(Korean Movies) Confidential Assignment, 2016

Confidential Assignment, 2016

Confidential Assignment, 2016
Audience over 15
running time
125 minutes
cumulative audience
13th Korea University Film Festival 2018


Rim Cheol-ryeong (Hyun Bin), a North Korean detective from an elite special forces unit, who lost his wife and colleagues during an operation by an internal organization trying to steal copper plates of counterfeit banknotes made in secret. North Korea, which must find the copper plate, requests the first inter-Korean joint investigation in history to catch 'Cha Ki-seong' (Kim Joo-hyeok), the leader of the organization hiding in South Korea, and dispatches Cheol-ryeong to Seoul as the right person. On the other hand, South Korea, who is suspicious of North Korea's inner intentions, first plans an operation to catch the next character, and instructs 'Kang Jin-tae' (Yoo Hae-jin), a livelihood detective who is on suspension, to closely monitor Cheol-ryeong, who is disguised as a cooperative investigation.

Cheol-ryeong has to complete the mission and Jin-tae has to stop the mission.
They were given only 3 days,
The unpredictable cooperative investigation between North and South Korean detectives who cannot become a team begins!

[ Briefing of Inter-Korean Cooperation Investigation ]

I risked everything for my country's mission
North Korean detective Hyun Bin

# Name: Rim Cheol-ryeong
# Affiliation: Chief of Special Division, Pyongyang 12th District Investigation Unit, Ministry of People's Security, North Korea
# Characteristics: from a special elite unit
# Mission: Arrest the leader of North Korea's largest criminal organization who fled to Seoul within 3 days and secure a counterfeit copper plate!

I risked everything for the release of suspension and promotion to the first rank.
South Korean detective Yoo Hae-jin

# Name: Kang Jin-tae
# Affiliation: Seoul Jongro, Detective of the Violent Class
# Characteristics: Fully undercover investigation, suspended for 3 months for failing to arrest the suspect in front of the nose
# Mission: Closely monitor North Korean detectives for 3 days, and prevent the North from completing its mission!

One team, two specials
The first unofficial joint investigation between South and North Korea
<Cooperation> (共助)

[ About Movie ]

Special HVAC #1.
<International Market> <Himalayan> Producer X Fresh Material
A delightful and exhilarating collaboration to open the theater district in the new year 2017!

From the movie <International Market> (14.26 million), which tells the story of a father who lived a strong life for his family in 2014, to the movie <Himalaya> (7.7 million), which depicts the moving true story of the human expedition to Everest in the Himalayas in 2015, pleasant and warm laughter in each work, JK Film, which has captivated audiences with a story that touches the emotions of Koreans, is opening the theaters in the new year of 2017 with <Cooperation>, a delightful action drama based on the novel subject of the first unofficial joint investigation between the two Koreas.

<Cooperation> is a film depicting the unpredictable team play of a special forces North Korean detective who has to complete the mission and a South Korean detective for a living who must stop the mission, when the first inter-Korean investigation begins to catch a North Korean criminal organization hiding in South Korea. all. If previous works dealing with North and South Korea mainly focused on confrontation and confrontation between North and South Korea, <Cooperation> is unpredictable between two detectives who pretend to cooperate but hide their true purpose from each other and carry out their duties. It provides fun through team play. A North Korean detective who relentlessly pursues a target based on his excellent physical condition, thoroughly trained technique, and quick action, and a South Korean detective who obstructs him with a physical condition that cannot deceive time, his natural wit, and his laid-back attitude that speaks more than actions. Everyone else's creaking fricatives form an unpredictable ensemble, creating lively fun and laughter. And as time goes by, the two people's breathing and bromance, who break down boundaries and go hand in hand little by little, deliver a pleasant laugh with a perfect chemistry that you've never seen anywhere else. In addition to the speedy car chasing in the middle of downtown Seoul and the raw and vivid action of the actors who did not spare their bodies, <Cooperation> is a film with attractive chemistry of characters full of personality, delightful fun and large-scale spectacle. It will heat up the theater district in January.

Special air conditioning #2.
An elite North Korean detective who threw his whole body X A South Korean detective who saves his whole body for a living
Their unpredictable cooperative investigation begins!

