(Korean Movies) Good Morning President, 2009

Good Morning President, 2009

Good Morning President, 2009
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132 minutes
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2009 A delightful imagination of director Jang Jin! This is the first time since the founding of the Republic of Korea, such a president!

President Kim Jung-ho at the end of his term in pain in front of lottery winnings of 24.4 billion won
President Kim Jeong-ho (Lee Soon-jae) at the end of his term, just six months before his retirement. A political elder who fights for the belief of the great national unity of the Republic of Korea without having to afford to take care of his family and his own life. The only hobbies he has never held a golf club for because he devoted his youth to the struggle for democracy are watching TV daily dramas and occasionally visiting a glass of soju. Then one day, the lottery that he applied for at an event he attended by chance wins the first prize and becomes the protagonist of the jackpot of 24.4 billion won. However, the joy also reminds me of the promise with the people, “If I win, I will donate everything” at the event… With the money confiscated, will you be guaranteed a comfortable retirement age, or will you keep your word, the payment deadline is getting closer and you are going back and forth between heaven and hell hundreds of times a day and suffer from pain.

Intense charisma, but infinitely timid in front of his first love, handsome single president Cha Ji-wook
Cha Ji-wook (Jang Dong-gun), who holds the record for being the youngest president of the Republic of Korea after his unprecedentedly handsome appearance and the youngest opposition president, entered the Blue House with his five-year-old son. Unlike the beginning of his tenure, his aides are saddened by the declining approval ratings, but his diplomacy style of doing everything he says without notice shows no sign of backing down even in the immediate tension surrounding the Korean Peninsula. Like this, he is strong in politics, but he is infinitely weak in love, who cannot properly say a word in front of Lee Yeon (Han Chae-young), the daughter of Jeong-ho (Lee Soon-jae), whom he has had a crush on since childhood. Ji-wook, who has been troubled since then, is suddenly attacked by a strange young man at the event, and while the outside of the Blue House is noisy due to the failure of the presidential security, the inside of the Blue House is engulfed in trouble with the embarrassing request of the strange young man.

Han Kyung-ja, the first female president of the Republic of Korea, who is on the verge of divorce due to the helpless help of her poor husband.
Han Kyung-ja (Go Doo-shim), who served as Minister of Justice during the Kim Jeong-ho (Lee Soon-jae) regime and the opposition party leader during the Cha Ji-wook (Jang Dong-gun) regime, was elected the first female president since the founding of the country! Dreaming of a perfect Blue House life based on soft charisma. However, Chang-myeon (Lim Ha-ryong), the husband of an ordinary man who has a tight Blue House life due to various schedules, cannot adapt to the Blue House and causes various problems, putting Kyung-ja into an unprecedented crisis of divorce during his presidency…

[ Prologue ]

people are the president
I think you are a very special person.
Of course, it's not wrong.
However, what we sometimes forget is
At some point they
one's husband and wife
The truth is that he is the father of a child.
their joy, their sorrow, their happiness
It's not that different from ours.
One day, when an elderly president comes and recommends a glass of soju
When the president who has quit smoking comes to borrow a cigarette,
When we meet the president who comes to us early in the morning and greets us
We say this with a smile.
Yes, good morning.

– From <Good Morning President> –

[ About Movie ]

Will the president get spam messages?
The delightful imagination of the president of comedy, Jang Jin, begins!

This fall, 48 million people of the Republic of Korea will meet a special president they have never met before. Director Jang Jin, who captivated the audience with the bizarre and human charms of various characters such as killers, gangsters, spies, police and death row inmates, is returning with the movie Good Morning President, which deals with the 'President of the Republic of Korea'. Director Jang Jin, who brought laughter with his warm gaze and ingenious imagination to various human figures and quirky imaginations across films and plays, will once again shake the Republic of Korea with the familiar but unfamiliar character of the 'President' through his next work, Good Morning President. going to make <Good Morning President>, which started from a rather erratic thought, 'Will the president also receive spam messages?' work. Through the three presidential characters who go through various periods, such as before becoming president, during their tenure, and after leaving office, they approach the audience as human, friendly, and lovable beings, rather than perfect beings.

Blue House life that everyone thinks they know but no one knows
The special private life of the president that cannot be seen in the news is revealed!

The Blue House is not on the map. And in fact, the 24 hours of the president managed under strict security enough to be classified as a second-class among national secrets. In <Good Morning President>, the president's private life with a clever imagination that cannot be seen in the news and newspapers is pleasantly unfolded. The extremely human and personal image of the president captured in <Good Morning President> will stimulate the curiosity of the audience with a fresh and familiar appearance. It is full of interesting things to see and hidden fun from not only the appearance of only one special professional president in Korea, but also their private lives in the Blue House, as well as the secretariat, aides, exclusive cooks, and bodyguards who protect the president like a shadow. <Good Morning President>, which reveals the life of the Blue House that everyone thinks but no one knows about, for the first time in Korea, is going to break stereotypes about the president in a delightful way through the appearance of the president performing state affairs.

