(Korean Movies) Extreme Job, 2018

Extreme Job, 2018

Extreme Job, 2018
Audience over 15
running time
111 minutes
cumulative audience
16266338 people
56th Daejong Film Festival 2020


Chicken market during the day! Working undercover at night!
There has never been an investigation like this before!

The drug group runs and rolls all day and night, but the results are bottoming, and finally the drug squad is in crisis of dismantling!
The eldest brother of the team, who has no place to retreat any more, catches the situation of domestic drug smuggling by an international criminal organization and begins an undercover investigation with four team members: Detective Jang, Detective Ma, Youngho, and Jaehoon.
The drug squad takes over a chicken restaurant in front of a criminal gang's hideout for 24-hour surveillance and starts a disguised business.
Investigation is behind the scenes, and a golden opportunity one day comes to the drug squad, who are busy with chicken sales…
Will you catch the criminal or the chicken?
New Year's Eve 2019!


There has never been a 'movie' like this before!

100% fresh! Addictive!
Laughter virus that will take over theaters for New Year's Eve 2019
The essence of comedy from director Lee Byung-hun of <Twenty> is coming!

Director Lee Byung-hun, who proved the box office success by mobilizing 3 million audiences with his patented horse comedy with <Twenty>, returns with <Extreme Job>, a comic investigation drama that adds the novel subject and setting of a drug-chicken disguised start-up investigation to a unique rustic murder line. <Extreme Job> is a movie depicting the story that takes place when 'Drug Chicken', which was founded by a group of five drug groups in danger of disbanding to eradicate a criminal organization, becomes a popular restaurant.

After adapting <Speed Scandal>, <Sunny> and <Tazza: Hand of God>, director Lee Byung-hun, who was in the spotlight as an alchemist of comedy, directed works such as <Cheer up, Mr. Byung-hun>, <Twenty> and <Wind Wind Wind> With the motto of “giving comfort,” he directed <Extreme Job> with the desire to show the audience a movie that anyone can laugh at. “It’s a unique and extraordinary story, yet it evokes sympathy that can be found somewhere” (Ryu Seung-ryong), “Scenario full of scenes that can make you laugh hahaha throughout” (Lee Honey), “Comedy language with director Lee Byung-hun’s own style” (Jin Seon-gyu) ) and Lee Gu Dong-seong, the scenario of <Extreme Job>, which was highly praised, captures the bizarre disguised start-up period in which five drug detectives in danger of dismantling go through double hardship by selling chicken by day and working undercover at night. “It’s hard to find people in the real world who just go out of their way without any hesitation. However, I think that even ordinary citizens have hidden abilities within themselves, and there are moments when they shine.”

<Extreme Job> is an authentic comedy movie that you can see in theaters for a long time. <Extreme Job>, a feast of non-stop comic episodes, characters full of personality, and savage lines, is expected to find audiences as the only movie that will bring laughter to the theaters for the Lunar New Year in 2019.

There has never been an 'investigation' like this before!

Chicken sales during the day, undercover work at night
Drug detectives who have nowhere to turn back
An unusual camouflage start-up period begins!

<Extreme Job> captures the meaning of the title of 'Extreme Job' through the appearance of five drug gangs struggling while running, rolling, hanging, chasing, and risking their lives. Based on ingenious materials and settings, it presents an investigation that has never been seen before.

The five detectives of the drug squad, who are on the verge of disbanding, face a once-in-a-lifetime investigation that may be their last, and their daily lives are turned upside down 180 degrees. He took over a chicken restaurant in front of a criminal gang's hideout and started a full-fledged business under the guise of starting a bizarre double life by selling chicken during the day and working undercover at night. As chicken hits an unexpected jackpot, they spend a busier day catching, slicing, frying, and tossing chickens than the criminals, and they focus on business rather than their main job, investigation. The images of those who feel the confusion of identity whether they are investigating to sell chickens or selling chickens for investigation evokes extreme laughter and sympathy in the audience.

