(Korean Movies) HARD HIT, 2021

HARD HIT, 2021

HARD HIT, 2021
Audience over 15
running time
94 minutes
cumulative audience
955809 people


Ordinary commute to work, one call with limited display of suspicious caller numbers,
“Now there is a bomb under your chair”

The head of the bank center, Seong-gyu (Jo Woo-jin), is on an ordinary commute to work with the children in the car.
Receive a single caller ID restricted call.
A mysterious voice over the phone has a bomb installed in the car,
I warn you that a bomb will explode if you stand up…

Sunggyu, who took the suspicious call as voice phishing
Soon he witnessed his colleague's car being blown up in the same way right before his eyes.
Suddenly, he becomes a suspect in a terrorist attack in downtown Busan and is pursued by the police.

A desperate moment when a bomb explodes when it comes down,
In the pursuit of the police, I am in a situation where I can't even hang up the phone with a mysterious caller… !


'It explodes the moment you get out of the car!'
Restriction on display of suspicious caller IDs started with one phone call
The birth of an urban chase thriller!

In June 2021, an exhilarating chase thriller that crosses the middle of the city is coming. In the movie <Call Restriction>, the head of a bank center, Seong-gyu (Cho Woo-jin), on the morning of his way to work while sending his children to school, receives a questionable call that 'a bomb explodes as soon as he gets out of the car'. An urban chase thriller that falls in love. The film guides the audience into a world of suspenseful pursuits after a long time using materials that arouse curiosity.

<Send Restriction> is the debut film of director Kim Chang-joo, who has been active as an editing staff for films such as <The Terror Live> and <Going to the End> that make it impossible to take your eyes off of it for even a single moment. Director Kim Chang-joo, who was a talented editing staff in Chungmuro, was famous for being exceptional in thriller editing. He has been preparing for <Send Restriction> for many years and meticulously organized the editorial points of the thriller that unfolds within a limited time in his mind before filming.

The film consists of a first-person view of Sung-gyu (Jo Woo-jin), who receives a phone call with a questionable caller ID, on an ordinary commute to work, the viewpoint of a family in the car, and the viewpoint of outsiders chasing the car. Seong-gyu (Jo Woo-jin), who thought the phone call warning that a bomb was installed as voice phishing, falls into a panic when he sees the explosion that unfolds right in front of his eyes. To make matters worse, Sunggyu's unstoppable sprint, who has no choice but to run through the city in order to escape the charges and survive the bombing after being pointed out as a suspect in urban terrorism, makes the audience sweat. In particular, the thrill of the film reaches its limit as ironic incidents overlap, from a situation in which the police cannot tell that a bomb is installed in one's car and a situation in which he is pursued as a suspect in the bombing. In the summer of 2021, the urban chase thriller <Restriction of Outgoing> will visit the audience in an unpredictable situation.

A battle without an exit in the middle of the open city center of Busan!
Even the thrilling city chase car action that crosses Haeundae!

<Send Restriction> is a film that was filmed 100% in Busan. According to the production team, all roads and alleys were used as filming locations in Haeundae-gu, Busan, to the extent that there was no place that was not taken. Director Kim Chang-joo said, “I expect that the paradox that horror is taking place in Busan, where there is a cool sea between the skylines of buildings, will provide a spectacle that allows the audience to be immersed in the film.”

The highlight of the filming, which was carried out with the full cooperation of Busan City, is the chase scene at Haeundae. The relentless chase scene, reminiscent of a Hollywood movie, was possible thanks to the cooperation of the Haeundae-gu Office and the Haeundae Police Station. In particular, in the case of Haeundae Gwangjangsin, where Seong-gyu's family was surrounded by the police, it was carried out through a complete lockdown for about two weeks. This is an anticipated scene of the vehicle chase of <Send Restriction> that crosses the downtown area of Busan.

In addition, as it was an all-location location in Busan, thorough preparation was required so that the external filming schedule would not be delayed. Several cameras were connected to the car body to prepare for shooting from Seong-gyu's point of view, and the drone shot gave a cool bird's eye view of the Busan beach road, completing a dynamic and tense running scene. The Russian arm, a shooting equipment often used in stylish action scenes, also contributed to the thrilling screen composition of <Call Restriction>. Here, director Kim Chang-joo used a mini car to realistically convey the overwhelming tension. How the mini-car collides and where it should turn is delicately configured to bring out the charm of chasing the city center.

Chungmuro's leading actor
Jo Woo-jin, Lee Jae-in, and Ji Chang-wook meet!
to complete the explosive performances of the actors
A large number of Korea's leading veteran producers participated!

