(Korean Movies) Dancing Queen, 2012

Dancing Queen, 2012

Dancing Queen, 2012
Audience over 12 years old
running time
124 minutes
cumulative audience
4058225 people
48th Baeksang Arts Awards 2012
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The wife of a Seoul mayor candidate is a dancing queen?!

“Do you have any intention of becoming a singer?”
In front of the old Sinchon Madonna Jeonghwa
A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to become a dance singer comes along.

However, the excitement of the challenge for the long-term dream is short-lived,
'I am running for mayor of Seoul!' Husband Jung-min's bombshell declaration!

Between the wife of the mayor of Seoul and the leader of the splendid Dancing Queens
A dangerous, dynamic double life that even my husband doesn't know begins?!

[ Intro ]

Hwang Jung-min, who happened to be a mayor candidate!
The former Shinchon Madonna Uhm Jung-hwa got a chance to become a dance singer by chance!

January 2012,
towards their dreams
A dynamic double life begins!

[ About Movie ]

The wife of a Seoul mayor candidate is a dancing queen?!
A unique setting, the strongest comedy of delightful fun is born!

The movie <Dancing Queen> stimulates the curiosity of the audience with its ingenious setting, 'The wife of a Seoul mayor candidate is a dancing queen?!' In general, when you say the wife of a Seoul mayor candidate, you tend to think of a noble wife with her hair neatly kept and her hobby is arranging flowers. However, Uhm Jung-hwa in the movie <Dancing Queen> is attracting attention with her unique setting of dreaming of becoming a dance singer by practicing dancing anytime and anywhere, unable to control her former dance instincts.

For Hwang Jung-min, who challenges the dream of being a Seoul mayor candidate, who sensitively affects approval ratings even in the smallest of personal life, the situation in which his wife dreams of becoming a dance singer can act as a huge weakness. Therefore, the double life of Uhm Jung-hwa, who has to naturally cross the roles of an ordinary wife and a singer trainee, will unfold dynamically, giving the audience a nervous and stormy laugh.

The meeting of two unbalanced jobs that I have never seen before. Seoul Mayor Candidate and Dance Singer! In January 2012, the double life of the two main characters towards their dreams, which is too dangerous to achieve together, begins dynamically.

National actor Hwang Jung-min, original all-round entertainer Uhm Jung-hwa,
Casting that boasts the highest credibility!!

National actor Hwang Jung-min and original all-round entertainer Uhm Jung-hwa met!
Hwang Jung-min, who swept the Best Actor Award at major film festivals, is the representative actor of Korea in name and reality. His acting skills are basic and he perfectly absorbs various characters and has been loved by the people of the nation. In this movie, <Dancing Queen>, he played the role of 'Hwang Jung-min', a simple Seoul mayor candidate, such as <Shadow Murder>, <Illegal Deal>, <Moby Dick>, etc. He is planning to take off the dark and heavy image he has built up as a movie actor and become a comic actor. Here, Jung-Hwa Um, an all-round entertainer who has been performing various activities across fields such as singing, dancing, and acting, is also revived as 'Uhm Jung-Hwa', who goes back and forth between an ordinary housewife and a gorgeous dancing queen by showing 100% character synchronization. In particular, as Uhm Jung-hwa is a singer-turned-actor who debuted in the 17th year of her debut, she plans to show off her splendid dancing and singing skills that she has honed in the drama without regret, and will fully demonstrate the force of the original dancing queen.
Expectations are rising for the movie with the super-strong casting of Hwang Jung-min and Uhm Jung-hwa, who are deeply trusted by the audience for their acting skills and box office power. In particular, in this <Dancing Queen>, the two actors showed off realistic and cute couple performances with fantastic breathing, and they did not hesitate to show off their clever comic performances, making the filming site pleasant enough that the field staff fell in love with it. After the release of <Dancing Queen>, the two actors Hwang Jung-min and Uhm Jung-hwa are expected to get the image of the strongest comic couple in history, in addition to the image that they are synonymous with reliable acting skills.
Boasting a perfect chemistry than any other actor's union in Korea, the two are expected to bring out 100% of each other's strengths and charms and give the audience a cool laugh with their fantastic acting skills in January 2012.

to open the eyes and ears of Korea
Gorgeous sights and exciting OST!

