(Korean Movies) Hansan: Rising Dragon, 2021

Hansan: Rising Dragon, 2021

Hansan: Rising Dragon, 2021
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130 minutes
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The battle of overwhelming victory that will change the fate of the country begins!

In April 1592, Joseon was on the brink of extinction as the Japanese lost Hanyang to the Japanese army just 15 days after the outbreak of the Imjin War.
The Japanese army, who occupied Joseon at once, gathers a large-scale military service to Busanpo, dreaming of the ambition to go to the Ming Dynasty.

On the other hand, Admiral Yi Sun-sin was defeated in a series of wars and even Seonjo was demolished in Uiju, even in a situation where he was put on the defensive.
In order to save Joseon, he ponders tactics and prepares for battle.
However, it becomes difficult to dispatch the turtle ship damaged in the previous battle,
Even the drawings of the turtle ship are stolen by the intelligence of the Japanese…

Thanks to their winning streak, the Japanese army headed to the sea off Hansando with their advantage.
Admiral Yi Sun-sin prepares a desperate strategy for the battle that will determine the fate of Joseon.

In the summer of 1592, on the 8th day of the 8th day of the lunar calendar, off the coast of Hansando,
The greatest naval battle on earth is unfolding, betting the fate of Joseon, which requires an overwhelming victory.


'Battle of Hansan', a battle of overwhelming victory that changed the fate of the country
In the summer of 2022, we share the joy of victory on the screen!

The movie <Hansan: Appearance of the Dragon> is a war action masterpiece depicting the 'Battle of Hansan' of Admiral Yi Sun-sin and the Joseon naval forces, who united with desperate strategy and courage to defend Joseon against the advancing Japanese forces five years before the Battle of Myeongnyang.

On April 13, 1592, Busanpo was accidentally breached and the Imjin War broke out. Joseon, who was not at all prepared for external aggression, surrendered Hanyang to the Japanese in just 15 days. Seonjo, who has lost the capital, leaves for Pyongyang, and the main Japanese army continues to advance north to complete the plan to conquer Joseon. However, the strategy of the Japanese forces, which had to receive supplies through land, is often blocked at sea. The main character who stopped them from advancing north is Yi Sun-sin. From the point of view of the Japanese military, a sea transport route had to be opened for supplies, but it was helpless as the Jeolla leftist investigator Yi Sun-sin was holding on. Finally, the naval forces led by Yi Sun-sin buried 20 Japanese ships at Danghangpo in Goseong, Gyeongsang Province in June. However, despite Admiral Yi Sun-sin's efforts, Joseon was forced into an unavoidable defense.

The movie <Hansan: The Appearance of the Dragon> is about a month after the Battle of Danghangpo, until the day after the Battle of Hansan. The 'Battle of Hansan', which achieved overwhelming victory for the first time among numerous battles in the Seven Years War of the Imjin War, changed the fate of Joseon. The Battle of Hansan ignited the people's desire to protect the country, and voluntary soldiers rose up across the country to defend the country. Director Kim Han-min said, “The Imjin War was an unprecedented situation and an incident. In a situation where Joseon was in great defensive position, the battle in which a character named Yi Sun-sin, a left-wing investigator in Jeolla Province, turned the whole situation around was the Battle of Hansan,” he said.

As such, <Hansan: The Appearance of the Dragon> will return to the battlefield 430 years ago and give the audience the pleasure of victory.

The true leader award that the Korean people are waiting for
We witness the beginning of 'Seong-woong Yi Sun-shin'!

Yi Sun-sin, a proud hero of the Republic of Korea and a longevity recognized in world history. The movie <Hansan: The Appearance of the Dragon> is a movie that started out of curiosity about the early appearance of the war of the hero, Yi Sun-sin, who appeared in the midst of a national crisis. Director Kim Han-min has been working on a project to draw the epic of the character Yi Sun-sin since filming Myeongryang, and his second work is <Hansan: The Appearance of the Dragon>.

While the Korean Peninsula was being devastated by the Japanese army, the only general who sounded the trump card. Yi Sun-sin, the man who defended Joseon in the early days of the Imjin War, was born in 1545 and goes to the battlefield to protect the people only in the midst of a national crisis facing the death of a thousand people. The movie <Hansan: The Appearance of the Dragon> is an energetic yet sincere look at Yi Sun-sin in a time when there were no guidelines for war.

