(Korean Movies) FENGSHUI, 2018


period drama
Audience over 12 years old
running time
126 minutes
cumulative audience
2086418 people


The place of fame is the energy of the land that can change fate!

Park Jae-sang (Cho Seung-woo), a genius genius who can change the fate of humans by foretelling the energy of the earth, loses his family when he uses the famous hall to block the Jangdong Kim family's plan to rule the country.
13 years later, Heung-seon (Ji-seong), a fallen royal who wants to turn the world upside down, appears in front of Jae-sang Park, who dreams of revenge, and proposes to drive out the Jang-dong Kim clan together.

Park Jae-sang and Heung-seon, who approached the rich Kim Jwa-geun together, learn about the existence of the Cheonhamyeongdang, where two kings will come, and they have different wills…


what is a hall of fame
It is the energy of the earth that can change human destiny.

If you want to be rich, you have to go to a place with a lot of money.
If you want to become a person with power, you have to go where there is power.

But there is no end to the greed of those who own the land.
Now, do they have the power to change their fate?


Regardless of the era, people are looking for a 'myeongdang'!
A huge story surrounding the 'Myeongdang' that can change your destiny begins!

Feng Shui geography is the idea of finding a good base by understanding the nature of the land. Pungsu geography, introduced during the Three Kingdoms period, reached its heyday during the Goryeo period, and has had a lot of influence through the Joseon period to the present day. It is said that Gaegyeong, the capital of Goryeo, and Hanyang, the capital of the Joseon Dynasty, were almost perfect places to visit from the point of view of feng shui. The importance of feng shui is not just a story of the past. Even to this day, we believe in the best land based on feng shui, that is, 'Myeongdang', and strive to find it. Find the location of a 'myeongdang' that gives good energy to business prosperity or academic promotion, and find good places such as theaters, libraries, and cafes in your daily life. As such, the belief that feng shui can even change the fate of humans is deeply entrenched in our lives. As such, the movie <Myeongdang> started from the point of view that people can change their destiny through feng shui geography and that everyone is interested in their own destiny regardless of age or age.

The movie <Myeongdang> is a work depicting the conflict and desire between the genius Jigwan Park Jae-sang, who can foretell the energy of the earth and change the fate of humans, and those who want to occupy the Heavenly Myeongdang, who can become a king. The conflict between the people who seek the royal power using Cheonhamyeongdang and eventually change the fate of the individual and the times was reborn as a huge narrative by adding the subject matter of 'Myeongdang', which originated in the philosophy of feng shui. The story of the characters taking place to occupy the famous place will increase the audience's immersion with a absorbing development that harmonizes with the historical events and the dramatic device of the film.

The movie <Myeongdang>, which contains an interesting subject that can change fate from the past to the present, and a huge story that penetrates history, is expected to heat up the theater district for Chuseok.

<Apostle> <Contemplation> <Gwanghae, the man who became king> The well-made historical drama craze continues!
With a heavy emotional line and a solid drama, the 2018 Chuseok theater dominance notice!

The successes of the films <Apostle>(2015), <Contemplation>(2013), and <Gwanghae, the Man Who Became King>(2012), which have received great love from the Korean people and are still talked about, have in common. That is, it is a historical drama created by reconstructing real people and historical records in a cinematic way.

<Sado> (6,246,849 persons) re-examined the tragic family history spanning three generations of the Joseon Dynasty, including Yeongjo, Sado, and Jeongjo. The story of a contemplative who looks forward to the future through the characters and faces is captured by the desires of various groups of people. In addition, <Gwanghae, the Man Who Became King> (12,319,542 people) reconstructed the unrecorded 15 days of 'Gwanghae', which is divided into extremes in the evaluation of the present and future generations. In this way, historical dramas that add cinematic imagination to actual history create a unique story that penetrates history and fascinates the audience.

The movie <Myeongdang> is also expected as a work that will succeed the genealogy of this well-made historical drama. <Myungdang> had a reputation for a solid story from the production stage. Based on the actual historical record that Heungseon Daewongun moved the tomb of Namyeongun to the place where two kings appeared on the advice of Jigwan, the drama of <Myeongdang> is added with the setting of finding a 'myeongdang' that affects the fate of humans and the country. One story stimulates curiosity even more. In particular, the dark battles and sharp debates between the genius intellectual who recognizes the energy of the earth and the characters who try to satisfy their desires with the energy of the earth will present from heavy emotional lines to dynamic spectacles.

