(Korean Movie) Girl Who Dreams about Time, 2022

Girl Who Dreams about Time, 2022

Girl Who Dreams about Time, 2022
Ages 12+
running time
110 minutes
cumulative audience
10999 people


Dreaming of becoming an advertising planner instead of the fate of being a shaman
'Sujin' leaves Hongseong, where she lived with her grandmother, and goes to university in Seoul.
I live as a college student on weekdays and as a shaman on weekends.
I'm getting tired of my busy double life…

To 'Sujin' who dreamed of others
It's time to choose your dream


Invited to the world's best documentary film festival, IDFA International Competition!
Based on the unique approach and affection for the character
A new work by director Park Hyuk-ji, who has shown high-quality human documentaries!

Director Park Hyuk-ji has presented human documentaries that depict unusual stories of ordinary people under a unique approach to relationships and boundaries between characters. Debut film <Chunhuimak> (2015) depicting the beautiful companionship of two grandmothers, who are entangled in a special relationship as 'headquarters' and 'second wife' <Oh My Papa> (2016), his second feature film, and <Speed of Happiness> (2021), which captures the relationship between nature and humans through the fulfilling daily lives of people who work as 'botkas' carrying luggage in 'Oze', a wetland area in Japan. ) has been impressed by the extraordinary interest and affection for the character. The fourth feature, A Girl Dreaming of Time, set to be released on January 11, captures seven years of time flowing between a god who gave her the ability to foresee the future and a girl who has the gift of God but dreams of an ordinary life.
The film depicts the story of Sujin, a girl who has lived as a shaman since she was 4 years old, predicting the future of others through her dreams. Last May, the film, which premiered to the audience at the 24th Jeonju International Film Festival, was officially invited to the International Competition section of the 35th International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA), drawing much attention. Amsterdam International Documentary Film Festival, held in Amsterdam, Netherlands, Hot Dogs International Documentary Film Festival, held in Toronto, Canada, and Sheffield Documentary Film Festival, held in Sheffield, England, are considered major documentary film festivals. The Amsterdam International Documentary Film Festival, where <The Girl Dreaming of Time> was nominated in the international competition category, started in 1988 and boasts the longest history and authority. ', it is called the 'dream stage' by documentary filmmakers around the world. Like this, <The Girl Who Dreams of Time>, which has proudly made its name on the world stage, is expected to be a documentary with a high level of perfection.
Director Park Hyuk-ji is highly praised for his directing method as if he entered the life of a character rather than highlighting the presence of a camera. Many documentaries focus on narration and interviews, but director Park Hyuk-ji's documentary captures the life unfolding right before your eyes as the camera silently follows the character. At the GV held at the screening of the Amsterdam International Documentary Film Festival, director Park said, "I think this is an important point because the natural appearance of everyday life comes out when you feel like you are not confident when filming." It captures the character from the closest distance, but captures the reality as it is rather than the director's intervention, and tells the most sincere story to the audience.
Director Park Hyuk-ji, who leads Korean human documentaries with such a unique approach to characters and directing based on a loving gaze, is expected to thrill many movie fans with his new film <The Girl Who Dreams of Time>.

Seeing the future of others through dreams since the age of 4
The drama-like life of 'Sujin', who was called 'Little Shaman'
A record of 7 years following the ever-changing youth

