(Korean Movies) DELIVER US FROM EVIL, 2020


Ages 15 and older, not available to youth (re-opening)
running time
108 minutes 114 minutes (Reopening)
cumulative audience
4357803 people
26th Chunsa International Film Festival 2021


Top grossing films of the summer of 2020
Changing the history of hard-boiled chase action

In-nam (Hwang Jung-min), an assassin after a shocking kidnapping incident in Thailand and completing the final contract murder mission, finds out that it has something to do with him.
In-nam goes straight to Thailand, meets her assistant Uee (Park Jung-min) and starts chasing the case.
Meanwhile, Ray (Lee Jung-jae) learns that his brother has been assassinated by In-nam.
Lay, planning merciless revenge, heads to Thailand to pursue Innam…

Innam | Ray ㅣ Uee
Their pursuit is not over yet!


The meeting of Hwang Jung-min X Lee Jung-jae brothers who have been waiting since <New World>!
Desperate Assassin VS Merciless Chaser Overwhelming Character Ensemble

Jung-min Hwang and Jung-jae Lee, the protagonists of the crime action blockbuster <The New World> (2013) that mobilized 4.68 million viewers, reunited after 7 years with the movie <Save Me from Evil>. At that time, the two actors who shook the Republic of Korea by causing the 'New World Syndrome' meet as a desperate assassin and a ruthless pursuer this time, raising expectations. At this reunion, Hwang Jung-min said, "When the casting article was first announced, the audience responded, 'I'm very excited, looking forward to meeting you again,' and I was rather surprised and grateful. I remember that we both had good energy and went to the filming, so this time it was very comfortable.” Lee Jung-jae also said, "Since we worked well together since <The New World>, it worked perfectly for me in <But Save Me from Evil>." It was a combination that could make not only each character's character, but also the breathing of the other person shine more brightly."

The movie <Save me from evil> is a hard-boiled chase action depicting the desperate pursuit and struggle of In-nam, who is caught up in a new case because of the last contract murder mission, and Ray, a ruthless chaser after him. will present First, Hwang Jung-min returns as 'In-nam', a desperate assassin. He completed 'Innam' as a living and breathing character by performing detailed acting from the emotions of the characters as well as the realistic actions that he had never seen before. Director Hong Won-chan said, "I couldn't help but admire the way he came up with ideas such as movement lines in each scene," revealing that he is looking forward to his new look to express the character in a more three-dimensional way.

Next, Lee Jung-jae gives an overwhelming presence as the ruthless chaser 'Ray'. In particular, he put a lot of effort into creating a character that had never been seen in Korean movies before, showing his amazing digestion power as if he was wearing his own clothes despite his dramatic acting transformation. As Hwang Jung-min said, “We thoroughly analyzed everything from clothes to style, and ‘Ray’ was born”, he completes his own style and foretells the birth of a strong character that catches the eye only with his first appearance. His effort to challenge a character that has never been seen before raises expectations for a passionate performance that can only be seen in <Save Me from Evil>.

In particular, the action of the two men in the extreme situation of being chased and chased elevates the pleasure of the genre to the climax. From body-to-body collisions to explosive emotional action of entangled characters, it provides a lively fun like a stylish chase action movie. In this way, the movie <But Save Me from Evil>, which presents the heavy atmosphere unique to the genre, the intense visuals of the characters that match it, and the fierce pursuit of two men, will give viewers the pleasure of intense immersion.

The birth of a stylish hard-boiled chase action!
A global location spanning three countries, Korea-Thailand-Japan

One of the things that director Hong Won-chan and the production team talked about most closely during the production preparation for <Save Me from Evil> was the location. As director Hong Won-chan said, “We needed an exotic space to bring out the characteristics of each character,” the production team decided that the power of the space maximized the sense of immersion, and conducted a global location that crossed three countries, Korea, Thailand, and Japan.

In particular, Bangkok, Thailand, which appears in the background of more than 80% of the total volume, presents an exotic visual just by looking at it and makes the audience open their hearts. The unique mise-en-scène of <Save Me from Evil>, which I have never seen anywhere else, adds to the fun of watching. The production team tried to implement a different action in a space that is not normally encountered. Accordingly, he searched all over the city and suburbs of Bangkok and found a hotel with a narrow corridor. The village of Langyao, the stage where large-scale shooting scenes and car chasing takes place, also cast a real village, and the sense of depth of the space is exceptional. In addition, local actors who are active in Thailand were recruited to increase the immersion in the fierce chase between Innam and Ray. Director Hong Won-chan said, “Bangkok, Thailand, has a unique, exotic ethos that is unique to this city. It is a space where unfamiliarity and fear coexist, so there is anticipation for the unique style that the chase action taking place here will provide.”

