(Korean Movies) Door Lock, 2018

Door Lock, 2018

Door Lock, 2018
Audience over 15
running time
102 minutes
cumulative audience
1561258 people
37th Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival 2019


Kyung-min (Gong Hyo-jin), an ordinary office worker, lives alone in an officetel.
Upon returning home from work, Kyung-min finds the door lock cover in the studio is open. I try to change the door lock password out of anxiety, but that night, I hear a sound outside the door before going to sleep.

'Beep-beep-beep-beep- you pressed the wrong button'

Kyung-min, engulfed in fear, reports to the police, but they only bother with Kyung-min's frequent reports and take it lightly. And after a while, a mysterious murder case occurs with traces of a stranger's intrusion in Kyung-min's studio, and Kyung-min realizes that he is not safe, so he directly pursues the truth of the incident…!

Open door lock cover, fingerprint-covered keypad,
Cigarette butts in front of the door
One-room living alone, someone is hiding here!


One-room living alone, the guy is hiding here!
The last realistic horror thriller of 2018 is born!

In August 2013, the movie <Hide and Seek>, which drove the Republic of Korea into fear of a 'doorbell ghost story', is a work about an incident where a doorbell displays the gender and number of residents next to a doorbell to break in. It broke through a million audiences and provoked an explosive reaction. Five years have passed since then, and it is now being treated as a social problem through numerous news and press releases.

The movie <Door Lock> is a thriller depicting the real horror that begins with an open door lock, traces of a stranger's intrusion, and a murder case in the studio of 'Kyung-min' (Gong Hyo-jin), who lives alone. The anxiety and fear that 'Kyung-min' experiences in the play is not just a cinematic imagination. Through a setting that I or someone around me may have experienced at least once, the audience has no choice but to empathize with the real situation from the beginning. In addition, the story of the protagonist struggling to survive alone and the suffocating thrill felt when confronted with the reality of a stranger are drawn very densely, so the audience will be able to feel the 'smooth' running time.

Director Lee Kwon, who directed <Door Lock>, talked about the starting point, saying, “The present era is an era where we have to live with new fears that have never existed before.” In this way, <Door Lock> is a very realistic expression of what is actually happening somewhere that can really happen in our daily life, so that the audience can clearly understand what the essence of a thriller containing 'real horror' is. The movie <Door Lock> will captivate the audience by completing a solid storyline, perfect acting breathing of the actors, and a meticulous composition of the production team, giving the ultimate thrill of 'real horror', which cannot be easily felt in any other thriller.

Gong Hyo-jin, Korea's representative actress!
The return of the thriller queen whose reliability rises infinitely just by name!
Crazy hot performance preview that will peak in your acting career!

Gong Hyo-jin, who has played various roles across screens and CRTs, regardless of genre such as thriller, romance, and comedy. Gong Hyo-jin, a well-known Korean actress who adds credibility to the work with her name alone, through the movie <Door Lock>, realistically expresses the dramatic feelings of a person being chased by an unknown stranger, predicting a passionate performance in life.

Gong Hyo-jin, who received unanimous praise from the media and the public by winning the Best Actress Award at the 37th Golden Cinematography Awards for acting the pain of maternal love hidden in a mysterious character in the 2016 movie <Missing: The Woman Who Disappeared> > shows the aspect of a thriller queen that you can trust and watch. While participating in this work, Gong Hyo-jin said, "When the horror that only existed in the imagination appeared in front of my eyes, I wanted to express the emotions of a character that anyone can sympathize with." I wanted to be myself. Gong Hyo-jin, who plays a character who finds traces of someone's intrusion in a studio where she lives alone and even her own life is threatened, performed a ferocious performance by adjusting minute pupil tremors and breathing strength to capture slightly different emotions in every moment of fear. . In addition, Gong Hyo-jin drew praise from the field staff by not only taking action, but also fighting barefoot in the harsh cold of -20 degrees below the freezing temperature of the camera. In addition to the filming site, Gong Hyo-jin continued to meet with director Lee Kwon for four days before the crank-in to improve the completeness of the script, pouring out his passion to become 'Kyung-min' itself in the movie. Director Lee Kwon said, “Gong Hyo-jin has the ability to create new everyday and ordinary scenes. He is a very detailed and creative actor.”

Gong Hyo-jin's passionate performance, who did not stop trying to create such a dramatic yet relatable character, will captivate the audience with a breathtakingly immersive feeling throughout the running time.

A realistic scenario that captivated Chungmuro!
It provides suspense and extreme thrills that don't let you breathe even for a second!

<Door Lock>, which has received attention as a thrilling story that unfolds realistic material that anyone can relate to from the scenario stage, consistently overwhelms the audience with a suffocating tension. What if the traces of a stranger's intrusion were happening to me? The reason why the scenes that make me feel creepy just by imagining them are even more frightening is probably because they are stories that I or someone around me may have experienced at least once.