Zombie leader (Ryu Seung-ryong) of the drug squad in the crisis of disbanding under pressure from performance is the boss of a great restaurant, and Detective Jang (Lee Honey), the all-around solver of the drug group who responds first to a sense of justice, is a thorough hall service manager of a hit restaurant, and an accident in the drug squad. Detective Ma (Jin Seon-gyu) is reborn as a chef with the absolute taste of a great restaurant, while Young-ho (Lee Dong-hwi), a lonely chaser in the drug class, becomes a mentally broken driver, and Jae-hoon, the youngest of the drug class, is a kitchen assistant at the absolute restaurant. He spends every day peeling and slicing onions, reminiscent of a Hwasaengbang.

<Extreme Job> is expected to stimulate sympathy of all who are engaged in 'extreme jobs' living in this era and at the same time inducing laughter with the reversal charm of the double character who goes back and forth between a detective and a small business owner.

There has never been a 'chemistry' like this before!

Ryu Seung-ryong X Honey Lee X Jin Seon-gyu X Lee Dong-hwi X Gong Myung
Synchro rate 100% salty explosive drug class 5 people
The strongest team play of the 5 members of the drug class completed with the best breathing!

“<Extreme Job> is a movie in which one team plays an active role as the main character! Above all, character play, chemistry, and the balance between each character were the most important,” said director Lee Byung-hun, who said, "In the movie, the audience is 100% synchronized with the five actors Ryu Seung-ryong, Lee Ha-nui, Jin Seon-kyu, Lee Dong-hwi, and Gong Myung. You can enjoy class teamwork.

From traditional historical dramas such as <The Last Weapon Bow>, <Gwanghae, the Man Who Became King> and <Myeongryang>, to comedy genres that provide pleasant laughter and emotion, such as <The Gift of Room 7> and <All About My Wife>, the audience loves it a lot. Actor Ryu Seung-ryong, who has been receiving 'Extreme Job', announces the welcome return of 'King of Comedy' as 'Chief Go' as 'Chief Go' of the drug class of <Extreme Job>. “You have to take care of your teammates, you have to take care of your family, and you have to take care of yourself. So, I thought that there was only Ryu Seung-ryong, the only actor who could capture the image of a busy and tired small citizen head and leader." Lee Ha-nui, an all-round entertainer who is active in all areas from movies to dramas, performances, and entertainment shows, took on the role of Detective Jang, an all-around solver in the drug squad. Honey Lee, who first took on the action through <Extreme Job>, did not spare her whole body, but did not spare her passion for acting transformation, such as putting on no makeup for a realistic detective character and filming. Actor Jin Seon-gyu, who emerged as a rising star in Chungmuro through the brutally scary loan shark 'Wi Sung-rak' in <Crime City>, broke down into the brutally funny drug 'Detective Magician' through <Extreme Job>, and for the first time in the comedy genre. Challenge and radiate an irreplaceable presence. On the other hand, 'Young-ho', the only chaser in the drug squad who is the only drug group in the drug squad, who conducts a loneliness investigation, is given a three-dimensional effect by actor Lee Dong-hwi, who has been exuding his own personality with his unique clever comic acting. The youngest detective in the drug squad, who has no experience but is overly motivated, plays the role of 'Jae-hoon', a young actor who has captured the hearts of women in the CRT, adding to his charm.

“It was a scene that was so satisfying that I wondered if it would be possible to shoot this fun and happily from start to finish” (Ryu Seung-ryong), “It was the best teamwork that I could not meet at any other site!” (Lee Dong-hwi), “Each moment of filming is an episode. I got a feeling of becoming one with the atmosphere” (Gongmyung), and the performances of the five actors in the drug class, who showed perfect chemistry, can be seen at the theater in January.


comedy class action class

Shoulders shake! From a pleasant shoot without a good laugh
The port is buzzing! Up to 100 people hitting the action at the same time
Laughing and being right, into the dynamic scene!

