(Korean Movies) Haunters, 2010

Haunters, 2010
Audience over 15
running time
114 minutes
cumulative audience
2130645 people


“I wanted to live a normal life… ”
There is a man. A man who never makes eye contact with anyone and always avoids his gaze. Born with special abilities, he is a psychic who can control people with his eyes. And there is another man. Lim Gyu-nam, an ordinary man who is happy even in small things and always lives positively and faithfully every day.

"you… What the hell is it?”
One day, cracks begin to form in the quiet and peaceful life of the two men. This is from the moment when Cho-in, who comes in to steal money from 'Utopia', a small and remote pawnshop where Gyu-nam works, begins to manipulate people as usual. In the 'Utopia' where everyone stopped, someone started to move hard outside the control of the superman. The main character is the one person whose superpowers do not work, Gyu-nam. The existence of each other is surprising and embarrassing for both the super-individual who first meets a person whose abilities do not work with, and Gyu-nam, who meets the super-power who controls everyone except himself.

“You should never have met me… ”
Confused, Cho-in, struggling to stop Gyu-nam, kills a person, and the scene is captured on CCTV. Gyu-nam, who lost a loved one who trusted him because of the superhuman, also feels unbearable anger towards someone for the first time. From that day on, Cho-in starts chasing Gyu-nam, who holds the crucial clue that will blow up his quiet life in an instant, and Gyu-nam, who has turned his peaceful daily life into a wasteland… While no one believes in the existence of a superman, the inevitable confrontation begins between Gyu-nam, who has to fight a monster-like opponent, and a super-man, who has to fight an opponent whose abilities do not work!

[ About Movie ]

An actor who goes beyond handsome, Kang Dong-won vs Go Soo
Synchro rate 100%, the meeting of the two most notable actors in 2010!

The news that Kang Dong-won and Go Soo had been cast in a movie made many people's resentment. The combination of Dong-Won Kang, a mysterious and beautiful subject that is unlikely to exist in reality, and the perfect appearance like a David statue, as well as the sincere eyes, is worthy of being called the best casting in 2010 that will make your eyes enchanted. In addition, the fact that Kang Dong-won, who recently hit home runs in successive hits with <Jeon Woo-chi> and < Brotherhood>, and Go Soo, who made a soft landing on the screen after a series of dramas, are one of the few young blood in Chungmuro with star and acting skills that surpass them, attention is also paid to their performance showdown. make it Gang Dong-won's mysterious charisma, who plays a 'super-powered man' who controls people with his eyes, and Go Soo's fierce passion to draw the chase of 'Im Gyu-nam', the only being who does not have special abilities, is a great synergy with perfect synchronization with the character. to expect The most special confrontation between Kang Dong-won and Go-su, these two young male actors, <Super Power> will be even more special to the audience who are tired of the brutal and rough men's confrontation in November and 2010.

A superpower is living in Seoul, Korea!
A realistic modern person who takes off the clothes of surreal and fantasy, a new character 'super power' is born

The subject of superpowers is considered the exclusive property of Hollywood movies, and has given birth to many heroes and filled the screen with flashy CG technology. These heroes save the earth as if they had promised, but the movie <Super Powers>, which puts 'Super Powers' as the title, stands at a completely different starting point. Although the 'super powers' of <Super Powers> have the special ability to control people with their eyes, they neither save people nor make ambitious plans. Rather, he is uncomfortable with that special ability and is close to a very realistic modern man who quietly uses his superpowers only to earn a living while wishing for a normal life. The character of 'Super Power', who took off the clothes of surreal and fantasy and walked into the middle of Seoul, Korea, is the point that makes the movie <Super Power> truly special. The cinematic extraordinaryness of <Person with Superpower>, which goes beyond the typicality of the genre, and portrays the most special subject of 'superpower' in the most realistic way using the most attractive actors, is the home of the movie studios of the producers of <That Guy> and <Woochi Jeon> and <Taegeukgi Flying. > It will shine even more with the best production crew, including cinematographer Hong Kyung-pyo of <Mother>, costume director Jo Sang-kyung of <Kind Venus> <Bat> and <Modern Boy>, and makeup director Hwang Hyeon-gyu of <The Mister> and <Mother>.

Superpower vs. the only man who doesn't have superpowers
Pursuit of each other, and the inevitable confrontation!

<Person with Superpowers> drew attention from the screenplay stage with the fresh setting of a confrontation between a superpower and the only man who doesn't have superpowers. This confrontation composition, which is the core of the film, is decisively differentiated from other confrontation films due to the subject of superpowers. Elements that have not been seen before are placed here and there, such as a confrontation between an unusual existence and an extremely ordinary entity, and an identity that cannot coexist but is completed only when they discover each other. In particular, it is very interesting that the pursuits and confrontations towards each other are centered on realism and speed, rather than surreal CG unlike existing superpower movies. Here, the setting of superpowers to control people is a confrontation between <superpowers> in that it reverses a simple 1:1 confrontation into a 1:100 confrontation in an instant and exerts the power to change the subject of the confrontation. will create tension that the audience cannot predict.

The birth of an extraordinary new director that Chungmuro is paying attention to!
The storyteller who captivated director Bong Joon-ho, Park Chan-wook, and Kim Ji-woon, director Kim Min-seok

Director Kim Min-seok is a prepared rookie director who has already received a lot of attention from various places in Chungmuro before his debut. His short film <Memories of Old Boy>, directed in 2004, was invited to various film festivals and made him a star in the short film industry, and fascinated the best directors in Korea. As a result, director Kim Min-seok's <Memories of Old Boy> was honored to be included on the DVD of Park Chan-wook's <Oldboy>, and he built up his career as director Kim Jee-woon's <Sweet Life> and director Bong Joon-ho's <Monster>. . Afterwards, when director Kim Min-seok, who was recognized for his skills as a scriptwriter and assistant director of <Nobody, Nom, Nom> and rose to the 0th position in his debut, said that he would make his debut with <Superpower>, many people saw a new movie they had never seen before. predicted the birth of In November 2010, you can expect the emergence of a talented rookie director who recreated the subject of superpowers, which was fixed in the frame of the genre, with an ingenious idea and approach, not confined to any frame.

