(Korean Movies) Helpless, 火車, 2012

Helpless, 火車, 2012

Helpless, 火車, 2012
Audience over 15
running time
117 minutes
cumulative audience
2436884 people
13th Female Filmmaker of the Year Awards 2012


she's gone!
A month before their wedding, Moon-ho and Seon-young stopped by a rest area on their way to their parents' house. While going to buy coffee, Seon-young receives a phone call and leaves, and the only thing waiting for Moon-ho to return is a car that is idling with the door open. The phone was turned off no matter how many times I walked, and in the pouring rain, my fiancee disappeared.

Everything about her is fake!
Bungo is looking for Seonyeong like crazy. When she returned home, the traces of the hastily cleaned up were evident, and even the resume of the company she worked for was false. When the clues disappear, it is revealed that Seon-yeong went into bankruptcy, and the shocking fact that her handwriting and photos on the exemption documents belong to someone else.

no family… I have no friends… No fingerprints! who is she i loved
To find her, Mun-ho must first find out her real name, and asks for help from his cousin, Jong-geun, a former homicide detective. Chong-geun senses intuition that it is an unusual case for her to withdraw the account balance, erase her fingerprints, and disappear completely. In the end, he instinctively senses that Seon-yeong's disappearance is related to the murder case…

The more you chase, the more shocking truth is revealed
Really, what is her true identity?

[ Intro ]

“But the snake seems to have a different idea. It's good to have legs. Those with legs are happy. This is what my husband said. From now on, I think, there are plenty of snakes in this world that need legs but are either tired of skinning, or are lazy, or don't even know how. There are smart snakes selling mirrors that reflect them as if they had legs. And there are snakes who want that mirror even if they are in debt.”
I just wanted to be happy.
From the original <Wagon Car>

About the beginning of <Wagon Car>… by Byeon Young-joo
Just three years after I developed my admiration for Ms. Mimi, I received an offer to direct the script for <Wave Car>. What I was both happy and worried about was the worry about space and time. The original novel, set in the 1990s in Japan, when Japan was experiencing the universal anomaly of the collapse of the bubble economy, was an important novel with an objective commentary explaining that the life of a woman named Shinjo Kyoko is evidence of that anomaly and a social reality. In other words, current anxiety and literary sentiment coincide in time. However, the time and space of the film I had to make was the present Seoul. Although we have an emotionally similar situation to the collapse of the bubble economy called the IMF, the emotional loss and scars are still there, but the actual beginning was in the 20th century. I wanted to bring to life the story of the original and the most important character in the film, Kyoko Shinjo. And the scenario work for over 3 years. The screenplay of the movie <Warcar> was about how to bring the power and emotion of the original to this place, and the breakthrough started with the creation of a fiance character named Bungo. Unlike Detective Honma, the protagonist of the original story, who tracks and interprets incidents as incidents and understands the cruelty of the world, a person who loves her, who is the central character of the case, believes that he knows her well, and experiences a happy moment she imagined together. If we put the person who did it as the axis of the story, I thought that it could be a film of experience, not a film of interpretation. A person who believes that he will be able to confirm his love if he finds her and hears the truth. That was the newly created character, Bungo. So, in the end, beyond the ambivalent view of interpreting and presuming a mysterious event and her story, and understanding her as a member of society, if I have to live in this world with her, the person next to me is alive and alive. If so, I think I had a desire to even ask a rather difficult question, what I could do and what choice I would make.

[ About Movie ]

A passionate performance and discovery that will thrill the audience.
Lee Seon-gyun, Kim Min-hee, Jo Seong-ha
Pay attention to the amazing and intense energy created by the fresh combination!

Three actors who complete their own aura with unique personalities met. Lee Seon-gyun, who is loved for works that harmonize popularity and perfection across screens and CRTs, Kim Min-hee, who shows remarkable growth as an actor with a lovely mask and unique acting, and Jo Seong-ha, who plays an active part as the best scene stealer, are the main characters. They gathered for a new work, <Wagon Car>, which director Byun Young-joo, who delivers a delicate sensibility and powerful message, has been showing for a long time.

