(Korean Movie) Decibel, 2021

Decibel, 2021

Decibel, 2021
Ages 12+
running time
110 minutes
cumulative audience
901426 people
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The moment the noise gets louder, it explodes.

The sound of a boiling kettle, the sound of opening a window, the sound of children laughing at the playground…
Moments later, breaking news arrives that a single-family house has exploded with a huge roar.
And, a phone call from a former Navy Vice Admiral (Kim Rae-won) who was watching the news.

“When the noise gets louder, it explodes. Our next target is the football stadium.”

A football stadium full of spectators, without even time to grasp the situation.
The bomb designer (Lee Jong-suk) pointed out as the target of the next terror attack

The threat of special bombs exploding at the moment the noise increases continues,
In order to prevent the biggest urban bombing in history, we have to find the bomb designer who holds all the secrets…

Sound terror action in the middle of the city
We must stop this explosion today!


“The moment the noise gets louder, it explodes”
Extreme immersion and tension brought about by the 'noise reaction bomb'!
The birth of the most unique genre 'Sound Terror Action' in 2022!

In 2022, the movie <Decibel>, which draws attention with the most unique material and genre, has entered a full-fledged countdown to its release. Set to be released on November 16, <Decibel> is a sound terrorism action film about a bomb designer (Lee Jong-seok) who plans to take over the city center with a special bomb that explodes the moment the noise gets louder, and his target, a former Navy vice-captain (Kim Rae-won).

The first thing that catches the audience's attention in this work is the unique material called 'noise reaction bomb'. The 'noise response bomb' in <Decibel> is designed so that the remaining time until the explosion is halved when the ambient noise exceeds a certain decibel, or the bomb explodes when the ambient noise exceeds a certain decibel. It draws attention with a fresh setting different from a time bomb. It is also noteworthy that the places where 'noise response bombs' are installed are in the middle of the city where noise cannot be controlled. Director Hwang In-ho, who was in charge of directing, said, “I first read the script for a movie about bombs, but another idea came to mind. It reminded me of the swimming pool I went to as a child and the whistle I heard there. I thought of the time when I was about to run into the swimming pool when I blow the whistle, so I thought of the idea of a bomb that works with a loud sound like a whistle, and I made a stadium and a playground where noise cannot be controlled into a space in the movie,” he said about the beginning of the sound terror action. The trigger of the bomb called 'noise', which is uncontrollable in the city center, explodes with genre strength as the background of the film expands to a large-scale city. Spaces filled with noise intended by the director in <Decibel> are designated by someone as a place of terror, creating a high level of tension with unguarded, urgent situations. Regarding the interesting setting of <Decibel>, director Hwang In-ho, who directed the film, said, “If it is a space where a large number of people create noise here and there, a situation that cannot be controlled by the protagonist’s ability will occur, and as he is increasingly cornered, it will create more tension. I thought,” he said. As the city center filled with noise becomes a target for terrorism where a noise-reactive bomb can explode in an instant, the moments when all sounds become potential detonators double the fun of the genre of sound terrorism action. The sound terror action <Decibel>, which fills the city center, which has become the target of uncontrollable terrorism, with action on an overwhelming scale and thrilling tension, will provide an immersive feeling that can only be experienced in theaters in November.

Former Vice Admiral of the Navy Targeted by Terror
Designer of the VS noise-reactive bomb and Navy Captain from Mensa
An unpredictable story drawn with tense confrontation X chasing and chasing action!

What further doubles the tension and immersion of the sound terror action <Decibel> is the predictable story unfolding through the tense confrontation between the two characters, 'a former Navy vice-captain who became the target of terrorism' and 'the designer of the noise-reactive bomb and a naval captain from Mensa'. It is an impossible story. Director Hwang In-ho, who boasts high-quality directing regardless of genre and excels in character-centered and exciting storytelling, introduces <Decibel> as “an action movie where the characters are important and it is fun to follow the characters” amidst various attractions and overwhelming tension. . In order to completely immerse the audience into an event in which all beings that make a sound become a detonator, the construction of the story between the two central characters, who are chased and chased as the target and designer of the bomb, was most important than anything else.

Lead actor Kim Rae-won, who has appeared in works of various genres, including action and crime, conveyed his impressions of reading the scenario of <Decibel> for the first time, saying, “I didn’t know the time was passing by the fast development full of tension.” They expressed satisfaction with their stories. Kim Rae-won's 'former Navy vice-captain who became the target of terrorism' is a person who gets involved in terrorism after receiving a mysterious phone call from the designer of a noise-reactive bomb one day. Hearing a terrorism notice of unknown reason or location, his choices and actions depend on whether or not the bomb explodes. Driven into a predicament where he can't inform anyone of the situation under the close watch of the bomb designer, he walks around the city all day and makes the viewer sweat with his extreme struggle to prevent terrorism. The 'bomb designer and naval captain from Mensa' played by Lee Jong-suk makes the confrontation between the two characters more tense and raises the tension of the play to the next level. He uses noise-reactive bombs to create risky situations all over the city and gives an unavoidable mission to prevent terrorism. is going to lead

A bomb designer who threatens the city with all the secrets in his hands, and a former Navy vice-captain who must find him to stop terrorism. The tense confrontation and intense action between the two characters chasing and chasing will fill the running time with a sense of tension that can not be vigilant for even a second.

