(Korean Movies) He’s on Duty, 2010

He’s on Duty, 2010
Audience over 12 years old
running time
110 minutes
cumulative audience
972431 people
20th Buil Film Awards 2011
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Natural-looking Southeast Asian thin
The master of fall, the supreme humiliation Bang Tae-shik!
Infinite transformation success to Bhutanese Banga for employment!
Finally taking off the title of the strongest beast!
Banga, the master of transformation who conquered the global era
A tearful comical struggle for success
A burning job success period begins!

[ About Movie ]

Korea’s first Bhutanese transformation complete! Planning period of 5 years, a film of obsession!
Forget the comedy of the past! The new comedy <Banga?Banga!> is coming!

‘Transforming into a Bhutanese to get a job?’ It took five years for the film to be released with this unique setting that cannot be found in any other film. Director Yook Suk-hyo, who wanted to make a moving comedy that was not dark while pinching social problems, was funny but not forced, and after planning since 2004, it was finally made into a movie in 2009. The finished work is the new comedy <Banga?Banga!>! The movie <Banga?Banga!> was selected as a final production support project along with <Wedding Dress>, <My gangster-like lover>, and <I want to kill> among over 300 screenplays submitted as a Korean film production support project by the Korean Film Council in 2009. Work. From the time of submission as a production support film, the novel idea, solid scenario, and sincerity of the laugh code were recognized, and it was selected by the Korean Film Council after overcoming a 30 to 1 competition ratio, and it received the attention of Chungmuro. did.

In <Banga?Banga!>, which proceeded from casting to production of Kim In-kwon, who was imprinted in the minds of the people with <Haeundae>, a unique character who transformed into a Bhutanese to find a job appears. <Banga? Banga!> is about Bang Tae-sik (Kim In-kwon), the strongest unemployed person, who has never done anything such as parking lots, coffee shops, factories, and labor during his five-year life as an unemployed person. Min), a work that contains the comical story of the troublesome idols they go through while transforming. It is the first time in the history of Korean cinema that, like other movies, the person does not simply change gender, but overcomes one’s own shortcomings and transforms from a Korean to a Bhutanese nationality.
Kim In-kwon, who stayed in a luxury supporting role for 12 years after his debut, starred in the first movie <Banga?Banga!>. In addition to the famous comic actor Kim In-kwon, talented actors such as Kim Jeong-tae, Jeong Seok-yong, and Shin Jeong-geun are armed with a nuclear-type laughter that can not take their eyes off of you, along with the comedy acting. Breaking away from the clichéd and clichéd humor formulas presented by existing comedies, a fresh and witty new genre called ‘New Comedy’ will provide a pleasant laugh to the audience at the end of September.

The more you look, the more you fall in love! Full of charm! Kim In-kwon’s brilliant flight!
Dong-gun Jang, 100% synchro rate that even Won Bin cannot do Kim In-kwon’s acting instinct explodes!

<Minmint Candy>, <Anarchist>, <The Gangster Wife>, <Cruel Death>, <Fate>, <Haeundae>, <Secret>, etc. Captivated actor Kim In-kwon. In particular, he has built an unrivaled style with Kim In-kwon-sik’s acting that no one can imitate in any role, and he clearly imprinted his acting skills and presence on the audience with <Haeundae>, which surpassed 10 million viewers in 2009, and is the pinnacle of life-style real comic acting. took the Kim In-kwon, who showed various transformations after that, while filming his first solo CF [QOOK Internet Family Edition], perfectly expressed the transformation of a single person with various characters, causing a sensation among netizens with the nickname ‘Doppler Human Rights’ and ‘Doppler Human Rights’. It also caused a parody boom. Literally, he is realizing his high stock price as the most popular comic actor in 2010.

