(Korean Movies) Forbidden Dream, 2018

Forbidden Dream, 2018

Forbidden Dream, 2018
period drama
Audience over 12 years old
running time
132 minutes
cumulative audience
2000648 people


King Sejong, the greatest king in history
Jang Yeong-sil, a genius scientist who was born as a Gwan-no and became a third-class Daehogun.

They were two people who achieved great achievements together with a dream for 20 years.
An incident where the king's kiln, Annyeo, broke down.
Sejong rebuked Jang Young-sil and threw him out of the palace overnight.
After that, Jang Young-sil disappears…

Sejong and Jang Young-sil who wanted to create the time and sky of Joseon!
Their hidden story is revealed!

[What kind of movie?]

After the great achievements of Sejong and Jang Yeong-sil, the story that has disappeared is brought out!
Their hidden story was born when a line of history meets cinematic imagination!

<Astronomy: Ask the Sky> is a movie about two people who cannot be left out in Korean history: King Sejong, who is considered the greatest king in history, and Jang Yeong-sil, the best scientist of the Joseon Dynasty, who was even praised as a 'person born for science' at the time. Coming to theaters this December. The movie <Astronomy: Ask the Sky> is a work depicting the hidden story of 'Sejong' (Han Seok-gyu) and 'Jang Young-sil' (Choi Min-sik), who wanted to create the sky and time of Joseon.

In fact, Sejong and Jang Yeong-sil played a big role in the development of science in Joseon by overcoming the gender gap and spending a lot of time together. Jang Yeong-sil was originally a slave belonging to the government office of Dongnae-hyeon, Busan, but was selected during the reign of King Taejong as his innate talent was known to the court. Even before ascending to the throne, King Sejong had been paying attention to Jang Yeong-sil's talents, and after ascending to the throne, he was granted the official 5th rank event and began working with Jang Yeong-sil to create astronomical instruments that could measure the sky and time unique to Joseon. In particular, as agriculture was most important for economic development in the Joseon Dynasty, the invention of scientific instruments was essential because it was necessary to accurately know the weather and season information. made out Also, during the 24th year of King Sejong of the Joseon Dynasty, he supervised the making of the 'Annyeo Incident' (Daehogun Jang Yeong-sil's Ahn-yeo: King's kiln), but it was not strong enough and it was broken and torn down, so it was sent down to the Uigeumbu to study the Korean language. ), Jang Yeong-sil was reprimanded and sentenced to death in the 80s.

Starting from this real history, the movie <Astronomy: Asking the Sky> is a cinematic imagination driven by curiosity about why genius scientist Jang Yeong-sil disappeared without leaving any questions about his life or death, as well as no records of the creation of his invention. It is a 'faction historical drama' completed by mobilization. The relationship between the two geniuses of Joseon, which has never been dealt with in depth on screens and CRTs, will be portrayed in depth. Director Heo Jin-ho, who was in charge of directing, said, “It was interesting to note that there are not many historical records about 'Jang Young-sil'. After leaving behind the achievements of 'Sejong' and 'Jang Young-sil', why did the relationship deteriorate, and why 'Jang Young-sil' suddenly disappeared from history? From these questions, I wanted to use my imagination to unravel the story of the two.” said. In particular, faction historical dramas such as <The King's Man> and <Gwanghae: The Man Who Became King>, which were released in Korea, received great love and recorded 12.31 million and 10.51 million viewers, respectively, showing the high interest of domestic audiences. <Astronomy: Asking the Sky> will also captivate the audience with its interest and deep emotion about the hidden history.

The birth of an all-time great union that will occupy the theater district in December!
Choi Min-sik X Han Suk-kyu, the best legendary actors in the Korean film industry meet!

The most anticipated film of the movie <Astronomy: Ask the Sky> is the meeting of Korea's best legendary actors Choi Min-sik and Han Seok-gyu. In the meantime, Choi Min-sik and Han Seok-kyu, who have been imprinted on the public as the best actors by showing their overwhelming acting skills through various work activities, will reunite after a long time with this <Astronomy: Ask the Sky> and will radiate strong acting synergy.

First of all, Korea's representative actor Choi Min-sik, who showed an unlimited acting spectrum by participating in various genres such as <Myeongryang>, <The New World>, <War Against Crime: The Golden Age of Bad Guys>, and <Oldboy>, including <Myeongryang>, which has the highest number of audiences in Korea. I took on the role of 'Jang Young-sil', the best scientist. In particular, Choi Min-sik is expecting a comeback with a historical drama again in four years after <Daeho>. Choi Min-sik shared his thoughts on participating in <Astronomy: Asking the Sky>, saying, “It does not focus on the achievements of King Sejong the Great and Jang Young-sil, which many people already know, but the relationship between the two people and how this will unfold, which stimulates curiosity. I did, and I got involved in the work.” Here, the best actor Han Seok-gyu, who has transformed into various characters while moving across screens and CRTs such as <Idol>, <Prison>, and [WATCHER], takes on the role of 'Sejong' and raises expectations. In the 2011 SBS drama [Deep-rooted Tree], he received favorable reviews for his role of 'Ido Sejong', a agonizing and sensitive monarch rather than a benevolent Seong-gun. In particular, regarding this work, "When filming [Deep Rooted Tree], I thought that if there was a friend that Sejong could talk to openly, it would be Jang Young-sil. However, I was very happy to meet the story I thought about through this movie,” he said, revealing his impressions of the king’s ambitious side and heavy charisma, as well as the inner conflict that arises in the process of dreaming of a new world. Expectations for the character are rising.

