(Korean Movie) Gentleman, 2021

Gentleman, 2021

Gentleman, 2021
Ages 15+
running time
123 minutes
cumulative audience
224719 people
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"I'm in the situation where I'm a prosecutor…?"

'Ji Hyun-soo', the president of the Secret Service, handles 100% of the cases requested.
At a pension where he went to look for a puppy with a client, he was attacked and collapsed.
Severed memories, lost clients. When I came to my senses, I was suddenly framed as a suspect in the kidnapping case.
'Ji Hyun-soo', who was misunderstood as a prosecutor after a car overturned accident while being arrested.
In order to find a missing client, he disguises himself as a prosecutor and starts an investigation.

“Your method of investigation is different, isn’t it like a prosecutor?”

Prosecutor's prosecutor, also known as 'Kim Hwa-jin', the crazy X of the inspection department.
One day when he, who did not know how high the sky was, was living the bitter taste of being demoted.
While investigating a kidnapping case, he meets Ji Hyun-soo, who pretends to be a prosecutor.
He finds out that what he thought was a simple kidnapping is related to the law firm conglomerate 'Kwon Do-hun' who killed him.

“It’s illegal to catch bad guys, where is it legal?

'Kim Hwa-jin' wants to catch 'Ji Hyeon-soo' and 'Kwon Do-hoon' who want to get rid of false accusations,
Two people who joined hands for their own goals
While digging into the ugly crimes of a conglomerate at a large law firm, they encounter a completely unexpected situation…

The operation is perfect, the investigation is gentle!
High-quality criminal entertainment unfolds!


A solver appears who will provide exhilarating catharsis in a stuffy reality!
In December 2022, a one-of-a-kind crime entertainment unfolds!

At the end of this year, <Gentleman>, the only criminal entertainment movie that will give you a thrilling and exhilarating pleasure, is coming to theaters. <Gentleman> is a criminal entertainment movie in which 'Ji Hyeon-soo', the head of an agency with a 100% success rate, pretends to be a prosecutor to find a missing client and chases bad guys regardless of whether they are illegal or legal.

<Gentleman> is a work that started with a unique setting in which the president of a secret agency, who got caught up in an unexpected incident while solving a commissioned case and was framed, pretends to be a prosecutor and chases the villain. The more you dig, the more you dig, the more you reveal the ugly crime and the process of punishing the omnipotent bad guy, and will give the audience pleasant fun and vicarious satisfaction this winter to increase their immersion. In particular, “It is a work that contains various pleasures that can be felt through the medium of film. As Ju Ji-hoon predicted, "It's not difficult and you'll be able to enjoy it comfortably," and <Gentleman> will give high satisfaction to all audiences who enjoy crime entertainment movies. It contains all the charms of the criminal entertainment genre, from the fast-paced development without boring moments, the delightful laughter created by charming characters, and the explosive tension created by the confrontation with the giant law firm, the 'axis of evil'. Also, just as Park Sung-woong picked “speedy development and stylish images” as attractive points, the sensuous visual beauty unfolding in the unstoppable development process heralds the birth of a new and stylish crime entertainment movie. Here, Seongeun Choi expressed confidence, saying, “It is a very interesting movie that can be watched without letting go of tension until the end.” As such, <Gentleman> is a work that maximizes the strengths of the crime entertainment genre, including a fresh setting differentiated from existing crime entertainment films and a story that does not allow predictions, and will provide special fun that will not take your eyes off even for a moment.

Hot actors who caught everything from acting skills to topics!
Joo Ji-hoon X Park Seong-woong X Choi Seong-eun's thrilling character battle!

Actors Joo Ji-hoon, Park Seong-woong, and Choi Seong-eun, who guarantee both box office success and acting skills, meet in the movie <Gentleman>. First of all, actor Ju Ji-hoon, who has been working hard on the screen and in the home theater, such as the movies <Dark Figure of Murder>, <Duke>, <Along with the Gods> series, as well as dramas [Mt. He stands in front of the audience as 'Ji Hyeon-soo', the president of the Heungshinsa, who handles the %. Through previous works, Ju Ji-hoon, who has played ever-changing characters such as a rare murderer who provokes detectives, an ambitious North Korean security agent, a playful grim reaper, and an elite lawyer in the legal profession, has shown a new charm that he has never shown before through the role of 'Ji Hyun-soo'. will be dissipated. In particular, it is no exaggeration to say that 'Ji Hyun-soo' is a character created for Ju Ji-hoon, as director Kim Kyung-won said, "I thought of Ju Ji-hoon from the time I wrote the scenario." Like this, Ju Ji-hoon will capture the hearts of the audience with a perfect character synchro rate as if he was wearing a tailored suit.