<Call Restriction> is a thriller that takes place inside a vehicle, so the dramatic performances of the characters were important. During the pre-production period, the production team paid attention to Jo Woo-jin, who plays a human being who cannot distinguish good from evil with an ordinary face. Jo Woo-jin takes on the role of Seong-gyu, the head of a bank center who is in crisis on the way to work, after receiving a phone call with a restricted caller ID and being designated as a terrorist suspect in the city. Except for Jo Woo-jin, the production team could not think of an actor who would simultaneously play the face of an ordinary householder, a bomb suspect, and a victim who is being chased by death threats. Jo Woo-jin, who received the script, said, “I felt the dramatic fun that penetrated my heart.” He conducted more script rehearsals than the films he had appeared in in the past to digest the role of Sunggyu. Because the actors and crew perfectly shared and filmed every single line, situation, and fingerprint, the filming site of <Send Restriction> was able to proceed one after another without any delay even in the Corona 19 situation. In particular, Jo Woo-jin thought that, given the nature of the film, where there are many scenes in urgent situations, Sunggyu's emotions and dialogues must be carefully designed to create sympathy from the audience.

Lee Jae-in, who is showing the most remarkable growth among the top 10 actors in Korea, takes on the role of Hye-in, the daughter of Sung-gyu (Jo Woo-jin). Before the exam, as usual, Hye-in, an adult trying to find her composure to help her father, who is in fear on the way to school with his father, stimulates the tears of the audience. Lee Jae-in's inner acting is the process of gradually understanding his workaholic father during the bombing, so he was able to elicit sympathy from the audience. In particular, Jae-in Lee's strong and calm acting plays a very convincing role in Jo Woo-jin's acting, the central axis of <Send Restriction>.

As soon as Ji Chang-wook, who played the role of Jin-woo, saw the script for <Call Restriction> after being discharged from the military, he decided to appear without any hesitation, saying, “It was a movie full of tension and curious about how it would unfold.” Jin-woo, a mysterious sender who warns that a bomb is installed in the car, constantly calls Sung-gyu and leads the film's tension. Jin-woo's inner side, where the boundaries between good and evil are as blurry as the role of Sung-gyu, makes him discover a new side that is completely different from the characters Ji Chang-wook has played so far. Jo Woo-jin was blessed to be able to act with an actor with the same exact breathing as Ji Chang-wook. Although the lines look sharp, actor Ji Chang-wook's unique strength of being able to act boldly is well incorporated in <Send Restriction>.”

<Send Restriction> added a lot of texture to the film with the participation of a large number of representative Korean producers. With director Kim Chang-joo, a master of thriller film editing, cinematographer Kim Tae-soo, who showed a sensuous screen while filming <Sabaha> and <Negotiation>, worked together to create an eye-catching screen unique to <Send Restriction>. Here, car chasing and action take place under the thorough calculations of martial arts director Park Jung-ryul, who was in charge of the martial arts of <Witch> (2018), and will captivate the audience with a dense thrill. In addition, Korea's representative staff has completed a splendid production lineup from lighting, costumes, makeup, and music, making it possible to anticipate the birth of a new Korea's representative urban chase thriller.

As such, <Send Restriction> will provide special fun to the audience by adding new acting transformations of trusted actors to the well-made production completed by the representative producers of Chungmuro.


Transforming an ordinary city center into a terrorist site in an instant
100% Busan large-scale all-location behind-the-scenes release!

Director Kim Chang-joo, who directed <Send Restriction>, confirmed the film's setting in Busan early from the planning stage. Fascinated by the city's coexistence of the building's skyline and the natural sea, director Kim Chang-joo explained why he chose Busan as the background, saying, "I think the paradox of extreme fear in such a beautiful city would be very interesting." Director Kim Chang-joo and producer Lee Dae-hee from Busan, who had conceived the location two years before crank-in, started with the question, 'Where is Sung-gyu's house? I set the starting point as 'Sung-gyu's house' as in 'If Seong-gyu lives in Haeundae, where would it be?', and visited places in Busan one by one. As the city of movies, in order to immerse the audience in a situation where many parts of Busan are exposed through the media, the production team focused on finding a side of Busan that had not been shown in the media. The places I found are Jangsan Station, where car-chasing takes place in the city center in the movie, and Haeundae Plaza and Gunam-ro, the highlights of the movie.