In addition, the production team focused on allowing the audience to naturally accept the backgrounds of the two characters as well as exotic sights through the locations in Korea and Japan, where the narratives of 'Innam' and 'Ray' respectively appear. Incheon, a space that sparks the action of 'Innam', appears in a different visual that has never been seen before, contributing to visually showing the character's emotional line. The Japanese location also tried to capture the charm of downtown Tokyo and the hustle and bustle of the back alleys at the same time, emphasizing the quiet and cold feeling. Through this, it boasts the atmosphere and perfect synchronicity of the characters in the play, and makes you more immersed in the development that will unfold in the future.

As such, <Save Me from Evil> further enhances the personality of the genre with a colorful mise-en-scène through global locations that cross the three countries of Korea, Thailand, and Japan. The overwhelming spectacle of the fierce and relentless pursuit of a global location in realistic action will captivate the eyes and ears of the audience.

Directed by Won-chan Hong, who was noticed by the Cannes Film Festival
A large number of representative Korean production crews, including cinematographer Hong Kyung-pyo, participated!
<Please Save Me from Evil> is a project in which the representative producers of Korea have gathered in one place. The hands of the veteran production crew with the best skills in both name and reality raises trust in the film's perfection.

Director Hong Won-chan, who is in charge of directing, is a director strong in storytelling so much that he also took over the screenplay of <Save Me from Evil>. He has developed his know-how by taking charge of adaptations of the chase genres such as <The Chaser>, <The Yellow Sea>, and <I Am a Murderer>. In particular, in 2015, <The Office> was invited to the Midnight Screening of the Cannes International Film Festival, being recognized for its unique thrilling, meticulous composition and development. As such, it stimulates the curiosity of the audience as to what style of new hard-boiled chase action film directed by Hong Won-chan, who received attention at the Cannes Film Festival with one of his debut films. Regarding this, Lee Jung-jae said, "I am a director with great strengths, such as flexibly responding to situations and lines in the field and changing them."

The filming of <Save Me from Evil> is raised by cinematographer Hong Kyung-pyo, who participated in the Academy Award-winning <Parasite> as well as <Wailing> and <Snowpiercer>. He said, “It was a challenge to be able to capture various scenes as the film had a variety of locations. We put a lot of effort into the movement to make use of the part where the action style changes depending on the space.”

In addition, major staff such as art, martial arts, and music also participated in major staff who have led Korean box office films. The art director of Harmony for <Inside Men>, <Taxi Driver>, and <The Managers of Namsan> tried to capture the scale and personality of <But Save Me from Evil> on the screen. Rather than airlifting props and art production from Korea, the art team added a layer of exotic charm by airlifting all materials locally. Martial arts director Lee Kun-moon is the next-generation martial arts director who will receive attention with <Please Save Me from Evil>. He tried various methods to upgrade the pleasure of action, such as the stop motion technique. Music director Mog of <Exit>, <Witch>, and <Mission> created the best OST with sophisticated and sensual beats and strong melodies that shake emotions.

As such, the movie <Save Me from Evil>, which was created through the passion and long efforts of the top producers in each field, is a perfect combination of an unpredictable story, stylish action, and overwhelming characters and visuals to attract the eyes and ears of the audience this summer. It will establish itself as a satisfying film.

Park Jung-min's infinite acting transformation!
The most unconventional challenge completed through ceaseless effort!
In <Please Save Me from Evil>, Jung-Min Park, a strong supporter who will breathe in the breathtaking action confrontation between Jung-Min Hwang and Jung-Jae Lee, appears. Park Jung-min, who has become the next-generation actor who can be trusted and seen in the film industry through constant transformation, challenged the newest character in filmography history through <Save Me from Evil>.

Park Jung-min is an actor who is imprinted on the audience with his acting assimilated into characters in the film, from the passionate patriotic youth in <Dongju> (2016) to the rogue youth in <Startup> (2019). Regarding the 'Uee' character in <But Save Me from Evil>, Park Jung-min said, "I thought that it might be an opportunity to show the audience a different side of me than what I have shown so far." said. 'Uee', played by Park Jung-min, is a person who helps 'In-nam' in pursuit in Thailand. Although the past of 'Uee', who was alienated from Korea and decided to go to Thailand, does not appear in the movie in earnest, but the cynical appearance that is reflected through the bright appearance makes us guess the pain of 'Uee' in the past. Park Jung-min appropriately arranges the character's inner loneliness, loneliness, despair, and the character's outward brightness, humor, and warmth, helping the audience to board the chase action journey more comfortably.