Here, Park Sung-woong, who has been active in various works ranging from movies such as <The Swindler>, <Prosecutor Abduction>, and <New World> to dramas such as [Life on Mars] and [Remember – War of the Son], breaks down into high-class villain 'Kwon Do-hoon'. He puts on a performance that will overwhelm the screen. 'Kwon Do-hoon', played by Park Sung-woong, is a law firm conglomerate who used to be an aristocratic prosecutor. Park Sung-woong, who has played overbearing villains in various works, created a villain that he has never shown before through <Gentleman>. In order to perfectly digest the role of 'Kwon Do-hoon', who exudes a powerful aura in his dignified and mannered behavior and tone, Park Sung-woong is rumored to have shown passion for direct costume ideas such as suits, mufflers, and accessories. Park Seong-woong, who completely possessed 'Kwon Do-hoon' from his outward appearance to his tone and personality, plans to renew his legendary villain character through <Gentleman>. Park Seong-woong said, "I tried and thought about how to show a differentiated villain," suggesting that he put effort into creating a character armed with a different charm, rather than following the existing villain character as it is.

Lastly, Seongeun Choi, who is leaping from a rookie monster to an actor who is believed and seen, plays the role of 'Kim Hwa-jin', a smart and righteous helper of 'Ji Hyun-soo'. Seongeun Choi won the Best New Actress Award at the 25th Chunsa Film Festival with her debut film <Initiation> and rose to stardom in Chungmuro. After winning the Best New Actress Award at the 31st Buil Film Awards with <Ten Months in the Future>, she received the Best New Actress Award from critics and audiences for each film. All of them are recognized for their acting skills. 'Kim Hwa-jin', played by Seongeun Choi, is a prosecutor among prosecutors and a person who never lets go of a case he catches, enough to be nicknamed 'Crazy X' in the inspection department. Regarding Choi Seong-eun, who showed off a shining presence among seniors with long-standing skills, Park Seong-woong said, “I thought you were a great monster rookie,” drawing attention to his performance in <Gentleman>. The new meeting of actors who have built their own acting world like this will enrich the play and increase the fun of watching the movie.

<Seungriho> [Hell] From cinematographer Byun Bong-seon
<Hansan: The Rise of the Dragon> <But Save Me from Evil> Cho Hwa-seong Art Director,
<Call> <Believer> <Master> Even music director Dalpalan!
A complete criminal entertainment unfolded on the screen by the best production team!

For the high-quality crime entertainment film <Gentleman>, the best production team that created works of high quality as well as technical perfection, such as <Victory>, [Hell], <Deliver Us From Evil>, and <Believer>, came together.

First, in various works such as the drama [Hell], <Seungriho>, <Tazza: One Eyed Jack>, and <The Terror Live>, we implemented a screen that can increase the audience's immersion and maximized the appeal of the genre by filming. Cinematographer Byun Bong-seon, who added vitality to the film, grabbed the camera. Cinematographer Byun Bong-seon amplifies expectations for the work by revealing that he worked to add a sense of rhythm so that the audience can easily follow along while keeping alive the dynamic and fast-paced flow of <Gentleman>. In addition, <Call>, <Samjin Group English TOEIC Class>, <Dokjeon>, <Master>, <The Wailing>, <Assassination>, <Thieves>, etc., have sensuous music that makes you more immersed in the story. The music director of Dalpalan, who has previously presented "The Musical", joined the group. In this work, Dalparan music director plans to use funky rhythm-oriented music to bring wit and suspense to the audience, giving a different kind of enjoyment.

Lastly, in numerous works such as <Hansan: The Rise of the Dragon>, <But Save Us from Evil>, <Wicked Man>, <Veteran>, <Inside Men>, and <New World>, a space with a solid style and details is realized. Art director Hwa-seong Hwa-seong, who doubled the charm of the character, participated. Art director Jo Hwa-seong not only completed a space that makes the character stand out, but also added the pleasure of creating a beautiful mise-en-scène that catches the eye. Director Kim Kyung-won, who collaborated with these top-notch production crews, said, "I wanted to use the unique wit of the film by actively showing the art, color, and music of the film." makes you look forward to more As director Kim Kyung-won and the best production team gathered for <Gentleman>, the audience will be able to fully enjoy the pleasure and fun of the perfect details.


Shooting that gives you visual pleasure and witty music that disallows prediction!
Complete the sense of rhythm in the movie that satisfies the five senses!

