(Korean Movies) Forbidden Quest, 淫亂書生, 2006

Forbidden Quest, 淫亂書生, 2006

Forbidden Quest, 淫亂書生, 2006
Youth not allowed
running time
139 minutes
cumulative audience
2304368 people
27th Blue Dragon Film Awards 2006
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A delightful lewd sensation by decent gents!

“What a bizarre book!”
Chosun's most prestigious family, making his debut as an obscene novel writer!

For Yoon-seo (Han Seok-gyu), the son of a famous nobleman and known as the best writer of his time, power is futile to pursue, and factional fights are just futile.
Yoon-seo, who lived a boring yangban life, takes on a troubling case due to the conspiracy of the opposition, and in the midst of this, she encounters a 'promiscuous book' that she sees for the first time in her life at an old-fashioned book war, and feels an unknown excitement. Yoon-seo finally shows the courage to write an obscene novel…

"why… Is it possible with the human body structure?”
Combination of 文-武, 書-畵, perfect lewd breathing between the two yangbans!

Yoon-seo, who was publishing an obscene novel under the pen name of Chuwol-saek, asks Gwang-heon (Lee Beom-su), an archenemy of the family, who is notorious as an expert in heights and desires to become the number one, to draw illustrations in the novel. Gwang-heon, too, can't refuse the offer to raise his pulse, so he falls in love with Yoon-seo and creates an obscene novel. A beautiful and elegant style met a powerful painting, so it's a gold medal, a splendid point! The perfect lewd breathing of two people who forgot the gentleness of a yangban man creates the best work, and the work of the yangban duo is rapidly emerging as the most talked about work in Jangan…

“It can be said that it is the most problematic work in Jangan!”
The problematic writer Chu Wol-saek turns Joseon upside down!

The hotter the reaction to the 'heukgokbisa', which made the bodies of women in Jangan heated up, the hearts of Yoonseo and Gwangheon begin to beat vigorously and their blood starts to circulate. However, a great event awaited the two of them who are having the most exciting days of their lives…. In the Gujung Palace, the 'Black Grain Secret' has flowed into the hands of the beautiful woman Jeongbin (Kim Min-jung), who is favored by the king. How will the fate of Yoon-seo and Gwang-heon, who wrote the best problem work in Jangan, unfold?

Movie Issue

Issue 1_The famous scenario that has emerged as a hot topic in Jangan

“I read it, read it again, and I don’t give it back. Well!"
Unconventional material_ “In that face, in that reputation, in that behavior…how do you get such a thought?”

In the Joseon Dynasty, when everything under the sky was closed under the name of 'law and morality', <Seosaeng of Obscenity> deals with the unconventional subject of 'the best noble family who fell in love with the creation of obscene novels'. Like the title, where 'obscenity' and 'seosaeng', which do not seem to fit together, collide, the movie unfolds the 'culture shock' experienced by a nobleman who found an unexpected talent in something completely unexpected. In an era with many things to protect, the courageous provocations of the protagonists who break the rules and throw themselves will bring thrilling excitement and catharsis to the audience.

Strange laughter _ “How the hell do you look at our family and ask such a question!”

The laughter that arises when the best scholars of the time encounter the dangerous and incompatible genre of 'obscene fiction' in <Seosaeng> is unpredictable and fresh. The best writer of the time, who writes obscene words with one stroke, and the master of the Uigeumbu, who asks for advice from a prisoner to properly draw the climax of the expression, just the setting itself makes people laugh. Here, the lewd conversations that the decent yangbans exchange with sincerity and skill are humorous and ironic. The witty dialogues and situations that show gentleness and lewdness, arrogance and frank desire at the same time promise a witty and savagery that conventional comedy has not been able to offer.

Intense drama_ “Did you use me for this book?”

It is the intense drama in the second half that firmly supports the whole film with a pleasant laugh in <Spoiler of Obscenity>. The great sense of crisis brought about by the best topical work that swept the author's streets, not just what happens when a decent yangban encounters an obscene novel, heightens the dramatic tension. The relationship between each character that caused laughter in the beginning develops into a cause that deepens the conflict, and the main characters who get happiness pay the price and run towards the climax. The exciting story of <Seosaeng of Obscenity>, which is an intense drama in the second half of the play, and does not miss the thematic depth, will give the audience another satisfaction.

