(Korean Movies) Haemoo, 海霧, 2014

Haemoo, 海霧, 2014

Haemoo, 海霧, 2014
Youth not allowed
running time
111 minutes
cumulative audience
1475582 people
24th Buil Film Awards 2015


The sea fog that I can't see even an inch ahead…
When the 'sea fog' came, everything changed!

'Jinho Jeon', which once dominated the sea of Yeosu, is no longer able to reap a full harvest and is subject to the scavenger hunt. The captain, Cheol-ju (Kim Yun-seok), who is in danger of losing his ship, thinks it is his last chance and boards the old fishing boat 'Jeonjin-ho' with the crew.
Starting with the captain, ‘Wan-ho’ (Moon Seong-geun), a compassionate and storied engineer who lives in hiding on a ship, ‘Ho-yeong’ (Kim Sang-ho), an activist deck leader who silently obeys the captain’s orders, ‘Kyung-gu’ ( Yoo Seung-mok), ‘Chang-wook’ (Lee Hee-jun), a sailor who is faithful to his needs anytime and anywhere, and ‘Dong-sik’ (Park Yoo-chun), the youngest sailor who has just started sailing, starts sailing with the dream of a full ship.
But on the open sea, it was not meat that they were carried!
Captain Cheol-ju (Kim Yun-seok) proposes to the crew to help the smuggling in order to protect the ship, which is their home. Countless smugglers who risked their lives to cross the sea, and six sailors who got on a ship of fate. In the midst of them, an unknown 'sea fog' comes rushing in, and they get caught up in an out-of-control incident…

[ We've been waiting for a movie like this! ]

“<The Sea Fog> was a story that could not be learned without making it into a movie.”
– Planning/production Bong Joon-ho

“You never know where it will go! The tension in <Sea Fog> starts here!”
– Screenplay/Director Shim Seong-bo

“If we climb together on ‘Jeonjinho’, there is no place to escape. A work that captures all the joys and sorrows of human beings.”
– Kim Yun-seok

“The senior actors I saw on set were immersed in character research outside of the scenario.
Every moment was different from the eyes. Throughout the filming, everyone became the character in <Sea Fog>.”
– Park Yucheon

“<Sea Fog> is a movie that smells of people and misses people”
– Han Ye-ri

“I was so drawn to the setting where I had to lead only to psychological acting in a limited space”
– Heejun Lee

"25 years since the start of the movie, a shocking material I met for the first time… with my juniors who made a leap forward
It was a pleasure to work together.”
– Moon Seong-geun

“<Sea Fog> is a film about our reduced lives! The reason I chose this work is 100% the script.”
– Kim Sang-ho

“The story that runs towards the end without knowing how it will go is very attractive!”
– Yoo Seung-mok

Planning/production change

“It was a story that could not be learned without making it into a movie.”
<Sea Fog> is not only the depth of the story itself, but also
A breath-taking development that cannot slow the tension even for a moment,
And it is a work with a mournful love story in it.
I was so fascinated by it that I couldn't even learn it without making it into a movie.

“<The Sea Fog> is a work that deals with human desire”
How can a human do that, or if you are a human, you have no choice but to do that.
As these two thoughts intersect, situations that dig into our lungs occur everywhere.
And even in extreme circumstances, affectionate love blooms.
This intense human drama with amazing actors and a beautiful story.
I wanted to make it into a movie.

Planning/production Bong Joon-ho

change of direction

“<The Sea Fog> is an unpredictable movie!”
any human being
Whether it's your fault or someone else's
You can lose everything you have built up in an instant.
What is the most important thing for humans facing a dark and invisible future?
This is the question I asked myself while making <Sea Fog>.
The sea fog 'sea fog' in the movie symbolizes this.

All the characters in <Sea Fog> have good and evil at the same time.
This manifests differently depending on the situation.
I wanted to take a deep look into the inner side of a human being revealed in unpredictable circumstances.

Screenplay/Director Shim Seong-bo

[ About Movie ]

Planning/Producer Bong Joon-ho & Screenplay/Director Shim Seong-bo
<Memories of Murder> The famous combination that created the story
The reason they had no choice but to meet again!