In this way, <Myeongdang>, which is completed as a huge story by reinterpreting the subject and history of 'Myeongdang' in a cinematic way, will show the completeness of the work as well as the aspect of a historical drama with high immersion.

irreplaceable! Indisputable! Nameless!
Seung-Woo Cho X Ji-Sung, this year's Chuseok most intense acting!

What makes <Myeongdang> even more exciting is the meeting between Cho Seung-woo and Ji-sung, a famous Korean actor. The two actors, who have been greatly loved by the public by showing their solid acting skills, are expected to show perfect synergy as well as intense performances that cannot take their eyes off of this <Myeongdang>.

First of all, Cho Seung-woo, who is active in all defenses, including screen, CRT, and stage, is unrivaled by winning Best Actor Award at the 42nd Daejong Film Festival, Best Actor Award at the 10th Korea Musical Awards, and Best Actor Award in the TV category at the 54th Baeksang Arts Awards. He continued his acting career. He has shown a limitless acting spectrum through several works such as <Inside Men> (2015), <The Perfect Game> (2011), <Tazza> (2006), <Marathon> (2005), and <Classic> (2003). In addition, in the drama tvN [Secret Forest] (2017), which ended last year, he drew favorable reviews that 'Cho Seung-woo is a genre' with his overwhelming acting, and is proving his presence once again through JTBC [Life] (2018). . Cho Seung-woo, who has established himself as an actor who can be trusted and seen in this way, will show another acting transformation by taking on the role of 'Park Jae-sang', a genius Jigwan who confronts the Sedo family in <Myeongdang>. He perfectly expressed the heavy emotional line by leading the play with his rigidity as a branch manager and the charisma that is revealed in the process of confronting the powerful. Director Park Hee-gon, who co-starred with Cho Seung-woo for the second time in <The Perfect Game> (2011) after <The Perfect Game> (2011), expressed his infinite trust in him, saying, "He is an actor who not only has great acting ability to penetrate the film, but also has great power to go along with the other actors." It made people look forward to acting and breathing with other actors, including .

On the other hand, the self-proclaimed acting god Ji-seong, who received rave reviews from the dramas [Kill Me, Heal Me] (2015) and [Defendant] (2017), won the Grand Prize twice at the 2015 MBC Drama Awards and the 2017 SBS Drama Awards, in <Myungdang>. He is expected to show unprecedented performances in the role of 'Heung-seon', the fallen royal family. Ji-seong, who expressed the character 'Heung-seon', who has the greatest amplitude of emotional change in the movie, in a more three-dimensional sense, focused on authenticity to play a real person, and discussed even the smallest emotions with the director to complete 'Heung-seon'. showed extraordinary enthusiasm. Jo Seung-woo, who had many scenes filmed with Ji-sung, said, “It was like seeing a real actor. He was always an actor full of energy, and I learned a lot.”

The fierce performances of these two irreplaceable actors will enhance the perfection of the work and show synergy, which will fascinate the hearts of the audience in September.

Kim Seong-gyun, Moon Chae-won, Yoo Jae-myung, Lee Won-geun, and Baek Yun-sik!
Joining the best actors in Chungmuro!
A well-made work that you can trust and see with a gorgeous casting lineup is completed!

The movie <Myeongdang> is receiving a lot of attention even before its release by completing a lineup that can be trusted just by casting, including the best actors Kim Seong-gyun, Moon Chae-won, Yoo Jae-myung, Lee Won-geun, and Baek Yoon-sik, who are known as the best actors in Chungmuro, who are armed with excellent acting skills and personality.

