(Korean Movies) Hide and Seek, 2013

Hide and Seek, 2013

Hide and Seek, 2013
Audience over 15
running time
107 minutes
cumulative audience
5604106 people
34th Golden Cinematography Awards 2014


What if a stranger is hiding in our house…?

Hide and seek code □1○1△2
Seong-su (Son Hyeon-joo), a successful businessman who runs a perfect family in a luxury apartment,
He has the secret to his one and only older brother and has a terrible intolerance.
After hearing the news of his brother's disappearance, he visited his brother's apartment for the first time in decades.
He meets Joo-hee (Moon Jeong-hee)'s family, who knows his older brother and a strange code engraved in every house.

“Please tell him to stop stealing my daughter”
Joo-hee, who lives alone with her young daughter,
He is trembling in fear as he feels the presence of someone spying on his house.
'Seongsu', who was carefully examining the code of the old apartment, said that
You learn to mean the gender and number of people living in the house.

No one else lives in my house but me!
The day he left his brother's apartment behind and returned to his comfortable home,
'Seongsu' is the password he saw in his brother's apartment next to the doorbell of his house.
find the engraved

disappeared brother. hide and seek password. A shocking truth that came to two different families.
A breath-taking battle between the two heads of household to protect the family begins!


Cool off from the sweltering heat this summer!
Characters and stories you meet for the first time in a Korean movie!
An explosive climax at the end of the breathtaking tension! On August 14, the shocking truth is revealed!

The movie <Hide and Seek> immediately captured the attention of the audience from its subject matter. The exciting story with the motif of a 'hide and seek ghost story' that anyone around us has experienced or can happen is already gaining a lot of sympathy from the audience. As such, <Hide and Seek> is expected to overwhelm the audience with a scenario that is captivating enough to make you feel as if it is a real situation that happened to you.
Meanwhile, netizens' explosive enthusiasm for <Hide and Seek> is accelerating. The trailer is creating a hot topic every day, setting a record breaking through 1.3 million in an instant after its release. This reaction seems to be due to the fact that Korea's leading luxury actors, Son Hyeon-joo, Moon Jeong-hee, and Jeon Mi-seon, met fantastic acting breaths on the screen for the first time. Director Heo Jeong said, “Son Hyun-joo, who plays ‘Seong-soo’, has a natural acting ability, and it seems to have a friendly image that people can empathize with, but also has a sensitive point. That's why I thought it was the best casting that could properly show Seongsu's insomnia without emphasizing too much. Senior Moon Jeong-hee was impressed that the characters in his previous works such as <Love Poetry> and [Era of Romance] were completely different. I thought that if she played 'Joo-hee', she would be able to show a different side from before. Jeon Mi-sun took on the role of 'Minji', who held the center between the two characters, and I had the belief that he was someone who gave trust to the audience with his stable acting skills.”
As such, the movie <Hide and Seek> heralds the birth of the best thriller this summer after a perfect golden combination of exciting material that catches the eye, the audience's hot expectations confirmed from the trailer, and the fantastic acting ensemble of the Korean 'acting gods'.

‘God of Acting’ Son Hyun-joo + Jeon Mi-sun + Moon Jeong-hee! The intense hot performance synergy they achieved!
2013 is the year of Son Hyun-joo!
Jeon Mi-sun, the queen of viewership, returns with a splendid screen box office check!
Beautiful actress Moon Jung-hee, another challenge!

