(Korean Movies) Detective K: Secret of the Living Dead, 2017

Detective K: Secret of the Living Dead, 2017

Detective K: Secret of the Living Dead, 2017
Audience over 12 years old
running time
120 minutes
cumulative audience
2444145 people


Two tooth marks on the neck, the letters engraved on the arrowheads that pierced the heart.
“The criminal wants to say something. If so, this is… Preliminary murder?!”

Detective Min Kim and partner Seo Pil reunite as a mysterious case continues, in which people are burned to death in a strange fire. Meanwhile, at the scene of the incident, he runs into a mysterious woman and intuitively senses that she is related to the case, and the detective duo starts chasing the case with the mysterious woman.

The three people find the next target with the clues left by the criminal, but an unidentified male black coater and a mysterious assassin begin to interfere with the investigation of the three people…

The full moon is the strongest of all ears!
Stop the fifth murder at the full moon banquet!

[ Introduce]

Not one, not two, not three!
In the 8-year 'Kim Min-Seopil' combo
Chu, a woman of great power who lost her memory and woke up!

The three are back! The highlight of the <Detective of Joseon> series was the chemistry between 'Kim Min' and 'Seopil'. The origin of the so-called 'tsundere' chemistry, 'Kim Min' (Kim Myung-min) and 'Seo-pil' (Oh Dal-soo), who quarreled and cherish each other very much, joined forces with a powerful woman who lost her memory, not two but three, and returned after three years .

Even if you don't say it, I know~
sharper! Sticking gum stick 'Kim Min-Seopil' Combi!

Eight years have accumulated. The powerful breathing of the 'Kim Min-Seopil' duo, which started from <Detective of Joseon: The Secret of the Helmet Flower>, became stronger and more intimate as time passed. As much as they have accumulated over the years, the two can relate just by looking at each other. Everyone knows that I am a detective, and to 'Kim-Min' who doesn't hesitate to call himself the best detective in Joseon, 'Seo-pil' is the only person who can throw a straight ball without hesitation. You can look forward to this series that has doubled the laughter as well as the more closely matched combination.

with you! my! Link~♬
A woman of mighty power holding the key to the case!

A mysterious woman who appears at every scene of a serial murder case. He can't remember his name, his age, or anything about himself. Although she can't remember anything, she possesses superpowers that can easily subdue even a strong man. This woman of great power, whose existence itself is a mystery, boards a boat with the 'Kim Min-Seopil' duo to find her memories. In the previous work, the female protagonists confused the investigations of 'Kim Min' and 'Seopil' and shook them, this time, from the moment they set out to find the clue of the case to the end, with 'Kim Min-Seopil', it is a decisive role that instills laughter and tension at the same time. play a role It is the birth of the most active and enterprising character in the history of the series.

The upgraded chemistry of 'Kim Min-Seopil' and the fresh trio chemistry created by a strong woman will give the audience more fun than expected.

Evolving material! The story gets more and more interesting!

The incident they are pursuing has changed so much!
This time a mystery! Challenge the supernatural!

Chosun's best detective duo, even the cases they pursue are exceptional. If <The Joseon Name Detective: The Secret of the Helmet Flower> pointed out the social absurdity through the story of bureaucrats trying to hide the corruption of tribute, <The Joseon Name Detective: The Daughter of the Disappeared Nob> is the story of the rogue silver bullion distribution case that shakes the Joseon economy. followed behind. In the first series, the expropriation and corruption of the powerful were uncovered, focusing on the events that endangered the foundations of the country. Returning to the third series, the Chosun Myung Detective Combi, this time plunges into a mysterious case that cannot be solved even by scientific investigation.

A vampire monster serial murder case. 'Kim Min' and 'Seopil' face the biggest challenge in the history of the series. In front of this bizarre case where nothing can be explained logically, the detective duo declares a post-science investigation and begins to approach the case. In order to defeat the vampire monster that has only been passed down from old books to records, 'Kim Min' and 'Seo-pil' are not hesitant to develop new weapons. In front of a bizarre incident that occurs once in three days, 'Kim-Min', 'Seo-pil', and a strong woman put their heads together to pursue the next premonition murder, and work together to defeat the mysterious swordsmen who pursue them. However, with the disturbance of the unidentified male 'black coater' appearing at each incident site, the case gradually falls into a labyrinth.

