(Korean Movies) EXIT, 2019

EXIT, 2019

EXIT, 2019
Audience over 12 years old
running time
103 minutes
cumulative audience
9426421 people
40th Golden Cinematography Awards 2021


Salty Explosive Youth White Water Meets Unprecedented Real Disaster!

I am from the university mountain club ace.
Yongnam, who only eats an eye-opener after failing to find a job for several years after graduation,
At my mother's 70th feast, attended by the whole family
Meet Uiju, a junior in a club who got a job as a banquet hall employee
Awkward reunions for a while, while the party of seventies is ripening
Mysterious smoke rises from the building
In an instant, without any escape, the entire city center is covered with toxic gas and is engulfed in chaos.
Yongnam and Uiju mobilize all the stamina and skills they had accumulated during the mountain club.
He begins to exercise his wits towards escape…


100% freshness different from existing disaster movies!
A witty disaster escape movie is coming!

A real disaster movie boasting 100% freshness with a completely different atmosphere from most of the existing disaster movies is coming this summer. <Exit> is a disaster escape action film depicting an emergency situation in which a young white-bearer Yong-nam (Jo Jung-seok) and his college club junior Ui-ju (Im Yoon-ah) have to escape from the city center covered with toxic gas of unknown cause.

<Exit>, seen through the released trailers and posters, arouses curiosity by foretelling a different atmosphere from most existing disaster films that are heavy and dark. It is raising curiosity by predicting an escape from a disaster that has never been seen anywhere using props that can be seen anywhere, such as large garbage bags, subway beach gas masks, rubber gloves, and packing box tapes.

Another point of differentiation in <Exit> is that the main character is an exploding, salty citizen character, rather than an elite with a precise and quick situational calculation or a professional agent with special training. After graduating from college, Yong-nam (Jo Jung-seok), who has failed to find a job for several years, and Ui-ju (Lim Yoon-ah), an office worker who endures the harsh reality after getting a job, appeared as sympathetic, small-citizen characters that help them navigate disaster situations in a defenseless state. provide fun In particular, the moment when the experience of a mountain club, which was ignored because it was a useless hobby, comes to life as an urgent disaster, the moment when the talent shines through is a big fun point throughout the film. Yong-nam and Ui-ju, who try to escape people by going back and forth from buildings in the city full of toxic gas, and also try to survive on their own, provide a new pleasure that has never been seen before.

Director Lee Sang-geun said that the film started with the question, "What if <Exit> is not recognized, and what if a seemingly insignificant talent is manifested as a special move in an emergency?" told

<Exit>, a new disaster escape action where you can experience all of laughter, emotion, and thrill, will lead the audience with a bouncy charm that will energize the theater in the summer. <Exit> will be released on July 31st.

A salty explosion like you've never seen before!
Eliminates tears, runny nose, and even laughter
The salty explosion combo Jo Jung-seok X Lim Yoon-a's real escape!

Yong-nam (Jo Jung-suk) lives in a disaster-like situation every day after graduating from a job failure for several years, eating only the food of the whole family. To celebrate her mother's 70th birthday, where the whole family attends, she dresses up to the fullest and attends the banquet hall. This is because it is the place where Ui-ju (Im Yoon-ah), who was a junior in college and her first love, works. However, the awkward reunion is short-lived, and while the feast of seventies is ripening, mysterious smoke rises from the middle of the city center, and in an instant, the entire city center is covered with toxic gas and engulfed in chaos.

From here, the salty explosion combination Yong-nam and Ui-ju's realistic escape begins. Unable to get a job or marry, Yong-nam, who has always been a cold meal at relatives' gatherings, throws his whole body using his experience in the mountaineering club during his college club days to save the entire family. Uiju, a member of the same club, also implements the escape manual as an example to save the guests of the banquet hall before he encounters a disaster. The situation of Yong-nam and Ui-ju, who try to escape by making climbing equipment using nearby props in an unexpected disaster situation, seems unsightly, but at the same time provides a sweaty tension in their hands, naturally cheering the two protagonists.

In addition, in the process of escaping, the two main characters reaching out their hands for those who are in more danger than themselves, also evokes a warm feeling. In a situation where people move from building to building avoiding the toxic gas that gradually spreads, unexpected hurdles constantly come, and the sad and laughable situation of the two people who change every moment in the situation immerses the audience into the unique charm of the movie <Exit>. going to do it

Abundant acting & reality of actors, living characters
Super special chemistry completed with humor hard carry of Korea's representative national actors Go Doo-shim, Park In-hwan, and Kim Ji-young!

