(Korean Movies) Hope, 2013

Hope, 2013

Hope, 2013
Audience over 12 years old
running time
123 minutes
cumulative audience
2711144 people
44th Giffony Film Festival 2014


A miraculous emotion that will make Korea cry!
The warmest story that blooms in the most painful place!
“It’s okay, Sowon, everything is okay”

One rainy morning, 9-year-old Sowon, a 9-year-old girl on her way to school, is dragged away by a drunk man and has an accident she doesn't want to believe.
Sowon's family, who received indelible wounds on their body and mind due to this incident.
But in the end of despair, I set out to find hope…

This fall, the miraculous emotion that resonates in Korea begins!

[ About Movie ]

A hand of comfort and healing to all the victims and their families around the world
A miraculous movie that the whole nation cheers for

The movie <Sowon> depicts the story of Sowon, a victim of sexual violence, and her family with the warmest emotion that bloomed in the most painful place. The film, which starts from the heart of worrying about whether all victims and their families in the world will live well, offers a hand of comfort and healing with the hope that they will live well and the conviction that they will be able to live well. And even though something unbelievable happened, it delivers a message of hope that 'the world is still livable'. For this reason, it depicts the sensitive and painful subject of the story of the families of victims of sexual assault, but it is foretelling a miraculous emotion that resonates in the Republic of Korea through the warmest story that bloomed in the most painful place.
If previous films with the same subject matter portrayed stories of anger, hatred, and revenge against criminals, <Wish> approached and looked at it from a different point of view. Contrary to the concerns of some people that they are trying to re-discover what is being forgotten and make it an issue, <Wish> reveals direct scenes and does not convey discomfort with provocative scenes. Rather, he is trying to discover the possibility that the seeds of hope can still grow in the midst of great pain that may not heal for the rest of his life.
Rather than worrying about how many years the perpetrator will be sentenced, it contains the hope that there will be no more victims who suffer like this by thinking deeply and deeply about how many years the victim will suffer. Rather than focusing on the facts that I did not want to see and wanted to ignore, it is the truth that the film is trying to convey by telling the truth that there are victims in pain.
Director Lee Jun-ik explains, “This is a film that captures the sincere attitude of the family and the aspirations of the people around them until they go through the tunnel of pain and return to their daily lives.”

As the sincerity of the crew and actors who decided to participate is transmitted to netizens, the voice of support is coloring the online with tears and emotion. Thanks to the voluntary cheering craze of netizens, thousands of people participated in comments such as [Sowon-ah, cheer up], [Sowon-ah, I am happy], [Sowon-ah, I love you], and surprisingly, the portal site score is 9.5 or higher.
In addition, as the news of the movie's release became known, there is a movement to voluntarily host screenings and deliver messages of support, etc., and there is a movement that deeply sympathizes with the purpose of the movie. making it

A warm gaze towards the world and people following <The King's Man> and <Radio Star>
Another moving drama from director Lee Jun-ik is born

In 2005, director Lee Jun-ik densely captured the joys and sorrows of human affairs, the joys and sorrows of human affairs, and the value of people and life, through <The King of Man>, which dealt with the stories of royal clowns during the Joseon Dynasty, and mobilized 12.3 million viewers to achieve great results. performance was recognized at the same time. Then, look into reality in each work, such as <Radio Star>, which depicts the friendship between a rock star and a manager who always protects him, and <Happy Life>, which conveys the deep pathos and the meaning of happiness in the way middle-aged fathers pursue their dreams. He sympathized with his meticulous and warm gaze towards the world and people. And he returned to <Wish>, which showed a work full of humanity by demonstrating his unique skills.

The movie <Wish> is a work in which director Lee Jun-ik, who refused to direct commercial films after <Pyongyang Castle>, broke a long hiatus and took the megaphone again. For director Lee Jun-ik, who said, “I will come back when there is a story that makes me feel like I’m going to die if I don’t make it,” <Wish> was a must-make movie. The biggest reason that director Lee Jun-ik decided to direct <Wish> was the screenplay. This is because, while dealing with sexual assault as a subject, he felt a sensitive and warm gaze looking at the world and was enveloped in heartbreaking emotions.
“It is a terrifying reality, but sexual assault, especially child rape, that is still taking place in reality is the most severe and heartbreaking wound that can be committed in this society,” he said. However, he expressed his special attachment to the work by conveying his attitude toward the work, saying, “As it is a subject that is too painful to even look into, I tried to work with a genuine heart and emotion rather than a fake.” He continued, “We will present a human drama where hope begins at the end of misery and despair by faithfully portraying the process of family members who have suffered a terrible accident that cannot be erased through the tunnel of pain, conveying the message ‘Still, the world is still worth living’.” He expressed his wish that the sincerity contained in the film spreads widely.

