(Korean Movies) Holiday, 2005

Holiday, 2005

Holiday, 2005
Youth not allowed
running time
120 minutes
cumulative audience
1257399 people


Even for a second… I want to die breathing in the fresh air…

October 1988…
At that time, after finishing the global event called the Olympics, I couldn't get out of the excitement of being ranked 4th in the world…
Ji Kang-hyeok, who is serving a 7-year prison sentence and 10 years of probation, and the prisoners overturn the convoy and escape the world by surprise.

If we live, we live together, and if we die, we die together!
Kang Hyuk and his gang, who succeeded in escaping armed with a pistol and live ammunition, drive Seoul into a crucible of fear by holding hostages with expeditionary robbers. However, the people who are taken hostage feel compassion for the humane and polite Kang Hyuk, contrary to the story of a vicious criminal in the media.

有錢不罪 有錢有罪
On the ninth day of their escape, Kang Hyuk and the group, hiding in a family home in Bukgajwa-dong, are discovered by police officer Ahn-seok, who has been chasing them tenaciously, and have a final confrontation with the police. As Kang Hyuk's last wish, the Bee Gees' 'Holiday', echoes, Ji Kang Hyuk shouts at the police and the media surrounding them.

"No hereditary guilt, no hereditary guilt. If there is money there is no sin, without money it becomes a sin…"

Gunshots ringing!
Kang Hyuk's cry echoes across the country through the media such as TV, and Kang Hyuk makes the final choice with his gang…


A perfect blend of true story and fiction.
We challenge new box office myths with wild male action and differentiated humanism!

The movie <Holiday> is based on a true story, but it will add to the fun of the movie by adding a lot of fiction.
With the support of the city of Iksan, Jeollabuk-do, the 10,000-pyeong prison set built for the first time in Korea and a perfect reproduction of the time in 1988 will add to the realism of the play. The chase and escape plays will captivate the eyes and ears of the audience and show the essence of the 'human action noir' movie.
In addition, as it is based on a true story, it will attract the attention of the media and audiences from the stage of film production and cause a great topic. It will deliver an upgraded impression.
Now, the movie <Holiday> is about to challenge the 10 million box office success that <Silmido> and <Taegeukgi Flying> achieved with rough male action and differentiated humanism from existing movies!

Chaser Lee Seongjae VS Chaser Choi Minsu
Their sparkly sword battle begins!

Sungjae Lee and Minsoo Choi. Two of the best actors who make our hearts flutter just by having a name are fighting a battle of fate in the movie <Holiday>. In this movie, Lee Seong-jae plays Ji Kang-hyeok, a fugitive who is full of human charm even though he is a criminal, and Choi Min-soo plays Kim An-seok, a mean and vicious police officer who follows Ji Kang-hyeok like a shadow.
Kang-hyeok, who lost Joo-hwan, like his younger brother, to Ahn-seok's gunshot while demolition of an unauthorized house, is imprisoned in prison. Kang-hyeok, who is aiming for Ahn’s life, and Ahn-seok, who tramples Kang-hyeok with the absolute power of public power, starts with Joo-hwan’s death and continues to the final hostage play.
In <Public Enemy>, Lee Seong-jae took on the role of a brutal murderer without blood or tears and had an acting battle with Seol Kyung-gu, and Choi Min-soo played a charismatic confrontation with Cho Jae-hyeon in <Cheongpung Myeongwol>, a warrior Ji-hwan who had no choice but to point a sword at his friend , now these two will play a fierce sword battle with fantastic smoke and establish themselves as the best two-top two in Korea.

<Rivera Me>, <Fighter of the Wind> Director Yang Yun-ho
<Silmido>, <Public Enemy 2> Meet Kim Hee-jae!

Writer Kim Hee-jae, who opened the era of 10 million viewers with <Silmido> with director Yang Yun-ho of <Fighter of the Wind>, which depicts the life of Choi Bae-dal, a legendary fighter who conquered the Japanese archipelago, and <Rivera Me>, the first disaster blockbuster in Korea based on 'fire'. met in the movie <Holiday>.
He has already conquered the domestic box office in the summer of 2004 with the movie <Fighter of the Wind> based on a true story.
In addition, writer Kim Hee-jae, who is recording the highest stock price thanks to the successive successes of <Silmido> and <Public Enemy 2>, is a criminal, but a human 'Ji Kang-heon' who cried out, "I want to die breathing fresh air for even one second." It will be drawn from a new perspective, and through this, the proposition of human dignity and worth will be emphasized once again.
The best director Yang Yun-ho and the best writer Kim Hee-jae, the movie <Holiday> they create together will heat up Korea in early 2006!