Lee Seon-kyun, who has established himself as the best romantic of this era through the movie <My Little Romance> and the dramas [Coffee Prince's 1st Shop] and [Pasta], targets the audience with delicate emotional acting through <Wagon Car>. In addition to the appearance of a man in terrible love who throws everything away to find his missing fiancee, as well as the shocking truth of her and the confused inner acting, he digests with sincere emotions, confirming another charm hidden behind the scenes. will be.
Kim Min-hee, who received the Baeksang Best Acting Award for the movie <I Like It Hot>, has a foreboding of her growth as a next-generation actress is back. She plays an unidentified woman whose everything is a lie, exploding her latent talent in the most unconventional form since her debut. Kim Min-hee, who holds the key to all mysteries, grabs the hearts of the audience with a thousand faces in the movie. You should pay attention to her in 2012.
Jo Seong-ha, who showed a stormy presence with thick acting in the movies <Yellow Sea> and dramas [Sungkyunkwan Scandal] and [Flame of Desire], shows off her acting skills at its peak by appearing as a cold-hearted ex-detective who tracks down a missing woman. His acting, which tracks events with an animal instinct, serves as a central axis that guides the audience to the core of the mystery, forming a strong tension.
Director Byun Young-joo, who coordinated the perfect acting synergy of the three actors, said, "The amazing acting skills of the three actors were the best driving force for <Wagon Car>. He expressed admiration for the passionate performances of the actors.

The synergy to be created in <Wagon Car> heralds the birth of the hottest movie in 2012!

Director Byun Young-joo returns after 7 years,
A masterpiece mystery weave of shock and thrill with delicate charisma!

Director Byun Young-joo is back after 7 years. After a long wait, director Byun Young-joo's selection of <Wagon Car> is a work that contains a shocking mystery that is revealed after a man receives a phone call and searches for his missing fiancée, a former detective, and after discovering that everything about her is fake. It is based on the novel of the same name by Miyuki Miyabe, the bestselling author and queen.

The original project compares an individual who has fallen into a tragedy due to a wrong choice, and projects the image of us living in the contemporary era. In addition, <Hwacha>, which is considered a masterpiece of mystery due to its sharpness and depth of topic that dissects the other side of modern society, is a bestseller that has already made domestic readers enthusiastic. Director Byun Young-joo, who recognized the charm of the original work at once, claimed to be directing himself, and became a fan of 'Miss Mimi' and was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to make the first film among her works.

Director Byun Young-joo, who returned to his third feature film <Wagon Car> after <Ballet School>, spent three years in 20 high schools to filmically establish the charm of the original, such as the point of view of events, the relationship between the characters, and the accessibility of the characters. went through the work Director Byun Young-joo said, "The women we passed by on the subway today are gone, rather than putting social issues like personal bankruptcy at the fore. However, we do not even know that they are gone.” Visually expressing the horror that comes from the reality, it presents the most orthodox directing method that can show the image of a modern person full of desire as it is. In an interview with a media during the pre-production, director Byun Young-joo assured the completeness of the work, saying, “‘Wagon Car’ will be a mystery that creates emotional tension without fighting, stabbing, or even hacking.” In addition, the film was created after a long preparation period to the extent that the director himself said “a film that has to prove me”, and it will be her representative work that shines with her unique delicate directing power and sharp perspective.

Nicknamed 'Miss Mimi'
The first movie adaptation of the original work by Miyuki Miyabe, the Queen of Mysteries!

Born in Tokyo in 1960, Miyuki Miyabe made her splendid debut in 1987, winning the Yomimono Mystery Fiction Rookie of the Year award for [Crime in Our Neighbor]. Miyuki Miyabe, who has been evaluated as a writer with both artistic and popular qualities, has warmly and delicately depicts the wounded human figure while sharply digging into the contradictions and ills of society, has published more than 60 works and has won dozens of literary awards. He is recognized as a leading figure in the Japanese mystery novel world. She has been ranked first for 7 years, defeating Kaori Ekuni and Banana Yoshimoto, etc. in the list of 'Japanese' Favorite Writers' surveyed by the Japanese monthly <Da Vinci> every year. increasing its reputation. In Korea, her representative works have been loved a lot, and her passionate followers have even created a nickname of 'Miss Mimi', forming a strong fandom.

Miyuki Miyabe's novel "Warcar" (Fire Car: A fire cart in Japanese legend that rides a dead person who has committed an evil deed and runs towards Hell. Once on, one can't get off again), directed by Byeon Young-ju, will be revived on the screen. It was the first film made in a country other than Japan. [Hwacha] is a bestseller that has been recognized as a 'masterpiece of socialist mystery' and is ranked in 'the 10 best Japanese mystery novels of all time'. It awakened the seriousness and sounded an alarm in Japanese society at the time. In addition, [Fresh Car] won the 6th Yamamoto Shugoro Award (1993) for its reality that accurately reflects the social reality of the time, and was evaluated as a masterpiece that captivated both critics and readers. am.
<Wave Car>, which moved the original original's unique mysterious story to the screen with tension and intensity, will become the best issue of 2012, raising the expectations of fans and filmmakers of 'Miss Mimi'.

