and heighten the interest of the audience.

<The Mister> Martial arts director Park Jeong-ryul “Na-young is a coveted action actress”
Actress Na-young Lee showed off her hidden action instinct through the movie <Howling>. In this movie, Na-young Lee is a new female detective who disassembles herself and shows a strong action performance by enduring physical hardships from shooting to driving a motorcycle, while realistic physical fights such as hitting, hitting, and rolling are the basics. In particular, she showed extraordinary enthusiasm for the work by acquiring a motorcycle license before filming and continuously honing motorcycle driving off-road for 5-6 months before filming. Behind Lee Na-young, who was reborn as a perfect female detective, was the martial arts director Park Jeong-ryul, who was praised for showing intense action through the movie <The Mister>, which mobilized 6 million viewers. In this movie, he focused on the action acting without losing his tone and emotion, and he praised Lee Na-young as “a coveted action actor with quick learning ability.” At the recent production report, Lee Na-young said, “Action is a field that I have been very passionate about for a long time. There were a lot of things that were difficult to do, but I think it's attractive. Don't be afraid to take action. If there is an offer in the future, I want to do it again.”


– Sang-gil
Inside the coveted guldari in downtown Seoul. A body was found inside a burned-out car.

A burner, a plastic bottle, and a belt that burns black… .
Everything, including the oil, was burned.

Eyewitness testimony that the victim's body in the car suddenly caught fire
Given the various circumstances, the possibility of self-immolation is high.

This is a simple change from anyone's point of view, so it doesn't seem like it will have any effect on the performance.
Plus, it's a fresh blue female police officer who gave me a partner!
It's just an annoying case in many ways.
I'll have to reveal the identity as soon as possible, hand it over to the bereaved family, and throw it away.

– Eunyoung
The first day I was assigned to the homicide squad from the patrol squad.
took on a new case.
A fire incident presumed to be an alter ego.. All the bodies and evidence were burned.
His partner, Cho Sang-gil, shouts out that it must be a suicide case.

However, as a result of the National Forensic Service's autopsy, something is strange about the body.
If it was an alter ego, the thinner would have flowed down and the lower body would have burned more.. This corpse is a little different.
Besides, the bite of an animal on the thigh keeps bothering me.

I don't think it's a simple case.
It seems that Cho Sang-gil didn't like this case, nor my partner.
Besides, cleaning up the team members is basic, and they do all the chores, even for cases that are not mine.
I think of female detectives only as bookkeepers who make copies… … This really doesn't seem like it.

As this is the first incident after being assigned to the homicide circle… …
I just want to focus on this case and thoroughly investigate it.

– Sang-gil
The results of the National Forensic Autopsy were released.
It's not suicide… !

A highly flammable chemical called benzoyl peroxide and an ignition device were found in the buckle of the belt worn by the victim. This is similar to a time bomb, and the ignition device ignited the chemical at the set time and burned the victim in an instant.

It's a Shihan Belt murder case… It smells.
If you report it to the upper management now, you will be taken away by another detective.
This case must be resolved unconditionally and promoted.

Then what do you do…
Okay, let's start with identifying the victim.

– Eunyoung
It is highly probable that this case was a planned murder.
Judging by the sophistication of the device embedded in the belt and the traces of the incident, it seems that he is a fairly intelligent criminal.
However, it seems difficult to identify the victim as the body cannot be recognized.

Given the seriousness of the case, I think cooperation in the investigation is necessary.
Cho Sang-gil said that he would proceed with an independent investigation without reporting to the team.
I tried to dry it… but it doesn't listen.
He seems to see this as just a chance to get a promotion…

First of all, we decided to work together with senior Sang-gil to find out the identity of the victim.
But somehow… I feel anxious that something bigger might happen.

– Sang-gil
A new stimulant ingredient was found in the victim's body.
It's obvious that you don't even look at the new stimulant sales book.

Using all the sources of information, I found a sales book hidden in a corner of Hongdae.
After biting, biting, and interrogation, we managed to find out where the victim was.
But, he is such a phantom child.
The name of the location is also Daepo and the tenants, but no one knows.
I came all the way here and it's blocked like this…

In the midst of this, my junior was promoted before me.
Damn, I thought this was If you do it right, who will recognize you?

Good! Let's finish what we've been greedy for, that's the real detective.

In this case, I will unconditionally finish it.

– Eunyoung
It seems that Sang-gil senior thinks of me more as a troublesome chewing gum rather than a partner.
what? Go to the patrol and get on your bike again?
If you don't have aegyo and don't notice, if you're going to go around like that, do you want to hit me right now?
Oh my, why is this? Except for this, I wouldn't even approach a person like you within a 3m radius!
… I want to shout

The victim's whereabouts have been identified, but the identity of the victim cannot be identified.
Time is tight, but Sang-gil seems to be determined not to report to the team until the very end.
It is not that I am not greedy in this case.
But that doesn't seem to be the case anymore. You must apply for assistance before it is too late.

I tried with a lot of heart, but in the end, I lost to Sang-gil, who was full of ambition.

However, at an unexpected moment
A second murder, presumed to be a chain, has occurred… .

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