Preliminary audiences who saw the trailer and poster of <Exit> said, "I thought it was a battle suit, but it was a garbage bag?", "What the hell is this movie? It's so funny", "It's an unexpected ambush", and "It's fresh and funny", etc. Like the trailers and posters released, <Exit> is an interesting film with a new approach that is different from disaster films so far. The balance of <Exit>, which solves the disaster escape situation without being too serious, but not just lightly, was possible thanks to the support shooting of the famous actors.

First, Korea's representative actors Go Doo-shim and Park In-hwan will appear as Yong-nam's parents, and the audience's tears, runny nose, and laughter will all be omitted. Go Doo-shim perfectly expressed the heart of a mother who is not hurt even if she puts it in her eyes, but does not express dissatisfaction with the condition of her child who has to take care of her even after graduating from college. Park In-hwan constantly nagging his wife, who has been living with Yong-nam for decades, with his child Yong-nam, who is not independent, but perfectly plays the patriarchal father who has put down the power of the family in the first place. If the two luxury actors keep the center of the play from being disturbed, it is Kim Ji-young, who plays the role of Yong-nam's first sister, Jeong-hyeon, who injects a laughing nuclear bomb. The performance of the first sister, Jeong-hyeon, who attacks Yong-nam's pitiful plight from time to time, has been upgraded more than the figure of a nagging 9-dan wife shown in the movie <Extreme Job>. Jo Jung-seok and Kim Ji-young's natural sibling breathing is the laughing point of <Exit>. Not only the three actors, but also Hwang Hyo-eun, Lee Bong-ryun, Kim Kang-hyun, Kang Ki-young, Bae Yu-ram, and Yoo Soo-bin, the actors who will be splendidly illuminated after 'Exit' are also worth noting.

The movie <Exit> will bring exhilarating and pleasant pleasure to the theater this summer with lively characters completed with the perfect acting skills of the actors, and a message that everyone can relate to. You can expect fantastic teamwork from actors who are amazingly good at acting.

Acting battles of actors who threw themselves for realistic action
Amplify the pleasure with a variety of rhythmically unfolding sights!
<Exit> Confirmed to be released on IMAX!
Enjoy the cool sights to beat the sweltering heat!

<Exit> stands for a full-fledged disaster escape action movie where you can enjoy the thrill that will make you forget the sweltering heat of midsummer. The realistic action scenes unfolding in the forest of buildings make the heat go away. In particular, Jo Jung-seok and Lim Yoon-a minimized the band and digested most of the scenes directly from the high-altitude fall scene to the bare-handed climbing scene. Because more than half of the scenes in the movie correspond to falling from a high altitude, climbing, and wire action, the actors' physical consumption was great. However, it is said that the actors did not spare their bodies for the perfection of the film. Thanks to that effort, a spectacle that the audience can immerse themselves in and enjoy was created.

Jo Jung-seok and Lim Yoon-a went to climbing school a few months before filming and learned the basic techniques of rock climbing. Martial arts director Jin-yul Yoon said, “It’s not a style you see often in Hollywood movies or mountain movies. If crossing between buildings over 10m has been the style of a disaster movie so far, <Exit> depicts a real situation in which you are afraid to run even if the distance is 3-4m. Thanks to the realistic performances of the actors, I was even more nervous,” he said about the action styling. Jo Jung-seok said, "I only practiced at the indoor climbing site and then went to the set, and the set of buildings reached 10-15M. It was dizzying and frightening to think that it would be almost 10 times the height in a real disaster,” he said. Yoona Lim said, "Before filming, I paid close attention to managing my stamina. There are many scenes that consume stamina, such as running, climbing, and wire action, so I did my best not to put pressure on the scene.” Director Lee Sang-geun said, "I was very worried about realistic action scenes. I thought hard about directing that could emphasize that the actors did it themselves,” he said, telling behind the scenes of realistic action directing.

Meanwhile, action sequences created through the efforts of actors and staff can now be seen on the IMAX screen. <Exit> is the third Korean film to be officially released at IMAX after <Sector 7> in 2011 and <Along with the Gods – Causal Kite> in 2018.

Megan Colligan, Chairman of IMAX Entertainment, said, "Korean films continue to create the most immersive stories in the world. <Exit> also worked with CJ ENM to introduce urgency and thrilling stories in IMAX. "I'm very happy to be here," he said. "I look forward to showing more visually stunning and groundbreaking stories through IMAX."