Their encounter with North and South detective characters, who are all different from head to toe, lead the play to a rich level with unexpected laughter and chemistry. Rim Cheol-ryeong, a North Korean detective with a reticent appearance that does not reveal his true feelings under any circumstance, but who knows how to care for and protect his colleagues more than anyone else. He is agile away from a South Korean detective who doesn't want to leave his side, but gets lost in the unfamiliar and complicated downtown of Seoul, seems to see through the South Korean detective's operations but easily falls for his tricks. Rim Cheol-ryeong creates a different kind of fun with a colorful twist. On the other hand, under any circumstances, the savvy South Korean detective 'Gang Jin-tae', who tries to persuade before catching the criminal and persuades him in any situation, disarms the audience with 'normal', which is the opposite of Rim Cheol-ryeong, who is 'special' in everything. In particular, Kang Jin-tae, who is a husband who lives tightly with his wife, a father who cannot buy a smart phone that his daughter wants so much, and a brother-in-law who has to feed even his unemployed sister-in-law, is Korea's most ordinary man, Jin-tae Kang, who is performing three roles. lead Kang Jin-tae, who easily compromises and seems to be lax in everything, but knows how to cover up the mistakes of his juniors and keeps his loyalty at the decisive moment, breathes exciting life into the story. A North Korean detective who throws his or her whole body for the purpose of carrying out the mission and a South Korean detective who interferes with him as much as possible, and the cooperative investigation, which can never agree with him, will provide cool laughter and fun with unpredictable team play. .

Special air conditioning #3.
Hyun Bin X Yoo Hae Jin’s first collaboration
The best bromance of 2017 explodes!

<Cooperation> is the first meeting between actor Hyun Bin, who has captured the hearts of women with his urban yet romantic charm, and actor Hae Jin, who has a friendly and comfortable charm, and expects a different synergy. [Secret Garden] [My Name is Kim Sam-soon], and other dramas such as 'Hyun Bin Syndrome', Hyun Bin, a South Korean representative who was well-received for his more mature acting through his comeback after his discharge from the military, is a North Korean detective with a strong charm, 'Rim Cheol-ryeong'. ' In reverse, we present a new transformation. Hyun Bin is a character with an innate sense of investigation and commitment, but as a North Korean detective Rim Cheol-ryeong, who has a setback in his mission due to an unfamiliar environment and interference from a South Korean detective, he shows off a three-dimensional charm with a masculine transformation that has never been seen before, along with a solid outer appearance with human beauty. . Hae-Jin Ha, a popular actor who mobilized 6.97 million viewers by showing the essence of Yoo Hae-Jin-Pyo's comic acting through the recent movie <Lucky>, after capturing the home theater with his friendly and easy-going charm like the brother next door in the tvN entertainment program [Three Meals a Day Fishing Village] He returns as a living South Korean detective 'Kang Jin-tae'. Kang Jin-tae, who has a lax and optimistic personality in everything, but who interferes with Rim Cheol-ryeong's mission by mobilizing all the skills of a detective life for 15 years after being put into a cooperative investigation, has been completed as a character that everyone can't help but love thanks to Yoo Hae-jin's characteristic clever and delicious acting. . In particular, Yoo Hae-jin, who showed extraordinary chemistry with male actors such as Ha Ji-won, Im Soo-jung, and Han Ji-min, who has worked with top actresses such as Hyun Bin, Jo Seung-woo, Kang Dong-won, Yoo Ah-in, Kim Yun-seok, and Cha Seung-won, for the first time, was a fantastic first meeting that no one expected. Completed bromance. Hyun Bin, who takes off his soft image and shows a masculine acting transformation, and Yoo Hae-jin, who takes full advantage of his unique charm full of humor and humanity, and the fantastic collaboration between Hyun Bin and Yoo Hae-jin, who seem to be wearing tight-fitting clothes, are a very special viewing point unique to the movie <Cooperation>. will be

Special air conditioning #4.
Transformation into a villain Joo-hyuk Kim X Young-nam Jang X Screen Debut Yuna Lim
Delivering a wealth of fun through perfect acting coordination!