He then took on the lead role for the first time in 12 years since his debut with this <Banga?Banga!>. The movie <Banga?Banga> is a movie that tells the comical story of a Korean ‘Pang Tae-sik’ overcoming an appearance complex and transforming into a Bhutanese ‘Banga’ in order to get a job.
As it is his first lead role, Kim In-kwon, who worked hard on filming with all his might, not only his appearance, but also his tone and voice, transferred to the character at 100% synchro rate and infused all of his versatile charms. In addition to his acting skills accumulated for 12 years, Kim In-kwon’s unique appearance perfectly reproduces the Bhutanese ‘Banga’ in the movie. Kim In-kwon, who showed creepy comic acting skills by being perfectly possessed by ‘Banga’ rather than playing ‘Banga’, showed the essence of the strongest comic acting he had ever seen through <Banga?Banga!>, and attracted the audience with his overflowing charm will be captivated

A big movie always has music! Now it’s a bummer for comic movies!
Birth of a hit comedy movie with the gem-like lyrics of “Chan Chan Chan”

<Speeding Scandal>, <Beauty is Painful>, <Harmony>. What do these movies have in common?
It is a blockbuster movie that has attracted more than 8 million, 6 million, and 3 million audiences to the theater, and music was at the center of these movies. In <Speeding Scandal>, which depicts the commotion that occurs as a daughter and grandson come to a playboy radio DJ, <Speeding Scandal> features music for family harmony. > shows music for dreams, and <Harmony> shows a mother’s mournful music for a one-day outing with her son who will be separated. Although they sing with different goals, the audience praised them after being touched by the heartfelt song that flows throughout the movie, and it was reborn as a hit movie.

The new comedy “Banga? The scene in which various people from different cultural backgrounds produce a final touching harmony beyond simply singing the main character’s song will once again awaken the power of music in the audience, and it will be born as a famous scene that will remain in the comedy film. In particular, the music that will captivate the audience in the movie <Banga?Banga!> is “Chan Chan Chan” and “Camila Song”. The karaoke scene in the movie, which reinterprets the lyrics of “Chan Chan Chan,” a representative Korean trot song, is a comic highlight of the movie <Banga?Banga!>. “Chan Chan Chan,” reinterpreted with the acting skills of Kim In-kwon and Kim Jung-tae, who seem to be possessed, is expected to invite the audience into laughter that will crawl beyond delight. If “Chan Chan Chan” is the climax of the comic, the culmination of emotion is “Camila Song”, which decorates the climax of the movie. Although it is a song from a foreign country unfamiliar with Korea, it is expected to impress not only the characters in the movie but also the audience through its beautiful melody and heart-moving lyrics.
<Banga?Banga!>, which presents an exciting and beautiful harmony that transcends races and borders, is expected to announce the birth of a blockbuster comedy not only through nuclear bomb-level laughter, but also through moving music.

The scene stealers in <Banga?Banga!> shine at the smoke dinner!
The scene stealers who make the movie shine! Kim Jeong-tae, Jeong Seok-yong, Shin Jeong-geun, Shin Hyun-bin!

In the new comedy <Banga?Banga!>, there are many notable scene stealers who upgrade the comedy and emotion of the movie. Kim Jeong-tae, Jeong Seok-yong, Shin Jeong-geun, and Shin Hyun-bin are the main characters.

Kim Jung-tae, who appears as ‘Yong-cheol’, a reliable helper in the room and a master of work full of mulberry, is an actor who recently performed impressively in <Heart 2> and the drama <Bad Man>. In the movie <Banga?Banga!>, he is expected to be reborn as the greatest comic actor in 2010 with delicious lines, comical expression acting, and a passionate performance.
Jeong Seok-yong is also a scene stealer that should not be missed in the movie. He is known as an actor, and despite his brief appearance in the second half, he will show strong comic performances and lead the audience to a crucible of laughter. Jeong Seok-yong appeared as an immigration office worker with a unique name of ‘Kyung-ryong Yuk’ and showed a comical sympathy with ‘Raja’, a migrant worker, and brought laughter.
Shin Jeong-geun, who appears as ‘Chief Choi’, the owner of the giant industry where ‘Banga’ works, is one of the licorice characters that catches the eye as soon as it appears. Although he constantly annoys Banga and his party with his disgusting tone and disgusting behavior, he throws his whole body in the football scene in the middle of the movie, and plays the role of a scene stealer.

In the movie, Shin Hyun-bin, who plays the role of ‘Rose’, the abusive Miss Vietnam who steals the heart of ‘Banga’, is a new face that announces the birth of a powerful new actress to Chungmuro. She captured the hearts of the audience by being praised as ‘Vietnam’s Shin Min-ah’ and ‘Like a real Vietnamese woman’ by audiences who saw the movie through a blind preview, who perfectly digested the foreign acting, which can be difficult.