<Extreme Job> provides a cool laugh through an unprecedented camouflage startup that has never been seen before, while at the same time offering thrills and exhilaration by presenting investigations that involve running, rolling, hanging, and even life-threatening actions.

<Extreme Job> created a delightful scene unprecedented in history by adding fantastic teamwork along with a scenario that provokes laughter in which the actors unite and praise. It was one of those scenes that made me laugh all the time while acting only with the fun element of the scenario, but the chemistry between the actors was also perfect. “The scene that showed synergy to the point where it was a pity that the filming was over” (Ryu Seung-ryong), “Jeonwoo-ae who shares more than a family who wakes up, eats, sleeps, and does everything together” (Lee Honey), “It’s always fun to meet, but it’s so sad when I don’t see it. , It feels like a second family to the point of wondering if it was shot well” (Jin Seon-gyu), “The best teamwork that you can’t meet in any field” (Lee Dong-hwi), “Each moment is an episode” (Gongmyeong) Lee Gu Dong-seong’s satisfaction It is said that it was a fun scene to reveal.

In addition, in order to realize the concept of a different film of chicken sales during the day and undercover work at night, the actors had a process of honing action and cooking at the same time. Action training to catch the criminal and cooking training that achieved the success of the hit restaurant had to be digested at the same time. In particular, in the summer of last year, when the heat wave came for the first time in 100 years, the road chase scene that was completed with the murderous heat approaching 40 degrees Celsius and the opening sequence containing the scene of a 16-fold crash, all the actors and staff ran and rolled over and over and laughed for a week. It was completed with a famous scene that satisfies both and the spectacle at the same time. On the other hand, the scene of the investigation into the Gungpyeong port infiltration in the second half, which can be called the highlight of the movie, is a large-scale action scene in Gwangyang, Jeollanam-do, where 100 actors and a martial arts team, including five drug groups, are fighting at the same time. In order to complete a distinctly different action style for each drug class character, the actors went to action school for 7 weeks to learn skills and strengthen their physical strength. This scene, completed day and night with action actors, not only gives the pleasure of revealing the anti-drug charm of the drug class, but also shows the essence of real action.

delivery class cooking class

A total of 463 animals in 6 months! 24/7 standby!
From freshly fried chicken from a food truck
Even the chicken with explosive salivary glands completed with the actors' blood, sweat, and tears!
Screen outing of 'Chinese God' with the most appearances in a movie!

In <Extreme Job>, there is another main character who caught the eye as much as the five people in the drug class. Chicken, which appears in a variety of forms, is the main character. Chicken, which appeared in 24 episodes, which is no less than the appearances of drug detectives, is a 'scene stealer' that did a great job in <Extreme Job> and will proudly present a fresh spectacle to the theater.

In order for the audience to feel the taste of chicken from the hit restaurant 'Suwon King Galbi Chicken', which is the main stage of the movie, through their eyes and ears, the production team always has a dedicated team on standby at the filming site, from raw chicken for the cooking scene to the success of the hit restaurant We prepared various kinds of chicken, including the main character, 'Suwon King Galbi Chicken'. During the six-month production period, a total of 463 chickens appeared in <Extreme Job>, including 249 ribs, 106 fried chickens, 88 raw chickens, and 20 different kinds of chicken, stimulating the salivary glands of the audience.

Like the drug detectives in the movie who are in agony of 'Catch the culprit or the chicken', the real actors also had to digest the action training to catch the criminal and the cooking training that achieved the success of the hit restaurant at the same time. Jin Seon-gyu, who plays the role of 'Detective Ma', the owner of an absolute taste who has become 'a godsend' in starting a chicken restaurant under the guise of a drug club, has been working on basic ingredients at the academy for a month before cranking, slicing vegetables, chicken feet, and fried chicken. Taking cooking lessons, he spared no effort to become a true 'chicken master'. He said, "I practiced repeatedly to get used to the basic knife necessary for cooking with the hope that the process of taking one step towards the character can reach the audience through the movie." reported the effort. Gong Myung, the youngest detective in the drug class who helps 'Magic Detective' in the kitchen and handles various materials, and 'Jae-Hoon', a kitchen assistant for 'Suwon Wang Rib Chicken', also showed off his skill through rigorous cooking training. It is said that even after the cooking class at the academy, he personally bought onions in bulk and continued to practice onion trimming and slicing at home.