Three things not in the movie <Exit>!
'Shinpa' & 'Anger-inducing character' & 'Passive protagonist'
A perfect escape from the classic disaster movie formula!

The actors and production crew who appeared in the movie <Exit> agree that it is "a fresh and unique disaster film that I have never seen before." The epochal material of 'toxic gas disaster' that has never been seen before, and the feast of 'funny' situations that occur in disaster situations, make the audience feel the same charm. Above all, <Exit> shows extraordinary confidence in that it breaks away from the existing disaster movie formula. The three elements that can be easily found in disaster movies do not exist in <Exit>, so it is a so-called 'three nothing' movie.

The first is that there is no new wave code. Unlike most disaster movies that are full of non-rosy and serious disasters, <Exit> is a witty blend of action and comedy that can be thrilling and enjoyable from start to finish. In particular, there is no scene of a new wave that appears in the second half and causes a forced emotion, giving <Exit> a pleasant, refreshing, and exhilarating energy.

The second thing that doesn't exist is the 'anger-inducing character'. There are no anger-inducing characters in <Exit> that can be called 'another disaster in a disaster movie', such as a villain who puts everyone at risk with selfish actions or an incompetent politician who neglects the case. Yongnam and Uiju, as well as Yongnam's family and short characters, are expected to present a variety of activities to the audience, providing a different kind of fun.

Finally, there is also no passive protagonist. In <Exit>, the main characters do not appear at all waiting for rescue or showing a passive attitude in a disaster situation. In particular, the scene where the salty explosion combi escapes a disaster situation by using nearby objects to avoid toxic gas gives the audience a sense of reality and cheers them on.

In response, actress Lim Yoon-a expressed confidence, saying, "I think the most differentiated part of the characters is finding a way to escape and running desperately in escape." Director Lee Sang-geun also said, “I think that the fact that certain characters are completely focused on how to survive rather than focusing on disaster situations is what sets them apart from other films.” Since then, expectations for the film have been raised.

A toxic gas disaster just like the real thing!
The birth of a vivid gas disaster completed with the production crew's blood, sweat and tears!

In <Exit>, there is another main character that catches the eye as much as the salty explosion combination. The poisonous gas that caused the unprecedented disaster is the main character. The toxic gas that fills the international future new city, which is the background in the movie, will cause an unexpected disaster in <Exit> and provide fresh sights that have not been seen in existing Korean movies. Art director Chae Kyung-sun also emphasized the fresh material of <Exit>, saying, "I thought that a very unique visual would be born in realizing the cloud-like gas."

The production team put a lot of effort into perfectly realizing the toxic gas disaster that leads to the core of the film. After much discussion with the art and special effects team, we tried to make the gas with a special solution to maximize the texture of the gas. In response, director Lee Sang-geun revealed the behind-the-scenes production process to perfect the shape of the toxic gas, saying, "I put a lot of effort into realizing the toxic gas rather than CG to realistically express the texture of the toxic gas." In addition to the concentration of clouds on the floor in the city center, as well as the shape of the gas filling up in the building, the building set was devised to perfectly simulate the occurrence of a toxic gas disaster on the screen.

As art director Chae Kyung-sun said, “I think it was the film that shared the most opinions with the special effects team,” the unprecedented toxic gas disaster, which was created after the actors and staff worked together, will heighten the tension unique to <Exit>. It is expected that

A delightful, refreshing, exhilarating OST 'Lee Seung-hwan-Superhero' even appeared!
Bringing realism and vitality to extreme disasters!

<Exit> is packed with OSTs that are as satisfying as a movie. Music director Mog, who unravels dramatic emotions and narratives through music in the movies <Perfect Others>, <Witch> (2018), <Crime City> <The King> (2017), and <The Secret Service> (2016), participated in the OST. Music director Mog not only represents the situation of 'Yongnam' and 'Uiju', which explodes with salt, but also adds a refreshing melody to the exhilarating moment of escaping the toxic gas disaster to provide a more refreshing moment.

In particular, the news that Lee Seung-hwan, a well-known Korean representative musician, also participated in this OST, further ignites the audience's anticipation. One of his representative songs, 'Superhero', will flow in the ending credits, multiplying the cheerful, refreshing, and refreshing energy in the movie, making it difficult for the audience to get up from their seats. 'Superhero' is an unexpected song in the play with lyrics such as "I'm a SUPER HERO an event of a lifetime, the shock that shook my soul" It perfectly represents the salty combination of escaping a disaster situation with talent, further heightening the immersion of the play.

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