(Korean Movie) Ditto, 2022

Ditto, 2022

Ditto, 2022
romance / melodrama
Ages 12+
running time
114 minutes
cumulative audience
490145 people


In 1999, 'Yong' wanted to capture 'Han-sol', whom he fell in love with at first sight.
Borrow a HAM radio from a friend.

In 2022, 'Pattern' is for an interview assignment
Activate an old HAM radio.

"SecQ… SQ… Can you hear me?"

The day the total lunar eclipse occurred,
'Dragon' and 'pattern' connected like a miracle beyond time
They build special feelings by talking about love and friendship with each other…

1999 – 2022
listen heart.


The only youth romance this fall!
Announcement of new life romance movie birth in 2022!

Yeo Jin-goo, Jo Yi-hyeon, Kim Hye-yoon, Na In-woo, Bae In-hyuk, and other young actors' fresh chemistry and thrilling empathy story, the movie <Dittleness>, one of the most anticipated films this fall, announces the welcome return of youth romance. The movie <Donggam> is a youth romance that depicts the story of 'Yong' in 1999 and 'Pattern' in 2022 accidentally communicating through an old walkie-talkie.

This fall's only youth romance <Sympathy> is scheduled to visit audiences in 2022 by adding a completely new sensibility to the work of the same name that led the box office success of Korean romance films in 2000. “There aren’t many romantic movies these days that have the same sensibility as before. Director Seo Eun-young, who revealed her intention to direct, said, “I worked hard with the intention of making a good romance movie once.” By transforming the background of the times and the personalities of the characters, <Sympathy> was reborn as a story of our times that everyone can relate to. The story of 'Yong' (Yeo Jin-goo), who lives in 1999, and 'Pattern' (Jo Yi-hyeon), who lives in 2022, which began with a randomly connected radio, represents the youth living in that era. The clumsy yet fresh romance of 'Dragon', a class of 1995 who dreams of love, and 'Pattern', a class of 21, who has difficulty in love, will give the audience a deep excitement and deep sympathy. Like this, <Donggam>, which predicts the return of youth romance with refreshing chemistry and upgraded sensibility, not only quenches the thirst of the audience who missed the heartbreaking sensibility of Korean romance films, but also provides a special heart-pounding experience to the MZ generation audience. It is expected to become a life movie for many people.

1999 – 2022
The communication between the two youths that transcends the times begins!

As director Seo Eun-young emphasized the meaning of the film, saying, “Meeting friends who can talk about their worries and share comfort with each other is the key to this film.” It is expected to convey the energy of cheering to all youth in the form of 'pattern'.

On the night of the total lunar eclipse, 'Yong' and 'Pattern' start a conversation by chance through an old walkie-talkie. The moment that brought about a turning point in their relationship is the scene in which they realize that they have similar concerns. 'Yong' asks 'pattern' for dating advice to get closer to 'Hansol', whom he fell in love with at first sight, and 'pattern' wandering in an old unrequited love acts as an opportunity for the two characters to understand each other. The image of two people who have common concerns of love, friendship, and dreams conveying empathy and support to each other conveys a message of empathy that transcends the times. Here, the feast of OSTs unfolding along the scenes in the movie going back and forth between 1999 and 2022 is expected to further enhance the audience's immersion. Songs that have been loved by the public for a long time with beautiful melodies and honest lyrics, such as 'On the Way to You', 'Confession', 'Letter', 'Habit', and 'As always', are the voices of Korea's representative singers. to maximize the analogue sensibility of <Donggam>. The OST of <Sympathy>, which represents the situation of young people who have just begun to worry about new emotions, will delight the eyes and ears of the audience throughout the running time.

Everyone agrees. Trending young actors!
Notice of screen reception with fresh ensemble!

The film <Sympathy>, which honestly and realistically depicts the love and worries of college students living in each era in 1999 and 2022, is immersed in the casting of young actors representing the 20s, such as Yeo Jin-goo, Jo Yi-hyeon, Kim Hye-yoon, Na In-woo, and Bae In-hyuk. provides a guide

Yeo Jin-goo, who has shown solid acting skills through various genres of works for 17 years, raises expectations by acting as 'Yong', a college student living in 1999. Yeo Jin-goo, who said, "I wanted to honestly show that the process of love is not always smooth," is expected to draw sympathy from the audience by expressing in detail the various emotions that 'Dragon' experiences in his first love. Jo Yi-hyun, who is attracting attention as a global rising star, took on the role of 'pattern', a college student in 2022 who communicates with 'dragon' beyond time. As director Seo Eun-young said, "Jo Yi-hyun's pure charm was applied to the 'pattern' and the character was born with a high degree of perfection", Jo Yi-hyun brought vitality to the character by portraying the 'pattern' hesitating in front of love with delicate emotional acting.