At the meeting of Choi Min-sik and Han Seok-gyu, the best actors in Korea recognized by everyone, Director Huh Jin-ho said, “I was very happy as a director to be able to see both actors on one screen. He showed good performances that the audience could really look forward to.” After <Number 3> in 1997 and <Shiri> in 1999, <Astronomy: Ask the Sky>, the two greatest geniuses of Joseon reunited as ‘Jang Yeong-sil’ and ‘Sejong’. Attention is focused on what kind of synergy Choi Min-sik and Han Suk-kyu will produce.

From Shin Gu, Kim Hong-pa, Heo Jun-ho, Kim Tae-woo, Oh Gwang-rok, Kim Won-hae, Im Won-hee to Park Seong-hoon and Jeon Yeo-bin!
The perfect combination of new and old in Chungmuro creates a casting lineup that will overwhelm the screen!

In addition to Choi Min-sik and Han Seok-gyu, <Astronomy: Asking the Sky> features a large number of top-notch actors who are considered to be the best to present an all-time casting lineup. In particular, from the 58-year-old actor Shin Goo to Jeon Yeo-bin in the 4th year of his debut, the combination of new and old in Chungmuro has created a casting lineup that can be trusted and seen.

First of all, in the role of 'Young Eui-jeong', Jeong-seung, who cares for 'Sejong' and spares no direct words, Shin-goo, an elder actor who is loved by people of all ages, is loved by people of all ages by not only watching movies but also dramas, plays, entertainment shows, and advertisements, exuding charisma and strong presence. will do Choi Min-sik, who acted together, said, "The moment Shin-gu appeared on the screen, he was already 'Young-ui-jeong'. It doesn't even need an explanation. I am very respectful,” he said, raising expectations for the presence of new and old actors who will add weight to the play just by appearing. Here, actors Kim Hong-pa, Heo Jun-ho, and Kim Tae-woo, who are loved for their solid acting skills that always meet the expectations of the audience, will take on the roles of 'Icheon', 'Malsaeng Jo', and 'Namson Jeong', respectively, in place of Munmu, respectively, and will show a unique presence even after a short appearance. In addition, the new stealers Oh Gwang-rok, Kim Won-hae, and Im Hyo-don will join forces to raise the level of completeness and immersion in the work, as well as Seo Woon-gwan's Lee Soon-ji, as well as 'Cho Soon-saeng' and 'Im Hyo-don', the managerial positions with a sense of sympathy working together with ‘Jang Young-sil’. will be. In addition, rising star Park Seong-hoon, who was recently recognized for his acting skills through the KBS2 weekend drama [My Only One], took on the role of the Crown Prince 'Lee Hyang', and after being recognized for his absorbing acting ability in <Sinful Girl>, he took on the lead role in the JTBC drama [Melodrama]. Jeon Yeo-bin, who is called a monster rookie, is expected to enrich the dismantling movie by playing the role of 'Saim', a disciple who keeps the side of 'Jang Young-sil'.

Regarding this perfect casting without a smoke hole, director Huh Jin-ho said, "The actors really good actors showed up and expressed their respective roles very well. In a way, it can be said to be a 'comprehensive acting gift set'", expressing confidence in the casting of this work. The movie <Astronomy: Asking the Sky> will captivate the audience at the end of this year, with the explosive performances of irreplaceable actors adding to the perfection of the work.

Director Heo Jin-ho returns to the screen after 3 years!
Even the spectacle of the historical drama is completed with delicate directing power!

Director Heo Jin-ho, who established himself as Korea's representative director through works such as <Christmas in August>, <Spring Days Goes>, and <Happiness>, announced her return to the screen with <Astronomy: Ask the Sky> for the first time in three years after <Princess Deokhye>. . Director Heo Jin-ho, who has been well-received by the audience for every work he puts out by excellently capturing the emotional changes of the characters in the play and depicting my delicate psychological description, this time, draws a story that disappeared after the great achievements of ‘Sejong’ and ‘Jang Young-sil’ once again. He is going to prove his extraordinary directing skills.

