(Korean Movies) Hostage: Missing Celebrity, 2021

Hostage: Missing Celebrity, 2021

Hostage: Missing Celebrity, 2021
Audience over 15
running time
94 minutes
cumulative audience
1638437 people
8th Korean Film Writers Association Award 2021


Actor Hwang Jung-min was taken hostage!

One morning, the same as usual,
In the middle of Seoul, Korea's top actor 'Hwang Jung-min' is kidnapped without any evidence or witnesses.

In a situation where you can't know what's ahead
An extreme escape to live begins…

This summer, a reality action thriller that will captivate the audience is coming!


Hwang Jung-min who believes and sees! Hwang Jung-min in the summer!

Following <Veteran>, <The Duke>, and <Save Me from Evil>, <Host> this summer with Jeong Aim-Jun
Return to extreme reality!

From <Veteran>, which surpassed 10 million viewers with a refreshing storyline, to <The Peacock>, a well-made spy drama, to <Save Me from Evil>, which revitalized the stagnant theater district with thrilling chase action, it has been driving the box office success every summer. Hwang Jung-min. The movie <Host> is his first film in 2021, and it is making the audience's heart flutter just because it is his next work, which is praised as 'Hwang Jung-min, who believes and sees' through his irreplaceable presence.

In addition, for the first time since his debut, he has mainly played the role of chasing someone, such as Detective Seo Do-cheol in <Veteran>, spy 'Black Venus' in <The Duke>, and killer 'Innam' in <Save Me from Evil>. Taking on the role of being helpless by unidentified hostage criminals, he is expected to deliver a fresh shock to the public in the opposite of the characters he has shown so far. As he led the atmosphere of the filming site with his brilliant ideas and witty sense in every scene, Hwang Jung-min said, “I wanted it to be a movie that could give a lot of energy. I want the audience to exclaim while watching the movie,” he said, expressing his extraordinary confidence.

Actor Hwang Jung-min, who always provides an unforgettable and thrilling experience to the audience who visits the theater, is expected to once again take the title of 'Hwang Jung-min in the summer' through <Host> in 2021.

Trustworthy actor Hwang Jung-min X Well-made Production Out-of-the-box reunion!
'Reality Action Thriller' succeeds the glory of <Unfair Trade> and <Veteran>!

Oeyunaegang, who produced the movie <Veteran>, which broke through 10 million viewers, and the disaster escape action <Exit>, which escapes the city covered with toxic gas, depicting the exhilarating performance of a wide-area investigation team pursuing the third generation of a wealthy conglomerate, is releasing <Host> this summer. Once again, I came to save the summer theater. The first person in entertainment movies, who led the audience to the theater with innovative planning every time, this time with the shocking concept of 'a top star was taken hostage in the middle of Seoul', it is an exhilarating action as if riding on a roller coaster with extreme tension. It will give you pleasure.

As such, one of the biggest reasons for raising expectations for <Host> this summer is that it is the meeting between actor Hwang Jung-min, who is trusted and seen, and the undefeated icon of the production company, Oeyunaegang. The reunion of the actors and crew who created <Illegal Deal>, which made Hwang Jung-min into the ranks of a box office actor by dealing with police, prosecutors, and sponsor transactions, and <Veteran>, which broke through 10 million viewers by circulating buzzwords, is a unique genre of <Host>. It definitely foreshadows fun. 'Trusted and Sees Union' Hwang Jung-min and Outer Nae Kang. The formula of 'Hwang Jung-Min in the summer and the outside in the summer' is expected to be proven in 2021 through <Hostage>.

The feeling of a new director who will captivate theaters in 2021!
A new face discovered by the production company Oeyunaegang
The momentum of <Exit> and <Start> continues!

<Exit>, which mobilized 9.42 million spectators and sparked a 'tattoo' craze across the country in 2019, and <Startup>, which created attractive characters and presented a pleasant and warm winter to the audience. What the two works have in common is that they are films produced by Nae-Kang Oeyu, and at the same time that they are box-office films that introduced new directors Lee Sang-geun and Choi Jeong-yeol to the public. Based on the know-how accumulated in various genres of box-office films, he is expected to properly imprint the sensibility of a new director this year, who has supported the best debut films by reliably supporting the boundless imagination of new directors.