[ Production Behind Story ]

Extraordinary people surrounding Gosu!
Absolute presence Byun Hee-bong, Cinderella Jung Eun-chae and multinational actors

The area around 'Gyu-nam', played by Go Soo, is full of unusual people. The first protagonist is none other than Byeon Hee-bong, an actor who has an absolute presence in all the films he appears in. He is an important person who not only plays a decisive role in making 'Superman' and 'Kyu-nam' meet fatefully, but also provides a reason for 'Kyu-nam' to risk everything to pursue 'Superman'. 'When I was in <Monster>, I wandered all over the set. Byeon Hee-bong, who noticed Kim Min-seok's talent early, said, "I thought I would debut as a director soon," appeared as Kang Dong-won's grandfather in the drama "Something in 1%" and has a special relationship with him during his rookie days. In addition, Jung Eun-chae, who is attracting attention with the CF '2%', passed a fierce audition and was selected as the only Hong-il point 'Young-sook' in <Superpower>, heralding the birth of Cinderella. Two foreign actors appearing together. Ghanaian mother Abu Dhad, who is currently attending medical school, appears as 'Bubba', and Eneskaya, a handsome Turkish man with a unique history of being an interpreter, speaks the old Chungcheong dialect and realistically plays 'Al', a foreigner who has 100% adapted to Korean society. It will provide a different kind of fun to the audience.

The two men's special styling keyword 'as normal as possible'!
Gang Dong-won, a 'fashionista' who endured only three battles, and Gobi, a 'govid' who hides his beauty

Kang Dong-won and Go Soo, who boast of their superior looks and shake women's hearts, ironically aim to be 'as normal as possible' in the movie. In particular, Korea's representative fashionista Kang Dong-won expressed his character with only three clothes. Kang Dong-won, who gave points to his unique hairstyle and eyes to create a character unprecedented in Korean movies, rather emphasized that he is a hermit-type psychic who lives by hiding his abilities in fashion style. The silhouette is preserved, but a more realistic 'superpower' has been completed with achromatic, non-obtrusive colors and everyday styles. Go Soo, who has been loved for his gentle and noble image, also tried a special style transformation for 'Gyu-nam'. From the bushy hairstyle to the rather rustic-colored clothes to create the innocent young man 'Gyu-nam', the production team had to make constant efforts to hide the perfect appearance of 'Govid'. Here, Go Soo, who showed action acting with his whole body, completes a passionate character with numerous wounds. The two men, Dongwon Kang and Go Soo, who catch everyone's attention everywhere, appear to be as plain and simple as possible in the movie <Super Power>, and only through acting, they are expected to show their specialness without regret.

There is another Kang Dong-won in <Person with Superpowers>!
Eyes that contain the universe Kang Dong-won & Miniature Kang Dong-won & 7-year-old Kang Dong-won

In <Person with Superpowers>, there is an image of Kang Dong-won that has never been seen before. The production team added special CG to Dongwon Kang's eyes to express the instantaneous moment when the character 'superpower that controls people with his eyes' demonstrates his superpowers. Director Kim Min-seok ordered the CG team to 'put the universe in the eyes of a superman'. The moment he demonstrates his superpowers, the audience will experience Kang Dong-won's eyes that contain the universe shining in different colors. At the same time, Kang Dong-won, who is very small in the movie, is expected to attract attention. There is a scene where a 'superman', who is passionate about making a diorama, makes a miniature doll that looks just like him, as if he can't mix with the world and makes his own world. The small face, long limbs, as well as the special hairstyle of 'Superman' reproduces Kang Dong-won 100% as it is, and just by appearing briefly in the trailer, it is getting a hot response as a rare item that Kang Dong-won fans want. Last but not least, Kang Dong-won, who appears in the movie, is a child actor who played the childhood of 'Superman'. The eyes with different shapes on both sides and the slightly raised lips boast a 100% synchronization rate that makes you feel as if you are looking at Kang Dong-won's seven-year-old childhood. The different appearances of Kang Dong-won appearing in <Person with Superpower> completed the 'Superman' as a three-dimensional character, not just a villain.

The birth of a famous scene gifted by the sky!
A miraculous rooftop battle created by Typhoon Gonpas

During the final filming, the thing that bothered the production crew the most was the weather. When the news of the large typhoon that made Korea tremble in fear, the production team of <Super Powers> had no choice but to look at the sky with an anxious mind ahead of the most important rooftop confrontation scene. However, the sky gave an unexpected gift to the production crew, who was in danger of delaying the schedule. The most important thing in the rooftop confrontation scene that director Kim Min-seok was envisioning is the sky as the background. I wanted the battle between the two men to meet in the highest place to unfold against the background of the sky with a strange and extraordinary energy, and I had already coordinated with the CG team. However, in front of the crew preparing to withdraw due to the typhoon news, the sky that existed in the imagination of director Kim Min-seok was actually unfolded. Typhoon Gonpas created the perfect stage for the two men to face off. In the midst of a dry thunderbolt, a huge cloud rushes over the city as if it swallows the entire city, and under the sky, <Super Powers>'s rooftop confrontation scene was miraculously completed.