Next, Kim Hye-yoon, who has gathered topics for each work with her excellent emotional acting, plays 'Han-sol', the first love of 'Yong'. Kim Hye-yoon, who has perfected the honest yet bold charm of 'Han Sol', is expected to break the universal frame of first love images and establish herself as a new icon of first love. Na In-woo, who took the first challenge on the screen as 'Yeongji', the male friend of 'Pattern', will convey excitement with his affectionate charm that has not changed for 7 years and keeps the side of 'Pattern'. Finally, Bae In-hyeok, who has captured the hearts of the MZ generation and emerged as a popular actor, adds richness to the disassembly story with 'Yong's best friend 'Eun-seong', who is perfect for both study and exercise. The five young actors gathered in such a fresh combination present a fresh ensemble and are expected to capture the hearts of the audience in November.


A meeting of analog and trendy sensibility!
Perfectly draw the points of the past and modern times!

1999 – 2022, the movie <Donggam>, which goes well over 20 years, was completed as a work that can feel both the analog sensibility of the past and the trendy atmosphere of the present day with the passion of the production team to make use of the characteristics of each era. .

First of all, Korea University, which is the center of the film and a space that connects 'dragons' and 'patterns' living in different eras, was born as a result of the efforts of the production team who directly found numerous universities in Korea. The production team, who wanted to realistically capture the campus where the freshness of youth blooms, on the screen, selected a total of five campuses, including Soongsil University and the University of Seoul, as locations to complete Korea University. In particular, in order to express the scenery of the campus, where the atmosphere is clearly different depending on the past and present, although it is the same space, the production team made it possible to distinguish the difference of the times by differentiating the color and texture of the exterior of the building. Here, director Seo Eun-young used colors with emphasis on primary colors in 1999 and achromatic colors in 2022 to direct the movie to be enjoyed more colorfully.

The completeness of the work can also be confirmed through the detailed props. The HAM wireless device, which is a medium for special communication between 'dragon' and 'pattern' and one of the most important props in the movie, was found after looking into the professional community one by one from domestic and overseas markets. The production team, who said, “I wanted to stimulate the emotions of the audience just by putting it on the desk,” checked small design elements and faded colors one by one to explore HAM wireless devices and optimized the work through the Korea Amateur Radio League, a gathering of domestic wireless enthusiasts. By securing the equipment, it was possible to convey the emotion of the HAM wireless device to the audience. In addition, when selecting props from the near and distant past of the 90s, historical research was thoroughly conducted to add richness to the work by adding efforts to obtain and restore objects from 1999.

The efforts of the production team, who have devoted their heart and soul to ensure that the past and present can be harmoniously transformed, will convey the various sights and emotions contained in the movie and provide fun to the audience.

A special OST that satisfies the five senses!
Masterpieces reborn as romance of youth in 2022!

The OST of <Sympathy>, reinterpreted with carefully composed songs and modern sensibilities for each scene, represents not only the special sensibility of communication that transcends the era, but also the image of young people who started a clumsy but fresh love, and the level of immersion in the movie is maximized. pull up

First of all, the OST, which flows from the communication scene between the 'dragon' and 'pattern', which are the main axes of the story, was completed after deep contemplation and effort by the production team as it conveys the sensibility that the work seeks to the audience at the beginning of the play. For the first communication scene that started accidentally through an old walkie-talkie, I tried to present a romantic atmosphere of <Sympathy> by composing music with fantasy elements added. In addition, in the scene where the 'dragon' and 'pattern' communicate with each other in their respective rooms, rhythmic melodic music was placed to emphasize the delightful tiki-taka chemistry and sympathy of the two characters transcending the times.

In particular, the <Sympathy> OST adds even more specialness to the participation of artists who are popular with the MZ generation. They reinterpret masterpieces from the 1990s to the 2000s with their own individuality, conveying romance unfolding in different eras. ‘Road to You’ sung by global K-pop boy band N. ', and 'As Always Now' by the complete girl group Vivi-G, etc. As director Seo Eun-young said, “We selected songs that fit the mood of the characters, and arranged them at the moment of excitement, meeting, and conflict on a date,” the OST inserted in the right place in the right place for the characters’ ever-changing emotions and situations conveys the excitement and affection of love. It forms a deep sympathy of the audience towards the characters who are going through.

Filled with OSTs that provide a variety of emotions and messages as the play unfolds, <Sympathy> will remain in the hearts of the audience for a long time as the only youth romance that satisfies the five senses.

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