Kim Rae-won, Lee Jong-seok, Jeong Sang-hoon, Park Byung-eun, Sang-hee Lee, Cho Dal-hwan, Cha Eun-woo and Min-ki Lee
An irreplaceable lineup of colorful charms that will overwhelm the theater!
Explosive synergy of popular actors who met with chemistry and respect

Another viewing point that cannot be missed in <Decibel> is the explosive synergy of popular actors in Korea. From Kim Rae-won, whose presence overwhelms the screen, to popular actor Lee Jong-suk, all-round entertainer Jeong Sang-hoon, Park Byung-eun, who has an acting ability of any genre, to Cha Eun-woo, who tried to transform into a new character, the meeting of irreplaceable and trustworthy actors is expected to dominate the theater district in November. .

First, Kim Rae-won, who has been steadily active in <The Most Ordinary Romance>, <Long Live the King: Mokpo Hero>, <Resurrected Victim>, <Prison>, <Gangnam 1970>, etc. He took on the role of a former Navy vice-captain who became the target of the movie. He expresses the character's three-dimensional aspect, which goes between cold and cool and human, with detailed acting skills, and adds passionate acting to digest most of the action in the work, leading the play to a surprising immersion. From the recent drama [Big Mouth] to the movie <The Witch Part2. Lee Jong-suk, an actor who travels all over the screen and TV screen, such as <The Other One> and <VIP>, plays the role of a 'bomb designer and naval captain from Mensa', which is the starting point of the story. In this work, he builds a character that completely escapes the audience's prediction, transforms into a new look that has never been seen before, and injects tension into the play. Regarding Kim Rae-won, Lee Jong-seok said, “There is probably no actor of his age who has not studied acting based on the acting of actor Kim Rae-won. It was full of respect. We received a lot of help while talking to each other,” said Kim Rae-won, who also said, “I was encouraged to see actor Lee Jong-suk, who is more serious and passionate than anyone else on set, and created synergy,” raising expectations for an explosive chemistry.

Jung Sang-hoon, who is active in all directions from movies and dramas to plays, musicals, and entertainment, takes on the role of 'a special reporter who accompanies a terrorist incident' to find clues to the drama and enrich the story. In addition, Park Byeong-eun, who has overwhelming acting skills regardless of genre, takes on the role of a 'military security support command agent', forming a new perspective on the play and adding a sense of speed. Actively active in dramas and movies, Cha Eun-woo, an up-and-coming star, took on the role of 'Navy Submarine Sound Detection NCO' with detailed acting completed through advice from real experts. In particular, Cha Eun-woo raised expectations for the teamwork of popular actors by saying, “I am honored and proud to be with wonderful senior actors and directors” about his first movie appearance after his debut. In addition, <Decibel>, which will fill the screen with flawless acting skills, including supporting actors such as Lee Sang-hee, Jo Dal-hwan, and Lee Min-ki, as well as special appearances, will completely captivate the audience in November.


Vivid sound effects X city explosion special effects!
Stimulates the eyes and ears and raises the heart rate
A cinematic spectacle that satisfies the five senses explodes!

In <Decibel>, which deals with a large-scale 'noise-reactive bomb' terrorism in the middle of the city, another main character that leads the tense action along with the actors' passionate performances is the sound that catches the audience's ears. Director Hwang In-ho and the production team set their top priority on conveying a vivid sense of immersion to the audience, from the minute noises surrounding our daily lives to the overwhelming roar of noise-reactive bombs exploding throughout the city. The detailed sound in <Decibel>, which was created through the efforts of the production team, allows the audience to experience the real movie with 'former Navy Vice Captain who became the target of terrorism' (Kim Rae-won) and 'the designer of the noise-reactive bomb and naval captain from Mensa' (Lee Jong-seok). It gives a sense of immersion as if it were placed in the middle of the scene.

The setting that the bomb is designed to explode when it exceeds a certain decibel adds to the sense of immersion by vividly portraying realistic moments when all the noise in our daily lives becomes a threat, such as the sound of a kettle boiling water, the sound of a rice cooker and chopping board, and the sound of opening a window. Former Navy Vice Admiral who became a target of terrorism, special reporter who accompanied the terrorist incident, and Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) agents, attempts to stop and remove bombs by reducing noise sometimes create louder noise and disrupt everyday life. White noise, which does not interfere with life, suddenly turns into a risk factor that raises tension to the maximum.

