(Korean Movies) HONEST CANDIDATE, 2019


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104 minutes
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41st Blue Dragon Film Awards 2021


Up until yesterday, an honest candidate from today?!

The third-term lawmaker, Joo Sang-suk, who is the easiest to lie, loses his clear ability.
Having a 'mouth of truth' that can't tell a single lie overnight!

Let's lose our best weapon, a lie
Her life is turned upside down…

Laughing Bread! I'm blown away! pierced
The exhilarating laughter bombardment begins!


Laughter 'bread'! My stomach is 'bubble'!
February 2020, a laugh bombing comedy is born!
A sure 'laugh promise' guaranteed by 'the snout of truth'
There is a saying that the words that make the world peaceful are more lies than truth. The moment the lies that have been firmly guarded within me are broken, and even a minute from now, incredible and terrifying things can happen. But what I had only imagined in the movie <Honest Candidate> became real.
The movie <The Honest Candidate> is a comedy that takes place when a third-term member of the National Assembly, Joo Sang-suk (Ra Mi-ran), who is the easiest to lie to, is unable to lie overnight before the election. Based on the Brazilian film of 'Joo Sang-suk' looks like an innocent and reliable member of the National Assembly who claims to be a worker for the common people in front of the people, but in reality, he sees the common people as his workers and sees lies as a necessity rather than an option to win the fourth term. The storyline that she suddenly lost her lie makes me think 'What if I can't tell a lie?' Director Jang Yoo-jung said, "The setting that a liar member of the National Assembly could not lie at all was very interesting. The point of watching this movie is that the person who lost his lie will tell what kind of story he will tell.” 'Joo Sang-suk''s brutal fact-bombing, which pops out from time to time because of the 'mouth of truth' he has unwanted, not only provides laughter from an ironic situation, but also provides surrogate satisfaction for the stuffy reality, and provides a new way to see the complicated world without lying. It marked the advent of comedy. <Honest Candidate> will confirm the true value of laughter bombardment comedy by providing not only 'bread' laughter with a fresh concept and extraordinary imagination that prevents you from lying overnight, but also a 'bubbly' cider-like coolness.

Ra Mi-ran X Kim Mu-yeol X Na Moon-hee X Yoon Kyung-ho X Jang Dong-ju
100% reliability! The 'Puppet Legion' is coming to trust and make you laugh!
Ra Mi-ran, who made her strong debut as Oh Soo-hee in <Mr. Afterwards, he showed his unique charm as a realistic, mischievous boss in [Rude Miss Young-ae], and received a lot of love from viewers through [Reply 1988] and 'Mrs. Cheetah in Ssangmun-dong'. Afterwards, in 2019, he proved his reputation as a comedy craftsman once again by leading <The Guy in Me> and <Girl Cops> to box office success. In this way, Ra Mi-ran, an actress who recreates any character with her own personality, this time played the role of 'Joo Sang-suk', a bubbly member of the National Assembly who could not lie to her work, family, and even the people of the country. Regarding Ra Mi-ran, who has transformed into 'Joo Sang-sook', who is overly honest and outspoken, but can't hate it after losing the lie, director Jang Yoo-jung said, "As soon as I saw the scenario, I could not think of an actor other than Ra Mi-ran who could play 'Joo Sang-sook'. I thought that he was an actor who could show a variety of sides, and there was no doubt that I had to cast this actor.”
In addition, the greatest cider characters of all time, who do not notice anything, do not know how to say empty words, and have no pretense, have united into a 'gang of fools' in <Honest Candidate>. First, actor Kim Mu-yeol played the role of 'Park Hee-cheol', an assistant to a wealthy man with passion for 'Joo Sang-suk', who was united with passion. Actor Kim Mu-yeol, who is not afraid of changing the image on stage and on the screen, shows a professional figure responsible for everything of 'Joo Sang-suk' through 'Park Hee-cheol', but gives up his body to protect the idiot who detonates a bomb when he opens his mouth. He played a character with a salty reversal charm. On the other hand, Na Moon-hee, a national treasure-class actress, who no one knows about in Korea, took on the role of 'Kim Ok-hee', a grandmother who died overnight due to the lies of 'Joo Sang-suk'. From [Unstoppable High Kick] to <I Can Speak> to <My Suspicious Woman>, actress Na Moon-hee, who always shows the mastery of comic acting without change or subtraction, will add weight to <Honest Candidate>. Here, after receiving attention from the public with <The Perfect Other>, actor Yoon Kyung-ho, who imprinted his presence through <The Guy in Me> and <Jurors>, played the role of 'Bong Man-sik', the pretentious husband who specializes in maternity of Joo Sang-suk. . The role of Bong Man-sik, a husband who does not hesitate to make kkakdugi for the wife of a member of the National Assembly who is challenging for the fourth term, is expected to revitalize the play. Lastly, Jang Dong-ju, a rising rookie in Chungmuro, played 'Bong Eun-ho', the son of 'Joo Sang-suk' and a free spirit. From the drama [School 2017] to [Revenge is Back], [Mr. Periodic], etc., Jang Dong-ju, who showed a stable acting ability, added another fun to the work by joining the <Honest Candidate> and 'Punky Legion'.
Five actors, Ra Mi-ran, Kim Mu-yeol, Na Moon-hee, Yoon Kyung-ho, and Jang Dong-joo, add to the freshness of the veterans from the season of veterans to the fresh freshness of <Honest Candidate>.

