(Korean Movies) Highway Star, 2007

Highway Star, 2007

Highway Star, 2007
Audience over 12 years old
running time
114 minutes
cumulative audience
1507970 people
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Do you think you can control your life? NONONONO~
Here is a 'rock singer' who properly released a 'trot' album?!

A wrong meeting between Bong Dal-ho (Cha Tae-hyun), who was showering hard at a local night, dreaming of tomorrow's rock star, and Jang (Im Chae-moo), the boss of the "Loud Sound Project", who discovered the heavenly feel of mulberry in his voice.
After hearing the word 'singer debut' and signing the contract without looking back and forth, Dal-ho's life was completely twisted.
The trot-specialized record agency, “Loud Project”, which he firmly believed would raise him, was a trot-specialized record agency!
In the end, Bong Dal-ho, bound by a legal chain and forced to become a trot singer in the face of an unavoidable reality, enters into super-intensive Spartan training. With this, the ambitious project of "The Loud Project" begins!!!

Do you think you can defy fate? NONONONO~
Here, there is a singer who completely hit the jackpot with the concept of 'mysticism' that was never intended?!

Dal-ho, who released an album under the stage name 'Bong-pil' (Bong-dal-ho + Pong-jjak's feel), sings with a mask covering his face on his first public radio debut stage due to unavoidable circumstances (?). In the fierce competition for survival, the clumsy mystic concept that Dal-ho never intended was rather fervently loved by the people. do.
Dalho running on the road to victory. But in return for his popularity, oppression and envy follow him of course!
In the end, even the woman he loved, who reminded him of the truth of the trot, left him.
The pursuit of the powerful rival 'Na Tae-song' gradually tightens Dal-ho's neck… …

Will Dalho be able to overcome all these hardships and trials and keep the position of the mystic Trot prince??

[Intro 1]

2006… …
We met the resurrection of a family,
I saw the hardship stories of the brothers who went to school

And in February 2007,
A warm smile that transcends the family
Full of laughter across the country that surpasses school
The nation's first four-beat ppong-pil national comedy!

Dalho's Coming!!!

「Loud Sound Project」ambitious project _ [About movie]

Impression 2: Laughter 8 = Golden Ratio!
The world's most delicious 2:8 comedy unfolds!!!

“When you laugh while crying, something comes out of your ass~”
Here comes a comedy that will make something grow in the ass of the people of Korea.

In 2007, <Masked Moon>, which will make Korea laugh as one, is a comedy with a sense of stability that is comparable to the neat 2:8 part, although it is difficult to find those who were in the fist world and the witty 18-year-old words that were shown to us. With a golden ratio, 20% emotion and 80% laughter, it provides a realistic laughter that is filled with content.

There is a comedy with a smiling mouth but a crying face. After seeing it, I feel like my upper lip is convulsing for some reason… …
It's not just a day or two that you laugh out loud the moment you see a burdensome situation where you feel like you have to laugh, but the bitterness and emptiness that creeps in after that is just a day or two.
Even if it is not flashy, the desire for laughter created by the sloppy clutter, and the desire to make your heart happy with a comedy full of sincerity that permeates into generous arms, rather than well-fitting clothes, explodes when your desire to lose heart is exploding, saying, “I am glad that the Crown Prince of Comedy is here~ Welcome the nation~ ” is finally realized. The frugal 2:8 comedy <Masked Dalho>, which will fill your empty heart, will appear as if you are madly ready to reach out to fans who are cheering for the star.

Although they are not the best, they do their best in life with the passion of dreamers, and although they are not always full of good things or pleasant events, they create a human-scented laughter. Rather than a series of events that explode from moment to moment, the comedy that bursts out from the encounter between people and the realization of life conveys pleasant laughter with the emotion that permeates the hearts of the people of the country.

"boss… … What is a trot?”
“What is rock?”
“… … Heart… ”
"then… Trot is the heart”

Pulling out forced laughter or tears, reaping the seasoning
With the emotion well fermented in the warm sunlight and the naturalness that sprouts in moist rainwater, with delicious laughter overflowing with laughter.
In 2007, a golden ratio 2:8 comedy <Masked Moon> was presented generously.

