(Korean Movie) Honest Candidate 2, 2022

Honest Candidate 2, 2022

Honest Candidate 2, 2022
Ages 12+
running time
107 minutes
cumulative audience
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'Spout of Truth' who can't lie comeback! Two this time?!

Joo Sang-suk, who became a ruined unemployed after failing in the election for the mayor of Seoul,
Accidentally rescuing a young man from drowning is on the news
Seize the chance of a splendid comeback in your hometown.

However, the more honest you are, the more you will face the approval ratings plummeting to the bottom.
The moment I went back to being a fool,
The 'snout of truth' came like fate to 'Joo Sang-sook'!

This time, even 'Park Hee-chul', the chief of staff of 'Joo Sang-suk', has a pair of snouts…

Double the fun! Twice the laughs!
The snout blast comedy is back!


Laughter is 'Bang-Bang' X 'Beom-Bung'
The birth of a far more powerful snout explosion comedy!
A vicarious satisfaction guaranteed comedy that makes you forget the hard reality with just one snout!

From the comical setting that a 3rd-term lawmaker, who is the easiest to lie to, can't lie, to an episode that has no choice but to explode without a gap, to the actors' passionate performances that bring 200% of attractive characters to life. In 2020, <Honest Candidate> presented harmless laughter with 100% purity and no impurities, and was loved by many audiences regardless of age or gender. <Honest Candidate> is back with a much more powerful laugh bomb.

A comedy about ex-member of the National Assembly 'Joo Sang-suk' and his secretary 'Park Hee-cheol' getting a chance to make a splendid comeback and falling into even greater chaos when they get the 'Spout of Truth' as a pair. 'Joo Sang-suk' became a duck egg of the Nakdong River in the political world after being unable to lie, but was deceived by the sweetness of power and cursed again as 'the spout of truth'. <Honest Candidate 2> not only made a comeback with the elite corps of Ra Mi-ran, Kim Moo-yeol, Yoon Kyung-ho and director Jang Yoo-jeong, who showed perfect comic chemistry in <Honest Candidate>, but also made a comeback with a newly joined person and the setting of a provincial governor rather than a member of the National Assembly. It's back on a twice as large scale. Director Jang Yoo-jeong said, “To differentiate from the previous work, this time I set it up as an administrator rather than a politician. I tried to save reality in all the details that I can show as an administrator.” Here, the scene in which 'Joo Sang-suk' goes through the 'snout of truth' that he had already experienced once during his time as a member of the National Assembly and overcomes the crisis through his own know-how gives a more upgraded laugh that he had not experienced in the previous work, and the trusted secretary, 'Park Hee-cheol' The words of truth pouring out of the mouth of ' give a smile like a refreshing cider to those who press down the truth that is usually stored in white lies.

“<Honest Candidate 2> is a comedy like refreshing cider. I hope it will be an opportunity for the audience to relieve their hard feelings while watching this work, and to sublimate it into laughter,” said director Jang Yu-jeong, who once again conveyed only frank and honest laughter to the audience without any lies. <Honest Candidate 2>, which returned with the goal of doing it, is scheduled to shake the theater district with a cool laugh in 2022 as well.

Unexpected identity of 'Spout of Truth'?!
Myungbulheojeon Ra Mi-ran X First and second manager Kim Moo-yeol!
Guaranteed bigger laugh scale with 1+1!

Experienced 'Snout of Truth' Ra Mi-Ran and newcomer 'Snout of Truth' Kim Moo-Yeol are back with a bigger smile scale, this time one plus one.

First, through [Reply 1988], actress Ra Mi-ran, who already had a unique character through flexible ad-libs and everyday acting, met her life work called [Honest Candidate] and won the Blue Dragon Film Award for Best Actress for her comedy film. You have accomplished an unbelievable feat. Now standing tall as the one and only comedy king, he once again boasts his excellent acting in <Honest Candidate 2>. He plans to create a character with a different charm from his previous works by adding comical acting to the character 'Ju Sang-suk', which only he can digest. Then, Kim Moo-yeol, who plays 'Park Hee-cheol', the soul mate of 'Joo Sang-suk', also joined <Honest Candidate 2> without any change. He, who proved his limitless acting spectrum with his comic acting in <Honest Candidate>, will unreservedly reveal his yet-to-be-unshown comic potential with the 'Spout of Truth'. Kim Moo-yeol said that he tried to emphasize the natural appearance of 'Park Hee-chul' as a human being, in order to transform it into his own, while using Ra Mi-ran, who perfectly embodied 'Snout of Truth' through his previous works.

In <Honest Candidate>, if laughter was conveyed through the perfect compatibility of rectifying accidents and picking up spills, this time, they prepared a bombardment of laughter that could explode at any moment with the unreliable one plus one 'Spout of Truth'. Regarding their collaboration in <Honest Candidate 2> following their previous work, Ra Mi-ran said, “The sum of each other is so good, there was no disagreement that both of them should go to <Honest Candidate 2> together.” Increased anticipation of breathing. Kim Moo-yeol also said, "While working on this work, the most important part was the existing 'Ju Sang-sook'. I tried to learn a lot while watching how Ra Mi-ran acted.”

It can be said that the most important point to watch in <Honest Candidate 2> is the combination chemistry between Ra Mi-ran, who has returned to fame, and Moo-yeol Kim, who is back after mastering the comedy perfectly.

Yoon Kyung-ho X Seo Hyun-woo X Park Jin-joo X Yoon Doo-joon
Even the original snout corps and newly joined new faces!
Stronger and more powerful ALL NEW snout army is coming!