Modern Sense_ “I don’t know, in a few hundred years there may be more people like us!”

A modern sensibility that transcends time and background, going beyond the limits of the genre of historical drama, lives and breathes everywhere in <Seosaeng of Obscenity>. In spite of the status of being a concubine of the king, the obscene duo (Yunseo, Gwangheon) who conspires to write and distribute 'obscene novels' together over the difference between the status of a nobleman and a commoner, and the obscene Brothers (the royal family, the copywriter, the copywriter). In addition to various and modern human figures such as Jeong Bin, who has a dangerous love affair with his father-in-law, elements that exquisitely intersect with modern cultural codes such as 'bad man' and 'comment' generate unexpected sympathy and laughter. The audience will enjoy a different experience of discovering themselves wearing hanbok and walking the streets of the Joseon Dynasty through <Seosaeng of Obscenity>.

Issue2_The best casting that stands out with dignity and harmony

Han Seok-gyu and Lee Beom-soo's best lewd breathing

As director Kim Dae-woo said, 'Han Seok-gyu was like a dream to me'
It was a character for which no other alternative could be found. Han Seok-gyu also said, 'After Hong-sik in <The Moon in Seoul>, I can easily meet you in my acting life.
He responded to the director's praise with the expression 'the best role that can't be beaten'. Han Seok-gyu, the pronoun of 'modern man in agony'
Attempting a fateful and shocking transformation into 'Yunseo', a writer from a prestigious family who writes obscene novels in <Seosaeng>.
It gives the audience a new look. The partner who will share a pleasant lewd breath with him is the best comic actor.
number of people. He also challenges the first historical drama of his life through <Seosaeng of Obscenity> as 'Gwangheon', the infamous swordsman of the Uigeumbu. obscene
The charismatic river he will unfold along with the clever comedy of an naive yangban who is exposed to novels for the first time.
The intense action acting will show another charm of actor Lee Beom-soo.

Next-generation actress Kim Min-jung's captivating performance

Actress Kim Min-jung, who appeared as Hong Il-jeom in <Seosaeng> and completed a strong drama, is raising the highest stock price with the success of the 2005 drama 'Fashion 70s'. After seeing <The Bus Stop>, director Kim Dae-woo was fascinated by the various emotions expressed by this young actress, and put her on the list of actresses he would like to work with. 'Jungbin', who holds the key to the fate of the two yangbans, Yoonseo and Gwangheon, is a very complex character that is alluring and innocent, soft and passionate. Kim Min-jung, who was immersed in this difficult character, which had to express different emotions in every scene, said, 'I was very happy while acting', raising expectations for her fascinating performance in <Sexual Life>.

Actors who appear in all of Jang-an's most popular works

Actor Oh Dal-su, who showed off his delicious acting skills in topical films such as <Old Boy>, <Crying Fist> and <Mr. Kind Venus>, appeared in films with both box office and work quality, such as Oh Dal-soo, Kim Roe-ha, and Nae-sang Nae-sang, giving the audience an unforgettable moment. A number of talented actors appear in <Spoiler of Obscenity>. In addition to Woohyun and Kihyun Kim, who radiate individuality by going back and forth between the screen and the CRT, an unprecedented and powerful Jo Yeon-jin was born. The driving force that made this super-luxurious casting possible in reality is the excellence of the scenario. The actors, who were fascinated by the fresh material and quirky story that they had never seen before, decided to appear regardless of the weight of the role. Director Kim Dae-woo also expressed his satisfaction with the casting, saying, 'The characters in the scenario I was drawing in my head seemed to have walked out'.

Issue3_Dream team formation in the Korean film industry

Screenplay, Director Kim Dae-woo 'Written by Kim Dae-woo of <Affair>, <Foul King> and <Scandal>, pick up the megaphone!'