Kim Myung-min, who returned as the famous detective 'Kim Min' once again, said, "You will be able to see a completely different look from the investigation method of 'Kim Min' in the existing <Detective Joseon> series." Oh Dal-soo, who plays 'Seo-pil', the assistant of 'Kim Min', also said, "The story got deeper. You will be able to feel the emotions that you could not see in the first and second episodes,” he said, drawing attention from prospective audiences by foretelling the charm of the new series.

Continuing the legacy of the unique Korean series!
As a charming character of a famous detective of the Joseon Dynasty, <The Joseon Detective> was called the 'Korean version of Sherlock Holmes' and announced the beginning of a Korean series. The <Detective Joseon> series, which captivated theaters during the Lunar New Year holidays, from <Detective Joseon: The Secret of the Helmet Flower> in January 2011 to <Detective Joseon: The Daughter of Nob> in February 2015 is responsible for February 2018 once again. came back to

On New Year's Day, the Joseon name detective!
<Detective of Joseon: The Secret of the Helmet Flower> captured 4.78 million viewers by ranking first at the box office for three weeks in a row as well as during the Lunar New Year holidays. <Detective of Joseon: The Daughter of Nob Who Disappeared>, which came back four years later, also ranked first at the Korean movie box office for three weeks, mobilizing an average of 390,000 people a day during the Lunar New Year holiday, proving its reputation as a 'Detective of Joseon on Lunar New Year'. Like Kim Myung-min's wish, "I want to be remembered as a movie I want to see during the Lunar New Year holiday," attention is focused on whether the series will be able to continue as a box office powerhouse during the Lunar New Year holiday in February 2018.

It's our turn to go out again!
<Detective Chosun: The Secret of the Vampire Monster> is directed by Kim Seok-yun, as well as the main characters Kim Myung-min and Oh Dal-soo until the third series, creating a strong ensemble. In addition, cinematographer Jang Nam-cheol, costume director Kwon Kwon-jin, martial arts director Ryu Hyun-sang, as well as lighting team and special effects team, most of the production crews are also working on the series that continues up to 3 episodes. The backstory that showed. This is quite different from the existing Korean series movies in which the main actors and directors change each time. Kim Ji-won, a new member of the group, also said, "I was moved to see 'Kim Min' and 'Seo-pil' come to life." Everything was possible because the main actors and crew had unlimited love for the movie and trust in each other until the production of three series, starting with <Detective of Joseon: The Secret of the Helm of the Legion>. Their chemistry, who have been together for 8 years, will shine brightly on the screen and give the audience a big laugh. As director Kim Seok-yoon said, “The ultimate chemistry,” the actors and staff of Detective Chosun, who are known as the Avengers team in each other's breathing, and those who came to take charge of the New Year's Day in 2018, everyone is looking forward to the challenge of the box office unsuccessful myth. is turning

[ Production diary ]

Korea's representative series film was born.
The 8-year chemistry crew reveals!
Details and behind the scenes that will give you a fatal laugh!

Laugh bye~! Heavenly laughter pair!
Behind the scenes of the 'Kim Min-Seopil' combi circus scene, the pinnacle of comic chemistry!
The circus scene of the 'Kim Min-Seopil' combination is by far the best among the numerous comic scenes in <Detective Joseon: The Secret of the Vampire Monster>, armed with a powerful laugh. They infiltrate the circus under the guise of a magician in search of clues to the incident, and perform magic close to stunts. The two perform a combination dance with the sound of wind music as a beat before the magic, and make the atmosphere of the crowd heated up. This dance is the work of comedian Lee Su-geun. At the request of director Kim Seok-yoon, who wanted it to be an 'easy and cute dance', Lee Soo-geun devised several versions of the choreography, and based on his choreography video, the combination dance of the circus scene in the movie was completed. The choreography guidance on site was the responsibility of director Kim Seok-yoon. As if they had become a dance teacher, they taught Kim Myung-min and Oh Dal-su to dance, and after careful direction and long practice by director Kim Seok-yun, the two completed a dance that was comparable to the sword choreography of an idol, announcing the birth of a fantastic pair. The knife box magic that follows is also a big laugh point. 'Seo-pil' crumples into a small box, and 'Kim-min' inserts a knife into the box without delay. For this scene, the props team had to make a wooden box by measuring the size that O Dal-soo could actually fit in, and endure the trouble of making gaps one by one according to the thickness of various types of blades to insert into the box. The makeup team and the costume team completed the two most spectacular combinations in the movie. 'Kimmin' became a different person with a longer than usual mustache, thick eyebrow makeup, and colorful costumes decorated with raised shoulders. The circus scene, which delivers a variety of attractions and fun from choreography, makeup, and costumes, will become a famous comedy scene that will be talked about by the audience for a long time.