If the detailed sound adds to the sense of immersion, the noise of bombs exploding all over the city is responsible for the cinematic spectacle. The production team of <Decibel> made it a rule to use real explosion scenes, not CG, to capture the urgency and vividness of the explosion scenes taking place all over the city. Director Hwang In-ho said, “There are a lot of explosion scenes. I actually exploded it for a realistic explosion scene without the help of CG as much as possible.” The production team tried to capture the realism of the scene using special effects, but also to capture the scene that made use of the actor's natural reaction. Thanks to the efforts of the production team and actors, the bombing scene in the movie, which takes place in various spaces such as a soccer field and a water park, perfectly captures the tension of not knowing when the noise-reactive bomb will explode along with the spectacle that has never been seen before. In fact, Kim Rae-won said, “The special effects team and the art team were able to detonate a real bomb with near-perfect preparation, so the actors were able to act as if they were experiencing it in real life.”

From large-scale shootings renting the entire Asiad main stadium
Underwater shooting in a large water park wave pool
Even the actors admired the submarine set, the scale explodes!

In order to portray a realistic sound terror action, <Decibel> selected various large-scale spaces as filming locations to complete the visuals in the movie on an overwhelming scale. <Decibel> sets a place where noise control is impossible as the target of bombing, and an explosive scale spreads on the screen throughout the movie.

First, a large-scale shooting in which the entire Busan Asiad Main Stadium was rented drew attention. In the scene at the Asiad main stadium, where a football game is held, representing each country's club competition, the scene completed using drones fills the screen and shows off a scale that overwhelms the audience. The reverberation of the sound made in the stadium, which is much larger than a regular soccer stadium, heightens the tension that you do not know when a bomb will explode, along with the vividness of watching a soccer game in an actual stadium. In addition, the filming, which was mobilized from a large water park to a wave pool, adds variety to the speedy development that can not be vigilant, and provides excitement. A water park filled with the sound of a wave pool appears as another target for bombers. Kim Rae-won, who played a former Navy vice-captain trying to stop the bombing, picked the water park scene as the most difficult scene, saying, “It was not easy to shoot underwater, and it was more memorable because it was a scene where you had to remove a bomb installed in the water.” Raise your expectations.

The submarine scene is the highlight of <Decibel>'s incomparable scale. In order to implement the interior of the submarine, which is mostly military secret, not only did numerous foreign materials be consulted, but the actual appearance was perfectly implemented through consultation with the actual submarine captain. In addition, after discussing with the art, filming, and lighting directors to convey the feeling of the audience as if they were in a submarine, the camera was able to capture the stuffiness of the actual boarding and even the moisture inside. Cha Eun-woo, who played the sound detection sergeant of a naval submarine, said, “It was a set shoot, and I was surprised to see that it was exactly the same as a real submarine. The first time I went to the set, I was able to observe it alone for 20 minutes.”

“There is no CG and double!”
From high-rise building rooftops and elevators to one-on-one fighting
Passion of actors who digested car chasing – underwater shooting – wire action!

As director Hwang In-ho said, "Due to the subject matter and setting of 'noise-reactive bombs', noise was generated here and there, and the protagonist needed a space with complicated movements to search for bombs." The main actors of <Decibel>, which are filled with suffocatingly, perform various actions while chasing and being chased as the speedy story unfolds at soccer fields, high-rise buildings, water parks, elevators, and city streets.

Due to the story set-up, it was not only the director and production team who wanted to add realism and immersion to the sound terror action <Decibel> that unfolds for 6 hours. Leading actors, including Kim Rae-won, digested most of the acting without CG or doubles, satisfying the production team 200% and eliciting warm applause. Kim Rae-won, who played a former Navy vice-captain who struggles alone to prevent a bomb attack after being targeted by a terrorist, was at the center of it. Kim Rae-won said, “The former Navy vice-captain is a character who receives a call from someone, becomes a target of terrorism, and struggles for six hours to stop it. The part about the character was solidly laid out, so I paid a lot of attention to make use of the realism and realism of the continuing incidents and accidents.” Also, “I did the car chasing action while driving myself, and I filmed a fight scene and a scene where I jumped off a high-rise building while blocking an underwater explosion. I digested most of the action myself,” he said, expressing satisfaction with the action scenes that were difficult but vividly implemented. Regarding actor Kim Rae-won, who refused CG effects and showed most of the action acting in order to save the realism and realism of unpredictable incidents and accidents, director Hwang In-ho said, “There were a lot of filming that would not have been easy without Kim Rae-won. . Safety was the top priority, and the staff also suffered a lot.”

In addition, <Decibel> was completed with the sweat and passion of the actors in the hot summer, including Lee Jong-suk's bare-body action as a bomb designer who made use of the limited space in the elevator, Jung Sang-hoon, a special reporter who consistently followed the incident, and Park Byung-eun, an agent of the Military Security Support Command. You can check out the realistic action of '' at the theater in November.

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