<Wish>, drawn with the sincerity of all the production crew and actors, with director Jun-ik Lee as the lead and a warm gaze towards people, heralds the birth of another moving drama following <The King's Man> and <Radio Star>.

Korea's representative actors Seol Kyung-gu and Uhm Ji-won wept sincerely
Emotional passionate performances and tears that represent the hearts of all parents in the world

Korea's leading actors Seol Kyung-gu and Uhm Ji-won met through <Wish>. As well as working with director Lee Jun-ik for the first time, the two people, who worked together for the first time as partners, put down all unnecessary techniques and dramatize the universal feelings of parents who stand in front of their young daughter's pain with an unadorned heart. Even if you do not list great filmography such as <Public Enemy>, <Silmido>, <Haeundae>, and <Watchers>, the actor Seol Kyung-gu, who gives infinite trust just by his name, takes on the role of his father, Dong-hoon. Seol Kyung-gu, who recently appeared in action masterpieces in succession, returns as an ordinary small citizen through this work. The complex emotions of a father who has to watch his daughter's pain and suffering and anger towards the world are mixed in various acting ranges. Seol Kyung-gu, who said, “I was trying to draw a character that is not special,” explained the movie <Wish> and said, “It is difficult to determine what kind of movie it is. Everyone who sees it will feel different emotions. I hope that you will see and feel it a lot,” he urged the audience.

From delicate performances that gauge the depth of emotion such as <To Autumn> and <Theatre>, to the wit shown in works such as <Applause> and <Bad Man and Woman>, she has solidly built her acting skills and skills across a variety of genres. Actress Uhm Ji-won played the role of her mother, Mi-hee. As the saying goes, “I didn’t want to see Uhm Ji-won and only to see a person called Mi-hee,” she said, “I was stronger than anyone in front of my children. perfectly expressed. Uhm Ji-won said, "There are unexpectedly difficult moments in life, and it is a story of overcoming them. It was filmed with good people and with a good heart. I believe that that energy is reflected in the film as well.”

As Seol Kyung-gu said, “It hurt a lot to see each other’s eyes while filming, and we comforted each other that much.”

Fantastic ensemble of proven actors Kim Hae-sook, Kim Sang-ho, and Ra Mi-ran
Prediction of the birth of a genius child actor never seen before

A large number of proven actors appear in <Wish> to form a fantastic ensemble.
Kim Hae-sook, a pediatric psychiatrist, took on the role of 'Jeong-suk', a pediatric psychiatrist, who has established herself as a 'national mother' representing the Republic of Korea both in name and reality by working through screens and CRTs. He appears calm and rational on the outside, but expresses a complex character with a heartbreaking story with his unique inner acting, adding to the immersion and depth of the play. Kim Sang-ho, who has a familiar image as he has been active in movies and dramas such as <Running Man> and <Wandeuk>, and dramas [You Who Rolled the Vine], and films such as <Temperature of Love> and <Dancing Queen>, each show the charm of eight colors. Ra Mi-ran plays a couple of close friends who give strength to Sowon's family. These people who show friendship stronger than blood ties by protecting Sowon and her family and taking care of them both materially and spiritually, play the role of the ideal that everyone desires. If there is only one person around us who can be comforted and depended on like this, the world will not be worth living. In addition, Kim Do-yeop, who plays the role of 'Young-seok', the son of the couple and a friend of So-won, will also make the audience laugh and cry.