With the fact that it is the directorial debut of Kim Dae-woo, who has established himself as the best writer in Korea with a scenario with a living character, perfect texture, and a theme that is ahead of its time, Chungmuro's expectations for <Sex of Obscenity> are exceptional. Starting with one sentence, 'What if a decent scholar is lewd?' is a project that director Kim Dae-woo worked hard for four years to complete. Kim Dae-woo, a storyteller of this era, who unfolded a new story by introducing the protagonists who break taboos in each work. He first expressed his impressions of directing, 'It felt like Robinson Crusoe was arranging traffic in the middle of Myeong-dong', and heralded the birth of a new star director who does not miss the depth of the thematic with an interesting and solid storyline with <Sexual Life of Obscenity>, which emerged as the most talked-about work in 2006. are doing

Filming Ji-yong Kim, lighting Sang-ryeol Shin 'Creating a new style of historical drama with light and darkness'

Cinematographer Ji-yong Kim and lighting director Sang-ryeol Shin, who completed the intense video of “Sweet Life” by freely handling light and darkness, reunited with “Sexual Life”. This combination, which captivated the audience with its stylish video, challenged the genre of historical drama, while maximizing the excellent narrative of <Sexual Life> while completing a sensuous video comparable to modern dramas. The lewdness of the four generations of the Joseon Dynasty, which is revealed through the dramatic screen that clearly shows the boundary between day and night, created by these two people, will give the audience a fresh experience.

Production designer Jo Geun-hyeon, 'A thorough historical investigation made new attempts possible'

Production designer Jo Geun-hyeon, who established himself as an unrivaled art director through films such as <Janghwa, Hongryeon> and <Detective>, created a new style of historical drama with art that reproduces the dramatic narrative of <Sexual Life>. The art of <Spoilers of Obscenity>, which I have never seen before, is based on thorough research, not imagination. Based on the modernism that existed during the Joseon Dynasty, the art of <Seosaeng>, which revives the culture of the Joseon Dynasty, which has an unimaginable diversity, goes beyond the past that has been conventionalized in the name of tradition in movies and the past deformed by fusion. It unfolds before your eyes the image of the past that the audience has never seen before. The depth of modernity that the video of <Spoilers of Obscenity> will show is not a fictional image, but a past that has existed that has never been seen before.

Costume designer Jung Kyung-hee, 'The scenario and character of <Seosaeng> is the costume concept'

With extraordinary passion and stubborn perfectionism Costume designer Jeong Kyung-hee, who has been working on costumes for popular works such as , <Blood Nude> and <Detective>, recently received the Daejong Award Costume Award and was recognized for her outstanding talent. In <Seosaeng of Obscenity>, you can see the costumes of movies that go beyond simple clothes, which her thorough preparation and passion were born. Created through extensive data research, communion with the characters in the scenario, and craftsmanship with sincerity, the costumes of “Seosaeng” capture the audience’s attention and serve as an important medium for conveying the emotions of the protagonists, while enhancing the film’s perfection. gave.

Issue4_A fascinating art with dignity and sensuality

Create a decisive difference in size and detail!

An enormous amount of art budget, equivalent to 30% of the total production cost, was allocated to the art of <Spoilers of Obscenity>. About 10 major spaces in the film were produced as sets through scenario analysis and thorough research, which is a bold attempt compared to existing historical dramas. <Seosaeng of Obscenity> pursues a film with completeness and depth through a thorough and meticulous pre-work.

<Seosaeng of Obscenity> The largest scale, a total of 2,000 pyeong, open set on the street

The largest set of <Seosaeng> is the open set on Sijeon Street, which was newly built on the set of the Seoul General Studio and <Detective> Marketplace. A new attempt was made to make shutters out of tin at each store to express a completely different street between a bustling day and a quiet night in search of obscene novels.

The base of the production of obscene novels, the price of organic exhibitions alone is 100 million won

Yugijeon is the decisive place where the best work of Yoon Seo (Han Seok-gyu) and Kwang-heon (Lee Beom-su), 'The Secret of Heukgok', is secretly produced and distributed. For this organic exhibition, the price of 100 million won was airlifted. The organic wares filling the organic exhibition were specially produced and sponsored by 'Geochang Organic Workshop', Korea's best organic craftsmanship with 80 years of tradition, which won the Presidential Award at the 2003 National Craft Contest, further enhancing the artistic value of the work.