<Door Lock> does not stop at the realism and novelty of the material, but also completes a tight-fitting story that will completely capture the hearts of thriller fans. The shocking appearance of a stranger crawling out from under the bed while 'Kyung-min' is sleeping makes the audience experience extreme suspense. No one believes in Kyung-min's intuition that someone has broken into her house, but the off-screen audience is engulfed in tension that a stranger who already lives in her house will threaten her at any time. And as the murder that occurred in 'Kyung-min's house' and the existence of other victims who had already been targeted by strangers are revealed one after another, the case enters a new phase. 'Who, Why Threaten Her, When, Where, and Where Another Incident Will Happen' The movie 'Door Lock' provides endless curiosity and suffocating tension throughout the running time, providing the greatest thrill ever. In addition, the desperate emotional change and struggle of an ordinary office worker 'Kyung-min', who is in a situation where his life is threatened by an unknown stranger, will convey a strong sense of immersion to the viewers.

Director Lee Kwon, who was in charge of directing, said, “Since the incident takes place in a situation where the main character does not know the reality of the existence that threatens him, he will be able to immerse himself in the cool fear and psychological anxiety that the character feels.” It conveyed the point of watching <Door Lock>, which is different from the thriller. Gong Hyo-jin, who plays 'Kyung-min', said, "I played <Door Lock>, but it's a work that I can't watch alone because I'm so nervous that it makes my heart flutter. However, I can confidently say that it is a new reality horror thriller that can satisfy the needs of the audience who want to enjoy such thrills.”

As such, <Door Lock> will present a realistic yet dramatic real horror to the audience by capturing the moment of fear that anyone has experienced or imagined at least once in a seamless storyline.

The production crew of <Solo Battle> <Evil Woman> <Wailing> <Assassination> <The Crucible> is dispatched!
The skills of the best craftsmen who made a mark in Korean genre films have been added!
A realistic horror thriller that will heat up the end of 2018!

<Doorlock>, the best reality horror thriller that will strongly decorate the end of 2018, raises expectations by joining the production team who made a mark in Korean genre films such as <Solo> <The Villainess> <Wailing> <Assassination> <The Crucible>.

Under the leadership of director Lee Kwon, who showed sensuous directing based on a realistic scenario that shook Chungmuro early, the team worked together to complete a solid reality horror thriller that cannot be missed even a single moment. First, the efforts of cinematographer Park Jeong-hoon, who won the Best Cinematography Award at the 54th Daejong Film Festival for <The Villainess>, shines through. In order to give the main character the feeling of being 'alone', in the early and middle of the movie, the film was shot mainly with full shots, excluding excessive close-ups, dramatically conveying the anxiety and fear felt by 'Kyung-min'. In addition, for a dry and stuffy feeling, the wide angle of view and the shot from above were actively used to add a cold and gloomy atmosphere. Here, music director Dalpa-ran, who has been in charge of the music of some of the most famous works in the Korean film industry, such as <Solo>, <Wailing>, <Master> and <Assassination>, is with you, raising the tension of the play to the climax with a sharp melody and maximizing the charm of a thriller movie. add Meanwhile, 'Kyung-Min''s studio, the starting point and ending point of all cases, was created after the hands of countless staff members. Art director Lee Na-gyeom, who has left a deep impression with various works including <The King>, tried to reproduce the space where an ordinary woman in her 30s lives by utilizing the characteristics of her character, and put a lot of effort into detailing each small piece. In addition to this, actress Gong Hyo-jin's concerns were added, and the completeness of <Door Lock> was further solidified.

Based on such a solid scenario, <Door Lock>, which was completed by the best box office production crew and actors in Chungmuro, is expected to shake the theater district with the single reality horror thriller that will tighten the hearts of the audience in December.

200% acting synergy, a scene stealer that fills the screen with an intense presence!
Individualistic actors loved by the audience Ye-won Kim and Seong-oh Kim!

In <Door Lock>, Kim Ye-won and Kim Seong-oh, the best individual actors in Chungmuro, who radiate a strong presence in various works and are loved by the public, are active as scene stealers. They are expected to captivate the audience with their excellent acting skills and enrich the story of the film.