In particular, about Park Jung-min's fierce anxieties and efforts, Hwang Jung-min said, "I had high expectations of what kind of energy he would bring to the scene. I am so good at acting that I think, 'Did I act like that when I was that age?'" he said. Lee Jung-jae, who plays 'Ray', said, "I think Park Jung-min is an acting genius. It's almost like I can't do that much character research. I don’t think about anything else at all, and I can only feel the work and the characters on set,” he said, praising Park Jung-min’s acting with different depths.

Park Jung-min's new challenge, which received rave reviews from actors and staff on the set for such fierce preparation, predicts that he will leave a deep impression on the audience with <Save Me from Evil> this summer.


Dense and dense action sequence
200% of action pleasure with realistic hitting action!
Since the production starting point of <Save Me from Evil> was 'an action movie I have never seen before', the filming method and implementation method stand out. <But Save Me from Evil> enhances the pleasure of action through the arrangement of dense and dense action scenes that cover the entire film and action scenes that match the harmony between the actors enough to be viewed as a complete performance.

First, the production team worked hard to remove the unsatisfactory parts that the audience might have felt in the existing action movie. The starting point of that concern is that 'action lacking realism has too many cuts'. This soon led to the goal of 'reducing the cut to bring out realism'. In the case of an action movie in which a stunt actor and an actor actually intersect, many cuts are filmed and the editing skill is utilized to induce the effect as if the actor actually performed the action. Therefore, in <Save Me from Evil>, the actors actually digest all the actions, while using multiple cameras to film the action from start to finish in one take. Here, by using the stop motion technique and dividing the frames to shoot, the collision between the characters is realized realistically. To this end, cinematographer Hong Kyung-pyo installed a gimbal throughout the filming, followed all the actors' movements and took close-up shots, and the screen was able to capture intense action scenes of 'Innam' and 'Ray'.

The well-organized action sequences also play a role in the high level of action immersion in <Save Me from Evil>. In the film, the individual action scenes of 'Innam' and 'Ray', which make us guess not only the charms of the characters, but also how they lived in the past, and the action scenes that reveal the brutal and ruthless confrontation between the two people, are placed in a dramatic way. 'Innam' is a character who erases his past self and lives like a shadow. He appears as a shadow in the scene where he assassinates the yakuza 'Goreda', the prologue of the movie, and announces his first appearance by clearing the target without a trace. 'Ray' is a character with a reputation for being ruthless and feeling pleasure from killing someone. The first action scene of 'Ray' takes place in a garage in a back alley in Thailand, and the movement of 'Ray', like a wild animal that smells blood, makes us guess what kind of character he is and how he has lived through the action scenes alone. In particular, the action confrontation scene between 'Innam' and 'Ray', the highlight of the movie, appears several times in the movie. The action of these two being chased and chased decorates the first meeting-chasing-climax, showing the pleasure of the genre.

The film <But Save Me from Evil>, which consists of a new filming method and a structured action sequence, will provide differentiated fun.

Global locations in three countries that break away from the typical
Behind the scenes of shooting overseas cities
<Save me from evil>, completed with the unstinting efforts and passion of the well-made crew, is expected to unfold on the screen an exotic landscape by maximizing the different personalities of the three Asian countries as if viewed from a stranger's point of view.

First, the Korean location was mainly held in Incheon. Factory areas, piers, and sushi restaurants along the coastline appear, but the stillness of the past of 'Innam' stands still. In particular, the red and dark blue sky of the coastal town where the time zone is unknown is a scene like a blessing that the production team got while waiting for 3-4 days. Next, the location in Japan, the city where 'Innam' hid his existence and the home of 'Rei', was held in central Tokyo and the suburbs. Buildings that retain the characteristics of traditional Japanese houses, small pubs on the outskirts, and narrow back alleys are filled with blanks and gray light as if representing the emptiness of 'Innam', who is tired of life.

Thailand will be the main stage for the intense action battle between 'Innam' and 'Ray'. The heat coming through the screen and the atmosphere of downtown Bangkok provide a bizarre experience as if you were watching a foreign movie. In particular, it is said that Thailand is the world's largest tourist city, so it is not easy to control the site, so it is said that it has been cooperated with the Thai police. Meanwhile, the film encompasses not only downtown Bangkok, but also the suburbs, capturing the scenery of Thailand. Action scenes using Thailand's various topographical features also stand out. An old hotel in Bangkok has been transformed into a narrow hallway action scene of 'Innam' and 'Ray', and the garage in the back alley has been transformed into a stage for a mad action scene of 'Ray'. Especially in the case of urban explosions or car chasing action at the end of the movie, you can feel the scale of <But Save Me from Evil>. Thailand is the place where the color of <Save Me from Evil>, which adds a sense of scale to the atmosphere like this, is revealed.

