(Korean Movies) Daisy, 2005

Daisy, 2005

Daisy, 2005
Audience over 15
running time
110 minutes
cumulative audience
911420 people


A soul that smells of gunpowder
A soul warm like the sun
met in front of a woman

A man killed someone. The first man to kill someone. He is a killer from now on.
A green forest where he hid for a while after giving up his life. There, I see a woman's smile.
And my heart is pounding at the fateful love that came a day late…
This is the beginning of the movie <Daisy>.
Artist Hye-young (Jeon Ji-hyun), who is preparing for a solo exhibition, draws a portrait in the plaza. The only thing that sustains her in the unfamiliar city of Amsterdam is the memories of her first love. Hye-young gave him a picture of a daisy flower to him who had never seen his face, but gave him the most beautiful heartbeat, and as if in reply, a flowerpot of daisies is delivered every day. One day, a man approached her to paint a portrait. In his hand is a daisy flower pot. This is Jung-woo (Lee Seong-jae), an international police officer who is pursuing a criminal organization. He asks Hye-young in the middle of the square for a portrait to monitor the criminal, but Hye-young thinks he is the love she has been waiting for. And the moment he sees her smile, Jung-woo also encounters the trembling he feels for the first time. Park Eui (Jung Woo-sung), who couldn't approach Hye-young because she was a killer, delivered daisies every day instead of confessing. Watching her smile towards others painfully hurts her heart. A picture of Jung-woo is delivered to Park-eui as an assassination target…


strange city amsterdam
three people meet

Street painter, Hye-Young
She has no family, no friends.
Alone in a foreign country
never stop waiting for love

Killer, Park
Even the soul is stained with the smell of gunpowder,
I'm a person who can't get love
I can't wait to meet a love that I can't give up

And the international policeman, Jung Woo, who stands on the other side of Park Eui
to hide their mission
I hold a bouquet of daisies
That very coincidence invites him to fate.

now they
meet with love

unspeakable love
That I can earnestly more than any confession
do you know

eyes that can't be shown
that it can be more intense than any gesture
do you know

to you waiting for love
Sending hidden love <Daisy>.
* Two flowers appearing in the movie

DAISY vs TULIP: Different ways of love,

“Flowers deliver love, but they also deliver death.”
– <Daisy> Chinese killer Park Eui's lines –

1. DAISY: A symbol of Park Eui and Hye-Young's first love, a medium that allows Hye-Young and Jung-Woo to meet. Park Eui is the only way to confess love. Flower language is 'hidden love'

2. TULIP: The code of murder delivered to Park Eui. Three tulips are delivered to the fate of Park-Eui, Jung-Woo, and Hye-Young… The flower language is 'burning love'.

about movie

the love of the world we made
The most beautiful challenge in film history begins

1. Because I love you, I can't tell you…
A love that can't be approached, but can't be given up even more!

'Three people who met the love they had been waiting for like a miracle, but couldn't talk about that love', director Yu Yu-gang summarizes <Daisy> like this: It may be easier to find love, confess love, and keep love. In light of the fate of these three people who have to turn away from love, because they love, because they can't talk about love… Numerous films talk about the love of fate. They meet and bond with an irresistible fate. But what if love brings misfortune to the other person? What if I am destined not to be in love? You must distance yourself from love, and you must not confess because you are desperate for love. With more earnestness than love… 'hidden love' <Daisy> is coming.

2. The pride of Korean cinema, the dream of Asia
Global Project <Daisy>

2006. With the awards at various film festivals, the world's interest in Korean films is higher than ever.
gold. A new Korean movie is starting. Jinyong of <Daisy> is the best of the best in Asia beyond Korean movies. Now, the most prominent Asian film pros in the global film industry have gathered and gathered their best capabilities. And at the center of it all is Korea! The interest in this film is so special that even Hong Kong and other Asian media have selected <Daisy> as one of the most talked-about films to pay attention to in 2006. With the pride of Korean cinema, the global project <Daisy>, which will make the dream of Asia come true. March 2006, the most beautiful challenge in film history begins!

3. Director Yu Yugang of <Mugando>, who postponed even entering Hollywood and chose <Daisy>
And the meeting of professionals who are like jewels representing the world!