First, in the movie <Sunny>, Kim Ye-won showed a strong presence to the audience as the leader of Girls' Generation, the rival of the seven princesses 'Sunny'. From the role of Ga-yeon Kim, a former figure skater who is full of money in <National 2>, to the role of a passionate doctor 'Gina An' in the recent drama [Thoracic Surgery: Doctors Who Stole the Heart], she is showing off her plump charms. In the movie <Door Lock>, Kim Ye-won took on the role of 'Hyo-joo', a co-worker and reliable helper of 'Kyung-min'. Kim Ye-won, who is working with Gong Hyo-jin for the second time following the drama [Incarnation of Jealousy], radiates bright energy even in the extreme thrill of real horror, and plays 'Hyo-joo', a strong character who chases strangers with 'Kyung-min', and energizes the play. blow in In response, Gong Hyo-jin praised actress Kim Ye-won, who showed the best chemistry, saying, "He perfectly digested the role that makes you breathe in the story where there is no time to breathe."
On the other hand, he left a strong impression through the movie <The Mister>, <Kangcheoli>, and <The Bad Guys' World>, and showed a gentle yet pleasant appearance through the dramas [Baekhee is Back] and [Fight for My Way]. Kim Seong-oh, who has shown an acting spectrum that crosses vicious and comical, adds tension to the play by taking on the role of 'Detective Lee', who is in charge of tracking the case of 'Kyung-min'. Kim Seong-oh is planning to maximize the fun of the work by perfectly digesting the three-dimensional figure that gradually changes while tracing the case. Gong Hyo-jin acknowledged the acting skills of actor Kim Seong-oh, who worked with him, saying, "I have successfully completed a character who is going through emotional changes with the side of a veteran actor."

The movie <Door Lock>, which adds to the expectation with the new charm that actors with such solid acting skills and strong presence will show, will captivate the audience with the fantastic acting synergy of the actors.


#barefoot fighting spirit #feeling temperature_-20 degrees below zero #running #frozen_camera

The filming site that melted even the extreme cold!
The passionate passion of the actors and staff is fully revealed in the movie!

As Gong Hyo-jin recalled, who said, “It was a fight against the cold throughout filming,” the filming site for <Door Lock> was a painful scene for both actors and staff to endure the cold. In <Door Lock>, in order to effectively capture the situation of 'Kyung-min', who has to survive alone, on the screen, there were many days where the film was filmed on location in an empty building or outskirts, where there were mostly no people on the set. In the scorching cold of minus 20 degrees Celsius, the actors and staff raised the temperature only with their passion for the film. It was not only the people who had to overcome the cold, but also the filming equipment. The camera froze in the constant cold throughout the filming, so both the actors and staff took turns taking the camera and started melting it.

In addition, Gong Hyo-jin, who played the role of 'Kyung-min', had to run around a wide alley in extreme cold weather for the chase scene with the criminal. Although the bones of his body had hardened in the severe cold, Gong Hyo-jin took a few takes with the camera to vividly capture the struggle of 'Kyung-min' to escape the threat of a stranger, completing the main character's point of view shot, creating a thrilling scene. made it In addition, he performed passionately by showing his passion for fighting barefoot in an empty building with a temperature comparable to that of the outdoors. Director Lee Kwon, who was in charge of directing, said, “I was very worried because filming continued in cold weather. In particular, actor Gong Hyo-jin had to digest the action scenes that had to show the emotions of 'Kyung-min' alone."

#Location #Shooting #Lighting #Alone_Site_Space

A perfect thriller created by the best producers in Chungmuro!
It provides extreme fun with well-revived reality and sophisticated directing!

The biggest point that differentiates the movie <Door Lock> from the existing thriller works is probably the 'closeness to reality' that people living in the present in 2018 can sympathize with the most. Amid growing social interest in crimes targeting single-person households, <Door Lock> maximizes the fun of the movie based on realistic materials. This was possible because the precise location to find the optimal place for the main stage of the movie, and the shooting and lighting to express the concept of 'alone', one of the main keywords of the movie, were in perfect harmony. <Door Lock> tells the story of an incident that happened in a studio where the main character, Kyung-min, lives alone. In this regard, the cool air felt in the process of surviving the threat of an unknown, unknown existence, and the chilling fear felt through the skin as if in the field, had to be expressed in detail. For this, the production team of each part chose a bold production method that was difficult to find in previous thrillers.

location first. As it is a material that is widely talked about in society, the production team put a lot of effort into the location hunting, judging that the background of the movie should be similar to what you see in everyday life. In particular, in order to show at a glance the isolated situation of 'Kyung-min', who has to survive alone in an unpopulated neighborhood, the production team visited redevelopment cities such as ghost towns. As a result, the sequence in which 'Kyung-min' is chased by a stranger in the middle of a city where alleys are tangled like a maze was born as the highlight of the movie.

The shooting and lighting also differentiated it from the existing thriller films. Even in an urgent chase scene, full shots using wide-angle and telephoto lenses were mainly used instead of the handheld technique that follows the breath of the person, and this represented the cool gaze of 'Kyung-min' in danger. Here, in the case of ‘Kyung-Min’’s studio, in the beginning, a full shot that stimulates the fear of the space itself is used so that viewers can breathe the air of the scene together, and when ‘Kyung-Min’ is in danger, ‘alone’ is used. In order to express the feeling, I tried to compose the cuts around the close-up so that the audience can feel the emotions of the main character. The lighting also gives a strong contrast that can be seen in a general thriller, so rather than conveying emotions overflowingly, the lights that can be encountered in everyday life are composed to really capture the feeling of 'my room'.

As such, the passion of the staff who pursued endless challenges from location to filming and lighting will satisfy the five senses of the audience and provide the fun of a different reality horror thriller.

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