From <Memories of Murder> to <The Monster>, as well as the recent <Snowpiercer>, Korea's representative director Bong Joon-ho started production for the first time through <Sea Fog>. Bong Joon-ho, who has captivated audiences all over the world with the most Korean story so far, said, “It was a story that cannot be learned without making it into a movie,” and expressed his feelings the moment he first encountered the original <Haemoo>. In addition, director Shim Seong-bo, who created the story of <Memories of Murder>, which mobilized 5 million viewers at the time and aroused a unique box office syndrome as a thriller movie, added to the expectation by holding a megaphone. The film industry's attention is focused on the synergy that Bong Joon-ho and Shim Seong-bo of <Memories of Murder> will once again collaborate through <Sea Fog>.
Bong Joon-ho, who was in charge of the production of <Sea Fog>, said, "It would have been difficult to complete a scenario like <Memories of Murder> without director Shim Seong-bo at the time. He toured around Hwaseong, Gyeonggi-do, conducting on-site investigations, as well as participating in the field as a director and scripter, and was with me until the end of post-production. Director Shim Seong-bo was a companion throughout the entire process of the birth of Memories of Murder.” He also said, “I am happy to be involved as a producer in a film directed by Shim Seong-bo after <Memories of Murder>. He has an excellent ability to lead the story with his unique delicacy. I thought that Shim Seong-bo was the only suitable director to lead <Sea Fog>,” he said. In particular, the two went through the process of developing the script by constantly exchanging opinions from detailed ideas to writing the script for <Haemoo>. Director Shim Seong-bo said, "When we work with producer Bong Joon-ho, we talk a lot. It was the same with <Memories of Murder>, and while working on the movie <Sea Fog>, we shared various ideas and asked for a lot of advice.” In this way, <The Sea Fog>, which reunited Bong Joon-ho and Shim Seong-bo of <Memories of Murder>, is expected to present an intense drama that will not take your eyes off the theater this summer.

Sailor himself! From Kim Yun-seok to Park Yoo-chun
The best ensemble presented by the best actors in Korea!
An outstanding performance that will remain in Korean film history!

<Haemoo> boasts a perfect ensemble with the best actors in Korea, from noble actors to screen-watchers. Among the six sailors who have radically transformed into realistic visuals reminiscent of real sailors, Kim Yun-seok, a representative Korean actor who leads the center of <Sea Fog>, is disassembled into a responsible captain 'Cheol-ju', a multi-layered human being who changes in an unpredictable situation. Unleash your inner acting. Director Shim Seong-bo said, “You will be able to see a completely different side from Kim Yun-seok until now,” said Shim Seong-bo, who played “Cheol-ju,” who is “a character like a ‘father’ who works hard to protect the sailors and ships who believe in him and follow him no matter how difficult it is.” “, he assured.
The role of 'Wan-ho', the head of the agency, played by the prestigious actor Moon Seong-geun, breaks the cold and intelligent image he has shown before and delivers a warm humanity. Producer Bong Joon-ho said, "I perfectly digested the character that contrasts greatly with the roles I've been playing. I also felt that he was a 'great actor'." Director Shim Seong-bo and producer Bong Joon-ho talked about Kim Sang-ho, an individualistic actor who showed realistic acting through the character of the deckmaster Ho-young in the image of a sailor himself, and Yoo Seung-mok, a well-known actor who instilled tension in “Haemoo” through the role of roller-count ‘Kyung-gu’. Each expressed strong trust, saying, “With his unique presence, he filled the second-ranked character of ‘Jeon Jin-ho’ more abundantly” and “an actor who has shown various characters in numerous movies.”
Actor Lee Hee-jun, who is broadening the public spectrum, took on a different look in <Hae-moo>. Director Shim Seong-bo said, "'Chang-wook' is a difficult character that can be seen differently by a single sheet of paper. The actor's amazing instincts handled it well," and applauded his transformation. In addition, Park Yoo-chun, who makes his screen debut as the youngest sailor, Dong-sik, is highly praised by producer Bong Joon-ho, “I am glad that our film industry has acquired an outstanding actor.” am. Lastly, Han Ye-ri, the next-generation actress who will lead the Korean film industry, draws attention as the only female 'Hongmae' character in 'Jin-ho Jeon'. Director Shim Seong-bo said, "When she threw the first word, it was so perfect that it was confusing whether it was an actual 'Red Mae'."
“The harmony of the actors is really amazing. As producer Bong Joon-ho said, "The running time goes by just by looking at their faces." As producer Bong Joon-ho said, Kim Yun-seok, Park Yoo-chun, Han Ye-ri, Lee Hee-jun, Moon Seong-geun, Kim Sang-ho, and Yoo Seung-mok will captivate the audience with their intense presence that fills the film's beginnings and ends. .