First, the overwhelming presence in the movies <Neighbor>(2012) and <War Against Crime: The Golden Age of Bad Guys>(2011) and the innocence of having just moved to Seoul through [Reply 1994](2015), and < In Golden Slumber (2018), Kim Seong-gyun, who showed a variety of characters such as a loyal figure for a friend, played the role of 'Kim Byung-gi' of the Jang-dong Kim family, who does everything to enjoy wealth and fame in the movie <Myung-dang>. In the play, Kim Seong-gyun, who opposes Jo Seung-woo and Ji-seong, will inject tension into the play through a wide range of acting. In addition, Moon Chae-won, who left a strong impression by winning the Grand Bell Award and the Blue Dragon Film Award for Best Newcomer through the movie <The Last Weapon Bow> (2011), which mobilized 7.4 million viewers, took on the role of 'Cho-seon', the best fighter in Hanyang. Moon Chae-won's extraordinary presence, who perfectly digested the veiled character, will further elevate the immersion of the film. Yoo Jae-myung, who is showing life acting through the dramas [Secret Forest] (2017) and [Life] (2018), takes on the role of 'Gu Yong-sik', who is Jo Seung-woo's old friend and helps him with excellent resourcefulness and wit. Yoo Jae-myung, who worked with Cho Seung-woo for the third time, will show a unique chemistry with him.

In addition, Korea's representative luxury actor Baek Yoon-sik takes on the role of 'Kim Jwa-geun', an ambitious person who dreams of power by occupying a famous place as the central figure of Jang-dong Kim, adding to the weight of the play. Baek Yoon-sik, who showed his charisma and profoundness as 'Kim Jong-seo', a servant who wants to keep the country in check and defend the country in <Contemplation> (2013), expands his unrivaled presence and adds to the richness of the play. . Won-geun Lee, who has captured the hearts of women by going back and forth between the screen and the CRT through the drama [The Good Wife] (2016) and the movie <Female Teacher> (2017), takes on the role of 'Heon-jong', who is facing a crisis by the power of 'Kim Jwa-geun'. It is planned to convey a deep impression in the form of a king with various emotions.

In this way, the movie <Myeongdang>, which has further improved the perfection of the work by adding the explosive performances of irreplaceable actors, will captivate the audience at the theater on the coming Chuseok.

<Myungdang> was born at the fingertips of Korea's best producers
Completion of a different historical drama that boldly breaks away from the existing frame!

The movie <Myungdang>, which is expected to gather the best actors in Chungmuro, not only the actors but also the production team who is famous for their best skills in each field, heralds the birth of a high-quality historical drama.

First, he won the Costume Award at major film festivals for his works such as <Park Yeol> (2017), <The Apostle> (2015), <Contemplation> (2013), and <The King's Man> (2005). Costume director Shim Hyeon-seop participated. He did not stop trying new things, such as selecting the color and texture of clothes according to the characteristics of the characters and their emotions, as well as making reference to the silhouettes of Western medieval costumes. Art, an element that catches the eye in the movie just like the costume, was created by art director Lee Mi-kyung, who was in charge of <Missing: The Woman Who Disappeared>(2016), <Going to the End>(2014), and <Gone with the Wind>(2012). took part She has presented art that emphasizes the unique characteristics of the work while adding a sense of reality by utilizing the everyday life of the space. From the construction of the set to the crafting of props, we put a lot of effort into preparing and creating a high-density screen.

In addition, he won the 37th Blue Dragon Film Awards Music Award for <Wailing>(2016), <Train to Busan>(2016), <Assassination>(2015), <The Good Guy, the Bad Guy, the Weird Guy>(2008), etc. Music director Jang Yeong-gyu, who presented stylish yet unique music in In addition, Hyeon-woong Ko and Gwang-rak Choi, who participated in the martial arts of numerous works such as <Myeongryang> (2014), <Pirates: Bandits to the Sea> (2014), and <The Ultimate Weapon> (2011), are in charge of the martial arts and are heavy and powerful. The action will decorate the climax of the movie. Lastly, cinematographer Baek Yun-seok took charge of the shooting, which included various characters and various attractions. In order to effectively show the vast scenery, the 'drone' was actively used, and the 'Russian Arm', a device used by installing a crane on the roof of the vehicle, was used in the right place to capture dynamic movements on the screen.

<Myungdang>, which was born from the fingertips of the best staff, will establish itself as a luxury historical drama that satisfies the eyes and ears of the audience.


The second main character in the movie, famous places from all over Korea captured for 137 days!
The story behind the space design and location completed with the hard work of the staff!

