(Korean Movies) Finding Mr.Destiny, 2010

Finding Mr.Destiny, 2010
Audience over 12 years old
running time
112 minutes
cumulative audience
1122277 people


“Hello! This is a first love finding office that helps you find your first love!”
2:8 Ki-joon Han (Gong Yoo), who has a slim body with a slender body and a savvy personality who crosses stone bridges by tapping them. Criterion cut off from the company due to an overly strong sense of responsibility and a personality that is close to zero flexibility finds innovative start-up items by chance. Finding first love for those who have not yet forgotten their first love! Ki-joon opens a one-man company ‘Finding First Love Office’ without delay with passion and ambition to give customers infinite impressions.The lonely angle of the jaw line, the sharp intelligence of the nose, the deep and romantic voice…
“My first love’s name is Kim.Jong.Wook… ”

Seo Ji-woo (Im Soo-jung), who received a proposal from her boyfriend, eventually refuses the proposal despite the pressure of Hall’s father, who is eagerly waiting for his daughter to get married. Because she has an unforgettable person named ‘Kim Jong-wook’ in her heart, who has been focused on her work as a musical stage director. After being pushed back by his father, Seo Ji-woo, who found the ‘First Love Search Office’, decides to look for Kim Jong-wook, his first love partner, whose memory is now faint.

“So, am I going to follow you? Stop doing what you do?”
“Information is poor, shouldn’t the will be thin?”

The only information Ji-Woo knows about his first love is the one named ‘Kim Jong-wook’. However, in order to succeed in the first request that will determine the rise or fall of the company, Han Ki-joon approaches the reality of ‘Kim Jong-wook’ step by step with his unique precision and meticulousness. When Seo Ji-woo is getting tired of being angry at Han Ki-joon’s excessive enthusiasm to impress customers, Han Ki-woo asks Seo Ji-woo to accompany him on a journey to find Kim Jong-wook, who is mass-distributed across the country…

[ Prologue ]

Second First Love (composer Lee Byung-hoon / lyricist Jang Yoo-jung / song sharing)

the moment we first met
i was so scared of you
like an angry person
I kicked the door and came in.
I just wanted to hide

The more we know, the more we are different
I thought you’d hate it
Time passes and
I secretly became comfortable with you

It’s strange, the old me
I was always afraid to leave
With you, beyond the night sky
I think I can go to the moon

I hear a miracle
The sound of the boat beating is urging us
Shake off the past day
Let’s go on a trip alone

The old love that has passed
They all became stars on the ridge
Lean on my shoulder for a day or so
Let’s find your star together
like the wind like the sand
Ride a camel across the golden desert

I’m by your side now
don’t be afraid to go
hold my hand and walk
start a new love

[ About Movie ]

Im Soo-jung & Gong Yoo, the best couple in Korean film history!
The craze of ‘airborne illness’ going to theaters this winter

Im Soo-jung, who has captured the hearts of many audiences with her innocent appearance and delicate acting skills, and Gong Yoo, the ‘Romantic Guy’ who caused ‘cuff syndrome’ with the drama ‘Coffee Prince’s 1st Store’ and then enlisted in the military and annoyed female fans, came back with ‘Finding Kim Jong-wook’ , hold a splendid couple declaration ceremony. <Finding Kim Jong-wook>, which has aroused a lot of expectations since the casting of Lim Soo-jung and Gong Yoo became known, is a romantic comedy suitable for the cold winter. It is not an easy genre that requires both romance and comedy, but Lim Soo-jung and Gong Yoo, who have exuded an unusual force (?) from the time of reading the script, perfectly immerse themselves in the character as if a fish met water, meeting the expectations of the production team. responded The fantastic breath of the ‘airborne couple’, who will melt the cold windy winter theater district with their powerful couple power, raises expectations for the birth of the best couple in Korean romantic comedy history.

First time in the country! No 1. The myth of creative musical <Find Kim Jong-wook>
2010, reborn with the movie <Finding Kim Jong-wook>!