Works that combine film and music, such as [Maria] in <Beauty is Painful>, [Maybe that] in <Speeding Scandal>, and [Sunny] in <Sunny>, received explosive love from the audience and were successful at the box office. In 2012, the first movie that will be loved by the audience for its exciting music and pleasant story is the movie <Dancing Queen>! [Call my name], sung by the all-round entertainer Uhm Jung-Hwa herself in the movie, is already creating a hot topic!
Although she is the wife of a Seoul mayor candidate, Jeonghwa's main title song [Call my name], which presents a dynamic double life for the sake of her dream of becoming a dance singer, evokes sympathy in listeners because the lyrics and the situation in the play are exquisitely intertwined. In addition to this, Jeonghwa and Myeongae, who challenged [Superstar K] sang with all their heart and sincerity, [The Dance in the Rhythm], which exploded laughter after receiving a cold evaluation, the retro [Harlem] that flowed when they showed off their splendid dance skills during Madonna's days in Sinchon. Desire] and other splendid OSTs are expected to excite the hearts of the audience.
In addition, the splendid performance scenes in which Uhm Jung-hwa, a singer with 17 years of debut, demonstrates her appearance as the original dancing queen, is a must-see attraction. The splendid club scene that perfectly reproduces the retro concept of 1992 when she was Madonna in Sinchon, and the karaoke scene that induces laughter by leisurely digesting with the force of a former dancing queen who played a lot of [Abracadabra] of adult idol Brown Eyed Girls, the last dream stage Up to the ending performance scene of Jeonghwa, who rose to the top, the splendid stage and exciting music are combined throughout the film to provide a fantastic spectacle. In particular, in the case of the final ending scene, the perfect stage was created to provide an upgraded spectacle to the audience who are accustomed to the splendid stage. Jeonghwa's performance scenes, completed by mobilizing all human and material resources, will catch the eyes of the audience with various concepts and colorful sights for each performance scene.

Issues & Issues! [Superstar K], [Public Debate]
Capture the reality of Korea!

The movie <Dancing Queen> deals with the dynamic double life of Hwang Jung-min, who accidentally became a candidate for mayor of Seoul, and Uhm Jung-hwa, a former Shinchon madonna who accidentally got the opportunity to become a dance singer. There is one thing that draws attention as much as their double life, Uhm Jung-hwa's [Superstar K] audition scene and Hwang Jung-min's [Public Debate] appearance scene.
[Superstar K] is the hottest audition program that sparked a craze for audition programs such as [The Great Birth] and [K-Pop Star], and is loved by the whole nation as the most popular audition program that can make dreams come true. As such, in the movie, [Superstar K] stimulates the curiosity of the audience by appearing as a stage of dreams that is the last chance to achieve a dream for Jeong-hwa, who dreams of becoming a dance singer. In particular, Uhm Jung-hwa, who had been active as a judge in [Superstar K2] in the past, appeared as an applicant and received a cold evaluation from her junior, Hyori Lee, who made a surprise appearance as a judge, along with the line she used to say, “What is my score?” It will give you a storm of laughter.
In addition, [Public Debate] shows the image of a sincere politician, Jeong-min, who comes to the present position with his own power and sincerely worries about social phenomena and tries to solve the problem, unlike the antinomian politicians who say that they will solve the problem of low fertility without knowing the price of a bottle of milk powder. It will show and give deep impressions. In the movie, Jung-min turns from an ordinary citizen to a candidate for mayor of Seoul, but is expected to gain the support of the audience by showing the ideal candidate for Seoul mayor who sincerely approaches the citizens of Seoul. The scene of [Superstar K], in which Uhm Jung-hwa, the best diva in the music industry, shows both singing and dancing, and the [Public Debate] scene, which cools the hearts of the viewers, not only delightfully captures Korea's hottest issues in 2012, but also gives a warm impression. In addition, it is expected to arouse sympathy and response from all people, regardless of gender and age.

Lee Han-wi, Jung Sung-hwa, Ra Mi-ran
Licorice from the drugstore, laughter maker luxury supporting actors are all out!
A feast of seasoned comic acting that fills the film!

The movie <Dancing Queen> is also attracting attention from the audience for the fantastic performances of the supporting actors with strong individuality as well as the unique setting. The main characters are Lee Han-wi as 'Han-wi', another person who uses their own name, Jeong-seong-hwa as 'Jong-chan', a friend of 'Jung-min', and Ra Mi-ran as 'Myeong-ae', 'Jeong-hwa's best friend.
First of all, Lee Han-wi, who plays the role of 'Han-wi', who is considered one of the big players in the entertainment industry and is considered to be Midus's hand, is the best helper who casts 'Jeong-hwa' on the street and lays the foundation for her to become a singer. Transformed into a cute manager who manages the most talented dance group <Dancing Queens> with her unique quickness and wit! It will bring laughter and fun to the audience.
The second luxury character is Jung Seong-hwa as Jong-chan, a powerful member of the Democratic Progressive Party, who instills dreams in 'Jung-min' and helps him to achieve it. Jeong Seong-hwa, who has been recognized for his unique value in musicals, is expected to catch the audience's attention with his clever comic acting like a comedian while showing an intelligent and smart politician in this work <Dancing Queen>.
Lastly, as a musical actress and talented actress who made her debut in <Mr. Kind Venus> in 2005, Ra Mi-ran will appear in the role of Myeong-ae, a former hairdresser and former Wangsimni Red Mesh, who dominated Sinchon in her years with ‘Jeong-hwa’. She always uses a cute dialect and fights with 'Jeonghwa' in every case, but she appears as an assistant to help her at the most important moment and upgrades even the details of the scene in the movie. will be.
As such, the delicious performances of the famous supporting actors such as licorice in the drugstore are expected to captivate the audience with a wealth of fun, in harmony with the fantastic performances of Hwang Jung-min, an all-round entertainer, and Uhm Jung-hwa.