The style recognized by Chungmuro, came together as a comedy by Jang Jin-sik!
A special meeting of Korea's representative actors Jang Dong-gun, Lee Soon-jae, and Ko Doo-shim!

<Good Morning President> is attracting attention as the most anticipated work with the news of the casting of three actors, Dong-gun Jang, Soon-jae Lee, and Doo-shim Ko, who were rarely seen on the screen. Jang Dong-gun, who has been active as a world-class actor across China, Hollywood, and Korea, returns to the domestic screen after four years after <Typhoon>. Appearing as the handsome single president 'Ji-wook Cha', along with his perfect appearance, he has hidden comedy instincts. perform without regret. Lee Soon-jae, who gained national popularity with the nickname 'Yadong Soon-jae', is responsible for the laughter of the audience with his upgraded comedy acting through the comic character Jang Jin-sik named 'Kim Jeong-ho', a popular president who won the lottery with 24.4 billion won. Go Doo-shim, a 'national mother', delivers a brilliant performance that moves the audience's hearts through 'Han Kyung-ja', who faces the extremely realistic problem of 'marital conflict' while being the ideal of 'Korea's first female president'. <Good Morning President> is expected to create the best synergy by combining the unique wit of director Jang Jin, who expressed the characters in the movie with personality by maximizing the strengths of each actor in each work, and the pleasant transformation of the three actors loved by Korea.

Jangjin's gorgeous human line, it can't be more gorgeous than this!
Ha-ryong Lim, Chae-young Han, Hae-il Park, Hyeong-jin Gong, etc. Not a single scene to be missed!

In <Good Morning President>, a large number of brilliant supporting actors, who are no less than the main characters, appear, providing fun that cannot be missed even for a moment. Im Ha-ryong, who has established himself as a talented supporting actor in Chungmuro, takes on the role of 'Choi Chang-myeon', a character who becomes a troubled husband because of his 'First Lady' mission, which was not even sold after his wife's election as president. Han Chae-young, who made her first relationship with director Jang Jin in the play 'The Clumsy People', is expected to develop a sweet romance with Jang Dong-gun, receiving the jealousy and envy of Korean women as 'President's Daughter' and 'President's Lover'. Here, actor Park Hae-il joined as a strange young man aiming for the president, and focused on the brilliant casting of <Good Morning President>. In addition, the best active actors such as Gong Hyeong-jin, Ryu Seung-ryong, Lee Han-wi, Jeong Yu-mi, Jang Young-nam, and Joo Jin-mo gathered for <Good Morning President>. <Good Morning President>, in which director Jang Jin's excellent casting sense was unmistakably demonstrated, will bring various fun to the audience with a feast of characters full of personality.

[ Behind Story_ Production Note ]

Does the president have a stylist?
Perfect styling from head to toe… Details are life!

The size of the costumes for <Good Morning President> is about three times that of a typical movie. This is because it contains images of the three presidents before, during, and after their tenure, and the size of the aides for each president is huge. Director Jang Jin gave the costume team a mission to “make the president appearing in the news come true”, and in the imagination that “because he is the president, there will be an aide who will style everything from head to toe”, he made costumes that fit the characters of the three presidents. went to completion First, since the first female president, Han Kyung-ja, is a woman, he judged that he would do the most perfect styling from head to toe, and transforms into the most glamorous and impeccable style from the modest appearance he had before his tenure as president. Cha Ji-wook's costume was mainly referenced to President Obama's costume to express his enterprising and young charisma. President Kim Jung-ho is an elder president, but he completed the styling with the concept of using the point of the costume to save the other side of the cute character. More than anything else, the costume team focused on realizing the real president. In fact, the president uses good fabrics to be conscious of public opinion, but because of the fact that he doesn't wear luxury goods, he had to find products that use good fabrics rather than sponsor expensive luxury brands or have to make them separately.

A place that is not even on the map, the Blue House was unveiled for the first time!
With half historical evidence and half imagination, it is completed more realistically than in reality!