Another reason Chungmuro pays attention to <Wagon> is because of the box office craze of movies made based on the bestseller. It moved hearts and minds and succeeded at the box office. <Wave Car>, whose box office performance and workmanship have been verified through solid storytelling and clear character settings, will be a successor to the box office successes of <The Crucible> and <Wandeuk>, which hit theaters in the second half of 2011.

About the actors… by Byeon Young-joo
Kim Min-hee, who had to play the character Seon-yeong, the center of the case, had another homework to do with Lee Seon-kyun. Seon-young is not a character who leads a story, but a being created by connected imagination. Seon-young, who is spliced into fragments by the pursuers who are curious about her and discussing her, is a role that does not have a winning streak in acting. Kim Min-hee had to grasp only the emotions of acting that she had to express now. Because she doesn't have a front and back flow. Each time her appearance is instantaneous and fleeting. It was important to trust the director and the work to do this kind of acting. Even now, even while I am writing the directing notes after filming, the reason I am so grateful to actress Kim Min-hee is because I know very well that she trusted me and depended on me to create the image of Seon-young, even the slightest trembling of her eyes at every moment.
Chong-geun, a former detective who understands and interprets cases and situations, is the person closest to the audience. Naturally, Jo Seong-ha's biggest mission was how to show this character realistically. Chong-geun, who lost much of his life due to wrong choices in the past, and a flawed being who can project his situation beyond seeing an event as an event through him, can be seen as conventional or decorative if it lacks reality. . I've been his fan since the TV drama [The Great King Sejong], and I like Seongha's strange accent and ambivalent face. And I think his charm made this film more realistic and richer.

The last puzzle that completes the mystery
The thrilling performances of the best scene stealers in Chungmuro come to life!

The mystery of finding the missing fiancee <Wagon Car>. The final puzzle that completes the mystery is the scene stealers representing Chungmuro. They fill the film with a short but strong impact, and play a pivotal role in enhancing the film's perfection, playing a decisive role in the process of unraveling the mysteries that are revealed one by one.

Kim Byul, who received attention with her debut with a mysterious mask, began to make her face known through dramas such as [Sangdoo-ya, Let's go to school] and [Taerung Athlete's Village], and received attention by working with Asian Prince Jang Geun-suk in the movie <Baby and I>. Kim Byul appeared as 'Hannah', a nurse at Bungo's veterinary hospital, and digested the character who provided decisive clues to Jong-geun and Moon-ho. Deok-Moon Choi, who debuted in the film industry with the movie <Peppermint Candy> and played a sharp character in various films, will show a different side from his previous works as 'Ha Seong-sik', a police officer who is Jong-geun's friend in <Wagon Car>. Lee Hee-jun, who is currently active as a persistent reporter in the KBS drama [Rude Romance], received the most attention for his impressive performance by defeating prominent seniors in the movie <Special Edition>. After receiving evaluations, he showed a great performance in <War Car>. In addition, Kim Min-jae, an actor who has accumulated skills through numerous works such as <The Perfect Game> and <Illegal Transaction>, several short films, plays, etc. The realism of the film was further enhanced by portraying it with unseen acting. Actress Kim Tae-in, who appeared in works such as <Wandeuk> and <The Most Beautiful Goodbye in the World> and several independent films, was selected as an actress that director Byun Young-joo would like to work with. play an important role in solving
Not only these, but also the special appearances of Cha Su-yeon, Lim Ji-gyu, and Choi Il-hwa, Bae Min-hee, Kim Tae-in, Park Sang-woo, and Kim Bo-seul, the movie provides richer fun and tension to the audience. From the theatrical stage and the CRT to the screen, the brilliant scene stealers, who are called representative actors in any field, shine in <Wavecar>. Their captivating acting makes the mystery of the film more elaborate.

Bad credit, personal bankruptcy, debentures, single-person households, and indifference…
Putting the poignant and real reality of Korea on the screen!