Director Kim Han-min prepares for the Lee Soon-shin trilogy project, in the Battle of Hansan, 'Jijang (智將: a wise longevity),' in the Battle of Myeongnyang, 'Yongjang (庸將: valiant longevity)', and in the Battle of Noryang, 'The Field (賢將: Wise)' He said that he wanted to portray Yi Sun-sin of 'Longevity)'. If the <Myeongnyang> audience felt and breathed the agony and anguish behind the hero representing Korean history, <Hansan: The Appearance of the Dragon> shows the unique side of young Yi Sun-sin and his qualities as a true leader.

In particular, over the past three years of the corona pandemic, the people who are stamped with a sense of defeat and depression are waiting for the emergence of a hero who will overcome the difficult times. In the movie <Hansan: The Appearance of the Dragon>, the hero that everyone has been waiting for can be seen in the image of Yi Sun-sin, who values the people, colleagues, and subordinates more than himself. Director Kim Han-min said, "I thought a lot about how Yi Sun-sin would feel as a general in the early days of the Imjin War. The reason for casting actor Park Hae-il was that there was a wise image in his eyes. Among the descriptions of the longevity Yi Sun-sin in Jingbi-rok (Ryu Seong-yong 著), the part that 'the bright eyes were like a scholar' made me think of actor Park Hae-il."

Lee Sun-sin, drawn by director Kim Han-min, is cautious in strategy and unstoppable in battle. And I trust my colleagues more than anyone. Admiral Yi Sun-sin, who placed generals in the right positions on Hakikjindo, shows accurate understanding and trust in his colleagues. Above all, his nature to care for the people before his own life is deeply moved. In July, the audience will witness the true birth of the hero through the movie <Hansan: The Appearance of the Dragon>.

'Build a castle on the sea! Victory Tactics Hak Ik-Jin
'No Concessions' Perfect Battleship Turtle Ship
Check out the fateful naval battle that will save Joseon from defense in 1592

The scene that many people look forward to in the movie <Hansan: The Appearance of the Dragon> is probably the appearance of the legendary tactics Hak Ik-jin and the turtle ship. Through <Hansan: The Appearance of the Dragon>, I was able to vividly check the tactics of Hak Ik-jin and the activities of the turtle ship, which I had only encountered in writing, on the screen, and at the same time, I was able to feel the emotion and catharsis that came to me.

Director Kim Han-min said, "In the movie <Hansan: Appearance of the Dragon>, you can see how Hak Ik-jin and the turtle ship were operated, and how their operation led to such an overwhelming victory in the Battle of Hansan." In the case of 'The Battle of Myeongnyang', the main naval battle of the previous film <Myeongnyang>, Admiral Yi Sun-sin's major battle was won without a turtle ship. The movie <Myeongnyang> is based on historical facts, based on historical facts, and is a sea created by adding cinematic imagination and spectacular spectacles of war. it's a battle play The 'Hansan Battle', which appears as a major battle in the movie <Hansan: The Appearance of the Dragon>, is the first overwhelming battle of the 'Imjin War' in which a total of 56 Joseon ships and 73 Japanese ships fought, defeated 47 and killed 10,000 Japanese soldiers. It belongs to the battle in which the victory was won. Director Kim Han-min put a lot of effort into directing Hak Ik-jin and designing and working on the turtle ship in order to deliver the maximum amount of catharsis that can be felt in this overwhelming battle to the audience. There are no records of when the Battle of Hansando occurred in the Nanjung Diary, and the production team paid attention to the directing that combined various historical materials and cinematic imagination as much as possible despite the lack of historical data. In particular, the turtle ship of <Hansan: The Appearance of the Dragon> was modeled based on 'what is the most practical and effective model for the battle that took place in the early days of the Imjin War' among the divided opinions of the turtle ship researchers. In this way, the desperate efforts of the production team were fully reflected on the screen.