Director Heo Jin-ho took on the role of directing <Astronomy: Asking the Sky> this time, saying, “There are a lot of data about ‘Sejong’, but ‘Jang Young-sil’ is not. I didn't really know what happened to the two people who achieved many things together in the early Joseon Dynasty, but after reading the script, the story of the two geniuses was very interesting." It raises curiosity about <Astronomy: Ask the Sky>, which imaginatively unravels the hidden story between 'Sejong' who was put to death and 'Jang Yeong-sil', who has since disappeared from all records. In particular, while focusing on how to show the new 'Sejong' when the general audience already has a lot of knowledge about 'Sejong', and how to show the genius that surprised everyone with 'Jang Young-sil', It was filmed”, raising interest and expectations on how the two characters 'Sejong' and 'Jang Young-sil' will be portrayed on the screen, with the delicate directing power of director Huh Jin-ho, who has been shown in melodramatic films. In addition, since they were two people who achieved the greatest achievements in Korean history, they spent a very long time researching the data, interviewing domestic experts, and filming in numerous places such as Damyang, Buan, and Folk Village. told In addition, we tried to reproduce the inventions of 'Jang Yeong-sil' in the movie as realistically as possible. It gave me a glimpse that a lot of effort and time was invested to show it. As for completing the spectacle of a historical drama with his unique directing power that only director Huh Jin-ho can show, actor Choi Min-sik said, "He is a necessary director who always thinks very deeply about the relationship between the characters and their situation and delves deeply into the essence." Sending trust, it makes you look forward to the new work of director Heo Jin-ho, who returned to the screen after 3 years.

[ How it was made ]

How was time and sky created in Joseon?
The achievements of King Sejong and Jang Young-sil, such as Daegan and Jagyeongnu, vividly recorded!

The movie <Astronomy: Asking the Sky> showcases the numerous achievements of two geniuses 'Sejong' and 'Youngsil Jang' who wanted to create the exact time and sky of Joseon through great inventions. In particular, inventions familiar to the public, such as Astronomical Instruments and Jagyeongnu, will be transferred to the screen and drawn more vividly.

The Joseon astronomical instruments invented by genius scientists who shared a common purpose required a lot of work from the beginning of their production process. It was because I had to devote myself to reading all the extensive research materials and books related to it, and to make it based on facts. Director Huh Jin-ho said, “It was necessary to investigate how the liver, liver, jaekgung-ru, and An-yeo that appear in the movie work and why they were made. It was a work that took a very long time to investigate through interviews with related experts as well as specialized books.” Among the numerous achievements left by 'Sejong' and 'Jang Young-sil', the main focus of the film is the astronomical instrument. The production of the astronomical observatory, the core of the astronomical observatory, was essential, and director Huh Jin-ho said, “The astronomical observatory, the liver, is the largest structure in the movie and it took more than a month to produce. It took the longest time because we had to actually build a very large liver stem.” In addition, about the liver that 'Sejong' and 'Jang Young-sil' directly observed the constellations in the sky, director Huh Jin-ho said, "The liver, which is measured in the liver, also studied the principle and worked for a long time and completed it." raise expectations for the astronomical instrument of

In addition to the astronomical instrument, the water clock Jagyeongnu, a masterpiece of 'Sejong' and 'Jang Yeongsil', familiar to the public, was also made from wood from the first stage to completion, and the process was detailed. Director Huh Jin-ho said, "I tried to find something that suited the movie while reproducing that era, and it was a task that required a lot of study on how to show the genius of 'Jang Young-sil', a genius scientist at the time." It is expected to be a sight to behold and an overwhelming scale.

“I needed a new idea, not a new tool.”
From the shooting that showed the end of the details to the costumes!
The passion of the staff to delicately portray the relationship between 'Sejong' and 'Jang Young-sil'!

The movie <Astronomy: Asking the Sky> deeply depicts the relationship between two geniuses of Joseon, 'Sejong' and 'Youngsil Jang', which have never been discussed before. Although he loved 'Jang Young-sil' more than anyone else, it delicately captured the emotional lines of the two people, 'Sejong' who threw him away for some reason at one moment and 'Jang Young-sil' who had no choice but to accept everything.

In order to tell the story of two men, 'Sejong' and 'Jang Young-sil', beyond their status that they could not have dared to imagine, the staff had to approach the emotional lines and psychological changes of the two more meticulously. Director of Photography Lee Mo-gae said, “It was a film that required a lot of new ideas, not new equipment. 'Sejong' is a character with a secret emotional line, and 'Jang Young-sil' is a character who looks at 'Sejong', so I mainly shot it in full shots." In addition, he said, “I wanted to feel emotions not only in the characters shown in the movie, but also in the space in which they exist,” he said. . Such efforts are reflected in the costumes, not only to show the attire of the time, but also to the cloth material of the 'Jang Young-sil' costume, and the embroidery of the Gonryongpo of 'Sejong', etc. Costume director Jo Sang-gyeong said, "In order to show the changes according to the relationship between class and 'Sejong', 'Jang Young-sil' went from rough hemp at first to silk with a silky feel. 'Sejong' put great effort to reveal the robe he was wearing in a scene where a big change of heart was seen.”

In addition, an unusual directing method was followed to express the detailed emotional lines of the characters. Rather than acting according to the character, the actors chose to find the character while acting. Director Huh Jin-ho said, "I did not decide on a character to shoot, but I started filming and created the character while filming the scene."

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