The most sensational event since 'Seo Taiji and Boys'!
The latent national sentiment 'Bong-pil' is awakening in all of the Korean people!!!

The appearance of a new singer in 1992 turned the Korean music industry upside down.
Excessively baggy clothes, lyrics that speak so fast that you can't understand what they're saying, and splendid actions on stage that were hard to see at the time… …
It is the singer Seo Taiji and Boys, which is recorded as the most sensational event in the history of Korean music.
'Seo Taiji and Boys' caused such a huge ripple that it is said that the history of the music industry is divided into before and after they appeared. After their appearance, the Korean music industry began to change rapidly.
As hip-hop and dance dominated, teenagers emerged as addressees for the album, and as a result, adult singers who were welcome to meet on the airwaves at that time gradually lost their place.

But… …
'Trot', which was gradually forgotten in our minds, returned to us again in 2004 with a new color. The song 'Oh My God' by 'Jang Yoon-jung' evoked nostalgia for the trot and recorded the previous hit, and the young people can enjoy it together.

And 2007!
'Trot', which is the root of Korean popular songs and has been sung with the joys and sorrows of life, approaches the audience in a new way through <Masked Moon>. It's called 'Pongjjak's feel,' that's 'Pongjjak'!
If trot is said to be an adult song loved by middle-aged people, 'Bongpil' raises the sentiment of trot that is latent in any Korean citizen and upgrades it. If only 'Bulberry Feel' is added, hip-hop, ballad, dance, and R&B will achieve emotional sympathy and become a national song that can be enjoyed from teenagers to 80s.

If the most sensational event of the 1990s was the appearance of 'Seo Taiji and Boys',
<Masked Moon>, which will be the most sensational event of the 2000s
In February 2007, it started to properly awaken the latent mulberry pills in Korea, and it provides the most exciting fun for all people to go all-in!

Diverse personality full of charm when scattered! A large explosive bomb that makes breathing difficult when united!
The strongest comic corps that will put the nation's laughter at risk is coming!!!

Who knows, their hard work… …
The <Masked Moonho> comic corps is dedicated to showing only one sultry laugh.
Not only a midsummer wig, but also layered fashion,
He must have suffered so much while being hit by the pouring rain in spite of the wind that bit his skin… …

Cha Tae-hyun, who has a comfortable expression that looks good, sparkling eyes with playfulness, and a sense of humor that can be forged with wit and wit!
A low-pitched voice, tightly closed lips that do not open easily, a force strong enough to be difficult to look at from the front, and an unbalanced laughter of Lim Chae-moo!
Lee So-yeon, the owner of chaotic lips, bright eyes, and a rational looking face, but she can't even control herself!
And Jeong Seok-yong, a natural laughter investigator who finds humor in every character!
I just rubbed it… … Lee Byung-jun, the essence of over-character that makes a million pieces of chicken meat protrude at that burden!
If you sing, sing! Smoke if smoke! So what about singing acting? Seonwoo who ruins it properly!

Seeing the crowds of <Masked Moon> gives me a familiar aura of comedy. The acting of Cha Tae-hyun and Lim Chae-moo complements each other's weaknesses and is reminiscent of the combination of Joo Seong-chi and Oh Maeng-dal, who complete laughter. Also, although the appearance is not clearly damaged like the women in the Joo Seong-chi movie, the character is set as a character who makes a character who wants to feel distant in some way, such as 'Mak Mun-wi' in <Sikshin> or 'Zho-mi' in <Shaolin Soccer>, feel lovable. Cha Tae-hyeon's love, Lee So-yeon, who wakes up completely absurdly (?) appears. Jung Seok-yong, Lee Byung-jun, and Seon-woo are in the <Masked Dalho> comic corps, which is equivalent to the various supporting characters of the Joo Seong-chi division, who suddenly appear and make you laugh without thinking just by looking at them. The expression on their face makes them smile, and there is no way to stop the laughter that erupts when they open their mouths. . This is very similar to Satan Joo Seong-chi, the master of laughter, who smiles and brings tears to the corners of his eyes.
<Masked Dalho> presents another upgraded comedy by adding Korean emotion to the laughter of Joo Seong-chi-sik's character comedy. Korean comedy will expand its scope and diversify laughter through <Masked Moon>, which adds a new attempt to character comedy.