In addition to the meeting of North Korean detective Hyun Bin and South Korean detective Yoo Hae-jin, <Cooperation> built a solid casting line with actors Kim Joo-hyuk, Jang Young-nam, and Lim Yoon-ah, who have both personality and charm. First, Kim Joo-hyeok, a national brother who showed a human and warm charm in previous works such as <Singles>, <My Wife Got Married> and <Like Me>, killed Rim Cheol-ryeong's colleague in <Cooperation>, stole a counterfeit bill copper plate, and hid in South Korea. In the role of 'Ki-seong Cha', the leader of a criminal organization, he will show off a strong villain acting transformation. Kim Joo-hyuk, who is divided into Cha Ki-seong, who has a strong desire to betray his country and his colleagues in order to achieve what he wants, confronts Hyun Bin, who plays Rim Cheol-ryeong, and tightens the tension of the play. Jang Young-nam, who showed an irreplaceable presence in the films <International Market> and <Top Secret Investigation>, took on the role of 'Park So-yeon', the wife of Jin-tae, who is rough on the outside but loves her husband more than anyone else. Jang Young-nam, who plays So-yeon, who takes the place of expressing affection with nagging that starts whenever he has a chance, and Hae-jin Ha, who plays the role of her husband Jin-tae, show off a breath that surpasses the real couple. Also, Yoona Lim of the girl group Girls' Generation, representing Asia, will make her screen debut for the first time through <Cooperation>. Lim Yoon-ah, who plays the role of 'Park Min-young', Jin-tae's unemployed sister-in-law, who lives at her sister's house without money, job, or boyfriend, but is confident in the sky. exudes a new charm. Yoona Lim, who expresses the role of Min-yeong, who becomes infinitely feminine when Jin-tae and Cheol-ryeong enter the house at first sight after being captivated by Cheol-ryeong, with a lively and lovely charm, doubles the pleasant laughter of <Cooperation> with vivid and natural acting. . In this way, the movie <Cooperation>, which features actors of various personalities, including Hyun Bin, Hae Hae-jin, Kim Joo-hyuk, Jang Young-nam, and Lim Yoon-ah, will deliver more colorful and rich fun.

Special air conditioning #5.
First action in life Hyun Bin X <The Chaser> <Suspect> Action Staff
In the middle of downtown Seoul, real and exhilarating action unfolds!

<Cooperation> provides a variety of attractions through realistic and scalable action in the unpredictable team play of inter-Korean detectives. First of all, actor Hyun Bin, who took on the challenge of acting for the first time in his life with this work, was born in North Korea's elite special forces unit, and in order to digest the intense action of the character Rim Cheol-ryeong, who shows off his skillful skills, even before filming, he used North Korea's Juche-style and Russia's Sistema martial arts. chopped from The completed fighting scene doubles the thrill with an instinctive and threatening action that conveys the feeling of hitting. In addition, Hyun Bin, who went through a difficult training process, showed a passionate passion for directing dangerous action scenes by refusing to double during filming. In particular, for the car chase scene in the middle of Itaewon, Seoul, Hyun Bin vividly captured the dizzying sense of presence by directly digesting the action by hanging on a fast-moving vehicle while relying on only one wire. Hyun Bin, who has perfected various actions regardless of genre such as car chasing, shooting, fighting, and wire action, will present a wild and masculine charm that he has never seen before.

In <Cooperation>, cinematographer Lee Seong-Jae, who captured vivid action and tension in the films <The Chaser>, <Yellow Sea> and <Suspect> with rhythmic and lively camera work, increased the realism of the action. Cinematographer Lee Seong-jae, who wanted to focus on creating a live atmosphere as much as possible, visited various locations with the actors in advance to understand the space and atmosphere, and rehearsed the filming with a small camera to preserve the sense of reality while artificially cutting the cut. Without splitting it, it naturally follows the dynamic movements and gazes of the actors, raising the reality of the action and drama to the maximum. Martial arts director Oh Se-young, who completed the intense and speedy action of actor Gong Yoo in <The Suspect>, worked with Hyun Bin through <Cooperation> to create an action style unique to <Cooperation> that is improvised and realistic. The action sequences that exquisitely utilize the open spaces such as the overpass, the middle of Itaewon, the Ulsan Bridge, and the thermal power plant and the spatial characteristics of the dangerous obstacles are added, adding to the pleasure of Hyun Bin, who threw his whole body. The ingenious action that makes use of the character's charms, such as an amazing fight using wet tissue paper and a counterattack by separating the gun aimed at him in an instant, will captivate the audience's attention as a spectacle not to be missed.

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