It is expected that the feast of the variety chicken scene, which was created after the hard work of the actors and staff, will satisfy the five senses of the audience.

charm group transformation group

Director Lee Byung-hun's special character casting parade!
‘Salty Explosive Drug Squad’ Ryu Seung-ryong, Lee Ha-nui, Jin Seon-gyu, Lee Dong-hwi, and Gong Myung
Shin Ha-kyun and Oh Jeong-se, who are active as 'battering villains combo',
'Film Industry Licorice Corps' Kim Eui-seong, Kim Ji-young, Song Young-gyu, Heo Jun-seok, Yang Hyun-min, and Shin Shin-ae are all dispatched!

<Extreme Job> is a gang of beating-inducing villains Shin Ha-kyun, Oh Jeong-se, and Kim Ui-seong, Kim Ji-young, Song Young-gyu, Heo Jun-seok, Yang Hyun-min, Even Shin Shin-ae, the strongest licorice corps in the film industry, has been dispatched to complete the casting that perfectly matches director Lee Byung-hun's proprietary character, raising expectations.

First of all, Ryu Seung-ryong, who had been in mind from the scenario stage to the extent that director Lee Byung-hun said, “I sang joy after being confirmed,” gave sympathy to the play with realistic life acting and became a strong support for <Extreme Job>. Honey Lee, an all-round entertainer who has been active in the film, broadcasting, and performance worlds, is a novelty that 100% satisfies the “cast that broke the typical female detective in Korean movies” that director Lee Byung-hun wanted. Reflecting director Lee Byung-hun's expectation that "Jin Seon-kyu will be fresh just by acting in a comedy," the drug class's absolute taste 'Detective Magician' shows off the charm of the reverse that captivates the audience and "an actor with a knack for savoring words" Lee Dong-hwi completed a character that was richer than the scenario with his comedy skills that filled in the gaps, and Gong Myung, “an actor who gave his own special energy to a character with a high synchronization rate,” enjoyed the filming site more than anyone else and did more than his share.

In addition, the actors Shin Ha-kyun and Oh Jeong-se of Chungmuro, who transformed into “a villain who has a job that should not be taken as a profession, but has a cute side” drawn by director Lee Byung-hun, and showed their unique style and polarity, are outstanding. By adding a three-dimensional effect to the character through comical acting, the play was enriched. Actor Shin Ha-kyun, who once worked with director Lee Byung-hun's previous film <Wind Wind Wind>, exudes a strong presence by breaking down into a drug dealer 'Lee Mu-bae' who uses bloody words that contradicts his dandy appearance. Actor Oh Jeong-se, who is loved for his excellent sense and unique acting, gives vitality to the play by completing the black hand 'Ted Chang', which is a pair with 'Lee Moo-bae' while utilizing the optimal taste of speech with his unique voice.

In addition, the role of 'Police Chief', who is shouldering the dismantling crisis drug squad as a homework, is played by Kim Eui-sung, who is active as a scene stealer in every work he appears, showing off his pleasant charm, and actor Kim Ji-young with a wide acting spectrum is a nagging 9-dan ' Go Banjang's wife went on a screen outing. In the role of 'Chief Choi', an eternal rival of 'Chief Go', actor Song Young-gyu, who is active in both screen and CRT, works together, and Lee Byung-hun plays the role of 'Chief Jeong' and 'Sangpil', who fight over the number 3 of the 'Lee Moo-bae' organization. Actors Heo Jun-seok and Yang Hyun-min, who have built up long-term relationships and trust with the director, appear and show off their individuality. On the other hand, Shin Shin-ae, an individualistic actress who is happy just to exist, brings laughter to the audience with her outrageous appearance.

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