The individuality of each character is widespread, and the dazzling performances of the comic corps of <Masked Moon>, which no one dares to predict, unite in one unit.

In 2007, the Chinese New Year, a great holiday for the whole family! The strongest performance of the Comic Corps!
A strangely harmonious situation is created in which grandparents, fathers, mothers, older sisters, older sisters, older brothers, and younger sisters will all be happy together as one. Who made them with one heart?!
The mysterious singer <Masked Dalho>, who is armed with an excessively mysterious element of charm and radiates an aura of laughter, will create a Republic of Korea that cannot be united more happily than this since liberation.

【 Systematic mulberry air training _ [Production note]

Complete the secret of immortality of the original version!!!-The original that kills
Hiroshi Saito, the master of comedy who created a sensation and brought laughter to both Japanese and Korean audiences with <Samurai Fiction>. Another work of his, <Enka's Flower Path> is the original work of <Masked Moon>. The original story, which conveys the depth and taste of life in a comedy that strikes a climax in unexpected parts, is sensibly revived according to our emotions through <Masked Dalho>, raising the intensity of laughter. <Masked Dalho>, which adds another flavor of my own while maximizing the taste of the original, which is recognized by everyone, exudes a strange energy and is already making Korea nervous.

Heal your mind and body with song and dance!!! – Unforgettable and exciting music and performances
In the movie <Masked Moon>, there is a feast of trot that will captivate both viewers and listeners.
Music director Joo Young-hoon reconstructs 'trot' by utilizing his unique sense of appeal to the younger generation. It raises the status of the national song trot that can be enjoyed by all generations, from teenagers to middle-aged people, from traditional trots that make full use of heartbreaking tones to fusion trots that combine rock and dance.
In addition, a splendid trot-specialized stage that has not been frequently encountered in the past will also be presented. Art director Kwon Jin-mo produced various stages that added the trot's unique charm, holding the concept suitable for the song and singer, rather than a stage for ordinary singers. And the concert stage of 'Dalho', which is the climax of the movie, is the best performance of a trot performance, costing about 70 million won just for stage effects such as colorful lights and variety of firecracker effects.
<Masked Dalho> is armed with music that will keep ringing in your ears once you hear it and a stage appearance that makes you feel happy just by looking at it once, and surely seduces the audience.

Thoroughly arm yourself with a conceptual look!!! – Different art and costumes
For singers who go on stage, costumes and props are the combat uniforms and weapons of soldiers going to the battlefield. The production of combat uniforms and weapons that would bring the joy of victory to <Masked Dalho> entailed a lot of hard work.
The various masks, which are the main props of the mystic concept of <Masked Moon>, are the works of the best mask makers in Korea who have already been recognized for their skills in <The King of Fouls>. The highest-priced masks of <Mask Dalho>, which exceeded the total production cost of more than 20 million won, emit a tremendous force on their own and add to the light of the movie. And the albums, microphones, balloons, luminous sticks, and placards that fans of 'Masked Singer Bongpil' are holding and cheering are full of excitement.
Also, most of Dalho's costumes, which add brilliance to the singer's entire body under the lights on stage, were newly created by Eom Ho-jeong, the costume team leader. Team leader Eom Ho-jeong, who was in charge of Dal-ho's costumes, who went on several stages but never wore the same clothes, made dazzling costumes by hand making each cubic glove and every bead on the jacket.
The art and costumes of <Masked Dalho>, filled with the meticulous hand of the creator, make the production of the work more solid and are enough to give the audience infinite trust.