The news of the movie adaptation of the native musical ‘Finding Kim Jong-wook’, which has the honorary titles of ‘The Myth of Creative Musical’ and ‘No.1 Creative Musical’, has drawn great attention from Chungmuro from the planning stage. Since its premiere in 2006, the average audience share of 93% and cumulative audience of 360,000 until 2010 was a record that could guarantee the box office and work quality of the movie <Finding Kim Jong-wook>. <Finding Kim Jong-wook>, which is newly born with a new story and character by borrowing the main space in the original ‘Finding First Love Office’, is not a musical film that tells the story through song and dance. The story, which had no choice but to have limitations in expression in the limited space of the stage instead of singing and dancing, was born into a story full of life and richness by meeting a freely moving camera. The production team of <Finding Kim Jong-wook>, the first in Korea to turn the original musical into a commercial film, will not just be the first attempt at a Korean film, but will come to theaters this winter with the best movie that not only fans of the original film but also movie fans can enjoy.

The birth of an outstanding new director who will carry the future of Chungmuro!
Musical ‘Finding Kim Jong-wook’ Director Jang Yoo-jung debuts in Chungmuro with the movie ‘Finding Kim Jong-wook’!

Another talented rookie director appeared like a comet in Chungmuro, where rookie directors have been particularly active in recent years. Director Jang Yoo-jeong makes her film directorial debut with <Finding Kim Jong-wook>. Director Jang Yoo-jeong, who has a strong reputation as a director in the field of performance, is the one who put the musical ‘Finding Kim Jong-wook’ in its place today. This is because he took on the role of writing and directing the musical ‘Finding Kim Jong-wook’, putting a project that was only a ‘possibility’ into the ranks of record-breaking hits. Director Jang Yoo-jung, who possessed a new perspective and fresh sensibility that existing film directors did not have, along with solid directing power and commercial sensibility shown through musicals, was the best choice for the movie <Finding Kim Jong-wook>. Director Jang Yoo-jung, who led the scene with full of energy even in difficult moments between India and Korea, heralds the birth of another outstanding new director with excellent sensitivity and sharp directing skills.

This winter is warm and happy with <Find Kim Jong-wook>!
Expect a ‘well-made romantic comedy’ presented by ‘romance experts’!

In December, the season of romance that never fails to return, <Finding Kim Jong-wook> visits the audience with a ‘well-made romantic comedy’. This is because the staff who have excelled in several romance films have collaborated in <Finding Kim Jong-wook>. Sufilm Co., Ltd., in charge of production, is a film company with a reputation for romance films such as <The Most Beautiful Week of My Life>, <Seoyanggol Oriental Confectionery Store Antique> and <Kitchen>. Director Jang Yoo-jung, who has captivated audiences with a love story that satisfies reality and fantasy by taking on the script and directing of the musical ‘Finding Kim Jong-wook’, and director Lee Hyeong-deok, who was internationally recognized for the visual beauty of <The Maid>, and <My Love, My Love> Next to you> lighting director Hong Seung-cheol expressed the excitement of first love with beautiful images and sophisticated light while traveling between India and Seoul. Music director Lee Byung-hoon of Peach, who gave unforgettable melodies in numerous films, breathes life into the video with soft, sometimes witty melodies. Another common denominator of those who call themselves into film production is that they are ‘romanists’ who can’t stop them all. The ‘well-made romantic comedy’ <Finding Kim Jong-wook> will be an unforgettable gift for both couples who enjoy a date at the theater to avoid the cold wind and solo audiences who try to spend the winter with romance movies instead of lovers.

The best actors have gathered for <Finding Kim Jong-wook>!
Ho-Jin Cheon, Su-Kyung Jeon, Seung-Soo Ryu, Cheong-A Lee
Delicious performances by actors full of personality!

Hojin Cheon, Sukyung Jeon, Seungsu Ryu, Cheongah Lee. Actors representing the Republic of Korea gathered for <Finding Kim Jong-wook>. Cheon Ho-jin, who plays Im Soo-jung’s military father, takes on a comical role and demonstrates his deep fatherhood with laughter, while Jeon Soo-kyung, the best actor who crosses musicals and movies, takes on the role of a veteran musical actor in the play, singing, dancing, and acting. freely digested. In addition, Ryu Seung-soo, who appears as Gong Yoo’s brother-in-law, and Lee Cheong-ah, who plays Im Soo-jung’s younger sister, play the role of seasoning for the play with characters full of personality. From Ho-jin Cheon, who impresses the audience with his best age and skill, Su-kyung Jeon, who showed off his organs to the fullest, Seung-soo Ryu and Cheong-ah Lee who will bring laughter to the audience with their clever characters, and the musical ‘Finding Jong-wook Kim’ including Shin Sung-rok, Ki-jun Um, Ki-won Won. Even cameo appearances by native actors. The strongest cast of <Finding Kim Jong-wook>, who beautifully digested the character full of personality, is one of the biggest reasons to look forward to <Finding Kim Jong-wook>.