One of the things that director Park Hee-gon talked most closely with the main staff during the production preparation process for the movie <Myeongdang> was to put the famous place on the screen. Myeongdang was another main character that determines the fate of everyone in the movie, so the existence and energy of the Myeongdang had to be conveyed to the audience as well. Accordingly, the production team went around the country to find the right place, and put a lot of effort into setting a famous place that suits the person and the situation. In addition, in setting the interior and exterior of the space, we tried to provide new attractions, as well as reflect the characteristics of the character and express the person through the space.

# Kim Jwa-geun-Kim Byung-gi's house showing the authority of the Sedo family
'Kim Jwa-geun' (Baek Yun-sik), 'Kim Byung-gi' (Kim Seong-gyun) The rich man's house is a space completed by repairing doors and walls and making sets based on the Korean Folk Village. It is a place where you can check the delicate work of the team. The house of the rich man, 'Kim Jwa-geun' and 'Kim Byung-gi' in the movie, is a space where you can feel the history and authority of the Jang-dong Kim family at a glance. In addition to the luxurious and majestic appearance, the design that actively utilizes the straight-line structure and the sharp contrast between black and white contributes to clearly showing the charisma of the two characters that overwhelm their opponents. In particular, a double door was installed in the space of 'Kim Jwa-geun', who had more power than the king, to create a secret space, highlighting the character's greed. In addition, the dark and heavy atmosphere that permeates the entire space harbors the ambitions of the rich 'Kim Jwa-geun' and 'Kim Byung-gi'.

# Jung Man-in's house that captures the character's personality and tension
It is also worth paying attention to the space of 'Man-in Jeong' (Chung-seon Park), who plays a significant role in forming conflicts in the play as a character with the same intelligence as 'Park Jae-sang' or a completely different character. The house of 'Man-in Jeong' is dominated by curves, as opposed to the houses of the rich people 'Jwa-geun Kim' and 'Byung-gi Kim', which reflects the mean side of the character who changes his stance depending on the situation. In addition, in order to reveal the character's desire to control the land, various attempts were made, such as confining a pine tree in the house's inner garden inside the building. In order to bring out the unique and unique character of the character, black and red are mainly used, and teacups and incense burners costing tens of millions of won are placed as props. catches their attention Meanwhile, the space set as the house of 'Man-in Jeong' was filmed all over the country, including Damyang, Gyeongju, Gochang, and Busan. Among them, Dokrakdang in Gyeongju, which was set up as a corner of Man-in Jeong's house and filmed, was a privately owned cultural property, and it took a lot of effort to get permission from the owner. After the continuous persuasion of the production team to select a suitable location, filming was able to proceed at Dokrakdang. As if proving that these efforts are not in vain, Dokrakdang was selected by many actors including Ji Sung as the most impressive filming location, and director Park Hee-gon said that he was very satisfied with the shooting scenes at Dokrakdang during the editing process.

# A trestle made to highlight the emotions of a person with details
In the movie, 4-5 tombs appear, including the tomb of Crown Prince Hyomyeong. We had to find a suitable space because it was not possible to proceed with filming at the actual tomb, but it was not easy to find a place with a large space for realizing a huge tomb and a managed tomb around it. The production team found the Dunnae Recreational Forest located in Gangwon-do after hunting for many places, and after that, the art team started setting up. In fact, it was quite difficult to set up the tomb and burial site with a large area that Art Director Lee Mi-kyung selected as 'the place where manpower and hands were used the most'. It can be said that this is a space where the hard work of the production team, such as filming, shined. The meticulously set up trestle makes the characters who go through various emotional changes such as anger and sadness stand out even more.

# Gayasa, which shows the energy of a famous place by itself
Gayasa, the place that decorates the movie's climax, was filmed at Hwaeomsa Temple in Gurye, Jeollanam-do. <Myeongdang> is the first film to be filmed at Hwaeomsa Temple, a cultural property that has been preserved since the Unified Silla period. Hwaeomsa's unique majestic atmosphere makes it possible to perfectly feel the aura of 'Daemyeongdang' that the characters want to have, and puts considerable power into the scene. In fact, about the filming at Hwaeomsa Temple, actor Ji-sung said, "It was an honor to be able to film in a place like this, and I thought I should make a meaningful work." He also mentioned the specialness of the place. In particular, the dynamic action scenes unfolding here create perfect synergy with the venue and are expected to catch the attention of the audience. Meanwhile, Hwaeomsa Temple, which was designated as a private site by the Cultural Heritage Committee, was also a space that paid special attention to damage as it was necessary to film an action scene involving more than 100 people.

