(Korean Movies) Forever the Moment, 2007

Forever the Moment, 2007

Forever the Moment, 2007
all spectators
running time
124 minutes
cumulative audience
4018872 people
7th Korea Film Awards 2008


1st Half >> Older players return to the court to relive the glory of the Olympics!
Mi-sook (Moon So-ri), the best handball player who played a leading role in winning the Korean Olympics for the second time in a row. However, when the team she devoted herself to is disbanded, she quit handball, which was her whole life, and works at a large supermarket to make a living. At this time, Hye-kyung (Kim Jeong-eun), who was working as a successful manager for a Japanese professional team, returns to Korea as an acting coach for the Korean national team in crisis. To bolster the team's strength, she brings together old teammates and rivals Mi-Sook, one by one, and other senior players who will relive their former glory.

Second half >> Can't it be because she's a woman?!
Hye-kyung strives to strengthen her power through intensive training from the beginning, but her self-righteous style causes quarrels with young players with strong personalities and eventually spreads to physical fights between the old and the new players. In response, the association chairman fires Hye-kyung from acting coach and appoints world-famous star player Ahn Seung-pil (Uhm Tae-woong) as the new manager, taking into account the discord with the players and the fact that she is a woman. Hye-kyung, whose pride was more important than anything else, returned to the team as a player instead of a manager to restore her honor due to the disappointment of her immaturity and the impossibility of returning to Japan.

Overtime >> Isn't it because you're too old?!
Seung-pil, who dreams of a successful career as a manager after leaving behind a splendid career as a player. By forcibly introducing a scientific program that does not consider players and European-style training methods, he causes conflicts with older players who are accustomed to Korean handball, and even lowers the national team's power. Even Mi-sook leaves Taereung due to a conflict with Hye-kyung, and the national team struggles in an evaluation match with male high school students.

Tossing the match>> The girls who faced the world saying no to you together, challenge the dream on the last court!
Seung-pil announces that he will be excluded from the entry due to the problem of inexperienced leaving without permission. Sadly, Hye-kyung demands that if she completes first in the climbing training of Mt. Hye-kyung runs with all her might for Im-sook, and Seung-pil runs with her teeth clenched in order not to lose to her… In the end, with the efforts of the old players including Hye-kyung, Mi-sook rejoins the national team, and Seung-pil and new players acknowledge their grit for handball and their determination to challenge their dreams until the end. Finally united by the best teamwork, they head to Athens to achieve the feat of world domination once again.

The moment the world's attention is focused!
Their last fighting spirit, who risked their lives for handball, begins!

[ Prologue ]

only once in 4 years
Women's handball is attracting a lot of attention from the people only in the Olympics.

In 2004, 5 unemployed teams, 20,000 won per day for national team players,
There were not enough athletes to participate in the Olympics, so retired athletes had to be called in.
Players recognized as world-class players were invincible and unemployed in Korea.

The last opponent I met after a hard fight with European powers under bad conditions
Denmark, the world's strongest country, has 1,035 business teams, and handball is the national flag!

Against opponents who receive national support and generous support
Korean women's handball players who had to overcome the difficult situation on their own
He ran until a sweet smell came out of his mouth, threw the ball with his whole body, and blocked it relentlessly.

reversal, reversal,
extension, re-extension,
And, until the final throw…

They poured out every last drop of sweat and every breath
You created the best moment of your life that you will never regret a single point of.

Their beautiful fighting spirit that moved the world
The moment that will give you strength is coming!

[ Hot issue ]