Before meeting the movie <Host>, director Phil Gam-seong was invited to major domestic and foreign film festivals through the short films <A Certain Promise> and <Room 211> to establish his own clear domain, and those experiences shine even brighter through <Host>. is going to launch He created a unique atmosphere for <Host> by adding sensual direction and speedy development to a solid composition based on reality. In addition, splendid lighting and colorful props were placed in the hideouts of hostage criminals, and rather unrealistic elements were used to complete the cinematic reality, making <Host> a unique and unique movie. As such, director Phil Gam-seong, who has prepared to appear in front of the public with a fresh concept and bold attempt from his debut film, threw a confident vote by saying, “It will not be common for a film that will make the audience watch while nervous and sensitive like <Host”. It heralded the birth of another all-time debut in the summer.

Kim Jae-beom X Lee Yu-mi X Ryu Kyung-soo X Jung Jae-won X Lee Kyu-won X Lee Ho-jeong
The synergy of actors like jewels to discover through the screen!
The talented rookies who passed the 1,000 to 1 competition are coming!

In order to bring out the most important reality in the movie <Host>, the production team cast new faces that have not been seen often on the screen, except for Hwang Jung-min. All the actors who joined <Host> through a competition of about 1,000 to 1 improved the film's perfection by playing their part with their individuality. Hwang Jung-min said about her feelings with the six actors, "After watching the movie, the audience can't help but be surprised. You might be thinking, 'Are there any great actors who can act like this?'" he said, raising expectations.

From actor Kim Jae-beom, who is already known as a well-known talented actor in the performing arts world, to actor Lee Yu-mi, who showed an unconventional performance in the movies <Park Hwa-young> and <Adults don't know>, and [Itaewon Class] and [Urban Man and Woman Love], Ryu Kyung-soo, who is expanding his position. , Jung Jae-won and Lee Kyu-won, who made their faces for the first time on the screen, followed by the movie <Youth Police> and <Jangsari: Forgotten Heroes>, and up to actor Lee Ho-jung, who has been greatly loved by the public through the recent drama [I Know But]. From the audition site, Hwang Jung-min attended and cast actors who could bring out the strongest synergy with him. Director Phil Gam-seong said, “Actor Jung-min Hwang set a very high level and started filming with passion and experience, and the actors who worked with him also tried to keep up with that energy,” recalling the shooting scene full of chemistry.

The feast of characters with strong personalities, played by six jewel-like actors, will be a catalyst for maximizing the realism of <Host>.


The birth of a 'reality action thriller' that will blow away the heat this summer!
The extreme escape to live begins!
A roller coaster entertainment movie that runs 'smooth'!

<Host> is ready for sortie as an entertainment movie that will blow away the sweltering heat this summer through the sense of immersion in extreme reality, the sense of speed and urgency derived from the chase and chase. The triangular composition of the chase, from Jung-Min Hwang to the hostage-taker and the police, is expected to capture the hearts of the audience with an unpredictable development. Director Phil Gam-seong said, “It was a very big task to balance the triangular composition of Hwang Jung-min, the hostage criminal, and the police. We tried to strike a balance with Hwang Jung-min's feeling of pressure and the will to escape as the centerpiece."

Hostage criminals who make their own hideouts in the mountains where the exact location is unknown, and do whatever it takes to achieve their goals. In front of them, Hwang Jung-min is not the top star Hwang Jung-min everyone knows, but just a helpless 'hostage'. The scene in which Hwang Jung-min escapes by demonstrating his reflexes with only one will to escape raises the extreme tension and provides exhilarating catharsis. In particular, the one-take chase scene in the mountains conveys the urgency of witnessing his escape with two eyes, and heralds the birth of a famous scene with Hwang Jung-min's passionate performance. Not only the chase in the mountains between Hwang Jung-min and the hostage-taker, but also the car-chasing scene in downtown Seoul adds to the fun that cannot be left out. In particular, in the case of car chasing action, CG is excluded as much as possible to show the thrill of a car chasing scene in the New American Cinema of the 70s, and the shooting takes advantage of real speed and sense of impact, providing extreme fun that can only be enjoyed in theaters.

The movie <Host>, which boasts such a thrilling chase scene, is expected to heat up theaters this summer with a roller coaster entertainment movie with a running time of 'smooth'.