[ Production Highlight ]

<Finding Kim Jong-wook> Filmed in India for the first time in Korea!
The best stage where first love unfolds, India’s ‘Blue City’
Exotic and beautiful scenery spread across the screen

At the end of this year, the romantic comedy <Finding Kim Jong-wook> invites the audience to India. India, which will catch the eyes of the audience with its exotic and beautiful scenery, is the first travel destination for Seo Ji-woo (Im Soo-jung) and the fateful meeting between her and her first love, Kim Jong-wook. In order to create a special memory of first love that cannot be erased from the heart of Im Soo-jung for a long time, the production team went to India for the first time in Korea and filmed on location. The audience will follow the eyes of Im Soo-jung, who went on a backpacking trip in the play, and feel the exotic landscape and culture of India, and there, they will meet and fall in love with their fateful partner, Kim Jong-wook. The impression that director Jang Yoo-jeong felt when visiting India in the past was that “the beautiful India that is covered in thick fog in the morning and is not visible when the fog is lifted is like an image of first love.” Although the filming conditions were poor, the efforts of the production team who filmed in India to capture the unforgettable place of first love on the screen will impress the audience with a fascinating video that has not been seen in existing romantic comedy films.

Q. Where was the filming in India?
The relationship between the female lead, Seo Ji-woo and her first love, Kim Jong-wook, begins in ‘Blue City’ in India. Filming also took place in ‘Blue City’. Although the official name is ‘Jodhpur’, it is widely known as ‘Blue City’ because of the unique scenery that all the walls of the building are painted in blue. In order to capture the beauty and romance of ‘Blue City’, which has not yet been introduced in Korea, the production team had to travel by train for 11 hours to a place 600 km away from Delhi, the capital.

Q. Were there any difficulties while filming in India?
At the time of filming, the temperature in India was 49 degrees. Due to the nature of the culture, the animals roamed freely, so the cleanliness was also not good. Also, the language spoken among Indians was different, so it was almost impossible to communicate with the extras. Since it is not a country that is driven by the system, prior recruitment was also meaningless. When the director looked at the monitor and then looked back, an unbelievable scene was produced in which over a hundred onlookers were watching the monitor together.

A musical produced by top-notch musical staff into a movie!
Im Soo-jung’s dance and song transforming from stage director to musical heroine
Captivating your eyes and ears with the best sights in romantic comedy history!

The title of the musical in which Im Soo-jung is the stage director in the play is ‘Last Show’. As the main character is a woman who works passionately with love for her job, the appearance of a musical scene was essential. However, director Jang Yoo-jung made a musical instead of filming a ‘musical scene’. Because in order to really show the stage director working behind the scenes in the dark, the fantastic on-stage moments they create had to be perfect too. Since he didn’t want scenes that were only musicals in appearance, director Jang Yoo-jung invited top-notch staff in the musical world to produce a one-set musical. Therefore, on days of musical filming, more musical staff appeared at the scene than movie staff. The best highlight of ‘Last Show’ is the scene where stage director Lim Soo-jung transforms into a beautiful female lead and performs colorful dances and songs. After intensive choreography and vocal training, Im Soo-jung transformed into a musical actress perfectly, and her dancing and singing drew applause from director Jang Yoo-jeong, the best musical director. <Finding Kim Jong-wook>, where you can enjoy Im Soo-jung’s passionate performance that will surprise everyone with her sexy and powerful transformation, and even the musical in the movie, <Finding Kim Jong-wook> is the strongest attraction in the history of romantic comedy and will captivate the eyes and ears of audiences who visit winter theaters.

Q. What are the specific preparations for the musical ‘Last Show’ in the movie?
With a one-set musical concept performing with one set and one costume, the same number of people and time was invested in producing one musical in all areas including choreography, stage design, lighting design, composition, and stage director. Not only the staff but also the actors appearing in the musical are professional musical actors, and they were selected through auditions from the 6th to the 7th round.

Q. How did you prepare for Lim’s vocals and choreography?
Im Soo-jung’s performance scene was composed by Jang So-young, choreographed by Lee Ran-young, and voice coach by Park Ka-lin, all of whom are like Kira-seong in the performance world. The passion of the staff who participated in the new attempt of meeting a movie and a musical was combined with the efforts of actress Im Soo-jung, who has infinite potential, to create the best level of perfection.