At the end of September 2010, <Banga?Banga!>, which will visit the audience, will feature Kim In-kwon’s brilliant acting through <Haeundae> and an acting dinner by four scene stealers including Kim Jeong-tae, Jeong Seok-yong, Shin Jeong-geun, and Shin Hyun-bin. We plan to present a powerful comedy to the audience that will blow away the stress.

<Banga? Banga!> Bae. pick it up buy. Number! Laughter Bomb!
Pride on this piece! Held 50,000 previews at Majestic Dangdang!

Since the end of June, before the release date of the movie <Banga? As a result, satisfaction and recommendation for the movie <Banga?Banga!> were high enough to compare with <Speeding Scandal>, which was released in 2008, and the production team decided to conduct a large-scale preview of 50,000 current affairs. The large-scale preview of the movie <Banga?Banga!> will start with the general preview on September 9th, then at the Lotte Cinema Konkuk University branch on September 15th, a public preview for 2,000 people. A project to share happiness with the Salvation Army and ‘<Banga?Banga!> for 4,000 spectators held at the city’s nationwide current affairs, university students, and Jangchung Gymnasium! Many cultures, many hopes!! Laughter bomb! Heartwarming! Sharing premiere!’ We plan to spread the happy virus of ‘Banga’, which is shaking all over Korea with the confidence of running to wherever there are audiences.
In particular, in the premiere held at the Jangchung Gymnasium on September 16th, various groups participated as a joint event with the Salvation Army, which is ongoing in 108 countries around the world, attracting attention. The participation of these groups in this event is seen as a result of reflecting various factors such as the belief in the inner sincerity as well as the external comedy of the movie <Banga?Banga!>, and the expectation of the film itself.

<Banga?Banga>, which shows the sincerity and confidence in the main film by holding a majestic preview of 50,000 among the prominent Korean films, raising the audience’s expectations to see if the second <Speeding Scandal> will follow the comics. !>. <Banga?Banga!>, where you can feel the various charms of Kim In-kwon, who tried infinite transformation from the Korean ‘Bang Tae-sik’ to the Bhutanese ‘Banga’ It is preparing to make the nation burst with bread.

[ Production Note ]

Funny or fun, as revealed by the production crew!
The behind-the-scenes story of the filming site is revealed!

One of the places that appears the most in the new comedy <Banga?Banga!> is Geosung Industrial Co., Ltd., where the main character, Banga, works. Since half of the film’s filming took place and it was important to convey the feeling of a real factory as it is, the filming took place in an actual factory rather than a set. Thanks to this, the production team had no choice but to proceed with the filming while the factory was running, so there were episodes that made you laugh. It is rumored that not only the workers occasionally seen in the movie were all workers in the actual factory, but even the factory employees were confused by the realistic visuals of the actors and gave actual work orders. The sewing machine scene and the wood cutting scene at the beginning of the movie started shooting with the help of actual staff, but by the time the filming was finished, the actors also possessed the same skills as the staff, and the factory side coveted it.

In addition, the motorcycle dating scene of ‘Banga’ and his first love ‘Rose’ was an important scene in which the two characters open their hearts to each other, so the production team was able to find a beautiful scenery after searching all over the country. However, due to the unexpected heavy snow, the production team, who was only walking with their feet in a situation where filming was stopped without being able to take pictures of the superb view, rather, with the help of the heavy snow, ‘Banga’ and ‘Rose’ in the pure white beautiful scenery that cannot be reproduced twice without paying a setting fee I was able to complete the romantic and romantic date scene of The date scene, which was completed more beautifully thanks to the incidentally completed pure white scenery, became one of the best scenes in the movie that satisfies not only the director, the production team, but also the actors.

The filming site of the movie <Banga?Banga!> was also a war on food procurement. As actors of various religions and nationalities gathered, absurd food discrimination occurred due to restrictions on eating habits according to religion. Khan as ‘Ali’ and Nazarudin as ‘Raja’ did not eat pork because of the Muslim culture, so the production team not only aired chicken in their diet, but also prepared beef for the two actors at the pork belly party, so other staff members I received the jealousy, not the jealousy, from them.