<The King's Man>, <Memories of Murder> and <Sea Fog>
An intense drama based on the original stage of the theater company Yeonwoo!
It will give you a sense of tension and immersion that you cannot take your eyes off of.
The hottest topic this summer is coming!

The movie <Haemoo> is based on the play [Haemoo], a work to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the foundation of the theater company Yeonwoo Stage. The theater troupe Yeonwoo stage has produced outstanding theatrical works that have received a lot of love, including the original [Come to See Me] in <Memories of Murder> and [Lee] in the <The King's Man>. <The Sea Fog>, which was created by adding the cinematic interpretation of director Shim Seong-bo to the excellent story of the original, presents a strong drama different from the play. “Since Kim Min-jung’s original play itself is so solid, how to translate this wonderful story into a screenplay was the most important part, but I think it is entirely the work of director Shim Seong-bo that it has more intense power within the genre of film. Producer Bong Joon-ho said, "It is based on the original story, but it will show situational settings and scenes that have not been seen in the play.
In particular, 'Sea Fog', which is the title of the work and a key device in the development of the story, provides a more realistic and vivid tension in the film. Regarding 'sea fog' that brings out human desires, director Shim Seong-bo said, "The fear that comes from the invisible, this is the meaning of the existence of 'sea fog' itself. In a setting where an unknown sea fog gathers, the characters reveal the human side of expressing their desires. I thought this part was the most important.” Delivering an intense drama that takes place when different desires collide in a limited space covered with sea fog for a vast ocean, <Sea Fog> is a cinematic experience that has never been experienced before through the extreme tension and suspense that draws the audience's breath. will provide

Five senses satisfaction! Announcing the birth of a monstrous movie!
<Snowpiercer> <Mother> Hong Kyung-pyo, cinematographer
<Contemplation> <The Thieves> Artistic Director Lee Ha-Jun,
<The Attorney> <War on Crime> Kim Sang-beom, editorial director
The strongest producers who need no words are united!

<Memories of Murder>, the best production team at the center of the Korean film industry, from the perfect combination of casting, shooting, art, editing, makeup, costumes, and music to <Memories of Murder>. it came together
First, cinematographer Hong Kyung-pyo, who worked with director Bong Joon-ho on <Snowpiercer> and <Mother>, is responsible for raising the reality of the film to the maximum. In order to capture the vivid colors and lively movement of the real sea, we took pictures of the deepest seas in Korea, such as Geoje Island, Masan, and Yeosu, as well as the first in Korea to fill the tank with water while moving two gimbals. of high-level shooting was conducted. He is not afraid to try new filming techniques for each work, and through <Sea Fog>, he embodies realistic visual beauty as if the audience is actually in the situation. Art director Lee Ha-joon, who won the Buil Film Award for <The Thieves> and the Blue Dragon Film Award for <The Maid>, joined to enhance the level of perfection. Art director Lee Ha-jun created a tone that satisfies the five senses with a delicate and unique mise-en-scène that can stimulate not only the overall color and texture of the film, but also the sense of smell and touch that are not felt on the screen. In addition, editor Kim Sang-beom, a veteran Chungmuro veteran who boasts a splendid career such as <The Attorney> and <War Against Crime: The Age of Bad Guys>, said, “The most important part was the transformation of human beings driven into extreme situations.” Editing that preserves the texture of the film adds a suffocating tension in <Sea Fog>. In addition, music director Jeong Jae-il, a former member of the band 'Gigs' and active in all directions through performances as well as movies, overwhelms the audience with an orchestral song with a magnificent sound that heightens emotions in <Sea Fog>. will do The movie <Sea Fog>, in which the production crew, who is considered to be the best of Korea, has been dispatched, will captivate the five senses of the audience through intense suspense.