<Memories of Murder>, <Silmido>, <Marathon> and <Holiday>
It inherits the box office baton of a true story movie!

The craze of comedy films that started with <My Sassy Girl> in 2001 led to a renaissance of Korean cinema for a while, leading to films such as <Moonnight in Shilla> and <Gangbang Wife>. However, since 2003, when the craze for comedy films fell, films of various genres such as <Memories of Murder>, <Janghwa, Hongryeon>, and <Oldboy> have succeeded in box office success, and the Korean film market is expanding. In particular, well-made films based on true stories, such as <Memories of Murder>, <Silmido>, and more recently <Marathon>, have achieved great box office success, establishing true story films as a new trend in Korean cinema. In particular, <Silmido> set a new record in Korean film history by breaking through the 10 million audience that everyone said would be impossible.
The movie <Holiday>, based on the case of Ji Kang-heon in 1988's 'No Innocent Guilty', an attractive subject that many film companies rushed to make into a movie, is now available in <Memories of Murder> (5 million people) and <Silmido> (10 million people). , will continue to create a myth once again, following the box office baton of the true story that leads to <Marathon> (5 million people)!


Production of a prison set with a size of 10,000 pyeong for the first time in Korean film history
Set production cost of 950 million won, the movie <Holiday> with Iksan-si, Jeollabuk-do

While front-line local governments across the country are actively seeking to build movie and drama sets to enhance their local image and attract tourists, the movie <Holiday> is partnering with Iksan-si, Jeollabuk-do to produce the first prison set in Korea on a scale of 10,000 pyeong. This prison set, which will be built in Wachon-ri, Seongjeong-myeon, Iksan-si, Jeollabuk-do, supports a total of 950 million won, including a site of 10,000 pyeong, and boasts the largest single-scale movie set in Korea. On June 3, Hyunjin Cinema CEO Lee Soon-yeol and Iksan Mayor Chae Gyu-gyu signed a contract for the construction of a prison set for the movie <Holiday>. I finished making a prison set. In particular, the city of Iksan plans to develop the prison set of <Holiday> as a representative tourist attraction in Iksan along with the Jewel Museum after filming is over, and plans to use it as a set for other movies that require prison scenes.
Like Silmido, which was the stage of <Silmido>, Hapcheon, Gyeongnam, the stage of <Winging Taegeukgi>, and Nami Island, which was the main filming location for the drama <Winter Sonata>, the film set for <Holiday> emerged as a new tourist destination with the release of the movie, helping to revitalize the economy of Iksan. This will make a significant contribution to the development of the local economy. As such, the film <Holiday> with Iksan-si, Jeollabuk-do will be a film that presents a new paradigm for local governments and films to coexist.

有錢無罪, 無錢有罪!
His cry becomes an echo of the truth that reflects this era!

In October 1988, at a family home in Bukgajwa-dong, four fugitives, including Ji Kang-heon, confronted the police and held hostage for 16 hours. At the last moment of the hostage play, they shouted "有錢無罪 無錢有罪" to the police and the media surrounding them.
They weren't saying they were innocent. Just 'a world where people are not treated because of lack of money, a world where money can buy prosecutors and judges, a world where even if you commit a crime, you are innocent if you have money, and guilty if you don't have money'. was what I wanted to pay.
Although Ji Kang-heon was a criminal, his words raised an alarm in our society rotting due to corruption and aroused great sympathy for the common people, the weakest in our society, who have suffered from a sense of relative deprivation.
And even after 17 years have passed, the words he left behind in our society, which are still unchanging, are still echoing as echoes of the truth that reflect this era.