Cast foreigners with all kinds of beauty!
‘Chief Al’ in the movie is a real singer from the National Singing Contest?!

In the movie <Banga?Banga!>, casting a supporting actor was more difficult than the main actor. Not only did he actually live in Korea to cast his colleagues in ‘Banga’, but he also went through a difficult casting process while looking for foreigners who were adjusting to Korea. Khan, who plays the role of ‘Albanjang’ in the movie, was the first celebrity to receive the top prize for the first time in foreign history for singing Park Jung-sik’s ‘Beautiful Life’ in KBS1 [National Singing Contest_Eumseong-gun] in 2009. While the production team was having difficulties in casting, they accidentally heard about Cannes’s award through the newspaper and entered the role as Samgo Choryeo. Because music was the main element in the film’s setting as a code of emotion and reconciliation, Khan was a blessing that fell from the sky for the production crew who needed a beam that could express it well. Khan, who received the casting offer, said, “(After winning the award at the National Singing Contest), my life has changed. I want to show that I work hard.” He also poured his passion into filming.

In addition to Khan, Nazarudin as ‘Raja’, Palvis as ‘Michael’, and Peter Holban as ‘Charlie’ also went through a unique casting process. Nazarudin is a case in which director Yook Suk-hyo, who had trouble with foreign casting, cast it himself. The director, who was a college student listening to the director’s lecture and had participated in translations in <Barefoot Dream>, had an eye on Nazarudin, and it went without saying that he had a difficult time casting. In addition, Peter Holman is a professional actor who participated in <Banga?Banga!> through his career appearing in <Itaewon Murder Case> and <Outlaw>. Palvis, who is actually from Uzbekistan, has a history of spending his childhood in Korea, and an actor who left his home country and came to Korea alone at the age of 16 to prepare for modeling. The profile for modeling came into the hands of the production team unintentionally, and I joined <Banga?Banga!>.

The movie <Banga?Banga!>, which was conducted with actors from more diverse races and cultural backgrounds than any other movie, is expected to show the audience the fun of special characters presented by people of various cultures through realistic casting of actors.

Reveal the name of Korean ‘Bang Tae-sik’ VS Bhutanese ‘Banga’!
Another secret behind the movie title of <Banga?Banga!>!

<Banga?Banga!>, which has a slightly unfamiliar title that causes a lot of laughter, seems to be an internet term that simply means to be happy, but it has a profound (?) meaning for the main character, Bang Tae-sik. It means ‘Bangga’, which is named after the main character’s surname, Bang Tae-sik, just as they call ‘Kim-ga’ or ‘I-ga’, and it also means the newly acquired name Banga after transforming into a Bhutanese. That is, ‘Banga’ is a pleasant expression of ‘Banga’.

The first draft of the screenplay for <Banga?Banga!> was titled <Asia Brothers>. After the adaptation and adaptation, the original title was reborn as <Bangbangbangga>, but it is too difficult for the general audience to understand at once, and the title can easily appeal to the audience as it is difficult to pronounce because ‘Banga’ appears three times. struggled to find Hundreds of titles came out after that, but it was not easy to find a luxury title that could replace the title of <Bangbagbagga>.

In the end, in order to explain the comical character of the movie and the unique character of the main character, the production team decided to go with the original title as it was determined that it would not be possible to find a more perfect title than the original title. However, if ‘Banga’ is used three times, it was accepted that the pronunciation was difficult and the impact was insufficient. At the monitor preview, the final conclusion was made with <Banga?Banga!>, which had the highest satisfaction among prospective audiences. Audiences, who had seen the title of the movie in advance through four blind previews, responded that it was ‘cute and cute’ and ‘it seems like a proper comedy movie’, and it is said that they also showed anticipation for the movie.

<Banga?Banga!>, with such a unique, yet catchy, cute and comic title, is expected to spread to the audience as a greeting that signifies the joy of everyday life like a happy virus, with a tone that is as pleasant as the easy title.

<Banga?Banga!> is a real variety??
Show the essence of street casting!!

In the movie <Banga?Banga!>, there were many surprise appearances by ordinary people, not real actors. In the movie <Banga?Banga!>, where a lot of filming took place at the actual factory, the employees of the chair factory that you can see were actually working there. It is said that the employees who watched the filming site unfamiliar in the beginning, naturally reacted to the director’s cut and shot sound, and reached the point of work when the middle of filming passed.