[ Production Note ]

“Everything is 'real'!”
Real sea shooting! The perfect sailor visual! Even the actors fight!
The secret behind the production of <Sea Fog>, which risked life and death for reality!

Sea shooting close to 70%! A real Angang net fishing boat airlift!
A smuggling sequence realized with an extra-large tank set and two gimbals
A realistic visual created with the seas across the country in the background!

<Snowpiercer> <Mother> Director of Photography Hong Kyung-pyo
<Sea Fog> is the story of six sailors and sailors on a vast sea. In order to show the audience a more realistic image of the sea, we went to the seas of Geoje Island, Masan, Tongyeong, Busan, and Yeosu and filmed them. In addition, sea shooting is also related to the rising of the sun, so various things such as angle and color had to be considered. In particular, the color of the real deep sea mixed with the deep green and blue was a color that could not be imitated artificially. In order to make good use of this, I drove a real boat to the sea and repeated test shooting. Also, filming on the ship was a difficult task, but because everything including equipment had to be carried out on a shaky deck, it took a long time to set up on the sea, even for easy tasks on land, and the camera movement was also difficult. In particular, in order to film the most realistic scene of the smugglers passing by from the boat in the open sea, for the first time in Korea, two gimbals were placed in the tank set, and two ships were tried to shoot the scene. The first attempt in Korea to put a special gimbal set into water was successfully made by an excellent special effects team in Korea making high-quality equipment.

<The Thieves> <Contemplation> Lee Ha-joon Art Director
To complete 'Jeon Jinho', he traveled all over the country and started airlifting an actual Angang net fishing boat. Since I wanted something that could actually operate the ship, I went through the work of remodeling the whole ship with the help of experts for the mechanical part. Spaces such as the engine room, wheelhouse, and dormitory are also connected with a single connection to convey the cinematic concept. In particular, the engine room, which is the most important space on a ship and can serve as the heart, is a place where people have been thinking a lot. The most important part of the engine could not be manufactured there, so I went around the country looking for it. We borrowed an engine from a junkyard that separates abandoned ships, placed the actual engine in the engine room set, and designed the elements accordingly.

Perfect from head to toe! 7 people, 7 colors, intense presence!
Real style realization reminiscent of real sailors and Koreans!

<The Maid> <The Thieves> Choi Se-yeon Head of Costume Department
In order to realize a realistic style reminiscent of real sailors and Korean-Chinese, they collected costumes of sailors who directly boarded ships while conducting pre-hunting in fishing villages and used them as samples. Some of the training pants worn by Yoo Seung-mok in the role of 'Gyeong-gu' and Hee-jun Lee in the role of 'Chang-wook' were worn by actual sailors, and more than 80% of them were made. It was also a matter of how the actors would harmonize with the characters in <Sea Fog>. Each character has a unique costume. First, in the case of Captain Kang 'Cheol-ju' (Kim Yun-seok), since he is a person with a great sense of weight, we tried to instill his rigidity and stubborn image with a costume that does not reveal the flesh as much as possible. In the case of the chief engineer 'Wan-ho' (Sung-geun Moon), since he often handles tools such as tongs and pliers, not only a band-aid was attached, but also natural gray hair, wrinkles, and age spots were added to show the traces of the years. In the case of the roller-count 'Gyeong-gu' (Yoo Seung-mok) character, above all else, he showed off his money and gave a perm according to his tendency to show off. In the case of 'Chang-wook' (Lee Hee-jun) character, he rearranged the patterns collected from actual sailors' clothes to design and produce the fabric to complete a gorgeous costume.