The ultimate burst of laughter by comic masters with different skills!!! – Unstoppable transformation and passionate performances of actors
Cha Tae-hyun began practicing rock and trot vocalizations two months before filming in order to simultaneously play a rock singer and a trot singer in <Masked Moon>. During filming, in order to express a rock singer, I had to put my hair together for 3 hours at a time dozens of times. He spared no effort in washing his hair every once in a while.
Im Chae-moo, who plays the role of 'Chang-jang', refuses to become a trot singer and takes the rebellious 'Dal-ho' to the bathroom and puts him to sleep at once. This is because the pressure of the dragon tattoo on a huge scale that overturns his entire upper body and holds the treble clef (?) comes in strongly. The dragon tattoo of 'Chief Jang', which expresses his passion for trot, was completed only after 7 hours of great work. While drawing the dragon tattoo, Lim Chae-moo had to endure the pain of paralysis because she had to refrain from even minute movements. In addition, he did not hesitate to make personal efforts to create a middle-aged body that was pleasing to the eye due to the inevitable exposure of the upper body.
During the filming period, Lee So-yeon, who plays Cha Seo-yeon, had a strange experience that had no choice but to completely immerse herself in the character. If he only sang, while filming a scene in which the character 'Cha Seo-yeon', who is a rainy character, sang at a local nightclub, suddenly a sprinkler pipe burst and water started pouring from the ceiling. The filming location went into chaos in an instant, but in this amazing situation, Lee So-yeon and all the actors and staff couldn't hold back their laughter.
In addition, Lee Byung-jun, who plays the role of 'Na Tae-song', received high-level gymnastics training, such as tearing legs and tumbling, to show the essence of over-character. Although he already had a flexible body as a musical actor, he perfectly embodied 'Na Tae-song', an excessive stage directing through separate practice to leave a stronger impression.
Based on constant research and practice, there are actors who did not spare their own bodies and performed passionately, so <Masked Dalho> brings more laughter to the audience.

★ I'm going to meet <Masked Dalho> now~
<Masked Dalho> tip that will be funnier if you know! tip! tip!

one. Even if I die soon~ Trot-specialized record agency 「Loud Sound Planning」!
A reliable agency of <Masked Dalho>, which boasts a 30-year tradition by holding major events in 8 provinces nationwide.
Rain or shine or wind… … Trot begins to emerge with innovative business strategies and ambitious projects that push into the body (?) of 「Loud Sound Planning」, which seeks to discover talented newcomers around the country and showcase the best music refined through ceaseless practice and effort! how? Fluffy~

two. A 'mask' full of glare and mysterious force!
Usually, a mask is a tool to cover one's face, and if we look around us for people who use it, it is a masked person, and frankly speaking, there is a mask robber. But what if the singer wears a mask?
Even though the singer who has released a new album makes an effort to reveal his face, he hides his face with a hat. Curious about the story behind the mask and the identity of it is growing day by day, and the laughter surrounding the 'mask' continues.
In 2007, the masked man will be the king of comedy!

three. You can listen without tears (?) <Masked Moon> Title song 'Secondary Line Bridge'
The title song 'Secondary Line Bridge' of <Masked Dalho> sings the heartfelt song of a person who is about to part with a loved one.
“I try to call each other at the end of the second-lane bridge, but I can’t hear them because they’re so far away~
I'd rather it collapse so I can't cross it again~"
The desperate feeling of lamenting that he is a fool for not being able to hold onto his loved one and wishing that the second-lane bridge in front of him collapses is enough to make the listener feel a heartbreaking sadness. At the same time, in true love, a love that cannot be achieved by wishing for a good luck, a love that has no regrets since it has already started, is described as a secondary bridge that does not pass or U-turn, and achieves a metaphor that cannot be more exquisite than this. . With a mournful melody and heartbreaking lyrics, 'Bridge of the Second Line' is the best hit song of 2007 and will become the driving force behind the birth of <Masked Moon> as the Trot Prince.

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