Actor Son Hyeon-joo, who received the hottest love call in both the broadcasting and film industries in 2013 by winning the TV Excellence Award at the 49th Baeksang Arts Awards this year after winning the Grand Prize at the SBS Drama Awards last year for the drama [The Chaser], Among the scenarios, <Hide and Seek> was chosen to create a topic of discussion. Son Hyeon-joo showed strong confidence in the work by revealing that he chose <Hide and Seek> without hesitation in the strong flow of the play without any gaps that could not be believed to be a new director's scenario. Son Hyeon-joo, who is considered one of the best actors in this way, has recently been praised as 'Son Hyun-joo!' for acting as a unique villain in the recent SBS drama [Empire of Gold], further solidifying the public's strong trust. Son Hyeon-joo, who has risen to the 'God of Acting' thanks to his 22 years of hard work, is decomposed into the most 'holy water' suffering from severe tuberculosis from childhood trauma in the movie <Hide and Seek>. It is going to shake up Korea once again.
In addition, the presence of the two actresses who will show strong synergy with Son Hyun-joo is also strong. Moon Jeong-hee, who won the Best Supporting Actress award at the 33rd Blue Dragon Film Festival for <Love Song>, which surpassed 4.5 million viewers nationwide in 2012, is preparing to become a new thriller queen with her uncompromising performance. In the movie <Hide and Seek>, she takes on the role of Joo-hee, a mother who struggles to protect her daughter from someone who is spying on her house, and challenges her acting transformation once again. Another member of the powerful luxury casting lineup is Jeon Mi-sun, who has shown a strong presence in numerous national dramas such as the dramas [The Moon Embracing the Sun] and [Baker King Kim Tak-goo], and is the best scene stealer chosen by the next generation of actors in Korea. Jeon Mi-sun, who is returning to the screen after 4 years, takes on the role of 'Min-ji', the wife of 'Seong-su' (Son Hyun-joo), who is engulfed in fear that a stranger may be living in her house, making the work even brighter.
<Hide and Seek>, which boasts a perfect casting enough to be called 'God's move' due to the meeting of actors who cross the screen and CRT, will overwhelm the audience with the explosive synergy of the three strong characters fighting to protect their families.

Shocking true story! want to know that!
New York, Europe, Tokyo, Shanghai and Seoul.
A shocking true-story thriller that will shake the Republic of Korea in 2013 is born!

In 2008, in Tokyo, a homeless man who had been hiding in someone else's house for a year was arrested. And in 2009, a woman hiding in someone else's apartment in New York was caught on CCTV. Meanwhile, at the end of 2009, there were simultaneous reports of residents reporting that they found a suspicious sign next to the doorbell of a house, mainly in the Seoul metropolitan area.
As citizens' anxiety has been amplified, SBS's incident and accident coverage program [Curious Story Y] (formerly 'Cube') traces the identity of this sign to 'Is it a sign of crime? – The Mystery of Thieves’ Codes’ episode was aired. This broadcast, which aired on January 8, 2010, was broadcast on 'This is the work of an empty house robber', 'Leave a city gas, water supply, gas meter inspector', 'Newspaper, yogurt delivery man', 'Religious group visit record Various hypotheses were presented about the person who left the monstrous characters, such as 'Ida'. However, despite the pursuit based on numerous testimonies from citizens, they could not give a clear answer to this, and even the police shocked viewers by saying that they could not figure out the outline of the criminal. This unsolved and unidentified mark is still being found all over the world, including Shanghai in 2010 and Belgium in 2012, and has been called 'hide and seek ghost stories', 'urban ghost stories', and 'doorbell ghost stories' among netizens. As soon as the trailer for the movie <Hide and Seek>, which was based on these real situations, was released, "It already happened in Sillim-dong, Gwanak-gu", "There was a similar sign next to the doorbell in the apartment I lived in before I moved in… ” and “The graffiti next to the doorbell is famous for its urban ghost stories.”
Director Heo Jung of the movie Hide and Seek said, “People are not afraid of ghosts these days, but realistic fears that come into contact with their skin.” <Hide and Seek> is a thriller that depicts the struggle between two heads of state to protect their 'family' and 'home' from strangers. The movie <Hide and Seek> with the motif of a shocking true story that is taking place near us is expected to present an explosive tension reminiscent of a real situation with an exciting story development.

<New World> <Berlin> <War on Crime> The best box office production crews are dispatched!
The best producers who have led the success of Korean films have come together!
The only well-made thriller they created!