In particular, both Hak Ik-jin and Turtle Ship are a point that cannot be missed in the film in that they can confirm the absolute judgment and momentum of Admiral Yi Sun-sin at the time. For Joseon, who was on the defensive at the time, no one could make a decision to wage an all-out war with the Japanese. However, Admiral Yi Sun-sin made this all-out war possible by gathering the generals of the left and right swimmers of Jeolla and Gyeongsang, and, despite the opposition of some, enforces the tactic of building a 'castle on the sea'. His judgment and his determination to defeat the enemy are the main points of the movie that cannot be missed. In addition, the audience will be able to feel the climax of catharsis from the moment the turtle ship's weakness is revealed to the enemy at the beginning of the movie, the process of overcoming it, and the dramatic appearance of the turtle ship.

Park Hae-il, who played the unknown face of Admiral Yi Sun-shin, a hero representing Korea,
Byun Yo-han, Ahn Sung-ki, Son Hyeon-joo, Kim Seong-gyu, Kim Sung-kyun, Kim Hyang-gi, Ok Taec-yeon,
The perfect harmony of the new cast , including Gong Myung, Park Ji-hwan, and Jo Jae-yoon !

In the movie <Hansan: The Appearance of the Dragon>, a broad spectrum of actors that transcends two generations including Park Hae-il, Byun Yo-han, Ahn Sung-ki, Son Hyeon-joo, Kim Seong-gyu, Kim Seong-gyun, Kim Hyang-gi, Ok Taec-yeon, Gong Myung, and Park Ji-hwan have been cast. Following the previous film <Myeongryang>, director Kim Han-min's sharp casting sense was also reflected in the movie <Hansan: The Appearance of the Dragon>.

First, Park Hae-il, who will play Lee Soon-shin in his late 40s, said that he felt a lot of pressure from the moment the casting offer came in. The scenario I started reading with the intention of refusing at first became more interesting as the chapters turned, and I decided to appear in the movie <Hansan: The Appearance of the Dragon>. Above all, he and director Kim Han-min have recorded hundreds of victories in <The Murder Case of Paradise> and <The Last Weapon: Bow>, so trust in director Kim Han-min also played a part in the decision to appear.

Byun Yo-han, who challenged the most intense character in filmography history through this work, took on the role of Wakizaka Yasuharu, a Japanese general. Byun Yo-han, who shows sincere acting and trustworthy acting in every work, will show a sad expression that he has never seen before through Wakizaka. In particular, for those who remember the Wakizaka played by Jin-woong Cho in the previous work, Yo-han Byun's Wakizaka, which has become more ambitious, will approach with a different charm.

Although <Hansan: The Appearance of the Dragon> drew attention for its young casting, the senior actors such as girders also contributed a lot. Ahn Seong-gi takes on the role of Yeong-dam Eo, who is in charge of the water route in the South Sea of Joseon. Ahn Seong-ki is also cast in Noryang: The Sea of Death, and plans to cover two of the Lee Soon-shin trilogy projects. Son Hyeon-joo will play the role of Won-gyun, an excellent police officer in Gyeongsang Province. Wonkyun would not have been completed without the support of veteran actor Son Hyeon-joo. Actor Kim Seong-gyun, who has been most active during the pandemic season such as <Sinkhole> and <DP>, sets the stage by taking on the role of longevity Kato who is in conflict with Wakizaka. Just by his presence on the screen, the tension flowing through the Japanese military camp is expected to be conveyed to the audience.

Next, the screen-rising star corps, Kim Seong-gyu, Kim Hyang-gi, Ok Taec-yeon, Gong Myung, Park Ji-hwan, and Jo Jae-yoon, will step out. Kim Seong-gyu is expected to challenge the role of a paramilitary in the anti-Japanese military and make him think again about the meaning of war. Kim Hyang-gi, who plays Jeong Jeong-reum, takes on the role of Jeong Jeong-reum, a spy who infiltrates the Japanese army at a young age and is not afraid of righteous sacrifices. Taecyeon Ok takes on the role of Im Jun-yeong, a seeker who looks at the trends of the Japanese army. We are looking forward to seeing Taecyeon Ok, who has been actively working on projects such as [Vincenzo] and [Easa and Joy], a sense of justice. Gong Myung took on the role of Yi Eok-gi, a long-time colleague and faithful follower of Yi Sun-sin. Another highlight of the movie is Lee Eok-gi's gaze, watching Yi Sun-sin silently next to him. In addition, Park Ji-hwan, who has recently been attracting attention as a popular actor through various works such as [Our Blues] and <Crime City 2>, appears as Jangsu Na Dae-yong, designer of the turtle ship. Park Ji-hwan, who mainly worked with Yi Sun-sin's Park Hae-il, will vividly portray Na Dae-yong's longevity and spirit. Lastly, actor Jo Jae-yoon, who has been active in dramas and movies, took on the role of Manabe, the right-hander of 'Wakizaka' and the leader of the action. Jo Jae-yoon is expected to present a strong performance that creates tension throughout the play with his unique, eye-catching, intense acting, making the audience immersed in the screen.