The unsuccessful <Veteran> and <Exit> crew comeback!
A well-made action thriller that will overwhelm this summer is born!

The unconventional concept of 'Actor Hwang Jung-min was taken hostage' became a completely new movie with the production team of <Veteran> and <Exit>. Director Phil Gam-seong, who received support from the best production crews through his first feature film <Host>, said, “It felt like a baton held at a place where outstanding musicians such as the Berliner Philharmoniker gathered. The best producers filled with their experiences and abilities more than I thought,” he said, expressing his gratitude.

First of all, cinematographer Choi Young-hwan, who has created numerous masterpieces such as <Berlin>, <International Market> and <Veteran>, joined the film to bring the film to life. He expressed the chase scene more realistically by using Gemini and Easy League, which are specialized for handhelds, in response to the command 'I hope the camera never stops'. In addition, art director Chae Kyung-sun, who creates the world in the film with high perfection such as <Namhansanseong>, <Malmoi> and <Exit>, added unrealistic elements to the fact-based real base, successfully differentiating <Hostage>. In particular, colorful images were used in the 'Hideout' where there is a sense of desolate, while in the colorful city of Seoul, black and white images were used to complete a paradoxical yet colorful picture. Then, music director Kim Tae-seong, who creates the power of a hundred lines with the music in movies such as <Sabaha>, <Extreme Job> and <1987>, will suffocate with detailed elements such as a whistle to bring out the analog and minimal feel of <Host>. Martial arts director Yoo Sang-seop of <The Yellow Sea>, <Assassination> and <Wailing> completed the raw action with an action scene focusing on reality and car chasing that excludes CG as much as possible.

The film <Host>, which was completed by a team of veteran producers who believe and watch, will provide a completely new cinematic experience to the audience visiting the theater.

From casting to space, clothes, lighting… The ultimate reality king is born!
A bloody effort to bring out the extreme realism!

#Hwang Jung-Min in Seoul

At a theater in Cheongdam-dong, Seoul, a production report is held ahead of the release of a movie starring Hwang Jung-min. Standing in front of the pouring spotlight, Hwang Jung-min confidently gives a thumbs up to reporters. Located in the splendid city of Seoul, he is the 'top actor Hwang Jung-min' known to all Koreans, exuding an irresistible force like an acting veteran with 28 years of experience. Director Phil Gam-seong said, “Hwang Jung-min in Seoul wanted to maximize his sexiness and splendor. As explained, I wanted to show a big difference between the perfect top actor Hwang Jung-min and Hwang Jung-min captured as a 'hostage'." It can be said that it is one of the devices that will shock the audience with his position and situation that changes 180 degrees afterward.

# A hideout where glamor and cool coexist

After being attacked by unidentified assailants, the place where Hwang Jung-min woke up was a 'hideout' of hostage criminals that was splendid and somehow desolate. In this hideout where five hostagers converted an abandoned abandoned house, the important thing was to properly mix reality and cinematic elements. The interior of the hideout is filled with a sense of life, such as a fan, refrigerator, clock, toilet paper, and laundry drying rack, but the use of colorful lighting in green and orange colors adds to the desolate and fairy tale feeling of the hideout, creating a strange irony. And the culmination of this is the five hostage criminals. The production crew tried to deceive the audience's eyes and ears with ambiguity different from other villains by casting all of the hostages as fresh actors who were not often seen on the screen, and wearing general clothes such as Hawaiian shirts and sweatshirts.

#Extreme escape to live

The tension in the film is maximized as Hwang Jung-min begins to escape to the extreme. The production team filmed it in one take to follow the breath of Hwang Jung-min, who risked his life to escape. In particular, like Hwang Jung-min, who said, “I wanted to show the scene of being chased and chased in the mountain in a really dynamic way,” he hung a wire around his body and ran and rolled without hesitation on a steep mountain, creating a realistic escape scene. In addition, Hwang Jung-min's action scene during the escape is not a well-organized action like the existing action, but a realistic action that conveys the will to live. Director Phil Gam-seong said, “I wanted to effectively show the fatigue and desperation felt by a person named Hwang Jung-min through the action scenes, and I tried to bring out the realism through one-take and handheld.” Extreme effort to make a 'reality action thriller' told

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