The greatest emotion of our life! The true story of the female handball players who competed in the 2004 Athens Olympics!
<The Best Moment of Our Life> is a movie depicting the moving true story of female handball players who competed in the world's best match at the 2004 Athens Olympics. At that time, the Korean women's handball team was evaluated as the weakest among the national teams, and no one expected them to make it to the finals because they had to gather even senior players to strengthen their power. However, they overturned these concerns and expectations and surprised the world by confidently advancing to the finals. In particular, against Denmark, the world's strongest handball player, their game was selected as one of the 'Top 10 Most Scenic Battles of the 2004 Athens Olympics' by the AP, in which they fought until the end of 128 minutes until the end of extra time, re-extension, and even tossing. and moved the world.
The repercussions of their fighting spirit on Korea were even stronger. The final against Denmark was 'the best match selected by netizens' (Daum Media), and the Korean women's handball team was selected as 'the player who showed the most impressive appearance' (Naver), causing an explosive reaction, and netizens voluntarily activated handball in various places. exercised In addition, the struggles of veterans such as Oh-kyung Lim and Seong-ok Oh, who were the eldest sisters of the national team, were highlighted in the media, and KBS's human theater <Two Women in Hiroshima>, which showed their hard life in Japan by chasing their daily lives, transcends generations. It made a calming reverberation.
The story of the girls who overcame the sorrow of an unpopular sport and showed their fighting spirit by doing their best until the end is now reproduced in the movie <The Best Moment of Our Life>. The stories of these women who live in the same era as they overcome the prejudices of the world and challenge their dreams will form a broad consensus and provide differentiated impressions.

The first material in our life! The world's first handball movie!
<The Best Moment of Our Life> is the world's first handball-themed film. In Korea, handball is an unpopular sport that only attracts attention in the Olympics despite its world-class skill, but in Northern Europe, it is the second most popular after soccer and has long been established as a daily sport enjoyed by the whole nation.
Originally from Northern Europe, handball has been in the spotlight as the most intense and fastest indoor sport. This is because, unlike other sports events, push-and-grab fights are allowed. Cool shots are poured throughout the game, and the referee does not stop the game even when changing players, so the game progresses quickly. For this reason, handball is evaluated as a sport that both players and spectators can enjoy with excitement.
<The Best Moment of Our Life>, which draws the story of the women's handball players of the Korean national team using handball as the subject for the first time in the world's film history, is not only a touching drama, but also the charm of handball, a game full of excitement that ordinary people have not known, and the battle. The week will give you an exhilarating catharsis.

The best show of our life! Director Im Soon-rye's next film after 6 years!
Director Im Soon-rye of <Three Friends> and <Waikiki Brothers> has chosen <The Best Moment of Our Life> as the next film in six years. Director Im Soon-rye has been recognized for his work and directing skills by dealing with the meaning behind life and the values of his surroundings through his previous films, including <Walk in the Rain>, which won the grand prize at the Seoul Short Film Festival. In particular, her representative work <Waikiki Brothers> was evaluated as “the best harvest of the film industry in 2001”, and the film industry has been waiting for Im Soon-rye's next film for a long time.
Director Lim Soon-rye will portray the movie <The Best Moment of Our Life> as “not a film belonging to a typical sports genre, but a human drama centered on the fighting spirit of female handball players struggling and fighting both in the lives of handball players and in the Olympic Games.” Here, the director's unique human reality is alive, and the director's sincerity and resonance will add credibility to the workmanship. In addition, through <The Best Moment of Our Life>, she will go one step further as a director who has received wide trust and expectations from the audience by maintaining a consistent theme, but also combining both workmanship and popularity.

The best meeting of our life! A fresh combination of Moon So-ri, Kim Jong-un, and Uhm Tae-woong!
Representative actor Moon So-ri, who was recognized for his acting skills on the world stage with <Oasis>; Kim Jong-un, who is loved by the public for flexibly crossing movies and dramas; Uhm Tae-woong, who had taken over Japan of course, met in <The Best Moment of Our Life>. The meeting of the three actors is evaluated as the freshest casting in 2007, and attention is focused on the acting combination they will create in the future. Kim Ji-young and Jo Eun-ji, who will give a pleasant laugh through human characters, will be added to make the movie fun.
They worked hard together for three months of handball training to strengthen their teamwork. In addition to group training and camp training, the actresses voluntarily increased their muscle mass by more than 5 kg through strength training and diet control.
The actors who have put in their best efforts for a long period of time for <The Best Moment of Our Life> will come together as the strongest women's handball team, which overcame their hardships and adversity by risking their lives on handball, and will give the best impression and laughter in their lives.