Just like the original work of 'Miyuki Miyabe,' the master of the socialist mystery, the movie 'Warship' sharply unravels the underside and ills of society with a mysterious and detailed storyline. The film, which moved to Korean society in the 2000s rather than Japan in 1992, retains the power of its message, but forms a sympathy with a larger audience. Director Byun Young-joo, who judged <Wagon Car> to be a story that can be found in any society in any era, and especially suitable for this era and this society, finished the film with delicate and sharp directing power to visually show the horror that comes from reality.
The film presents various social issues such as 'lack of credit', 'personal bankruptcy', 'debentures', 'personal information leakage', 'one-person household', 'indifference', etc. boldly and accurately Therefore, the social problems to be drawn through <Wave Car> will increase sympathy with the audience with stronger realism, and the audience will experience the shocking horror of real society.

Recently, in Chungmuro, films that reflect 'reality' rather than the satisfaction of simple fantasy, and that make people think and move within it, are attracting attention. <The Crucible> and <Broken Arrow>, which were praised by the audience and critics and created social issues, also project and show our social reality as it is, succeeding in arousing fear, alertness, and public opinion in the audience. The audience's desire to share the meaning of the movie beyond simple fun will spread through the movie <Wagon Car>, and the film's contemporaryity that reflects the social reality will once again grab the hearts of the audience through the screen.

[ Production Note ]

A terrible hunting war to contain a shocking mystery!
Seoul – Gyeonggi – Chungcheong – Gyeongsang Province!
Massive Mystery Location Conducted!

The key to the location of <Wagon Car> was the selection of a place that maximized the atmosphere of the mysterious movie. It boasts of a large scale with more than 40 spaces appearing in the movie, and more than 70 in detail. For a limited time of two months, the production team of <Wagon Car> had to start a hunting war to procure key spaces for the film, traveling around the country, including Seoul, Gyeonggi-do, and Chungcheong-do and Gyeongsang-do.
Scenes featuring the alleyways of a residential area like Seonyoung’s life, a location in the city with frequent movement, the writer’s room, and Yongsan Station were filmed mainly in the northwestern areas of Seoul, such as Seongsan, Yeonhui, Cheongpa, and Sangam. For Seonyeong's space, I wandered around looking for an alley where single-person households were densely populated, and Moonho's veterinary hospital toured Seoul and the metropolitan area to find a place he liked, but received a rejection notice. However, a hospital in Seongsan-dong, upon learning that <Wagon Car> was directed by Byeon Young-joo, gave birth to an incident that willingly allowed the filming. The hunting at Yongsan Station, which was considered the biggest turning point in the Seoul location, was the result of the production crew visiting it several times. The filming at Yongsan Station, which director Byeon Young-joo and producer Shin Hye-eun conducted more than 30 field trips, was carried out for a total of 4 days using the largest equipment and the largest auxiliary personnel, and it decorates the climax of <Wagon Car>. It was also a scene that showed the concentration of the best of the production team and actors because it was a situation that had to be filmed at a set time in a scene that was not controlled. The scene at Yongsan Station, created by the perfect collaboration of the production crew and actors, will give the audience the best tension. In addition, he created a spectacular scene in <Wagon Car> by running non-stop between cars moving at a frightening speed on the North Riverside Road that was being built.

The lighthouse house in Masan (former Cha Gyeong-seon’s restaurant), the black-and-white coffee shop in Jinhae (the place to meet her ex-husband), and the rural village hunting in Jecheon Ipseok-ri (Kang Seon-young’s hometown), which director Byun Young-joo directly mentioned as impressive places, are especially the passion of the production team. and the product of hard work. The black-and-white coffee shop, famous as a famous spot in Jinhae, was a perfect space as an important place to unravel the clues about Seonyeong's mysterious past. The lighthouse house in Masan, directly connected to the deep blue sea, expresses Seonyeong's unknown future and offers beautiful scenery.

Director Byun Young-joo said, “The thing I am grateful to the production team for is that they did not give up and did it in the end. You've been really good at hunting. So I was able to create a space with confidence,” he said, applauding the results of the production team's hunting war.

Kim Min-hee! Put on 100 suits and take them off!
Her clothes and space are alive with the character's breath!

Kang Seon-young holds the key to the mystery of <Wagon Car>. Thanks to that, Seonyoung's space in the movie is not a big part, but it is a space where he had to pay more attention to detail than any other space. It was because her space had to have both the extremely ordinary side of a woman in her 20s, and the insecurity and danger that hides a fatal secret. After much deliberation, the production team chose a small one-room villa with a fully independent kitchen that could hide its secrets. The one-room, a space where the ordinary and the mystery of Sun-Young coexist, had to be a space with a warm and cozy feeling to the writer. At the same time, immediately after she erased her traces and left, it was seen as a cold and unfamiliar space, and it was expressed as a space that evokes various emotions that should be felt for the first time when seen through the eyes of Chong-geun looking for clues. It is a mysterious space where complex emotions such as the happiness of a couple about to get married, embarrassment, confusion, and doubt about the missing fiancee are expressed differently depending on time and situation. The art team tried to make a subtle change that reveals secrets in an ordinary space by arranging the texture of the fabric when it was happy, the old and dark mattress that comes out when the cozy texture is peeled off, and the furniture that looks common but has a hard, heavy and dark frame. and created a secret space for the mysterious woman Seon-yeong.