The movie <Hansan: The Appearance of the Dragon> will show a new historical drama spectrum by casting actors with various personalities. Following <Myeongnyang>, it's time to meet director Kim Han-min's Sun Guan once again.

<Myeongryang> The original producers unite!
Perfect advance from pre-production to post-production!
A war action you can trust and watch from Big Stone Pictures, a well-made war movie production company!

The movie <Hansan: The Appearance of the Dragon> was completed by the original staff who worked with <Myeongryang> and the newly joined staff with the insight of director Kim Han-min. Based on the experience of <Myeongnyang>, I made a bold decision to shoot without a boat floating on the water, and an extra-large indoor set (Gangneung Speed Skating Stadium) that can accommodate 2-3 ships of actual proportions Panokseon and Antaekseon and outdoor in Yeosu We set up a set and started filming.

The naval battle site without water, which was a challenge, was prepared to be realized through the process of simulating all the details necessary for filming and the filming process in advance. In particular, state-of-the-art filming systems such as Pre-Visualization and virtual production technology played a part. The actors reduced the rehearsal time by recognizing the movement and emotions in advance through the fully simulated video in advance. The shooting of the naval battle, which took place regardless of the weather, built a new scene comparable to the Hollywood system. Here, in the post-production stage, the spectacular naval battle of <Hansan: The Appearance of the Dragon> was able to be completed with the extraordinary technology of the VFX part staff. Supervisor Jeong Cheol-min in charge of VFX for the movie said, “I was really scared at first because Korean audiences have already reached a high level through Marvel movies. However, the goal of making the first naval battle film that was not filmed at sea by realizing visual effects as much as possible without being limited to shooting at sea became clearer and clearer.”

Meanwhile, 'Big Stone Pictures', a film production company founded by director Kim Han-min, started with the movie <Myeongnyang> in 2014, and has become a famous battlefield movie house such as <Battle of Bongo-dong>, <Hansan: The Appearance of the Dragon>, and <Noryang: The Sea of Death>. is recognized Director Kim Han-min said, “The characteristic of battle movies is that two different cultures collide. I find the energy that comes out of their contrast and conflict, especially when the ancient local cultures collide, attractive,” he said, expressing his love for the fighting genre.


We rented one Pyeongchang Olympic Stadium!
A new challenge that will change the history of Korean maritime VFX!

<Hansan: The Appearance of the Dragon> is the first Korean film ever to realize on the screen the strategy and tactics that changed the fate of Joseon 430 years ago. done The upgraded visual of <Hansan: The Appearance of the Dragon>, completed through the thorough efforts and new attempts of the production team, is expected to present an unforgettable exhilarating catharsis even after the movie is over, along with an all-time scale that will change the history of Korean maritime VFX. have.

Using the actual Gangneung Speed Skating Stadium as the main set, the <Hansan: The Appearance of the Dragon> team vividly realized the naval battle, the core of the 'Hansan Battle', in a space without water through thorough preparation. As the sea is the main setting of the movie, VFX Supervisors Jeong Seong-jin and Jeong Cheol-min had to go through as many data collection processes as the actual sea.

As the waves and wind hitting the sea are the highest level of difficulty in creating the real natural environment with CG, all factors affecting the organism, such as the weight of the ship in the water and the speed of the movement of water bubbles, must be taken into account to create a feeling close to real water. After thorough calculations and numerous simulations, a more spectacular naval battle was completed.