From romance <Finding Kim Jong-wook> to comedy <Honest Candidate>!
Director Jang Yoo-jung, a storyteller with excellent directing skills regardless of genre!
A brilliant collaboration with the production team of <All About My Wife> and <Crime City>!
Director Jang Yoo-jung, who captivated the audience with his previous works <Finding Kim Jong-wook> and <Brother> is returning. If <Finding Kim Jong-wook> opened a new horizon of romance by moving the classic musical to the screen, <Brother> was also recognized for her excellent directing ability by showing her own color and comedy. Director Jang Yoo-jung, who spreads fresh storytelling across genres, heralded a comedy syndrome in theaters in February 2020 with the movie <The Honest Candidate>. While <Finding Kim Jong-wook> and <Brother> delivered warm warmth to the audience with their delicate directing and delightful storyline, <Honest Candidate> is a witty directing and concept of 'a member of the National Assembly who can't lie overnight'. It will capture their hearts. Not only that, as the production team of the romantic comedy <All About My Wife>, which mobilized 4.6 million viewers, and the production team of <Crime City>, which mobilized 6.88 million viewers and created all kinds of buzzwords and 'Jang Chen' syndrome, worked together. It heralds the birth of a high-quality comedy film that bursts without breaks, is determined and funny.
Director Jang Yoo-jung said, "It is a work that will give a feeling of liberation to a wrinkled heart." The actors who worked together also praised the directing. Ra Mi-ran, who first worked with director Jang Yoo-jung through this work, said, “He was a director I definitely wanted to work with. I just thought it was really great on set,” he said, expressing his special affection. Next, actor Kim Mu-yeol said, "The name 'Jang Yoo-jung' itself was a great belief. It helped me a lot in understanding scenes and characters.”
<The Honest Candidate>, completed with the delicate yet witty direction of director Jang Yoo-jung, will deliver a different level of laughter and joy to the audience in February 2020.

The casting of truth has exploded!
Actors Song Young-chang, On Joo-wan, Jo Han-cheol, Yoon Se-ah, Oh Man-seok, and others join the cast!
The only comedy in February with a solid lineup!
In addition to Ra Mi-ran, Kim Mu-yeol, Na Moon-hee, Yoon Kyung-ho, and Jang Dong-joo, actors who can be trusted with only three names have been dispatched to enhance the perfection of the 2020 laugh bombing comedy <The Honest Candidate>. As director Jang Yoo-jung said, “It was a scene that was as fun as the movie,” the filming site of <Honest Candidate> showed a fantastic synergy with the perfect acting breathing of the actors shining in a friendly atmosphere.
First, actor Song Young-chang, who enhances the immersion in works such as <Brother> and <Veteran>, is attracting attention as he takes on the role of 'Woon-hak Lee', a political strategist with a solution to overcome Sang-suk's biggest political life crisis. He is expected to show the side of a veteran actor through <Honest Candidate> through <Honest Candidate>. Actor On Joo-wan, who has been loved as an attractive character through <Human Addiction> and [Punch], joined, and played the role of 'Kim Jun-young', a reporter who persistently pursues the corruption of 'Sang-suk'. He will show the pinnacle of comic acting through the character 'Kim Jun-young', who is united with a thorough reporter's spirit and yet stands out for his arrogance. In addition, actor Jo Han-cheol, who inspires vitality regardless of genre through <Baekdu Mountain> and <Lucky>, showed a clever comic performance through the role of 'Sang-suk''s biggest rival in the election, lawmaker Nam Yong-seong. He is going to show off his unique chemistry with Ra Mi-ran by perfectly digesting the character he can't hate even though he's an ugly rival. Next, actress Yoon Se-ah, who turned Korea upside down with the drama [SKY Castle] in 2019, took on the role of 'Kim Jun-young' broadcast station senior PD 'Cha Yoon-kyung'. Her comical acting with an overwhelming presence added fresh fun to the play. Meanwhile, actor Oh Man-seok, who crosses the stage and screen, will make a surprise appearance as a DJ of a current affairs radio program to increase immersion in the play and show the side of a scene stealer properly.
In this way, various attractive actors including Ra Mi-ran, Kim Mu-yeol, Na Moon-hee, Yun Kyung-ho, and Jang Dong-ju, as well as 'Punky Legion', Song Young-chang, On Joo-wan, Jo Han-cheol, Yoon Se-ah and Oh Man-seok gathered for <Honest Candidate>, and their fantastic ensemble was completed. The anticipation of the comedy that has been done is doubling.

From fact checking to close coverage!
Well-made comedy with a sense of reality!
The laughter bombing comedy <The Honest Candidate> was born with the election song that I sang along without knowing, the choreography that struck me with a knife, the realistic acting of the actors, and the high-quality directing. Director Jang Yu-jeong, who put a lot of effort into everything from space to visuals, said that the part he worked hard on the most while making the screenplay into a movie was 'reality'. In fact, during the by-election period, director Jang Yoo-jung, who was quickly covering the day, described the campaign site of the candidates as “a site like a festival” and transferred his experiences into the film.
In order to preserve reality, it was thoroughly prepared to the point of having a separate 'fact check' team within the film production department, rather than constantly seeking advice from the Election Commission and political experts and interviewing lawmakers. The vivid 'Sang-Suk Joo' character, as if it were real in reality, was born after closely interviewing members of the National Assembly. In the case of clothes and hairstyles worn during the election period, while thoroughly matching the characteristics of lawmakers, the reality as well as reality, such as wearing a blouse under a jumper in consideration of the election schedule that divides time into minutes so that there is not enough time to actually change clothes It also added fun. Director Jang Yoo-jung said, “There are a lot of interesting episodes that can occur during the election period. I tried to reflect the parts that can be brought from reality as much as possible into the work. I thought that if the spatial and visual background were in contact with reality, the maximized characters would be enjoyable enough,” he said.
The well-made comedy <The Honest Candidate> with added delicacy for the sake of delight will lead the audience into a new world of laughter.

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