<New World> <Berlin> <War on Crime> <Oldboy> Cho Young-wook Music Director
<Berlin> <Tower> <War on Crime> Kim Jae-beom, Kim Sang-beom Editorial Director
<A Werewolf Boy> <Sunny> <Speed Scandal> Lee Sung-jae Lighting Director
<Secretly, Greatly> <26 Years> <Unfair Transaction> Simultaneous Recording Director On Se-woong
<Berlin> <Janghwa, Hongryeon> <Seven Days> Artistic Director Jeon Soo-ah
<Tazza> <Legendary Fist> <The Concubine: The King's Concubine> Costume Director Yoon Mira

This coming August, <Hide and Seek>, the most anticipated work, is attracting attention from the lineup of its strong production crew. Powerful producers in each field who have participated in Korea's best box office and well-made works have gathered for the movie <Hide and Seek>. They had a solid screenplay that was reputed to be interesting in the film industry. The production team, who encountered an interesting material based on a true story that shocked the world, and a dense and intense scenario that couldn't take their eyes off it, chose <Hide and Seek> at once without any hesitation.
Music director Cho Young-wook, a living legend who has shared the history of Korean film music such as <New World>, <Berlin>, <War Against Crime: The Golden Age of Bad Guys>, and <Oldboy>, this time is also an impressive OST to bring out the tension of the movie. bring it to the peak Next, Art Director Jeon Soo-ah, who showed the sensible cinematic art of the peak with <Berlin>, <Janghwa, Hongryeon>, and <Seven Days>, came together to perfectly express the characteristics of each character in a limited space called 'home'. In addition, editors Jae-beom Kim and Sang-beom Kim of <Berlin>, <Tower> and <War Against Crime: The Golden Age of Bad Guys>, famous for their thrilling editorial composition, captivate the audience's five senses with their heart-stopping editing. In addition, Lee Sung-jae, director of lighting for <A Werewolf Boy>, <Sunny>, and <Speeding Scandal>, simultaneous recording director On Se-woong of <Secretly, Greatly>, <26 Years>, and <Unfair Transactions>, <Tazza>, <Fist of Legend> > and <The Concubine: The King's Concubine>, costume director Yoon Mi-ra, etc. joined in to further solidify the perfection of the movie <Hide and Seek>.
In this way, <Hide and Seek>, which was completed with a solid scenario completed by Chungmuro's brilliant new director Heo Jeong, and the best box office production team as a strong support group, is expected to captivate the audience with a single well-made thriller this summer.

[ STAFF Commentary ]

actor side

'God of Acting' Son Hyeon-joo, Moon Jeong-hee, Jeon Mi-seon
The three people at the scene revealed by the staff, what are they really like?

The 'atmosphere maker' who never gets tired of fighting spirit – Son Hyun-joo
“Run, run, run again! It ran like crazy in the bitter cold!”

Son Hyun-joo, who has digested numerous chase scenes and high-level action scenes without a double, drew exclamations from the field staff and fellow actors, saying, 'As expected Son Hyun-joo!' In fact, Son Hyeon-joo suffered an injury that almost completely fell out of his nails during filming. However, he quickly brushed off these injuries as if they were insignificant and prepared for the next shoot. After finishing the arduous chase scene of running and running, he said, “I will make a movie just by running today!” without showing any signs of exhaustion, and quickly changed the serious atmosphere of the scene to a lively one. Also, outside the camera, Son Hyun-joo freely exchanges pranks with child actors, and unlike a tense movie, the filming site is always full of laughter. Moon Jung-hee, who claimed to be the first fan of 'Son Star' (Son Hyun-joo) on the set, said, "Son Hyun-joo comes out of the role with the sound of 'cut'. And immediately after that, he was an atmosphere maker who always made us laugh with his pranks and aegyo.” Jeon Mi-sun also said, “Son Hyun-joo always brought a comfortable atmosphere, and it was very good because he was someone I could have conversations with on a daily basis other than acting.”
Son Hyeon-joo, who had the passion and leisure to act that made the cold even with heavy snow like this overshadowed, was the unrivaled mood maker of the field that encompassed all the staff, and was a true 'big brother'.