In particular, to complete this work, <Hansan: The Appearance of the Dragon> maximized realism and realism by actively utilizing the pre-visualization system, which is a pre-visualization work. Adding a secret to this is the cutting-edge technology, Virtual Production. In the virtual production work, the scene to be filmed was perfectly simulated with video in advance, providing an atmosphere where both actors and staff could concentrate more than the actual sea situation, and became the basis for completing the details. Thanks to the hard work of the producers who did not miss even the smallest detail through elaborate work that required a lot of time and data for each scene like this, the Battle of Hansan, which will be born as <Hansan: The Appearance of the Dragon>, will amaze the viewers.

The costume for <Hansan: The Appearance of the Dragon> was created by a craftsman in 38
I put my soul into a battle suit!

Costume director Kwon Kwon, who worked with director Kim Han-min through <Myeongnyang> and <The Last Weapon Bow>, and boasts Korea's best skills in name and reality, participated in the design of the battle uniforms that appeared in the Battle of Hansan following the Battle of Myeongnyang.

Costume director Kwon Kwon is a craftsman who has been presenting costumes that capture both the beauty of the times and the personality of the character for 38 years with <Myeongryang> and <The Last Weapon Bow> as well as <Gwanghae, the Man Who Became King>. He said, "As I participated in <Myeongnyang> and <Hansan: The Appearance of the Dragon>, I wanted to capture the image of the early days of the Imjin War." The level of perfection has been enhanced by not missing a single detail.

Costume director Kwon Kwon prepared armor costumes for the Joseon and Japanese forces by reflecting the elements of the era of the early days of the Imjin War, as well as the major tactical elements of each camp. First, the Joseon army prepared 'dujeonggap' from generals to soldiers, effectively expressing the main battle uniforms of the Joseon army at the time. 'Dujeonggap' is a form of padded iron inside, and vividly reproduces the armor of the Joseon Army, which was overwhelmingly strong against the bow, which was the main weapon of battle at the time. On the other hand, the armor of the Japanese army, which used close combat as its main tactic, was made of 'Toseigusoku', which is strong against swords. These are costumes that are not only based on actual historical evidence, but also added creative elements that can bring out the fun of the movie.

As such, the costumes of <Hansan: The Appearance of the Dragon>, created through the detailed efforts of costume director Kwon Kwon, will not only provide another highlight of the movie, but will also overwhelm the eye with a visual that perfectly represents the situation at the time.

The sound of a dragon flowing through the narrative in the movie!
A thrilling and moving OST preview that illuminates the battle between Jijang (智將) Yi Sun-sin and the sea!

Music director Kim Tae-seong, who immersed the audience in the film with the majestic sound of <Myeongnyang>, was also involved in <Hansan: The Appearance of the Dragon>. Music director Kim Tae-seong thoroughly detailed the concept of the music in advance so that the victory and battle of the generals were described in detail and the 129 minutes were densely filled. Music director Kim Tae-seong said, "With the concept of a modern strategic war, I slowly composed music that could highlight the character's strife."

In particular, if the OST of <Myeongryang> had an orchestral sound that awakens the magnificence of war, <Hansan: The Appearance of the Dragon> completed the unique music by adding modern instruments to the orchestra melody, just like the battle of young generals. The instinctive feeling, the wild feeling, and the feeling of something wriggling in the subtitle of 'The Appearance of the Dragon' led to 'The Sound of the Dragon' in the film. The sound of the dragon, which appears with a strong presence from the beginning of the movie, is in contact with the advent of Yi Sun-sin and the appearance of the turtle ship.

In particular, when the turtle ship appeared, the sound effect of rubbing dozens of rubber balls was conceived. It is also noteworthy that the sound of the turtle ship felt by the Japanese military camp and the sound of the turtle ship viewed by the Joseon military were expressed differently. From the point of view of the Japanese military, the turtle ship was called 'Bokkaisen (legendary undersea monster)', so it was expressed in a sound that could feel fear. On the other hand, the feeling of the turtle ship, which was like a sign of victory for the Joseon army, was expressed with the sound of the guardian deity.

Following <Myeongnyang>, <Hansan: The Appearance of the Dragon> and <Noryang: Sea of Death>, it is time to meet the thrilling and moving music of music director Kim Tae-seong, who shared the journey of the Yi Sun-shin trilogy project through the screen.

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