Shamans are divided into 'Gangsinmu' and 'hereditary shamans'. 'Gangsinmu' refers to a case of becoming a shaman after suffering from a disease (new disease) and receiving a naerimgut, and 'hereditary shaman' refers to a case of inheriting the status of a shaman from generation to generation and performing martial arts. 'Sujin''s paternal grandmother, 'Kyungwon', was Shinmu Kang. After getting married, she suffered from disease and went through a shaman ritual, and lived as a shaman for over 40 years. 'Sujin' was entrusted to 'Kyungwon' when she was the first child and grew up in a shrine in Hongseong, Chungcheongnam-do. When he was 4 years old, he suddenly recited 'Cheonsugyeong', which no one had taught him, and surprised people by talking about the future of someone he had seen in his dreams. 'Kyung-Won' hopes that 'Su-Jin' will not walk the same path as him, and puts up a warning sign in front of the house so that visitors do not ask anything. However, the young 'Su-jin' asks for the warning sign to be removed, saying that her heart is stuffy.
Like 'Kyung-Won', 'Su-Jin', who suffered from disease and received God's blessing, started a double life from 2003 when she entered elementary school, going to school on weekdays and seeing people's fortunes on weekends. People's attention and interest was poured into the young shaman 'Sujin', and she was introduced through various broadcast programs such as SBS [Truth Game], KBS [Growth Documentary-Dream], and OBS [Melodocument Family], earning her the nickname 'Little Shaman'. got it
A shaman, a person who speaks to the gods, is considered to be 'destined for a special destiny'. They say that fate is given by God and cannot be rejected or escaped. However, 'Soojin' was a person who always left the room for choice about her future. And he continues to make new attempts that he can in his place and builds his life.
The film captures the ever-changing 7 years of 'Sujin', from her 3rd year of high school preparing for the college entrance exam to graduating after entering college. Just like the saying in the movie, 'I will study hard and become what I want to do', 'Sujin' studied hard to achieve her dream and entered Hankuk University of Foreign Studies with excellent grades. The camera silently follows Sujin's busy daily life as she leaves Hongseong's mountains and adapts to a new environment. And, contrary to people who visit a shaman due to uncertainty about the future, it captures the image of a young man living with anticipation for the uncertainty of the future.
The story of 'Sujin', a shaman who manages her own future, shows a big difference from the existing shamanic movies that focus on the role of a shaman who reads fortune telling or conducts an exorcism. And it will give you time to think about the subject of 'destiny' again.

The moment of choice that comes to everyone, and
Through the future that 'Soojin' will draw through choices
A New Year's film documentary that conveys empathy and lingering emotions!

As Jean-Paul Sartre said, 'Life is C (Choice) between B (Birth) and D (Death)', a person's life consists of numerous choices. The time of choice comes without a doubt for 'Sujin', who does not live according to the destiny set by God and dreams of something else. <The Girl Who Dreams of Time> depicts 'Sujin' constantly struggling with two options, 'shaman' and 'ordinary life', and reflects 'Sujin''s realistic daily life as she travels between two different worlds. If existing shamanic films such as <Spirit: Reconciliation between the Living and the Dead> (2003) and <Manshin> (2014) focused on the role of a shaman who conducts fortune-telling or exorcism, <The Girl Who Dreams of Time> is a shaman. Focusing on the appearance of 'Sujin', a young person in the past, prepares time to think about the choices in life that everyone goes through.
Audiences who first met the film through the screening of the 23rd Jeonju International Film Festival said, 'There is a very real life in a movie-like scene' (Kim **, Watcha Pedia), 'A person who dreams of being normal, but knows how to accept reality. I deeply sympathized with 'Sujin', a shaman who sees the future while leaving reviews such as 'People' (Ah*, Watcha Pedia), as well as seeing her struggling at the crossroads of choice.
After graduating from college, 'Sujin' opens a new temple in Pyeongtaek, Gyeonggi-do, and becomes a full-time shaman. However, it cannot be said that Sujin's fate has been decided just because she continues to work. Even if the flow set in the big frame cannot be changed, it is possible to change and manage one's life through the choices that come every moment of life.
The end of the movie does not mean the end of Sujin's life. Even at this moment, 'Sujin''s time is passing, and the audience will be able to leave the theater with a smile because the still young 'Sujin' has a future that will change through many choices.
Many moments of choice await everyone who welcomes the new year. <The Girl Dreaming of Time> will be a work that sends courage and support to people who are about to make various choices at the beginning of the year.


#1 shooting

The protagonist who crosses between an ordinary student and an extraordinary shaman
Extraordinary efforts to contain 'Soojin'
The behind-the-scenes of the filming that was painstakingly completed one by one!