Above all, the most notable person in this work is the child actor Lee Re, who plays the title role. Lee Re, who was selected for the role of 'Sowon', beating out numerous competitors through an audition, was praised for the appearance of a genius actor who had never seen it anywhere before from the filming stage with her emotional expression and amazing immersion.
Working together with “Ire is such a great treasure and luck of the film” (Director Jun-ik Lee), “Ireda is the best choice for <Wish>” (Kyung-gu Sol), “I approach the work flawlessly with excellent sensitivity” (Hae-sook Kim), etc. It completely captured the hearts of a production crew and actors. At the time of editing the film, even in the editing room, they were amazed if they could create amazing editing points.
The purest sympathetic performance that Ire will show, “I wanted to become Sowon’s heart by myself,” is sure to be an important driving force that leads the audience to the theater.

[ Production Note ]

Seol Kyung-gu's choice, Uhm Ji-won's challenge
A miraculous work that came to the two actors like fate

Even after receiving the script for <Wish>, Seol Kyung-gu did not dare to read it because it contained so much painful material. While browsing the Internet to evoke feelings, I read a letter of encouragement from the father of a child victim. The story of his father, who went out to give hope and courage to the victims and their families, who had to hide from the media and neighbors for fear of being known despite being a victim, had a decisive influence on Seol Kyung-gu's decision to appear in <Wish>. gave He said, "It's a very heartbreaking subject, so I also wanted to avoid it for some reason." He said, "But the more I avoid it, the worse it seems to get worse. I thought I should do it because I thought it was necessary to look straight ahead and talk to the world.” Seol Kyung-gu's sincerity and desire were captured in the film. Director Lee Jun-ik said, "I don't know how lucky and thankful that an actor named Seol Kyung-gu took on this role. He acted so sincerely.”

<Wish> was a challenge for Uhm Ji-won. When I first read the script, I thought that I would not be able to express my mother's feelings well. The scenario came to her, who was hesitant, and decided to appear, thinking it was fate. From the preliminary stage, Uhm Ji-won worked on the project with an amazingly passionate and active attitude. In order to play a realistic character, a male actor did a no-makeup shoot, which was difficult for even a male actor to decide, and he gained 6kg in two and a half months to play a pregnant woman. Uhm Ji-won, who was so immersed in the role that she shed tears just thinking about the scenario, performed so passionately that she couldn't stop crying even after the filming was over when she ran to the hospital after hearing the news of the child's accident. Director Lee Jun-ik gave a heartfelt applause for her more mature and deep performance, saying, "The depth and thickness of the acting that Um Ji-won has shown over the years has been added."

More than 90% of shooting is done in order to express delicate emotions
A warm and pleasant filming site, contributing to the natural expression of emotions

<Wish> was filmed for a total of 43 times in locations such as Masan, Changwon, Jinhae, and Busan for two months from April to June 2013. You can feel the emotional flow of the actors naturally deepening in the play, which was possible because more than 90% of the scenarios were filmed in order. Usually, when shooting a movie, due to various practical problems such as time and place constraints and budget, it is not possible to shoot the scenario in order, and there is no choice but to drive and shoot several times in one place.
However, director Lee Jun-ik requested that the film be filmed in the chronological order of the story so that the sincerity could be expressed as natural as possible. Seol Kyung-gu also strongly expressed his intention that he would not be able to express his emotions unless it was filmed in order because the flow of emotions is very important, and the production team accepted this.
Throughout the play, I was able to acquire a delicate emotional line that I would not have found if it was not for sequential shooting, and shooting in the order of the story maximized the actors' immersion, affecting the actors' bonding and acting. Scenes in the existing scenario were boldly deleted because they were not emotionally persuaded, and lines that were written somewhat dramatic were changed to a single line that resonated strongly with the heart because it was extremely realistic. While filming the sequence, I discovered another unexpected advantage. The filming site itself became very relaxed as I didn't have to shoot multiple scenes in one day.

<Wish> certainly deals with a heartbreaking subject that is difficult to even get out of the mouth, but it contains the process of gradually healing the wounds of the victim, their family, and the people around them. If the scene had a rigid atmosphere, the actors may have had to set a sharp edge or squeeze their emotions out. However, as a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere was created, the actors were able to release their strength from their bodies and express their emotions naturally.