In the new year of 2012, everyone has at least one in their heart.
Infinite empathy for the forgotten dream in my heart

In the movie, Jung-Min Hwang and Jung-Hwa Uhm take on a heart-pounding challenge in order not to miss a single opportunity to achieve their lifelong dream. The sight of the two protagonists, who were engrossed in their daily lives, constantly striving and challenging to become a Seoul mayor candidate and a dance singer, reminds the viewer of the dream in their heart that they had forgotten.
The image of two delightful people who purely strive for the path they want for the modern people who face the wall of reality and have a dream they have always wanted, but it is difficult to challenge it, will form a great sympathy for both men and women, regardless of gender. Thanks to this, the movie <Dancing Queen> is not only a story of two couples, but it was born as a movie for all generations that can be enjoyed by all ages, from teenagers who have started dreaming to the elderly who have forgotten their dreams, if they want to make their dreams come true.
In line with the start of the new year to prepare for the hopes of 2012, the movie <Dancing Queen> will send a positive message and present the courage to take on a new challenge without being complacent in the suffocating reality.
In the new year, the movie <Dancing Queen>, which will stimulate the consensus of all generations through the subject of dreams, is expected to deliver pleasant laughter and heart-fluttering catharsis to the audience with a hopeful message.

[ Production Note ]

Debut stage set with an investment of 100 million won
The stage costumes for the bling-bling <Dancing Queens> alone cost a whopping 10 million won!
Behind-the-scenes story behind the spectacular ending stage that you can't take your eyes off of!

On October 26th and 27th, 2011, there was a filming of the ending stage that would decorate the climax of the movie at the Art Bank set in Namyangju, Gyeonggi-do over two days. This scene was an important scene where Uhm Jung-hwa, an ordinary housewife who had forgotten her dream after being hit by her husband and child, finally made her first dream debut as a Seoul mayor candidate.

For this reason, the production team put a lot of effort into lighting, art, choreography, and set to complete the spectacular finale stage that will never be seen again in the history of Korean cinema. In particular, in order to deliver a new attraction to the audience who are familiar with the splendid stage of actress Uhm Jung-hwa, a former dance singer, they invested a whopping 100 million won to create a perfect stage. For the entire set work, 1000kw of electricity, 3000 egg bulbs, and 100 space lights were used to complete the largest scale and spectacular sights in a Korean movie performance scene. In particular, in the case of space lighting, it is rumored that they inquired all over the country to prepare 100. In addition, the costumes of the dancing queens specially made for this ending stage cost a whopping 10 million won to produce.
In addition, director Jin-mo Cho, who is famous as a music video director for Rain's 'Bad Boy' and 'How to Avoid the Sun', participated as the filming team B, and although it is a scene from a movie, it is a sensuous concert scene of an actual dance group or a music video. The stage was portrayed perfectly. With such a perfectly set splendid stage production, the auxiliary performers who attended on the day responded enthusiastically to the stage of <Dancing Queens> and added enthusiasm to the filming, just like the audience who came to the actual concert without any special direction.

The movie <Dancing Queen> was able to show the audience a gorgeous and beautiful performance stage that was hard to see in Korean movies, thanks to the actors who gave passionate dances and songs as well as the thorough preparation of the production team for the ending stage. Through a fantasy stage where everyone becomes one, the audience will also be able to feel the overwhelming emotion transmitted through the screen with their whole body.

Dance training of the original dancing queen Uhm Jung-hwa!
Aerobics, disco, old jazz, funky hip hop, even partner dance!!