Filming began on July 10, 2015 and ended on February 25, 2022, after a long period of time, <The Girl Dreaming of Time> is an honest portrayal of the main character, Sujin, who crosses between an ordinary student and an extraordinary shaman. It took a lot of effort and a different way of filming.
While a total of 89 episodes were filmed, all the cuts were painstakingly filmed to capture Sujin's daily life from various angles, and the amount of recording itself was quite large. 'Sujin' and 'Kyungwon''s daily life and shamanic work were areas that could not be easily distinguished, and the lifestyle of the two people, who related trivial things in daily life to shamanism, made it impossible to put the camera away even when it was not a special situation such as fortune-telling or exorcism. made it impossible
In particular, more meticulous filming was required when 'Sujin' worked in shamanism. There were moments when 'Soojin' was possessed when she was giving fortunes to the guests or performing guts, and at that time, the position of the pupils changed in an instant, so I tried to combine regular filming with UHD 120P high-speed filming. In addition, it was not easy to recruit guests who came to the three shrines to see fortune-telling. The guests, who were allowed to film the back with difficulty, paid special attention to the recording to capture the sound of the scene, instead of being unable to film the front.
During the 7 years of filming, he faced a big hurdle. The main character, Sujin, suddenly stopped filming. In July 2015, I started filming 'Sujin', who was a senior in high school, and the filming was stopped in June 2016. At that time, 'Sujin' was about to go on summer vacation in her first year of college. Director Park Hyuk-ji wanted to film more of 'Sujin''s college life, but 'Sujin' didn't want to film any more because of the psychological burden. Director Park Hyuk-ji watched such 'Sujin' silently, and on the other hand, he waited for 'Sujin''s contact with the conviction that 'I think this work will be finished someday'. In January 2019, 'Sujin', who was in her senior year of college, contacted to resume filming, and filming resumed in February, and the film was able to be completed.
<The Girl Dreaming of Time>, which was completed after such a long effort, vividly depicts the story of 'Sujin' over the past 7 years and conveys emotions and lingering emotions.

#2 music

Netflix original [Hell] and
Movie <Method: Again>, <Mother> music crew participated!
A high-quality OST that expresses the mysterious atmosphere and emotion of 'Sujin'!

<The Girl Who Dreams of Time> presents a deep sense of immersion with the OST that delicately expresses the mysterious atmosphere of 'Sujin', a shaman with special talents, and the emotion of 'Sujin' who wants to escape from her given fate. Music director Kim Dong-wook, who was in charge of music for Netflix original [Hell] and [Method: Again], participated in the music for the film, and the music production team for <Mother> and <Detective Chosun: The Missing Knob's Daughter> participated. It was completed with the joining of music director Lee Hyun-joo, who is also active in a music creative group called 'Nouvelle Vague'.
While watching the tvN drama [Method] (2020), director Hyukji Park, who felt that he expressed the mystery of 'shamanism' musically well, ahead of the post-production of <The Girl Dreaming of Time>, music Dongwook Kim, who worked on the OST for [Method]. remember the director. Director Park, who contacted us through SNS messenger and had a meeting in the studio of music director Kim Dong-wook, showed the first rough cut of <The Girl Dreaming of Time>. The job was accepted right away. Music director Kim Dong-wook has several colleagues who make music together in a music creative group called 'Nouvelle Vague.'
<The Girl Dreaming of Time> deals with the story of a shaman and creates a mysterious atmosphere, but due to the genre of documentary, there were limitations in expressing the entire atmosphere through video. The music of the film complements the insufficient parts of the video and works in a direction that can be helpful when expressing the mystery of the shamanic world and the emotions of the main character 'Sujin', while at the same time the music is too dramatic or exaggerated to harm the atmosphere of the play. I was very careful not to.
In particular, the song that appears before the title of the film appears in the opening and the song that appears in the ending were newly composed by music director Lee Hyun-joo at the suggestion of director Park Hyuk-ji during the final preview. The opening song has a sad waltz-like three-time rhythm to help immerse the audience in the play, and the ending song also goes well with Sujin's last facial expression, giving a deep afterglow.

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