What is the object used for? Laughter UP! Fun UP! Sights UP!
Ingeniously upgraded props!

#The vampire monster is gone~! # Combat power increase 'Ittem' #Silver Arrowhead Fan & Sunogung
In <Detective Chosun: The Secret of the Vampire Demon>, there are also powerful weapons that can fight against the Vampire Demon. 'Min Kim', who poured out his inventions with a brilliant mind in each series, greatly upgraded his signature item, a fan. If you picked up a general fan in the first part of the series and a fan with a dagger in the second part, this time you created a novel weapon by attaching a silver arrow tip to the end of the fan. In an emergency, if you spread the fan and throw it away, the tip of a silver arrow will fly and attack the opponent. Another new invention is the Sunogung. Before the decisive battle with the vampire monster, 'Min Kim' was handcrafted one by one at the forge, and it is a weapon that boasts the strongest mobility, designed to fly silver arrows by clenching a fist while wearing it on one arm. These are props created by the props team's sparkling idea that while maintaining a strong appearance, the weight and practicality should be utilized in consideration of the actors who act directly.

#I want to avoid the vampire monster~! #Because I'm precious #Funnel
Various props that cause bursts of laughter and admiration cannot be left out when talking about the <Detective of Joseon> series. In <Detective Chosun: The Secret of the Vampire Monster>, there are also witty props that stand out, and that is the anti-vampire funnel of the 'Kim Min-Seopil' combination. In the movie, two tooth marks are commonly found on the necks of people attacked by the vampire monster. It is true that even the famous detective duo who triumphantly shout to catch the vampire monster are afraid of the existence of an unknown vampire monster. They appear with a large funnel-shaped first-of-a-kind tool around their neck. This prop, inspired by the funnels used by pets, is an item that started from the opposite idea of what it would be like to bring modern props to the Joseon Dynasty, providing great fun to the audience. The irony of the two people who appeared with their necks thoroughly hidden as if they would not give it to anyone, and the two people who shamelessly and confidently conduct the investigation while hiding their fearful feelings and nape, will bring fresh laughter to the audience.

#Joseon Barista #Kim Min's Nurungji Tea #Sweet Smell~
The nurungji maker, which was inspired by a coffee maker, is also one of the witty props. Kim Min serves a cup of nurungji tea to a client who came to report the case. First, put the nurungji in a box, and the finely ground nurungji powder is placed in a porcelain bowl and put into a wooden roasting machine. Next, when water is put in a glass bottle, it is heated with hot water through an iron tube, and it passes through a porcelain bowl containing the boiled rice, which is similar to coffee. The appearance of 'Kim Min' pouring nurungji tea elegantly like a barista of the Joseon Dynasty, and the series of processes of brewing nurungji tea give the audience a different kind of fun. Ingenious props that appear in the right place do not give the audience a chance to be bored throughout the movie.

Make your new faces stand out even more! Costumes and makeup that make the most of your personality!

#Wolyoung #Joseon's strongest girl crush #Beautiful potential explosion
'Wolyeong', a woman of great power who has lost her memory, took the image of a mysterious, elegant and sharp woman as a concept. From comedy to melodrama to action, the makeup was minimized to melt the original atmosphere of Kim Ji-won, who skillfully digests a variety of acting. In addition, 'Wolyoung' presents the most colorful costumes ever for a female protagonist in the series, as it is a character of cloth with tremendous strength, an active personality, and a beautiful image. The costumes of 'Wolyeong', which infiltrate the crime scene and actively investigate and transform into a different look, provide another fun way to enjoy the movie something to do.

#Blackcoat #Maternal charisma #The mystery of the climax
The mysterious monster 'Black Dopo' is the most unique character in <Detective of Joseon: The Secret of the Vampire Ghost> and the person who put a lot of effort into it. Kim Seo-hee, the makeup manager, made the most of Lee Min-ki's white skin and brown eyes, and added skin makeup in a line that does not harm the mysterious image of the actor. Costume designer Kwon Kwon borrowed the power of imagination to capture the complex atmosphere of a character with overwhelming charisma and mystery at the same time. As the vampire is a folk tale that originated in the West, the costume of 'Black Coat' also took on a design that could not be seen in existing historical dramas as a big frame. In order to double the mysterious feeling, it is based on applying black paint from head to toe, and the costume is made of a material that can capture the dynamism of movement.

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