Director Yu Yugang, who rose to the top spot in Hollywood scouting after receiving rave reviews as the best noir film in Chinese cinema history with <Mugando>. He chose <Daisy> without even delaying his Hollywood debut. In addition, he participated in <Spider-Man 2> and <The Matrix 2, 3>, which are like an alter ego of director Yu Yu-gang, and recently became the most recognized martial arts director in Hollywood (Dion Lam) and cinematographer (who made the myth of <Mugando>). Man-Ching Ng) and art director (Bill Lui) also joined. In addition, the Dutch music director Shigeru Umebayashi of Japan for <A Flower for Love>, <Lovers> and <2046>, and Lee Tae-gyu, who recorded <Winging Taegeukgi> and <Blood Nude> simultaneously, and <Ocean's Twelve> and <Born Identity>, are from the Netherlands. In addition to the Barking Dog film, it will support the emotion of the film more intensely.

4. Woo-sung Jung, Jeon Ji-hyeon, Lee Seong-jae,
Asia's most dazzling ensemble!

With <My Sassy Girl> and <Introducing My Girlfriend>, you can visit Korea, China, Japan, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.
Jeon Ji-hyun has emerged as the best actress in all of Asia. Jung Woo-sung, who became the leader of the new Korean wave by recording the highest box office hit for a Korean movie ever in Japan with <The Eraser in My Head>. And Lee Seong-jae, an actor who is endorsed by the Korean film industry. They became the protagonists of Asia. The Asian film industry has high expectations for these three stars, as director Yu Yu-gang himself confessed, “The two reasons for choosing this movie are the screenplay and the charm of the actors.” Stars representing Asia, the hearts of the world are beating at their meeting!

5. 100% Dutch all-location, 100% natural light shooting
video miraculous adventure

Amsterdam, Netherlands. The love of <Daisy> starts from the most European city and where a picture comes out no matter where you put the camera in the city. <Daisy> made a bold decision to shoot in 100% natural light to convey the scenery of the Netherlands, where the mystery of the canal, the wind of the windmill, and the scent of tulips are harmonized. The harmony of light, air, and landscape at each colorful location encompassing the unexplored landscapes of the Netherlands, from quaint cities and ports to lyrical suburbs, overwhelms the screen with reality and natural beauty.

6. Korea, Hong Kong, Thailand, Japan
Post-production in four countries.

Hong Kong, Thailand, Japan, Korea. Post-production in four Asian countries was also possible only with <Daisy>.
It is an extraordinary scale. In the post-production of the movie, which is said to have a large variable that is comparable to the main production, it was carried out at the best studio in Asia, transcending nationalities in each division such as computer graphics, editing, and mixing. The production of a 'well-made movie' down to the post-production process that puts great effort into post-production raises expectations for 'Daisy' even higher. Like waiting for love, like the joy of meeting love, like the lingering sound of remembering love…Meet <Daisy> with the feeling of love!

inside Movie

In the name of love…
The newest challenge in film history begins

The tremors of love seep into the screen

Jeon Ji-hyun's excitement whispers, Jung Woo-sung's wounds scream, and Lee Seong-jae's tears are heard. <Daisy> features a narration technique refined with an attractive voice that crosses the perspectives of the three actors.

Unlike movies that observe love from a distance, the narration allows you to feel the emotions of the movie by assimilating as much as possible into the characters in the play. I feel not only the love that is shown as it is in the melodies of masterpieces such as <A Flower for Love> and <Abijeongjeon>, but also the love that is being told!

Deeper, stronger, more beautiful

<Daisy> captures the 'expression' of all the actions that the movie can show, not with a Hollywood-style action movie full of bullets, but with a shooting scene full of urgency with a single shot that follows the eyes.

Actions unfold in unpredictable spaces such as maze-like city alleys, closed high-rise buildings, and plazas with hundreds of crowds. The mise-en-scène actions that unfold horizontally, fall vertically, scatter radially, and explode like a bomb. All the expressions that action can have are included in this film.

A camera that lives and breathes boldly

In the midst of a confrontation, it bounces like a bullet, and at the moment of confession and parting, it trembles minutely like the heart of a character, and when the main character faces a crisis, it falls like a fate of catastrophe, and the gaze of a person who can't be seen by others. A camera that flows like a river…

<Daisy> was filmed by director Yu Yugang, who is called the genius of cinematography. A feast of war-like images captured at a breathtaking speed of 1 minute and 1 second by placing 3 or 4 cameras at the same time for each cut. A new video catharsis that will overwhelm the audience is unfolding.

production notes

Find the hidden inch of hidden love!
The beautiful secrets of <Daisy>!!