<Memories of Murder> <The Mister> Hwang Hyeon-gyu Head of Makeup
<Haemoo> created a visual reminiscent of a real sailor with detailed makeup from hairstyle to face. First, the actors created a common visual that was rough and black in the sea breeze to make them look like sailors. In the blackened state, the intensity, density, and color were expressed differently depending on the age, position in the boat, and individual inclinations. The character's individual characteristics and harmony were the secondary tasks. Since they are sailors who are always together in a small space, I kept six people in mind in one frame, and organized the concept by changing the images of 1, 2, and 3 eyes for each person. The character 'Chang-wook' (Lee Hee-jun) made use of the characteristics of a character who is faithful to his desires and instincts by putting a facial flush in a hairstyle that only covers half of his forehead. The deckmaster 'Hoyoung' (Kim Sang-ho) character usually wears a hat to express a strong and honest disposition, and adheres to the style of keeping the silhouette alive. Dong-sik (Park Yoo-chun), the youngest sailor who has just started sailing, initially used a military look that revealed the feeling of life on land, and changed it to harmonize with the other crew members of 'Jin-ho Jeon'. Also, in the case of smugglers, we tried to contrast the sailors of the 'Jeonjinho' with the smugglers by emphasizing the stiff, straight-haired feeling unique to the Chinese. The 'Hongmae' character radiates pure charm by using the fine hair that comes out when you put a pin on your hair as a point. In addition, the red color with strong but unsettling elements was used for the skirt, adding to the unique mystery of the 'Red Mae' character.

Kim Yun-seok, Park Yoo-chun, Han Ye-ri, Lee Hee-jun, Moon Seong-geun, Kim Sang-ho, Yoo Seung-mok
It was possible because we were on one boat! Actors' struggle to become 'real'!

The actors of <Sea Fog> struggled to become 'real' sailors on the vast sea. As the story is set in an old fishing boat in Yeosu, Jeollanam-do, learning the skills necessary for actual fishing such as tying a rope, weaving a net, and steering was the first gateway to becoming a sailor. Kim Yun-seok recorded dialogue in his dialect and listened to it over and over again until he started shooting. In addition, Hee-jun Lee went through the process of learning the vivid language of local residents while traveling around Jeolla-do for about a month and a half. In addition, during the sea shooting period, which is close to 70%, the actors went through the process of co-existing in 'Haemoo World' on the vast sea, about 30 minutes away from the land by boat. The biggest challenge in the maritime set of <Sea Fog>, which was connected by two large barges and the fishing boat Jeonjin, was the fight against motion sickness. Not only did they experience landsickness, which Marines who train in the sea all day long, but they also had to overcome the struggle against drowsiness caused by motion sickness drugs. Regardless of the amount of their filming, the actors who had to endure the harsh waves and cold in the winter in ‘Jeon Jinho’ and go through all the processes together, will have the realistic appearance of a sailor and the natural intimacy of the people on the same boat through filming reminiscent of a camp life. could Showing off the perfect acting ensemble more than any other film, <Sea Fog> reaped an unexpected harvest through the ideas of actors who were reborn as 'real'. Kim Yun-seok, who has become accustomed to the daily life of a sailor, proposed a scene in which the captain of the wheelhouse takes out rice and side dishes from his plate and conducts a simple ceremony to pray for full sailing, creating a famous scene that adds reality to the film.

Another world exists in 'Jinho Jeon'!

<Sea Fog> is a story that takes place in a limited space called a 'ship'. In order to deliver vivid reality to the audience, we tried to reduce the amount of CG as much as possible and shoot in a real boat floating on the sea. In addition, the parts that cannot be digested on the Angang Net fishing boat were filmed in sets for each space, just like the actual 'ship'. The emphasis was placed on how naturally the spaces created in the actual filmed ships and sets appear in the flow of the film.
Director Shim Seong-bo

Each space of 'Jinho Jeon' exists as if the crew's own 'area'. The dormitory and kitchen are spaces where crew members live together, and the wheelhouse is the captain's own area where other crew members cannot enter without permission.
Lee Ha-Jun Art Director

#01 Wheelhouse
Captain Cheol-ju's space in charge of Jeon Jin-ho

#02 deck
The living home of six sailors with the dream of a full-fledged ship

#03 kitchen compartment
A place where the sailors' day begins

#04 dormitory
The only resting place for six crew members to lie down

#05 engine room
A place where the heartbreaking love between Hongmae and Dongsik blooms

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