(Korean Movies) Duelist, 2005

Duelist, 2005

Duelist, 2005
Audience over 12 years old
running time
111 minutes
cumulative audience
922680 people
43rd Daejong Film Festival 2006


Tracking| I will definitely catch you!
Fake money is circulated taking advantage of the dizziness of the court. A veteran 'Ahnpo-gyo' (Ahn Seong-gi) of the Jwapo Office and an ambitious rookie 'Nam-soon' (Ha Ji-won), a newcomer who doesn't care, form a partner to pursue the source of fake money. In a desperate effort to catch the criminal, he constantly pursues the suspect Byeong-pan and his right arm 'Sad Eye' (Kang Dong-won). Gradually, the object that Nam-soon is looking for reveals the reality…

love| you… What's your real name?
Whenever 'Nam Soon' and 'Sad Eyes' meet, new feelings start to sprout between them.
They reject each other, but they can't stop the unknown emotions that come from deep inside their hearts.
Nam-soon, who has the feeling of love for the first time.
'Sad Eyes' is the first person to give a gift to someone.

showdown| An unavoidable fateful confrontation
However, the fateful confrontation between the best female detective in Joseon, 'Nam Soon' and the mysterious assassin 'Sad Eyes', cannot be avoided. An irreversible confrontation between those who plot treason and those who try to stop treason!
Their love is even more heartbreaking in the fateful conflict where if I don't kill the other person, I have no choice but to die.

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