#Jangsan Station
The idea behind Jangsan Station as the backdrop for urban car chasing was the idea of cinematographer Kim Tae-soo. Director of Photography Kim Tae-soo said, “Busan city scenes focused on showing that cars with bombs are moving around in our daily life. However, there were many obstacles in the actual filming location of Jangsan Station as it delivered a vivid sense of presence. Above all, permission to shoot in the densely packed buildings and shops was the first gateway. Production Manager Jeong Seong-hoon focused on getting permission from the locations by visiting all these stores for more realistic paintings and a sense of realism in the city. ˝I met the managers of all shops and academies one by one and explained about the shooting. The production team members visited all the shops in the district and radius as well as the crossroad we use as the background, and gave instructions along with explanations. also revealed Thanks to the permission obtained through the sweat and effort of the production team, it was possible to vividly capture the vitality of the city, such as the appearance of Sung-gyu's car in the movie moving actively in the city center with Jangsan Station as the background, and passing by everyday people.

#Haeundae Plaza & Gunam-ro
In the meantime, Haeundae Plaza and Gunam-ro have not been exposed to the media much compared to the symbolism of the places. This is because, as a representative place and tourist attraction in Haeundae, it is difficult to control access, and the number of shops that require permission is also huge, so it was difficult to get permission to shoot. However, in order to convey the tension of the chase thriller that penetrates the city center, <Send Restriction> had to get permission to shoot in Haeundae Square, which leads from Gunam. Like the previous Jangsan Station, the production team visited every building and every store and asked for permission in person for 2-3 months. The filming permission was finally passed by documenting it and submitting it to the Busan Film Commission, the ward office, and the police station. As the permission was obtained with difficulty, the filming team put more effort into rehearsals and pre-meetings in order to achieve maximum efficiency within the given time. The production department mobilized all the personnel to guide tourists and residents to minimize inconvenience on site, and the directing department divided Gunam-ro and the square into three sections. Director Kim Chang-joo said, 'The race scene on Gunam-ro had to be shot at high speed, so it was divided into three sections and repeated running and stopping. In particular, I thought it was the highlight of car chasing, so I used various equipment to secure all the cuts within the given time, such as shooting close to the road surface using a Russian arm or chasing a vehicle with a drone shot. Cinematographer Kim Tae-soo said, "After Gunam-ro, I made the most of the wide shots and drone shots to show Sunggyu's car lying on the circular plaza in Haeundae." The special shooting secret of <Restricted Calls>, which was able to capture the appearance of Haeundae Square and Gunam-ro in a well-made manner, will add to the anticipation for the movie.

In the middle of the city center!
A to Z of car chasing that makes your hands sweat

Another main character with the actors of <Call Restriction> was the car. In some cases, it was necessary to remove the upper part of the vehicle, remove the chair or door, and attach a camera in order to capture the story inside the car, so several versions of the vehicle were needed even for the same model. Director Kim Chang-joo and producer Lee Dae-hee conducted simulations with several cars to achieve this, and selected the Hyundai Genesis GV80, an SUV, as a car that fits the image of Sung-kyu, the head of a bank center and an ordinary father, and obtained vehicle cooperation. Producer Daehee Lee ˝A total of 3 cars were used for the best vehicle condition according to the shooting schedule. The vehicle was operated by making a detailed shooting plan and operation plan.

Cinematographer Taesoo Kim said, “Since the main character is in a limited space called the inside of a car, I thought about where the camera should be placed in order to show the characters in more diverse compositions” and predicted that the limited space inside the car would be drawn dynamically in the movie. . As I was thinking about various angles, such as removing certain parts of the car or attaching a camera to the position of a chair or roof, the degree to which the production department attaches and detaches the car door became a basic task. A team of professional engineers was also sent to the filming site to help install and remove all parts of the vehicle. In addition, pre-meeting for camera composition and remodeling of shooting equipment took a long time. As a result of repeated pre-tests for the perfect combination of all grips, cinematography, actors and directors, we were able to capture all the compositions perfectly in three vehicles.

Although thorough preparation went into setting up the camera inside the vehicle, the production team went through a long period of preparation in advance to capture the exterior of the vehicle and car chasing. Director Kim Chang-joo shared the behind-the-scenes of preparations for car chasing, which is the heart of the film, saying, “If you add up all the time spent in separate meetings with only the car action, it will be about a week.” “We worked together for a very long time, and the day before filming, we always sat around the production and production departments and talked a lot,” he said, conveying the intense atmosphere of constant thought and revision before the shoot began.

Car chasing, which had been thoroughly prepared, used a variety of equipment as much as the worries. ˝ With a camera device called Russian Arm, to express a sense of speed, he gave a very dynamic movement such as sweeping the road surface or climbing up the body while running. For camera walking that other cameras couldn't do, we tried to include a scene where a drone is chasing a car. also mentioned Like this, the urban chase car chasing unique to <Send Restriction>, which was born through the intense worries and ceaseless research of the production team, is expected to provide the audience with dynamic fun to enjoy on the screen after a long time.

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