1. A site where four languages coexisted: Korean, English, Dutch, and Chinese
But the best language…?!!

Holland, Hong Kong, Korea, China…Multinational staff covering Europe and Asia. The scene of <Daisy> was a mixture of four languages: Korean, English, Dutch, and Chinese. Due to the nature of the film set, where hundreds of people have to move in harmony as if one person, language could be a major obstacle, <Daisy> had individual interpreters for each language on standby. However, after a week, <Daisy> gave birth to an amazing official language. Just the eyes! It is a miracle that an actor understands the intention of a scene with only the director's gaze, and the director understands the emotion of the Korean lines conveyed by the actor only with the actor's gaze. In the name of the movie, a miracle created by the heart. That heart goes straight to you.

2. Director Yu Yu-gang's 'Perfect Directing' and 'Inspirational Directing'

Director Yu Yu-gang, who quickly and strongly overpowers the scene with his amazing charisma. I heard the admiration that it was a 'perfect production' because of the reasonable on-site progress that never exceeds 12 hours every day, and every detail of each scene is perfectly contained in my mind. The kindness of handing out thank-you letters to all the staff together, and after filming difficult action scenes despite the fast-paced shooting schedule, do not forget to ask the actors “Are you okay?” do

3. <Daisy> Officially designated by the staff 'Self'

<Nine-tailed fox>, <Beat>, <There is no sun>, <Ghost>, <Warrior>, <Doo-Dog>, <Eraser in my head> … Jung Woo-sung has acted in various genres of movies, but has never done a full-fledged action performance. . However, the eyes and the skillful hand movements of the revolver pistol surprised the staff with a killer-like naturalness. In particular, in the scene where he faced the entire organization alone, he pushed his back to the floor and pushed his body to fire, digesting a difficult action that even Joo Yun-bal and Yang Jo-wi could not do. When the staff who were fascinated with him tried to say hello, the Korean staff gave him an important title… He told me that the actor he respected was called 'Baby'. Thanks to that, Jung Woo-sung became the official designated 'baby' of the <Daisy> site, called 'baby' wherever he went.

4. 21st Century Action in 18th Century Buildings
Confessions of 2006 in a cafe in 1900

The Dutch suffered less damage from the war than other European cities, so most of the ancient buildings remain intact. The filming locations of <Daisy> also boasted a great history and tradition. Felix Meritis is an 18th-century building, where the office of the head of the killer organization's boss is recognized. The most intense and intensive action scene was born, with a wire attached to it, from the cameraman to the stuntman hanging all over the place, and bullets fluttering in all directions.
Not only the action, but also the cafe where Park Eui carefully reveals her hidden feelings to Hye-young, which was also the most famous cafe in Amsterdam, opened in 1900. <Daisy> is now added to the glorious history of those buildings

5. Over 100 extras running in the race. This is a spectacular melodrama!

A confrontation between the killer's will and the undercover international police in the square. Three cameras and over 100 extras were mobilized to shoot over three days. Gunshots resounded from buildings in the air, and a crowd of about 100 spread out in different directions in the square. The camera also ran through the square in line with the movement of the person, creating the most dynamic action scene. Jeon Ji-hyun, who threw herself in the middle of the scene, touched everyone once again by comforting her as if she was taking care of her, so that she would not be surprised by the child extra she acted with.

6. Conquering Yu Yugang's manager's cup
Free World Cup in Europe vs Asia

Coach Yu Yugang is a football fanatic. He said that he has always held a friendship match between the staff on site. in this movie
Japan was no exception, but due to the global composition of the <Daisy> staff, the European Union, led by Dutch staff, and the Asian Union, composed of Korean and Hong Kong staff, were held. The Netherlands is a country more familiar to us as the homeland of the 2002 World Cup national team coach Hiddink. Because it was a soccer match with Hiddink's compatriots there, the resolve and tension of the Korean film players was extraordinary. The Asian Dream Team won 5-2 over the European Union, which had an advantage in physical condition, and showed the mental strength of Asians. showed Then the women's teams played, and the MVP was definitely Jeon Ji-hyeon. She conquered the ground with her wispy hair and fluttering stamina, and after winning the match that day, she asked for a game again two weeks later, surprising the female staff in a foreign country. Korean girls are a little strong~

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