# The road to Daemyeongdang, which shines even more with the efforts of the production team
The road to 'Gayasa', where the characters in the movie is the seat of the great hall, is a very short scene, but it is a place where you can see the passion of the production team for the perfection of the movie. Because it was the road to the climax, the production team decided that the dynamic movement here would be effective in heightening emotions, and made a path for horses to run by repairing the grass and trees in the field located in Jeoljeon-ri, Imsil, Jeollabuk-do. Filming was also conducted using drones and Russian Arms to effectively capture the large movement. Even though not a single line of dialogue appears, this scene, in which the desperate movements of the characters running towards a single destination and a vast space are harmonized, is another point of observation in the movie <Myeongdang>.

Balancing the authenticity and novelty of Hanbok!
Well-made historical drama specialist Shim Hyeon-seop's costume director's commentary is revealed!

Another element that catches the audience's attention in <Myeongdang> is the costume that seems to represent the character. Costumes that take into account not only the class reflection of each character, but also the harmony and contrast between the characters, and the silhouettes in the action scenes, are an important component of the movie, enhancing the perfection of the work. It was Shim Hyeon-seop, the costume director, who gave another pleasure to see with the costumes in <Myeongdang>. He has demonstrated his skills by playing well-made historical plays that remain in the history of Korean cinema, such as <The Apostle> (2015), <Contemplation> (2013), and <The King of Man> (2005). will be shown simultaneously to fascinate the audience.

1. Jay Park #Ji Kwan #Integrity

“Although he is the person who leads the whole work,
I chose simplicity rather than intensity in consideration of the integrity image of 'Park Jae-sang'.”

The most important part of 'Park Jae-sang' (Cho Seung-woo)'s costume was to contain professional specificity and a strong and heavy image. Due to the nature of the job of 'Park Jae-sang', who reads the energy of the earth to check someone's well-being, the part that can put the power of the character is more important than the glamor, so it took a long time to think about the outfit. 'Park Jae-sang''s costume, which mainly uses cotton material, compensates for the weakness of cotton with clothes worn on the inside, expressing that he is a person who is not flashy on the outside but has a strong inside. In addition, for a clean image, the color was restrained as much as possible to preserve a clean feeling. Cho Seung-woo said, "I was quite surprised by the quality of the costumes realized in stylish colors. While filming, I was always impressed when I monitored it.”

2. Heungseon #The Fallen Royal Family #Change

“Rather than excessive fashion, we focused on strengthening the character according to the flow of the play.”
When drawing the character of Heungseon-gun in other historical dramas, it was common to start with the shabby figure of the fallen royal family and gradually transform it into a splendid image. However, costume director Shim Hyeon-seop considered the actor's image and the flow of the play, and decided that it would be better to strengthen the character with a more natural change, so he composed the costume. For this reason, Heungseon's clothes give a neat feeling and use non-glamorous colors. However, even in costumes that use a color similar to that of 'Park Jae-sang', 'Heung-seon''s clothes are differentiated by different materials such as silk, revealing that he is a 'royal'.

3. Jangdong Kim clan #Real King #Luxury #Ambition #Evil
“We focused on expressing the luxury of a person with a higher power than the king.”

In the case of 'Kim Jwa-geun' (Baek Yoon-sik), the costume was made under the concept of 'a real king'. Kim Jwa-geun's costumes are expressed in various types, materials and designs that feel luxurious, such as red tops worn by a king, black clothes close to ink, and white coatings that glow when illuminated. These costumes emphasized the character's charisma and perfectly brought to life the character of Sedo, who has power that surpasses the king.

“I wanted to express the character’s greed and violent temperament.”
The focus was on color to show the character of Kim Byung-gi (Kim Seong-gyun), who is the second-in-command of the Sedo family and has ambitions hidden by his father 'Kim Jwa-geun'. Costume director Shim Hyun-seop composed the costume so that Kim Byung-gi's character could look like a villain by using gray as a base and strong colors.