[ Production Note ]

<The best moment of our lives>, a handball game scene is dynamically reproduced!
In January 2005, the task given to the production crew, who started the planning stage, was 'how to reproduce the reality of the world's first handball-themed movie'. Accordingly, director Im Soon-rye and the main production team sought various methods to overcome the disadvantageous basis of handball, which even lacked sufficient data, and to produce a complete sports movie.
First of all, I referenced domestic and foreign sports films produced so far, focusing on the basketball movie, which is the most similar ball game to handball. In addition, he personally visited the Korean Handball Association and Taereung Athletes' Village to ask for advice from the officials, and personally met the real players and coach Lim Young-cheol, who were the protagonists of the women's handball glory at the 2004 Athens Olympics, and collected data through in-depth interviews.
After analyzing the vast amount of data collected in this way, with the help of coach Daejin Lee, supervisor of handball, we started to work out realistic and meticulous play movements of the actors. Based on this game continuity, a 3D continuity was produced to identify the most dynamic movements and movements of the actors through several test shoots and to minimize the error between actual shots.
In addition, in order to perfect the reproduction of the game scene, I directly visited the Helenico Stadium in Athens, Greece, where the 2004 Athens Olympics were held, and by hunting gyms across the country, the Incheon Samsan Gymnasium, which is considered to be the most similar, was perfectly reproduced as the Helenico Stadium. .
<The Best Moment of Our Life>, which will be made with the efforts of director Im Soon-rye and the production team, who completed thorough preparations with foot coverage for about two and a half years, will be the world's first handball film that succeeded in reproducing dynamic game scenes with vivid reality.

The best actresses of our lives, transform into national handball players!
In addition to the two-year preparation process of the production crew, an essential element for the reality of the game scene is the high-quality play of the actors who will be playing the role of the women's national handball player. To this end, in November 2006, coach Dae-Jin Lee, a former youth national team coach, was appointed as a handball supervisor, and training of actresses began in March based on his training program. 4 times a week, 7-8 hours a day, physical training to strengthen basic skills such as speed and jumping ability, and handball training such as dribbling, passing, shooting, high-level set play, and painting motion, which will be used in the movie, were conducted in parallel. At the beginning of the training, the actresses who were not used to exercising suffered difficulties such as complaining of vomiting and dizziness 10 minutes after starting the training. However, as the training progressed, they gradually adapted, and major actors such as Moon So-ri, Kim Jong-un, and Kim Ji-young voluntarily received additional weight training and did their best to build their body with a high-protein diet such as chicken breast. Jo Eun-ji, who took on the role of a goalkeeper, surprised the production team by showing a rapid improvement in her skills, although she never had bruises on her arms and legs with special training to block the handball ball with her whole body.
Coach Dae-Jin Lee, who supervised the training, expressed satisfaction with the enthusiasm and skill improvement of the actors, saying, "The actors' ability to learn and understand was amazing, more than three times faster than what beginners learn." In the second half of 2007, the appearance of the actresses of <The Best Moment of Our Lives>, who completed more than three months of intense training and transformed into handball players, to play the world-class women's handball players of the Republic of Korea who play the world's highest level of competition, will be confirmed on the screen in the second half of 2007. can!

The strongest women's handball team in our lifetime meets Aarhus, the strongest professional team in Denmark!
Another reason why <The Best Moment of Our Life> is becoming a hot topic is that a real Danish professional team will appear in the final of the 2004 Athens Olympics, which will be the highlight of the movie. The production team, who needed foreign players with high-level handball skills to revive the dynamic handball game scene and reality, offered to appear on Aarhus Team, a world-class handball powerhouse, and they willingly promised to appear.
The Aarhus team, active in the Danish professional league, is a team in which Imjeong Choi and Soonyoung Heo, who participated in the 2004 Athens Olympics, are active in the Korean women's handball world. It is also a team with a large number of players.
Aarhus Team, who visited Korea to participate in the International Business Games in mid-June, filmed the final at the Incheon Samsan Gymnasium, which perfectly reproduced the Helenico Stadium for ten days from the beginning of July. Aarhus players, who overwhelmed the filming site with their speedy and powerful play, did their best despite the tight filming schedule and showed a professional image.

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