Find a child actor with good eyes! 'Wish', which was held several times, was the audition process.
Pre-preparation and filming site where all the focus was on the child actors

The production team worked hard for a long time to cast a child actor to play the decisive main character 'Sowon'. Child actors, who are currently active, came out and auditioned several times. However, the existing child actors who shed tears at the right timing and act technically did not impress the production team. After going back to the beginning and reviewing the list of all child actors and aspiring actors, director Lee Jun-ik found the profile of Lee Re, who had little experience in acting, and requested an audition. Director Lee Jun-ik, who said that the first condition for an actor is his eyes, showed the extraordinary eyes of Lee Re.
Ere's audition was a series of surprises. It is not a calculated performance, but a vivid expression of emotions as if a real young girl was telling her own story. Lee Re, who perfectly captured the hearts of the production crew enough to make the production crew cry while watching the audition, was eventually unanimously selected for the role of Sowon.

As the film deals with sensitive subjects, the most important thing is to have sufficient consideration and advance preparation for the child actors including Lee Re. The counselors and child psychiatrists of the Sunflower Children's Center, who also appear in the play, had enough time to meet the child actors who appeared in advance. In addition, the Film Promotion Committee, along with the Korean Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, received support from the ongoing cast sequelae prevention and healing program for child actors, and thoroughly managed it before, during, and after filming.
During the filming period, not only the acting teacher of the child actors, but also the directing department staff in charge of communication with Lee Ree were always accompanying him. I played a role in explaining the language and expressions used by the adult actors and the production team according to Ere's eyes and helping them to fully understand them emotionally.

A miraculous impression from the best staff representing Chungmuro!
Participate in the theme song written and composed by Do-Hyun Yoon himself! Movie Impression Double!

<Wish> has been enhanced by the participation of top talents in each field, including photography, art, lighting, and editing.
Cinematographer Kim Tae-kyung and lighting director Hong Seung-cheol, who worked with <Eungyo>, <26 Years>, and <My Love By My Side>, meet once again in <Wish> to show off a fantastic breath. Through the 'arri alexa' camera and master prime lens that can capture light delicately, the movie's warm atmosphere was maintained, while the actors' amazing performances and emotional expressions were captured without missing out.
The production team scoured Gyeongnam to find the location of Sowon Stationery, the living space of Sowon's family. However, since most of the stationery in front of the elementary school were about the size of a hole-in-the-wall store, it did not match the image of the wish stationery in the movie, and it was impossible to shoot realistically. After inquiry, the production team found a stationery located in Jinhae, Gyeongsangnam-do. It was a place that not only served as a supermarket and stationery, but also had a residential space where real people lived on the upper floor of the store. Besides, there was a railroad track right in front of the stationery, so I was able to get something unexpected and special.
The costume team led by Shim Hyeon-seop, the costume director of <Contemplation>, <Love Song>, and <Finding Kim Jong-wook>, and the art team led by Lee Bong-hwan, the art director of <The Conspirators>, <No Forgiveness>, and <The Strongest Romance> As much as it was set as the background, we tried to incorporate the feeling, characteristics, and unique culture of the city of Changwon into the costumes and art, and as a result, we secured reality and breathed life into the entire film.
Music work was also a series of troubles. Although the subject matter is heavy, the biggest task was to find an appropriate point among the complex emotions as it is a film that offers hope, comfort, and healing. This is because even a slight change in the music makes the atmosphere of the film too heavy or too bright. Music director Bang Jun-seok, who worked with director Lee Jun-ik several times through works such as <You Are Far Away>, <Happy Life>, and <Radio Star>, after a long thought and hard work, the diverse and complex emotions of a character that cannot be expressed through video alone. Instead of expressing it through music, the depth of emotion was added.
Singer Yoon Do-hyeon, who sympathized with the sincerity conveyed by the film, also contributed with the theme song 'Wish', which he wrote and composed himself. Yoon Do-hyeon, who has contributed strength by participating in various projects that are meaningful and hopeful, as the theme song, also participated in the theme song and actively cheered for <Wish> after watching the movie. He joined the sincerity of the film by putting his sincerity in his powerful yet emotional voice. Yoon Do-hyun said, "I cried once every five minutes while watching a movie. After I finished, I looked at my face in the mirror, and after watching the movie, I realized that I was healed.”

<Wish>, which has been enhanced with the participation of Korea's top talented production crew, is sure to deliver the most sincere and deep resonance and deliver a miraculous impression.

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