It was the costumes that the production team put special effort into in order to make full use of Seonyoung's character. It was because she had to express her situation in a shocking secret and extreme situation with a strong costume. The 100 or so costumes that Kim Min-hee, who shines no matter what she wears, tried to transform into Seon-young, were the stories, emotions, and times of the characters, so there was concern that these clothes would suit her. However, director Byun Young-joo said, “I tried on more than 100 suits, and they fit so well that I was worried. In particular, I was at a loss for words when I saw Kim Min-hee wearing a rural school gym uniform.” Among the numerous costumes, the red dress worn at the first meeting with Bungo and the ending of the movie was selected by the costume team, director Byeon Young-joo, and Kim Min-hee as the best outfit. The red dress perfectly expresses her unknown identity and extreme situation.

Kim Min-hee, who perfectly made up a more mysterious space and costumes that represent her emotions because she is terribly ordinary, and Kim Min-hee, who completely digested all of these things, will be crowned as the best mystery woman in 2012.

Heat waves, heavy rains, and 75 days of summer
Wandering around the country, filming the 54th
The fighting spirit of the producers who completed the shock mystery!

<Car> was completed by shooting 54 times during the summer of 75 days of crank-in in July, when the sweltering heat was rampant. The production crew went through numerous ups and downs during the 75-day summer with <Warcar> as they worked out a breathy schedule to make the best movie. In fact, the staff filmed all the time from crank-in to the first week, except for travel time. Usually, when filming a movie, it is normal to arrange easy scenes with warm-up up to the first 10 episodes, but the <Wacha> team had to break through the rainy season and typhoon season in July and August for 75 days, and had to do at least 40 locations, so the forced march was made. that this was an unavoidable situation. There were many moving scenes in Seoul, such as Masan and Jecheon, and the outdoor filming scene that was conducted to relieve the frustration of the set space had to be held as large as possible.

If the team's greatest struggle was the fight against time, the best support was the weather. It was raining during the set filming, and the sun was shining when there was an outdoor filming the next day. Due to the continuous march in the heat of the day, the staff were harassed with body aches, enteritis, and gastritis. After finishing filming in Jecheon, Jinhae, and Masan with the lucky weather god, Seoul remained in front of the <Hwacha> team.

Heatwave, heavy rain, and the fighting spirit of the crew who traveled the country for a whopping 54 shots during the 75-day summer, <Wagon Car> was able to complete the shocking mystery.

After finishing <Wagon Car>… by Byeon Young-joo
Before the wedding, his fiancee suddenly disappeared. The man tries to find his fiancee, but there is no way to find her. Her name, age, and social security number are all revealed to be fake. Little by little, with the help of his cousin, he begins to peek at her traces, but now he desperately wants to know more. What kind of person she is, and what those times with him were for her. The story of the movie <Wagon Car> is a movie that shows the process of 'she', who was thrown out of the world, trying to come back into the world. So for us, the space of the movie <Wagon Car> is filled with the cold city space that is not affected and does not remember even if someone disappears from the world, and the space of her past that is not remembered. A construction site constantly breaking down and building new things, crowded and empty noisy spaces, a village in a rural town that is desolate as if no one is living in it, and a tea house in a vacuum with a sealed exit from the past are shown in parallel. If the black-and-white coffee shop in Ipseok-ri Village in Jecheon, Chungcheongbuk-do and Jungwon Rotary in Jinhae-gu, Changwon is the latter space, then the animal hospital and Yongsan Station next to the inner circulation overpass are the former spaces. In particular, Yongsan Station is a space of discovery and evaporation in this film.
The movie <Hwacha> is a story about memorizing the virtues of the original, which I trust, and trying to unravel it with my own cinematic style, not the novel's way of speaking. If everyday people see something different after watching the movie, if that's a good thing, it's all thanks to the wise original author, the precious actors who opened their hearts to me, and the grateful staff who shared the hot summer of 2011 with me.

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