Tiger 'Acting Teacher' in front of the camera – Junghee Moon
“I was able to teach acting naturally with my children.”

Passionate actress Moon Jeong-hee showed a strong affection for the film by directing the acting of the child actors. Moon Jung-hee talked with the child actors whenever she had spare time, helping the children to understand their roles and immerse themselves in the situation. Moon Jeong-hee, who performed her best in every role, was reborn as a luxury acting teacher comparable to her luxury acting skills by ordering the child actors to express real feelings rather than acting. In particular, she took good care of 'Peace' (Kim Ji-young), who appears as her daughter in the play, and did not forget to praise the storm after signing 'Ok'. Director Heo Jung expressed his gratitude, saying, "He helped a lot in raising the children's emotions." A staff member said, "Moon Jung-hee has tremendous energy that is hard to see in an actress."

The most popular actor chosen by field staff! 'Mother on the field' – Jeon Mi-sun
“I couldn’t relax even for a moment, but I always tried to have fun.”

Jeon Mi-sun held her center of gravity firmly like her mother, not only in the movie, but also at the filming site, where she could not relax even for a moment. In particular, she took care of the staff as a mother of the field by always talking and encouraging each other, from the shooting part to life counseling with the staff, and was also selected as the most popular actress selected by the field staff. Lighting director Lee Seong-jae said, “When lighting is installed, he always comes to see me. It was impressive that he was also interested in the technical part, and I especially liked the way he always smiled. She is an actress that makes her happy just by looking at her.” In this way, Jeon Mi-sun gently led the scene, like her sister and mother, with her gentle charisma and gentleness that never loses her smile.


Another main character, 'House'
It captures the anxiety of modern society as it is!
From the fishing village apartment of Joo-hee (Moon Jeong-hee), a place many people pass by for a while.
Even the luxury apartment of 'Seongsu' (Son Hyun-joo), which is modern but has a maze-like secret!

There is another main character in Hide and Seek. It is the house, the space itself, where Seongsu (Son Hyun-joo) family and Joo-hee (Moon Jeong-hee) family live. The film was born from the intriguing idea that the 'home', which was considered the safest place, becomes the most dangerous place as well as the space where the incident begins when a stranger sneaks in. In addition, to fit the two families, their houses are also designed to have their own individuality.
Art director Jeon Su-ah, who designed the house that occupies such an important part, said, “I was reading the scenario and on my way home, a lot of apartments around me caught my eye. The streets of Seoul filled with dense buildings and the image of us living without communication in them. The inner anxiety of modern people living in this desolate city, that is the image that the space of this film was trying to express.” . Also, she said, “I paid special attention to the apartment in the fishing village where ‘Seongsu’ (Son Hyun-joo)’s older brother and ‘Joo-hee’ (Moon Jeong-hee) live. Just like the setting in the movie, Joo-hee (Moon Jeong-hee)'s apartment is gradually disappearing due to reconstruction, and traces of many people remain as it is a place that many people pass through regardless of nationality. So, I thought it was a good place for the 'hide and seek code' to appear for the first time.”
In contrast, Seongsu's (Son Hyun-joo) luxury apartment is modern, dust-free, and spacious. Art director Jeon Soo-ah said, “Like the movie title, ‘Hide and Seek’, the luxury apartment of ‘Seong-su’ (Son Hyun-joo) is hard to see in the beginning, but as the case unfolds, it looks like a maze structure using hallways, rooms, columns and doors. We designed it to be able to do it,” said the design intent. The luxury apartment of 'Seongsu' (Son Hyeon-joo) also fulfills its role sufficiently as another character that creates a strange tension that is no less than an apartment located in a fishing village. It was not easy to find a suitable model for Joo-hee (Moon Jeong-hee)'s (Moon Jeong-hee) fishing village apartment, where all the incidents began among the spaces that were as important as the lead actress. Director Heo Jeong especially wanted to find an apartment with a 'ㅁ' shape, and after a long hunt, he finally succeeded in recruiting an apartment in the city center of Seoul. <Hide and Seek>, which was created after such hard work, provides tension with the space itself, and heralds the birth of a different thriller that has never been seen before.


