(Korean Movies) Dead Friend, 靈, 2004

Dead Friend, 靈, 2004

Dead Friend, 靈, 2004
Audience over 12 years old
running time
98 minutes
cumulative audience
558807 people


“For sure. Hide, show your hair.”
The hide-and-seek of death that can't be played… If you want to live, don't remember!

First memory: friend

When I woke up one day, I was living as Min Ji-won, a sociologist, a sociologist.
I can't remember, but I wanted to be happy.
So I decided to live under the name of Min Ji-won, and that was the best I could do.
But one day, a friend named Yoo-jeong came to visit, and everything was messed up.
I'm confused now.

Second memory: nightmare

I have strange dreams every night. Strange places, strangers.
I also have no memory of the dream.
But you can feel it. This is a nightmare!
Who are these people and where are they?
Why the hell are they bothering me?

Third memory: water

I see a ghost
It is invisible to other people and only visible to my own eyes.
It can only be explained as a ghost.
I'm afraid that a drenched woman is following me.
Is she still looking at me from somewhere?
Then why is it me?

Fourth memory: death

Eun-seo, Yoo-jeong, Mi-kyung… All of my friends are dead.
There was unidentified water around the dead friends.
The police also said they could not find the cause of their death.
Why did he die indoors in the form of a terrible drowning body?
Could it be my turn next? It's unbearably scary
It's so complicated in my head.
What should I do now?
It's like they're playing hide and seek without knowing the trick.

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