<Gentleman> added a visual rhythm to the work by maximizing the sense of speed in order to convey the pleasure of the crime entertainment genre. Director Kim Kyung-won said, “I filmed the film so that the audience can feel that the story is progressing with a colorful and interesting composition just by looking at the screen.” As well as having fun through it, I put effort into giving a sense of rhythm so that the audience can easily follow the situation and story of the character. To this end, thorough planning was carried out from the preparation stage of production. Cinematographer Byun Bong-seon, who worked on works such as <Victory>, [Hell], and <The Terror Live>, said, “I put the focus on the rhythm of the entire film. I went through thorough continuity work from the pre-production stage with the idea that I want the audience to enjoy watching it.” In addition, the scenes where you can feel the thrill full of tension are properly placed. One of them is the car overturning scene that leaves a strong impression from the beginning of the play. The car rollover scene was filmed by turning the vehicle 360 degrees with the actor on board. Cinematographer Byun Bong-seon picked it as the most impressive scene, saying, “It was a scene that gave me a lot of strength to make it look realistic after going through numerous tests and taking into account details such as window fragments.” Here, director Kim Kyung-won said, "Using a phantom high-speed camera, we took a high-speed shot of about 2,000 frames" about the scene, raising questions about how the dramatic and highly-completed accident scene will be realized on the screen.

The part that gives the greatest sense of rhythm to <Gentleman> is definitely the music. Director Kim Kyung-won thought about the music that goes well with each scene from the scenario work process, and enhanced the detail by listing the music for a specific scene in advance. In addition to this basic work, the production team made an effort to break away from typicality to complete a witty and cheerful crime entertainment movie. In particular, in the scene of the car overturning, the world famous song Frank Sinatra's My Way was used, and the ironic fun was maximized by adding a calm yet powerful melody and a dramatic scene. Music director Dalparan said, “I refrained from working on music that could be predicted that 'this kind of music will come out in this kind of scene'. He said, “I approached it with a feeling of avoiding the existing standardized things,” he said, “It will give a fresh feeling, such as exciting music in a tense situation.” In addition to this, the different atmospheres of the characters were expressed through music. As music director Dalparan said, “I tried to bring out the feeling of each character with the atmosphere of the music,” the head of the agency, Ji Hyeon-soo, gives off a mysterious but pleasant and bouncy feeling, while the elegant and leisurely villain, Kwon Do-hoon, has a unique character. The noir feeling of 'Kim Hwa-jin', a strong-willed prosecuting attorney, strongly emphasizes the feeling of a character who is exploring and agonizing over solving a case. As such, <Gentleman> will double the charm of the play by adding witty music and shooting that maximizes the pleasure of the fast-paced criminal entertainment genre.

Capture the character's personality!
The creation of a sensuous and stylish space!

Director Kim Kyung-won and the production team put in a lot of effort so that the unique characters could be realized on the screen, and especially the space design. In particular, as the main character who catches the bad guy regardless of whether it is legal or illegal, the overall art concept was set so that it could be real and feel fantasy. As director Kim Kyung-won said, “The colors and overall balance are gorgeous and vintage,” the design was designed in a way that boldly expresses the space itself.

Another key point of the space design was to make use of all the character's characteristics and styles so that they could approach the audience directly without further explanation. The motel where the main character 'Ji Hyun-soo' stayed, the hideout of the secret agency members, the high-end pension of 'Kwon Do-hun', and the examination room of 'Kim Hwa-jin' were put in great effort to bring out their own characteristics. Art director Jo Hwa-seong, who drew attention for his sensuous art, said, "I tried to bring out the color and space feeling to the West to give 'Ji Hyun-soo' a heroic movie character and cheerful feeling," and said he focused on design that could bring out the character of the character. Explained. Here, the hideout of the members of the Secretariat excluded colors and made the actions of the characters more focused, and the high-end pension of 'Kwon Do-hoon' was designed as a space where you can feel the aura to express the person with the highest power. Park Seong-woong, who played 'Kwon Do-hoon', said, "I built a jungle in the pension set, and I still remember it because the character and space matched so well", raising expectations for the carefully completed art. In addition, the space is designed to maximize the character of 'Kim Hwa-jin', a poisonous prosecutor who never lets go once bitten. Art director Hwa-seong Hwa-seong said, “To show that I am a person who is buried in work, I completed the space by repeatedly stacking documents, etc.” The impressive ending scene that decorates the end of the film was created without the help of CG. Director Kim Kyung-won said, “There were many opinions that it would be better not to use CG for the train scene, which is the ending,” and that LED walls were used to realize the scene realistically. LED WALL is a shooting technique that implements the background on LED screens on the wall and ceiling and shoots a person standing in front of it to make it appear as if the person is actually in that space. The production team of <Gentleman>, which completed a more realistic and effective scene through this, will further increase the audience's immersion with a space design where you can feel the breath of the character itself.

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