(Korean Movie) Confidential Assignment2: International, 2021

Confidential Assignment2: International, 2021

Confidential Assignment2: International, 2021
Ages 15+
running time
129 minutes
cumulative audience
6982940 people
58th Grand Bell Awards 2022
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Air conditioning is back! This time it's a triangle collaboration!

To catch a global criminal organization hiding in South Korea
North Korean detective Rim Cheol-ryeong (Hyun Bin) is put into a new cooperative investigation.
Kang Jin-tae (Yoo Hae-jin), a South Korean detective who was transferred to the cybercrime unit due to a mistake during the investigation.
In order to return to Gwangsu University, he volunteers to be the partner of 'Cheol-ryeong', which everyone avoids.

'Cheol-ryeong' and 'Jin-tae' came together again like this!
While the heart of 'Min-yeong' (Yoona Lim), who reunited with 'Cheol-ryeong', is burning,
'Cheol-ryeong' and 'Jin-tae' still doubt each other's intentions, but carry out a coherent investigation.
At last, as they try to find the hideout of 'Jang Myung-joon' (Jin Seon-gyu), the leader of a crime syndicate,
'Jack' (Daniel Henney) of the FBI who flew from the United States appears in front of them… !

A South Korean detective who is still salty,
The still elite North Korean detective,
And even an overseas detective belonging to the FBI!
Their thrilling joint investigation begins, united for their own purposes!

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More fun, more thrilling, and more global!
This Chuseok, the triangular collaboration begins!

The fresh setting of the first unofficial joint investigation between the two Koreas and the delightful chemistry of Hyun Bin and Yoo Hae-jin evoked strong word of mouth and mobilized 7.81 million viewers, hitting theaters during the Lunar New Year holidays in 2017. come back new

<Cooperation 2: International> is an unpredictable triangular cooperation of detectives who have come together for their own purposes, North Korean detective 'Lim Chul-ryeong', South Korean detective 'Kang Jin-tae', and new face overseas FBI 'Jack' who meet again to catch a global criminal organization. It is an investigation film. After the first unofficial cooperative investigation between the two Koreas, North Korean detective 'Cheol-ryeong' returned to South Korea with a new mission, and South Korean detective 'Jin-tae', who volunteered to conduct a second cooperative investigation with 'Chol-ryeong' to return to Gwangsudae when he was transferred to the Cyber Investigation Unit due to a mistake during the investigation. '. 'Cheol-ryeong' and 'Jin-tae', who had a welcome reunion after 5 years, lead the play as a central axis unique to the <Confidential Cooperation> series that cannot be missed. Here, the appearance of FBI 'Jack', a foreign detective from the United States, goes beyond the cooperation of the existing inter-Korean detectives and adds freshness to <Cooperation 2: International>'s unique global triangular cooperation. In particular, the strange war of nerves of the three people who continue to cooperate in a triangle while hiding each other's true purpose, and the bromance that matches the sum as time goes by, are special viewing points of the movie. In addition, the full-fledged performance of the heroine of <Confidential Cooperation>, 'Min-young', fills the play with laughter and fun, and 'Jang Myung-jun', the leader of a global criminal organization, creates tension with the presence of a previous-class villain. In particular, <Cooperation 2: International> directed by Lee Seok-hoon, who has captivated all generations with works that have laughter, fun, emotion, and scale, such as <Pirates: Bandits to the Sea> and <The Himalayas>, is a laugh that transcends generations. and sympathy will be provided. And from the eye-catching gun action in the middle of New York from the opening, more powerful car chasing, wire action, and bare-body action will provide a thrilling cinematic experience with eye-catching sights. Returning with more pleasant fun, more exhilarating action, and a more global triangular cooperation investigation, <Cooperation 2: International> will captivate theatergoers this Chuseok by sniping the tastes of all generations and genders.

North and South Detectives, and the FBI
Original Member X New Face Member
This Chuseok, irresistible characters are coming!

The combination of various characters, including 'Lim Chul-ryeong', 'Kang Jin-tae', and 'Jack', who had a triangular cooperation while hiding the real hand, as well as the fearless straight instinct 'Park Min-young' and the global criminal organization leader 'Jang Myung-jun', <Cooperation 2: International> Double your own fun. North Korean detective Cheol-ryeong returns to South Korea to catch Jang Myung-joon, the leader of a global criminal organization who has sneaked into South Korea. 'Cheol-ryeong', who moves faster than anyone else to achieve his goal while matching with 'Jin-tae', who is conducting the second cooperative investigation, still attracts viewers with the appearance of an elite detective with outstanding abilities. Second, Cheolryeong, who has become more accustomed to living in South Korea than before, will show off a new look by adding a friendly and human charm. After cooperating with 'Cheol-ryeong', South Korean detective 'Jin-tae', who was transferred to the Cybercrime Unit due to a mistake during the investigation, seeks to return to Gwangsu University and once again poses as a partner of 'Cheol-ryeong' that everyone avoids. 'Jin-tae', who is no longer taken aback by 'Cheol-ryeong''s sudden behavior and calmly copes with it, shows an appearance like the 'old' Gwangsu University legend with his unique skill and ability to cope with crises, but still gives an unbearable laugh with his salty charm. do. Jin-tae's sister-in-law, 'Min-young', transformed from an unemployed person in the first episode to a self-proclaimed beauty YouTuber. In reality, 'Min-young' is a view tuber with an annual salary of 36,000 won and 100 won per day, but 'Min-young', who does not give up the jackpot, can't hide her feelings for 'Cheol-ryeong', who has returned, but conflicts with the appearance of the new face 'Jack' alone. He shows off his unexpected performance and brings out laughter like a refreshing drink.