Ra Mi-Ran and Kim Moo-Yeol, who returned as One Plus One in 'Spout of Truth', and Yun Kyung-Ho as 'Bong Man-Sik', the younger husband of 'Joo Sang-Sook', to Seo Hyun-Woo, Park Jin-Joo, and Yoon Doo-Jun who joined as new members. With <Honest Candidate 2>, the ALL NEW snout corps has been newly formed.

After <Honest Candidate>, the movie <Kingmaker> <Air Murder> and dramas [My Name], [Green Mothers Club] and [Cleaning Up], etc. She plays the younger husband 'Bong Man-sik' again. Unlike the previous work, this time, if it is related to 'Ju Sang-suk', he will show the unexpected charm of a trustworthy husband through the appearance of jumping into it regardless of fire. Then, actor Seo Hyun-woo, who played Doo-hyeok Jeon in <The Managers of Namsan> and imprinted an unforgettable presence, took on the role of 'Cho Tae-joo', a civil servant who shows a 'clean and sensible' work process in 'Honest Candidate 2'. For this work, he has studied public officials' impressions and behaviors, and plans to make the play colorful by forming a subtle rivalry with 'Park Hee-chul' by perfectly possessing 'Cho Tae-joo'.

Actor Park Jin-joo, who breathes life into the works by playing chubby characters in the dramas [That Year We Are] and [Psycho But It's Okay], will join <Honest Candidate 2> as 'Bong Man-soon', the younger brother of 'Bong Man-sik'. Through 'Bong Man-soon', which has rapidly emerged as a new headache for 'Joo Sang-suk' following 'Bong Man-sik', he is expected to show off the combination chemistry of Yoon Kyung-ho, zero notice, and illusion. Lastly, Yoon Doo-joon, Korea's representative acting idol in name and reality, joined the laughter bombardment as the last member of the snout corps. He plays 'Kang Yeon-jun', a young and capable 'Young and Rich' construction company representative, and plays a cold and cold-eyed villain that is different from the sweet charm he showed in the [Let's Eat] series and the recent [No Goo Pil-su]. to meet the audience.

In this way, new members who exude various charms will join the original snout corps, capturing the hearts of the audience with a more powerful laugh bombardment than the previous work.

Tax waste, marine pollution, real estate speculation…
A reality black comedy that begins with a politician's self-dissipation!
With satirical elements that are strangely sympathetic, even more laughter UP!

People who lose their original intentions too easily, the environment being destroyed as if it were a natural occurrence, and house prices soaring day by day while losing the value of living space. <Honest Candidate 2> can be said to be a black comedy that comically solves the points that dig into real problems, like a statue of a giant squid erected just for show off.

<Honest Candidate 2> shows 'Joo Sang-sook' losing her original intentions once again intoxicated with the taste of power after gaining a new opportunity to return to politics by risking her life with only good intentions to save a young man. In the process, it points out social problems that are oddly similar to the current era, pointing out problems such as wasted taxpayers' money through show-stopping exhibition administration, the environment polluted in the process of building high-rise buildings, and real estate speculation. What makes <Honest Candidate 2> special is that all of these 'diss' come from the mouth of 'Joo Sang-sook' herself.

The 'self-dissing' that 'Joo Sang-suk' spits out with her mouth when she can't lie is the topic that director Jang Yoo-jung wants to convey through <Honest Candidate>, and at the same time the biggest laughing point. “The character 'Joo Sang-sook' is herself the biggest antagonist. He laughs at the audience through his 'self-diss', but he also realizes his own contradictions.” The process comes as laughter, empathy, and comfort to everyone living in this era.

The glory of <Honest Candidate> continues with <Honest Candidate 2>!
Directed by director Jang Yoo-jeong, who has leveled up with a harmless smile!
The original production team and a more expanded worldview provide a burst of laughter!

The original production crew, who shared the glory of <Honest Candidate> with healthy and harmless laughter, reunited through <Honest Candidate 2>. Director Jang Yoo-jeong, who has now undoubtedly established himself as a 'trustworthy director', once again took the lead in directing the scene of <Honest Candidate 2>, and here is the production team of <Crime City 2>, which led the theater district with the first 10 million-viewer movie after Corona. The production team of <All About My Wife>, which mobilized 4.59 million viewers in the genres of <Honest Candidate> and <Honest Candidate>, also built a more expanded and more perfect world view of <Honest Candidate> by working together.

Director Jang Yoo-jeong, who said that while making a series film for the first time in her career, thought of 'things to protect' rather than points that should be different from previous works, said, "I tried to strike a good balance between the comedy like a comedy and the story like a story." . Through the one-plus-one setting of 'Snout of Truth', he doubled the cool cider comedy elements compared to the previous work, and at the same time conceived a new background and story of a provincial governor rather than a member of the National Assembly, and wanted to show a larger scale. He chose Gangwon-do as the background to deal more deeply with social issues that were not covered in his previous works, and boldly expanded his worldview by introducing the president and North Korean representatives. Here, the perfection of the work to persuade the new concept and setting was not missed. He tried to save reality by carefully intending the location of each fixture in order to capture the inside of the provincial government office, the office of the provincial governor, and the actual appearance of a fishing village in Gangwon-do in the film. In addition, as 'Joo Sang-suk' became black, the character's change was visually expressed through increasingly exaggerated hairstyles and colorful costumes, and 'Park Hee-chul' also showed a Hawaiian shirt or comfortable T-shirt, unlike the angular office worker shown in the previous work. I also changed the concept with the costumes of '.

“In <Honest Candidate 2>, I wanted to deliver not only a pleasant laugh, but also another fun that I couldn't talk about in the previous work. Director Jang Yoo-jung and the production team, who said that chewing on the hidden meanings in the work is also the point of watching the movie, will recreate the glory of the previous film with leveled up laughter and reality.

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