The scene where Bang Tae-shik was waiting for an interview at a large company was also a scene where the urgent casting shined. I finished the cast because I needed an actor who could give a feeling of contrast to Bang Tae-sik’s appearance, but the appearance of the assistant actors who were urgently put in due to the sudden change of the filming schedule was not much different from that of Bang Tae-sik. The production team, who was struggling, recalled the words of Kim Jung-tae, who used to grumble, “How are the on-site staff more handsome than the actors?” In the end, the ulzzang staff got together and filmed. Thanks to this, a wonderful scene was born that made the handsome(?) Bang Tae-shik’s beauty shine even more. In addition, the store owner, who looks pathetic at Bang Tae-sik, who finds a job at a donut house, is also the actual owner of the store. Despite the sudden request to appear in the movie for dramatic enjoyment, the store owner gladly accepted it and provided another level of fun in the movie.

In particular, <Banga?Banga!>, which required a lot of foreign actors compared to other films, attracted a lot of foreign public participation. As there is still no auxiliary association for Southeast Asians in Korea, the production team has no choice but to jump on their feet every time to recruit. So every time the producers had to jump on their feet and recruit them. Fortunately, street casting is possible without much difficulty due to the casting that was carried out in various ways, such as actively using actors such as Khan and Nazarudin in the movie as casting managers and receiving help, and filming with the help of Southeast Asian residents in Wongok-dong, the filming location. said to have done

After all, the comedy shooting site is different!
Full of laughter, united by ad-lib! Laughter explosion! Filming site revealed!!

In the movie <Banga?Banga!>, the laughter never ceased compared to other comedy film shooting sites, so there were many cases of NG. There were a lot of interesting scenes in the story, but the ad-libs played a part by the actors’ excitement. In particular, in the scene played by Kim Jeong-tae, who is called the god of ad-lib, the actors could not hold back their laughter and kept making NGs to the extent that filming was disrupted. Yong-cheol’s line, which enumerates various countries in front of a map at the words of ‘Banga’ who wants to stop pretending to be a Bhutanese in a karaoke room, and ends with ‘Stan without a name’, is one of the representative ad-libs that made the filming site a crucible of laughter. . The bank account number that follows is also a different bank except for the bank, and the account number used by Kim Jung-tae exploded with ad-lib. Due to Yong-cheol’s ad-lib, which shows different lines and actions for each take, the filming site went beyond a sea of laughter, and it was said that it was a real confusion. Chan Chan Chan’s lecture scene in ‘Yongcheol’, which can be seen as Kim Jung-tae’s ad-lib feast, consisted of 99% of ad-libs with only simple acting guidelines set, and was selected as the best comic scene in the blind preview.

Kim In-kwon’s ad-lib is also an important attraction in the movie. The Banga-style Bhutanese song ‘A Five Hundred Years’, which started at the invitation of colleagues to sing a Bhutan song as a singing contest audition, is a masterpiece created by Kim In-kwon. It is said that the laughter of the staff did not stop at ‘A Five Hundred Years’, in which he sang a comical expression while rewriting himself. Here, Banga’s ‘The Bath Lecture’ is a famous ad-lib scene where you can recognize the true value of actor Kim In-kwon. The ‘Yok Lecture’ scene, which has been upgraded with Chuimsae and ad-lib lines in the basic guidelines, will be remembered as one of the best scenes in the movie.

In addition to Kim Jung-tae, foreigners who play the role of migrant workers also tensed the actors with various ad-libs as the smoke rose. At first, he began to release ad-libs infinitely as he gradually adapted to filming the things that he could not even dare to do because of his fear of acting. In the scene where Khan, who plays the role of ‘Ali’, the head of the group, gets drunk and asks ‘Banga’ to sing a Bhutanese song, the original line says, “Butanga cutlet! Sing a Bhutan song”, but suddenly he uttered an ad-lib, “LPG, not butan katsu!” and made the staff below the director into a sea of laughter. This scene was unfortunately edited, but it is said that the staff under the director couldn’t help but feel proud about the fact that foreign actors tried an appropriate ad-lib for their character.

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