Gong Yoo, a famous singer in the film industry, sings the theme song of <Finding Kim Jong-wook>!
‘Second First Love’ that melts women’s hearts with a sweet and sweet voice
Insert movie end credits & make music video!

A very special joy is hidden at the end of the movie <Finding Kim Jong-wook>. This is because the theme song sung directly by Gong Yoo, who plays the lead role, comes out. Audiences surprised by the fact that the lead actor sang the song himself will be even more surprised by Gong Yoo’s singing ability. Although it was officially released for the first time through <Finding Kim Jong-wook>, this is because Gong Yoo’s singing skills, which are already widely known to filmmakers, are ‘professional’. ‘Second First Love’, composed by Lee Byung-hoon, music director of <Finding Kim Jong-wook> and lyrics by Jang Yoo-jeong, a professional lyricist, is a pleasant song with a light melody and emotional lyrics just like the atmosphere of the movie. Lyrics that start with ‘The moment we first met, I was really scared of you~’ describes the first meeting in the play with the easy-going and blunt Im Soo-jung. The music video melts the process of two people looking for Im Soo-jung’s first love, Kim Jong-wook, with sweet melody and emotional lyrics after their first meeting. Gong Yoo, laughing, enjoying, and singing in a recording studio with a Christmas atmosphere between the lovely appearances of ‘Airborne Couple’ gives a pleasant smile to those who watch the music video. ‘Second First Love’, in which Gong Yoo’s sweet and sweet voice melts the hearts of the listeners, will be another surprise prepared by <Finding Kim Jong-wook> for the audience.

Q. What kind of song is ‘Second First Love’?
It is a swing-style song with jazzy brass on top of a ukulele instrument. Originally, the song was composed by music director Lee Byung-hoon as the theme of Han Ki-joon played by Gong Yoo, so it fits well with Gong Yoo’s atmosphere and character. Director Jang Yoo-jung also wrote the lyrics of ‘Second First Love’ for Gong Yoo during a trip to the Himalayas, which left after filming.

Q. How did the song work go?
The advantage of Gong Yoo as a ‘singer’, which director Lee Byung-hoon said, is that he has a good voice tone and volume, and excellent vibration. Gong Yoo also finished recording easily in a short period of time and was praised as ‘as expected’.

The actors of the musical ‘Finding Kim Jong-wook’ went out for the movie ‘Finding Kim Jong-wook’!
‘Friendship Appearance’ only 13 people, super cameo corps laughter bomb parade!

One of the biggest highlights of <Finding Kim Jong-wook> is the appearance of an unimaginable cameo corps. In particular, actors from the musical ‘Finding Kim Jong-wook’, which have produced many stars since their premiere in 2006, appeared as cameos in the movie ‘Find Kim Jong-wook’, adding a meaningful relationship. In addition to Oh Man-seok, Won Ki-joon, Um Ki-joon, and Choi Ji-ho, who play the various (?) Kim Jong-wooks that Han Ki-joon and Seo Ji-woo look for in the movie, actors Shin Sung-rok, Kim Mu-yeol, and Oh Na-ra from the musical ‘Finding Kim Jong-wook’ breathe life into the play with unique characters. Comedian Jung Jun-ha, who appears as one of Kim Jong-wook, and Kim Dong-wook, who appears as Lee Cheong-ah’s boyfriend, ‘Doctor Jeong’, also make a brief appearance, but give the audience joy with their strong presence. The laughter bombs presented by a whopping thirteen super-special cameo corps with various characters will be special fun only for <Finding Kim Jong-wook>.

<Finding Kim Jong-wook> Woo-jung Appearance
Shin Sung-rok as Seo Ji-woo (Im Soo-jung)’s boyfriend
Jeong Gyu-soo – Manager of Didi Tour
Jeong Seong-hwa – Didi Tour Guide
Jang Young-nam – Han Ki-joon’s older sister
Oh Na-ra – Han Ki-joon’s college classmate
Ilhwa Choi – Customer of ‘Finding First Love Office’
Kim Moo-yeol – Airline employee
Choi Ji-ho – Kim Jong-wook
Won Ki-joon – Kim Jong-wook
Jung Jun-ha – Kim Jong-wook
Oh Man-seok – Kim Jong-mook
Um Ki-joon – Kim Jong-wook
Kim Dong-wook – Ji-hye (Lee Cheong-ah)’s boyfriend Dr. Jung

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