Exquisitely hand-dyed 12,000 yards of fabric, a total of 200 sets of 3.6 tons of costumes

All of the costumes appearing in <Spoilers of Obscenity> were designed and produced by costume designer Jung Kyung-hee, and there are a total of 200 pieces. It is characterized by hand-dying all kinds of fabrics to achieve the desired color. It took an average of 60 yards of fabric per pair and weighed 18 kg. In particular, Jeong Bin (Kim Min-jung)'s colorful costumes with bold colors will catch the eyes of viewers with fresh and beautiful costumes that have not been seen in any historical dramas until now.

Parade of props from the Joseon Dynasty, born for the first time through thorough historical research

There are many mysterious props that make you wonder if they really existed in the Joseon Dynasty. A typical case is the sunglasses that Yoon-seo (Han Seok-gyu) receives as a gift from Hwang-ga (Oh Dal-soo) after she turns into an obscene novelist. These sunglasses, which closely resemble the shape of current sunglasses, were actually used in the Joseon Dynasty. In addition, various props, such as the high-sin equipment inside the Uigeumbu, and the surgical tools of the medical examiner, will provide the audience with a different kind of fun watching the movie with their detail and freshness.

The aesthetics of 'obscenity' that penetrates the entire film!

In the Joseon Dynasty, when everything was confined by laws and regulations, the most important keyword in the unconventional story of <Seosaeng>, in which yangbans write obscene novels, is 'obscenity'. This lewdness that permeates the entire film is the most important element in art. Not naked lewdness, but inherent lewdness, pleasure
The lewdness that gives freedom in an oppressed society, rather than lewdness for the sake of people, lives and breathes in every part of the art of <Sorry of Obscenity>.

The inner side of the characters revealed with strong contrast

The radical change in the inner life that the protagonists of <Seosaeng Suksaeng> experiences through obscene novels is expressed in intense contrast between the light and the dark. The contrast of the video, completed with the bloody sweat of the production team, such as replacing window paper with silk with excellent light transmittance and testing all 30 kinds of lamps and candles, will further highlight the dramaticness of the film.

From the royal palace to the low street… Re-creating the space obscenely!

Codes of 'obscenity' are placed all over the space of <Seosaeng of Obscenity>. The secret room inside Yugijeon, which secretly distributes obscene novels, is the most representative space. In addition, the space recreated lewdly through thorough investigation in <Indecent Seosaeng>, such as Jeong-bin's (Kim Min-jung) residence in the old palace, the red light district where red lanterns ripple, the eunuch full of castrated desires, and the gisaeng room that spurts out desires without adding or subtracting. They lit up and filled the film's lewd energy.

Artist Park Jae-dong and 10 other calligraphers participated in a classy obscene painting

In the screenplay of “Seosaeng”, Yoon Seo (Han Seok-gyu) and Kwang-heon (Lee Beom-soo)’s masterpiece “The Secret of Heukgok” comes to life with a picture of Odoltogi led by Park Jae-dong. 10 calligraphers and 2 calligraphers were put in to produce 'Heukgok Bisa', a pornographic novel by nobles who shook the Joseon Dynasty. With the participation of high-level experts, Gwangheon's obscene novel 'Heukgokbisa', with the best literary writer Yoon-seo of the time and a brave painting talent, is different from its explicit content, with delicate lines and luxurious colors that give the audience a new appreciation of another art genre. will provide an opportunity.

Appearance and invisibility, clothes that are different on the outside and inside

The lewdness is also revealed in the costumes of the main characters without exception. It is most clearly seen in Jung Bin (Kim Min-jung)'s costume, and the unconventional black hanbok she wears is made of transparent material, not just black. The flashy color at first glance under the stubborn color of black effectively expresses not only Jeongbin's character, but also the lewdness of <Naughty Seosaeng>. In addition to this, costumes with different color combinations on the outside and inside and textures that look different depending on the light convey a different feeling whenever the character moves, highlighting the secretiveness of the movie.

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