Filmed at a global location crossing Thailand, Korea, and Japan for about four months from the fall of 2019 to the winter of 2019, <Save Me from Evil> is an exotic scene that will open your heart to audiences who have not been able to travel abroad for a long time. will provide

A unique character style that has never been seen before is born!
Immediately after the release of the poster and trailer for <Please Save Me from Evil>, the styles of the two characters, 'Innam' and 'Ray', gathered a hot topic both online and offline. The style of the static 'Innam' and the gorgeous 'Ray' created a perfect contrast in the costumes as well as the action, catching the eye. As the intense character confrontation is an important work, the actors and production team tried to incorporate their own style in everything from hairstyles to costumes to create a character with a distinct personality.

Director Hong Won-chan and costume manager Chae Kyung-wha went through a lot of discussion from the preparation stage so that each character of 'Innam' and 'Ray' had a distinctive difference in the costumes. First, the visual concept of 'Innam', a desperate assassin, was predominantly in black tones where emotional elements could stand out. In 'Innam', there were many costumes that gave a sense of seclusion from the beginning of the movie in order to preserve the heavy and static atmosphere. Then, as 'Innam' moved to Thailand via Korea, the suit was used as a representative style to show the character's static appearance and desperate emotions without showing emotions.

On the other hand, 'Ray' has a completely opposite concept from color. If 'Innam' wore dark colors that did not reveal himself as an assassin, 'Ray' implemented a striking style based on white. In particular, Lee Jung-jae and Chae Kyung-hwa, the costume manager, struggled fiercely in order to create an atmosphere that overwhelms the opponent as they are 'Ray' with spectacular action. As a result, while based on white, it creates strong visuals such as colorful patterned clothes and tattoos covering the body, heralding the birth of a unique character visual that cannot be seen in Korea.

In addition to the hard-boiled chase action, <But Save Me from Evil> was an effort to bring out the stylishness of the character's visual concept. It is expected to draw the attention of theaters this summer with an intense yet unique style.

Myung-Hoon Park, Hee-Seo Choi, Dae-Hwan Oh
A total set of scene stealers of a unique class!
A hot collaboration between Korean actors and local actors in Thailand!
The movie <Save us from evil> completed an intense ensemble that could not be seen anywhere else with the participation of local actors including Park Myung-hoon, Choi Hee-seo, and Oh Dae-hwan, who have captivated the audience with their unique personality and acting skills.

First, the role of 'Shimada', a broker who asks 'Innam' for the last mission, will be played by Park Myung-hoon, a scene stealer of 'Parasite', making a strong first impression of the movie. Hwang Jung-min and Park Myung-hoon, who met for the first time through this movie, show strong chemistry from the beginning of the movie with a chemistry that adds tension to the play just by appearing together. Actor Choi Hee-seo, who has shown an impressive presence regardless of genre and character through various works such as <Park Yeol> and <Okja>, takes on the role of 'Young-ju', the main starting point of the case. Through his unique delicate acting, he gives a new narrative to the play, raising curiosity about what kind of story he will have with 'Innam'. In addition, Oh Dae-hwan, who has shown individualistic performances by going back and forth between the screen and the CRT, appears as 'Han Jong-soo', a local real estate agent in Thailand, and focuses on the rich casting line. As a person who sells real estate to Thai residents with a friendly smile, he plans to double the immersion of the play by showing an unexpected collaboration with Hwang Jung-min.

Then, an essential point to watch in <Save Me from Evil> is the performance of local actors. Through this work, local actors in Thailand, who appeared in a Korean film for the first time through this work, completed a fantastic chemistry than ever by matching the action together with numerous discussions during each shoot. For action scenes where each other's breathing is especially important, he practiced with Hwang Jung-min and Lee Jung-jae every day, demonstrating his passion for acting. It is said that toward the second half of the filming, they showed a perfect chemistry that allowed communication through only breathing, crossing the language barrier. Hwang Jung-min also said, "There is no acting hole in our film, including local actors in Thailand. Everyone played their roles well,” he said, conveying the atmosphere of the scene filled with consideration and respect for each other amid the explosive energy of the actors.

Filled with the rich casting combination of talented actors who prove the acting taste like this, <Save Me from Evil> will capture the hearts of summer theater audiences with the charm of colorful characters who live and breathe vividly.

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