Throw away the prejudice that thrillers are dark!
Thriller made of light
The tension that explodes when everything becomes clear in front of your eyes!

Unlike other thriller films, <Hide and Seek> presents a new explosive tension that has never been seen before with the story unfolding in broad daylight instead of night. Therefore, one of the parts that I had to pay attention to during the filming of <Hide and Seek> was lighting. In particular, at the time of filming in Joo-hee's (Moon Jeong-hee)'s fishing village apartment, constant light had to be maintained from morning to evening. . Thanks to this, lighting director Lee Seong-jae had to pay special attention to maintaining a constant light by repeatedly rolling up and installing the fabric whenever the direction of the sun changed. “At the same time, we had to install lighting inside the apartment,” he said. These are the parts that I paid the most attention to. As a result, this 'ㅁ'-shaped apartment is an open and closed space, and I believe that it will give a great visual effect to the audience.” He expressed his strong confidence in the film.
The lighting in the house of 'Seongsu' (Son Hyun-joo) and 'Joo-hee' (Moon Jeong-hee) was also set in different tones to suit the character and the nature of the space. In the house of 'Seongsu' (Son Hyun-joo), the indoor lighting was minimized. Incandescent lamps were completely excluded, and blue and cold fluorescent lamps and indirect lighting were mainly used, making it possible to feel Seongsu's (Son Hyun-joo)'s tuberculosis better while being modern. In contrast, Joo-hee's (Moon Jeong-hee) house mainly used natural light and warm incandescent lamps to highlight her character who aims for a harmonious and charming atmosphere.


The box office production crews who believe and watch, tell the story of the birth of <Hide and Seek>!
Maximize psychological tension with only sound, without provocative descriptions!

<Hide and Seek> OST, a variation on a traditional nursery rhyme, is a work in itself!
Music director Jo Young-wook said, "How to express the psychological tension of being chased and chased through music was the biggest topic. The scene that bothered me the most was the scene where 'Minji' (Miseon Jeon) ran to save the children during the chase scene and the scene where the scared children intersect inside the house. The tempo of 'Minji' (Miseon Jeon) was fast, and the tempo of the children was thrilling. Technically, we paid a lot of attention to the proper tempo transition between the two.” In particular, he made a variation on the traditional nursery rhyme 'Hide yourselves and see your hair', which is comparable to the OSTs of <The New World>, <Berlin>, and <War Against Crime: The Golden Age of Bad Guys>, which contributed greatly to the creation of numerous famous scenes. Another work was created as an OST to enhance the perfection of the movie <Hide and Seek>.

Transmitting a character's emotions with only subtle sounds
Just as important as the OST is the sound that fills the entire movie throughout the running time. In particular, <Hide and Seek> has a variety of visual attractions, such as a thrilling chase and action scenes, but I thought it was most important to properly use the sound to tighten the mind from the beginning of the movie. To this end, recording director On Se-woong said, "I wanted to minimize even the slight creaking noise of the floor, especially when shooting an indoor set, because I am going to hold the tension in the scene." He continued, “I imagined a character moving in the dark by relying solely on sound, and I put a lot of effort into reflecting the elements that could maximize the tension to that extent in the film.” After such thorough thought and hard work, he created a unique well-made thriller full of tension with only a subtle sound, without missing a single breath or a low and deep moan of 'Seong-su' (Son Hyun-joo), who gathered topics from the trailer.

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