On the other hand, 'Jack', who flew from the United States on the honor of the FBI to catch 'Jang Myung-jun' who has been chasing him for a long time, becomes a new turning point for the second film. The relationship between 'Jack' and 'Cheol-ryeong', who collide with 'Cheol-ryeong' throughout the investigation and unintentionally continue the love triangle with 'Min-young' in between, completes a lot of fun with a new romance. Jang Myeong-jun, the leader of a global criminal organization pursued by 'Cheol-ryeong', 'Jin-tae' and 'Jack', is a person who commits heinous crimes all over the world. 'Jang Myung-jun', who does not choose any means and methods for his own benefit, raises the dramatic tension to the peak with his powerful presence. As such, the characters full of personality surrounding the triangular cooperation and their activities will provide laughter and fun that cannot be missed even for a moment.

Hyun Bin X Yu Hae Jin X Lim Yoon Ah's Hot Reunion
Daniel Henney X Jin Seon-gyu's fresh energy
This Chuseok, they are coming armed with rich chemistry!

Hyun Bin, Yoo Hae-jin, and Lim Yoon-a, who once boasted perfect chemistry through <Confidential Assignment>, and new faces Daniel Henney and Jin Seon-gyu, newly joined, will show off a stronger chemistry. Hyun Bin, who is active in a wide spectrum of acting from action to romance, returns to the role of elite North Korean detective Rim Cheol-ryeong, who visits South Korea with a special order once again. Hyun Bin is perfect in every way, but unlike the first episode, which showed a weak side to unfamiliar Seoul life, he is expected to create unexpected laughter by skillfully expressing the leisurely appearance of 'Cheol-ryeong', who boasts quick adaptability, as befits the second visit to South Korea. . In addition, the performance that can not take your eyes off from the gunfight to the bare body action overwhelms the viewer with a deeper charisma. Yoo Hae-jin, the representative actor of Chungmuro, who is loved by the public for his solid acting skills and friendly charm, completed a stronger bromance chemistry with Hyun Bin, who is disassembled as 'Kang Jin-tae', a South Korean detective who is still salty. Yoo Hae-jin, who plays Jin-tae, who gets pushed around at work and is stuck at home with his wife, daughter, and sister-in-law, causes laughter with his proprietary charm and makes team play more exciting than the previous film with stronger action acting. Lovely and talented actress Lim Yoon-ah also returns to the role of 'Park Min-young', a character who received a lot of love through <Confidential Assignment>, and invigorates the drama with her irreplaceable charm. Im Yoon-a, who plays 'Min-young', who not only has a liveliness and dexterity that goes beyond the first episode, but also unexpectedly performs an active role, will once again fascinate the audience with her lively charm.

Daniel Henney, who boasts a unique gentleness and perfect visuals, is always disassembled as an FBI agent full of confidence, 'Jack', and unfolds an unprecedented triangular collaboration with Hyun Bin and Yoo Hae-jin. Daniel Henney, who digested 'Jack' with a sweet smile, smart brain and perfect skills in perfect synchro rate, adds fun with his incomparable presence. Jin Seon-kyu, who adds immersion to each work with his outstanding character digestibility, is expected to transform into a powerful villain character once again after <Crime City>, which is decomposed into 'Jang Myung-joon', the leader of a global criminal organization, raising tension. <Cooperation 2: International> with actors armed with colorful personalities and solid acting skills will fill the screen with powerful synergy.

Gunfight, Car Chasing, Wires, Nude Action
New York city set that took more than six months to complete
This Chuseok, a wealth of things to see unfolds on the screen!

<Confidential Cooperation 2: International> is expected to present splendid attractions that cannot be missed with a larger scale and thrilling action. Cinematographer Hong Jae-sik, who newly joined <Cooperation 2: International>, used two types of camera lenses alternately depending on the nature of the scene to enhance the quality of the film. In the action scenes, an anamorphic lens was used to realize the texture and color of the noir atmosphere, and in the drama-centered scenes, the Leica lens, which creates a more natural atmosphere, added a sense of life. Art director Lee Tae-hoon, who rejoined <Cooperation 2: International> following the first film, put all his energy into realizing the stage of the expanded film to a high degree of perfection. In particular, the New York City area of the opening scene, which will capture the audience's attention from the beginning of the film, was produced with the motif of New York's Soho streets with a set built in Korea over a period of six months, A four-lane asphalt road was created to enhance the reality of the action.

Martial arts director Kim Tae-gang and martial arts director Choi Dong-heon are also the original production crew who joined <Cooperation 2: International> following <Cooperation>, and put their energy into detail by designing different action styles to suit each character's personality. 'Cheolryeong' and 'Jintae' provided fresh fun with action using wet tissue in the previous part, and this time, they gave light energy to the play with action that properly mixed comical elements, such as using a fly swatter, and 'Jack' In the case of "," tried to differentiate itself by presenting a versatile action style that is not confined to the frame. And considering that 'Myeongjun' is from North Korea like 'Cheolryeong', it was designed with the same martial art-based movements, but the tension in the action scene was increased by focusing on a faster and sharper feeling. In addition, action scenes with a sense of scale, from gunfights with powerful firepower to thrilling car chasing, breathtaking wire action, and bare-body action with a striking sense of impact, will provide a thrilling cinematic experience that will make you unable to take your eyes off the screen for a moment.

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