Even for a second… I want to die breathing fresh air!
The song of freedom sung at the end of one's life 'Holiday'

Ji Kang-heon, who could not even graduate from elementary school due to poor family circumstances, dreamed of becoming a poet and possessed persuasive skills. Above all, the fact that he did not touch the hostages with a respectful attitude during the hostage play several times, advised a fellow fugitive to surrender himself, and that the last hostage, Ko, tried to protect Ji Kang-heon, etc. became
On October 16th, he had a hostage play at a family house in Bukgajwa-dong and confronted the police, and he asked the police to play 'holiday' by the pop group Bee Gees. But, ironically, the song the police sang to Ji Kang-heon was the Scorpions' 'holiday'.
Why did Ji Kang-heon ask to play Bee Gees' 'holiday'?
Perhaps it was because he wanted to dream of freedom, even for just one moment, while listening to 'holiday', just like he said, "I want to die breathing fresh air for even one second."
Production company Hyunjin Cinema plans to use Bee Gees' 'holiday' as an insert song for the movie, and Ji Kang-heon will be able to hear Bee Gees' 'holiday', which was his last wish, even in the movie.


Their suffocating 8 nights and 9 days breakout dates are revealed!

Ji Kang-heon and a group of fugitives, who have been robbing various places in Seoul for 9 days, and a group of fugitives, held a hostage play for 16 hours at a house in Bukgajwa-dong on October 16, 1988. The escape play of those who drove Seoul into a crucible of fear came to an end. Their intelligent and daring runaway ended in tragedy, but at the time, they presented us with numerous problems, such as the police's investigation method, prison administration, and the protection system. Their 8 nights and 9 days, 195 hours of breathtaking escape diary will be released.


October 8
A total of 25 inmates were transferred from Yeongdeungpo Prison to Gongju Prison via Daejeon Prison at 9:30 a.m., while a total of 25 inmates threatened the convoy with a weapon near the Anseong tollgate, hijacking the bus, and 12 of them escaped. After stealing a pistol and live ammunition, Ji Kang-heon and his gang changed into plain clothes at Sinchon Market immediately after their escape, then took a city bus and taxi to the vicinity of Korea University and spent the night in the nearby mountains. One person surrendered, one person arrested.

October 9
At around 2 am, 7 fugitives, including Ji Kang-heon, broke into the son's house in Anam-dong, Seongbuk-gu, and took 6 family members as hostages for 26 hours.

October 10
Three fugitives who escaped in a different direction from Ji Kang-heon and the gang were arrested at the room salon.
Ji Kang-heon and the group left their Anam-dong house at around 6:20 a.m. and took college notebooks and English booklets, disguised as a college student, and moved to Hanyang University to spend one night in the mountain behind. Reported to the police, where the first hostage was held.

October 11th
At around 4:30 in the morning, he broke into Park's house in Haengdang-dong. He took 4 family members hostage and hid for 25 hours.

October 12
After leaving the Park family at around 6:30 a.m., they decided to meet at the Namsan Library after attending the Mass at Myeongdong Cathedral.
scattered apart.
After that, Kang-heon and his gang, except for Kim, who broke up with them, kidnapped Jeong from Seoul National University Hospital and moved to Munjeong-dong's house.

October 13
At around 9:50 pm, at the suggestion of the family, Mr. Kim embroidered.
Around 10:30 pm, the first expeditionary robbery in Nonhyeon-dong, including Ji Kang-heon.

October 14
The second expeditionary robbery in Jayang-dong around 5 am.
I left Munjeong-dong's house around 5 pm and arrived in Sinchon around 7:40 pm. Arrest of a double mother-in-law.
After witnessing Son's arrest, the Ji Gang-heon and his gang hid for 25 hours by taking the family hostage at the Im's house in Changcheon-dong.

October 15th
Depart from Changcheon-dong around 9:20 pm. Some wear women's clothes to avoid checkpoints.
At around 10 pm, they broke into the old house in Bugajwa-dong.

October 16
At 3:30 a.m., while Ji Kang-heon and the gang were asleep, Go escaped and called the police.
After that, during a confrontation with the police, Mo Kang surrendered. Ahn and Han Mo committed suicide on the spot.
Ji Kang-heon, the main culprit, was killed by the police commando who was sent to the scene after taking a hostage to the end.

After that, Kim, the only unknown whereabouts, was arrested one year and nine months after the incident at the dormitory of the printing house in Myeonmok-dong.

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