The Blue House, located at 1 Sejong-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul has a total area of 253,505㎡ in 3 buildings and 73 lots, but is a 'secret space' that is not marked on the map. Although the Blue House is partially revealed in the news and provides the general public with an opportunity to view, there were many difficulties in the process of implementing the Blue House by the production team. The production team of <Good Morning President>, which contains not only the official activities of the president but also a private space that is not covered in the news, was difficult to see in person nor to secure publicly available data. Although some films were able to be located in the Blue House, it was difficult to shoot the exterior of the Blue House despite the main stage being the Blue House office and the presidential residence. Not only that, it was a huge space for 100% historical verification. In the end, the production team created a new Blue House with news material screens as a skeleton based on the idea of “basically, let’s meet the level known by the public and imagine it at the level of the public’s eyes”.

From the Blue House 'office' to the 'office'
Born as a set of 100 pyeong, the secret space is opened!

Every nook and cranny of the Blue House is open to the public, from the president's office space 'office' to the personal space 'office'. The Blue House office and the official set, located side by side on the Paju Heyri movie set, was built with a total area of 200 pyeong. The presidential office, where important issues of state affairs are decided and discussed, has a reception room for foreign guests and a hallway, so it was designed in consideration of efficient filming and space utilization. The actual office and architectural style of the Blue House is the same, but large windows on both sides reflect the more sophisticated and open character of the president. Using Western-style antique furniture, each character is differentiated, providing a variety of attractions and fun. The space where the president and his family live and the official residence during the five years of the president's term has never been disclosed to the media, and will be unveiled for the first time through <Good Morning President>. The Blue House 'official residence' is a place where personal life takes place, starting with breakfast with aides in the early morning while reading newspapers and news, watching TV daily dramas, practicing waltzes, and taking care of a young son. where you can get a glimpse of This place, which was completed by combining the tradition of hanok with the Western lifestyle, even has a garden planted with lawns and pine trees, giving you the illusion that a real official residence has been moved as it is. The audience will be able to get closer to them through this space, where you can see the human president rather than the authoritative one.

'Blue House' started in Gyeongju and completed in Seoul
Check out the President-class scale!

The Blue House of <Good Morning President> was finally completed by gathering not only the set but also the right places to find all over the country. The most difficult space to locate was the entrance to the Blue House. Geographically, a location similar to the entrance to the Blue House, located at the center of Bukaksan and Bukhansan, was found in Gyeongju, and the opening scene of the presidential car procession leaving the Blue House was filmed. A grand space such as a tense military operation meeting and public discourse was created at BEXCO, the Busan Exhibition and Convention Center, and the kitchen of the Blue House, which warmly decorates the ending of the movie, was created using Sookmyung Women's University in Seoul. <Good Morning President> is full of scenes where you can enjoy a splendid scale. The biggest scene among them is the chase between the president driving a vehicle alone in the middle of the night and a security vehicle chasing after him. It was filmed with an aerial camera to capture the sense of urgency of the vehicle cruising on the highway, providing a cool spectacle, and controlling the Seoul toll gate for the first time in a Korean film, realizing the extraordinary scale of a presidential film. In addition, 20 police vehicles are supported to control an 8-lane road, providing an exhilarating fun as much as an action movie.

Unofficial Hotline!
Inter-Korean talks at the Blue House in the middle of the night

An unavoidable diplomatic issue for the President of the Republic of Korea, North Korea. When a diplomatic problem with North Korea actually arises, what will happen at the Blue House until the Blue House expresses its position through the news? Secrets of diplomatic relations that were not revealed in the news can be found in <Good Morning President>. The military confrontation between North Korea and Japan occurs, and President Cha Ji-wook's diplomatic activity in dealing with the US, Japan and North Korea in response to this incident is considered to be a scene that provides fresh entertainment and exhilarating pleasure to the audience. Video calls with the US president and meeting with the Japanese ambassador are often seen in the news, but the secret meeting with a North Korean emissary at the Blue House in the middle of the night is actually more interesting because it is a likely setting. This scene, in which the tense charismatic confrontation between the North Korean emissary and President Cha Ji-wook, heightens the tension, is realistic enough to make you feel that it is actually happening at the Blue House even now.

Can't have a personal cell phone in the Blue House?
Everything about the president is managed by the bodyguard!

<Good Morning President> started from the delightful imagination that if even the president had a 'cell phone', which has become a necessity for modern people, he would receive dozens of spam messages a day. However, in reality, the president's 24-hour schedule is thoroughly managed to the extent that it is classified as a level 2 national secret, and it is known that he does not have a separate cell phone for security reasons. Even aides can only carry registered cell phones inside the Blue House. <Good Morning President> brings a lot of laughter by utilizing the uniqueness of the space called the Blue House. The scene in which Chang-myeon, who misses the life of ordinary people, secretly possesses a rental phone in order to talk freely with his friends, and is caught by the president Kyung-ja, is a setting that highlights director Jang Jin's unique wit. Just imagining the president receiving a loan information phone call from early in the morning makes me happy.

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