Singer Uhm Jung-hwa in her 17th year of debut, has established herself as the original sexy diva in the music industry, driving hot topics for each song released such as [I don't know], [Festival], and [DISCO]. It is not an exaggeration to say that there is no actor more suitable for the character in the movie than her, who caused an issue not only in music but also in choreography. Nevertheless, as soon as the casting was confirmed, Uhm Jung-hwa did not hesitate to take a professional training in order to more perfectly realize 'Jeong-hwa', a dynamic double life for the sake of her dream. In order to be reborn as the former Shinchon Madonna and the leader of the full-fledged Missidol 'Dancing Queens', she devoted herself to the basics of building a body for a year, and began full-scale dance practice for 9 months from 6 months before filming to the end of filming.
On the basis of daily stretching, she performed night dance and disco for Madonna of Sinchon, who dominated nightclubs in the late 80s, and gave aerobics to a professional aerobics instructor for the aerobics lecture that started to raise money for living after marriage, and performed as a member of Dancing Queens. He had to master old jazz, funky hip-hop, and even partner dance to get to the top. The reason is that the choreography of Dancing Queens, to which she belongs in the movie, was composed based on a more powerful and colorful partner dance and old jazz, unlike other hip-hop-based girl groups. In order to master all these dances, Uhm Jung-hwa spent about 9 months practicing dance 3-4 hours a day until the end of filming, and sweating hard to show a more perfect figure. Director Park Jae-in, who was in charge of the choreography in the movie, is the best choreographer in Korea who choreographed [Funky Tonight] by the group 'Clone', [Irreversible] by Ga-in, and [A Cruel Tale] by IU! She said, "Uhm Jung-hwa is a perfect actress who does 100% of her homework. Among Korean singers and dancers, he dances with the most sincerity.”

Super special cameo, Hyori Lee & Gil!
No-Guarantee Friendship Appears as a Judge for <Superstar K>!

A super-special cameo will appear in <Dancing Queen> as much as the super-strong castings of Hwang Jung-min and Uhm Jung-hwa, who are deeply trusted by the audience for their acting skills and box office power. That's the length of Korea's representative sexy icon, Hyori Lee, and the hip-hop group Leessang, which is raising its stock price in various entertainment shows. In fact, as the representative dancing queens who dominated the Korean music industry, Uhm Jung-hwa and Lee Hyo-ri, famous for being close friends and juniors in the entertainment industry, and Hwang Jung-min through the OST work of the 2006 movie “Determination to Live” appeared as a comic licorice in “Dancing Queen” and laughed. to offer
The two made a surprise appearance as judges for the [Superstar K] audition, where the former Shinchon Madonna 'Uhm Jung-hwa' challenges her best friend 'Myung-ae' for her dream of becoming a singer. This scene actually caused a hot topic online as it was the scene where Uhm Jung-hwa, who was active as a judge in the last [Superstar K2], was humiliated by being judged by junior singers, contrary to that time. Contrary to the way he announced that there is potential for development, Hyori Lee, who announced the rejection with a cold attitude, and Uhm Jung-hwa, an audition applicant who was humiliated and wept, make the viewers laugh out loud. Recalling the time of filming, Uhm Jung-hwa said, "It was really burdensome because Hyori's eyes were like 'Try it somewhere!' My juniors are watching me, so I really wanted to stick with them.” He revealed, raising curiosity about this scene.
Hwang Jung-min and Uhm Jung-hwa heard the concerns of the production team who wanted to cast a judge who could give the real feeling of [Superstar K] at the time of filming, and immediately called Hyori Lee and Gil and completed the casting in less than a minute. It was also known that there was no guarantee, and they showed off their close friendship to the fullest.

Seoul mayor candidate wife and dancing quiz member
Uhm Jung-hwa's style transformation Grand Duke!

In the movie <Dancing Queen>, Uhm Jung-hwa, who led a dangerous double life with a dancing quiz with a Seoul mayor candidate, perfectly expressed Jeonghwa in the movie by transforming her clothes into clothes according to the situation, such as Sinchon Madonna, a housewife, a wife, and a dance singer. . When she was a college student, she showed off her splendid talents as a Shinchon Madonna in her old days. In addition, during the time of supporting her husband, she made a perfect contrast to the extent that she thought it was the same person through comfortable housewife clothes such as plain T-shirts and sweatpants that did not match the gorgeous figure of Jeonghwa on stage. Director Park Yoo-ra, who was in charge of the costumes for 'Jeonghwa' in the movie, is the most talented dancer in the world of dance costumes in charge of the entire 2PM and JYP Nation concerts. Therefore, the costume that 'Jeonghwa' showed in the finale stage is a missidoll look that is different from ordinary idol singers, and using real jewels such as sequins and Swarovski, 'Junghwa dreaming of a dance singer' was completed to stand out. The finale outfit, which was completed by hand by five stylists, cost more than 10 million won in total. Park Yoo-ra, who has been with Uhm Jung-hwa since the time of [Eye Pupils], said, "I focused on changing the costumes according to the story so that both charms of singers and actors could be embraced." .
In fact, Uhm Jung-hwa, who is also a singer in her 17th year of debut, performs both singing and dancing herself, and the colorful stage costumes where you can see the dances and songs of talented members such as former musical actors are another source of delight to the eye in addition to the comic content in the movie. It will be a viewing point.

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