4. Chosen #Double Charm #Experimental Attempt

“I needed a costume that could capture the image of a woman who is both a gisaeng and a strong woman at the same time.”
'Cho Seon', the Daebang of 'Wolyeonggak', the biggest hall in Hanyang, was a character that had to be expressed with her splendid appearance and her straight wick at the same time. It was important that the costumes of 'Cho Seon' should be splendid and elegant. After much consideration, costume director Shim Hyeon-seop strengthened the elegant feeling by grafting the silhouette of a Western medieval dress to the costume of 'Chosun', and also differentiated it from the costumes in the existing historical dramas such as the proportion of chimajeogori. In addition, elegant colors and silhouette costumes were used together to express the belief of 'chosen', enhancing the character's dual charm. Regarding this, director Park Hee-gon said, "The experimental attempt of costume director Shim Hyeon-seop was well completed, and thanks to this, the process of choosing the costume for 'Cho Seon' was very happy." heard in A variety of costumes helped to express the character,” he said, raising curiosity about the costumes in <Myeongdang>.

Everything about shooting through thorough design and delicate craftsmanship!
From the emotions of the characters to the beauty of the eight provinces of Korea!

The main task of <Myeongdang> was to capture the emotions and situations of the characters with distinct personalities, as well as the land of the second main character, on the screen. Cinematographer Baek Yun-seok created a unique style that emphasized differentiation from existing historical drama films with delicate and colorful filming techniques. In particular, in order to maximize the characteristics of historical dramas and the reality of the time, natural light rather than artificial lighting was used to convey the psychological state of the characters and the atmosphere of the space. Also, by setting different lighting tones and camera angles for each person, we tried to highlight the character's characteristics.

Genius Ji-kwan 'Park Jae-sang' mainly used the front camera angle to give an unadorned and honest feeling. Rather than highlighting one place, the lighting designed a balanced environment to spread the light evenly, capturing the character of an honest yet strong character. On the other hand, 'Heung-seon', a fallen royal family, is a three-dimensional character that changes to change his fate. In particular, in the action scenes of 'Heungseon', the handheld technique was used to convey the realism of the audience as if they were in the same space with them. When capturing the relationship between 'Kim Jwa-geun', who holds absolute power, and 'Heon-jong', the king who was deprived of power by him, he used zoom lenses and tracking to focus on the emotions of the characters and capture dramatic developments to increase immersion.

The appearance of Korea's Paldo, which appears important in the film, is not limited to a simple beautiful landscape, but a great effort was made to visualize the ideal place of fame. In addition to emphasizing the geographical characteristics, the aerial composition of the extreme full shot using a drone was actively utilized in consideration of various factors such as the structure of the building and the arrangement of objects. Director of Photography Baek Yun-seok said, “I wanted to unravel the message of the movie in a modern rhythm within the genre of historical drama,” raising expectations for the sights. Director Park Hee-gon, who was in charge of directing, also expressed a high level of satisfaction, saying, "New attempts and shooting techniques helped a lot to increase the immersion of the movie." The film <Myeongdang>, which created a high-quality visual with this delicately crafted shooting technique, will delight the eyes of the audience this Chuseok.


The message the film deals with is in line with society today.
The movie <Myeongdang> captures the tension and grandeur that is completely different from the existing historical drama films.
Park Jae-sang as Jo Seung-woo

An exciting story centered on a famous place that can only change fate.
We pride ourselves on being a luxury historical drama with a majestic visual.

The breathing and ensemble of actors immersed in the character
Needless to say, it's fantastic.
As Kim Jwa-geun│Baek Yoon-sik

There is a heavy power that only <Myeongdang> has.
The relationship between the characters is also well-balanced.
As Kim Byung-gi│Kim Seong-gyun

You can feel the Korean side
You can expect the birth of a well-made luxury historical drama.
Chae-won Moon as Cho Seon

You will feel as if a typhoon is raging while looking at the calm lake.
As Koo Yong-shik│Yoo Jae-myung

It is a great work that can satisfy expectations as much as expected.
I hope to see you at the theater this Chuseok.
Heonjong │Lee Won-geun

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