(Korean Movies) Confession of Murder, 2012

Confession of Murder, 2012

Confession of Murder, 2012
Youth not allowed
running time
119 minutes
cumulative audience
34th Golden Cinematography Awards 2014


A serial killer who became a star VS a detective who can't be caught by law

15 years ago, the Yeongok serial murder case that made the world uproar.
However, in this case, the statute of limitations ends without the perpetrators being caught.
The detective in charge of the case, Choi Hyung-gu, feels guilty about not being able to catch the criminal.
Out of anger at the criminal who disappeared leaving a terrible scar on his face
I haven't been able to get a good night's sleep in 15 years.

and two years later,
Lee Doo-seok, who identified himself as the culprit of a serial murder case, published an autobiography titled 'I Am a Murderer'.
This book quickly became a bestseller. Lee Doo-seok, who became a star with his handsome looks and splendid speaking skills.
Choi Hyung-gu digs up the last unsolved missing case.
I'm trying to somehow capture Lee Doo-seok, whom the world has forgiven…

Serial killers forgiven by law
The statute of limitations has expired, but the case is not over yet!

“Fall of 1988… He came to Yeongok and brutally murdered 10 women.
A bizarre method of murder caused shame in women.
I still can't sleep because of the vivid description."
-Park Gyu-beom <Editor of Brown Novel>

“The scene is vivid enough to make me vomit as if I became a murderer.
The details are alive enough to make you feel like you are killing them.”
-Lee Ji-hyeon <CEO of Magazine's Social Focus>

“The detailed murder method and plan that I did not expect is so creepy.
As you read this book, you move between the past and the present.
It will be a new experience.”
-Park Soo-young <Editor of Maeil Morning>

The tearful confession of beautiful handsome serial killer Lee Doo-seok!
The most bizarre and shocking world
The whole story of the serial murder case of Yeongok is revealed!

[ prologue ]

The culprit of the serial murder case of Yeongok, Lee Doo-seok

I kill every The very brutal serial killer who killed 10 women is me, Lee Doo-seok. Killer, monster, absolute evil… It doesn't matter what you call me But one thing is clear. That I killed 10 people!

From now on, my shameful deeds will be revealed to the world one by one. Of course, as it was an incident that caused a stir throughout the country, there are parts that have already been known through the media, but you will find that there are many differences from the results revealed by the police or broadcasting. One thing to be clear, I am not trying to excuse myself or gain sympathy from the public through this book. Readers may be disgusted by the madness and fury on every page of the book. However, I have recorded only the facts as they are, thoroughly. What the public doesn't know is about my childhood before the first murder, and what it was like to commit murder before the next one. just that

I was just an ordinary person who like to take the bus to work like everyone else and think of a cold beer after work. At least that's what I thought myself. But I couldn't live a normal life. So I was always worried. The moment I killed someone, it's hard to believe, but I wanted to kill myself first. Long ago, before my first murder began, if the cruel blade had been pointed at me and not at anyone else, what if I had died before 10 women…

Now I want to tell you about my first murder.

[ epilogue ]

Detective in charge of the case, Hyung-gu Choi

Ten women have died, and Lee Doo-seok is still alive. And the ugly truths that only me and him can know are now open to the world. Maybe Lee Doo-seok brutally murdered 10 innocent women to write this book.

Ten victims, and the last murder whose bodies have not yet been found.
Lee Doo-seok, the culprit in the Yeongok serial murder case,
I wanted to hold him crazy.

And now he came back to me as an ordinary citizen, not a criminal.


Shocking confession of a serial killer whose statute of limitations has expired!
It started from the imagination of 'What if the criminal of <Memories of Murder> appeared in the world?
The most shocking material in the history of Korean action thrillers

The Hwaseong serial murder case in which 10 women were murdered in Taean-eup, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do from 1986 to 1991. Although this case was closed in 2006 without finding the culprit due to the expiration of the statute of limitations, it was re-known to the world through Bong Joon-ho's movie Memories of Murder, and to this day, it is remembered as the most shocking case among the three major unsolved cases in Korea. What if the criminal in <Memories of Murder> disappeared into the tunnel and came out on his own now that the statute of limitations had expired? The work that started from this cinematic yet realistic imagination is the dynamic action thriller <I Am a Murderer>.

<I Am a Murderer> is a work depicting the confrontation between a serial killer named Lee Doo-seok, who became a star through his autobiography of penance for murder, and a detective named Hyung-gu Choi, who tries to catch him by digging up an unresolved missing case. ' and 'He publishes an autobiography that records every detail of his murder and turns the whole country upside down'. The setting in which a serial killer who has been legally acquitted after the statute of limitations has expired and made a shock confession after breaking a perfect crime that even the police did not know is enough to arouse curiosity about what will happen after that. In particular, this setting differs from existing crime action thrillers that focus on the case itself and show the process in real time, dealing with a new case that occurred 17 years after the incident occurred and time passed. In addition, the setting in which those who unconditionally forgive and support the beautiful-looking star serial killer and those who oppose it are opposed to each other reflects the reality of appearance-orientedism and the wrong fandom culture, raising expectations for a richer story. In the second half of this year, the dynamic action thriller <I Am a Murderer> is scheduled to heat up theaters in the second half of this year.

Directed by Jung Byeong-gil, an action school graduate of <We Are Action Actors>
Dynamic and vivid real action of one scene one take

The dynamic action thriller <I Am the Murderer> is the commercial film debut of director Jeong Byeong-gil, an action rookie from the action school in Chungmuro. Director Jeong Byeong-gil's previous work is <We Are Action Actors>, a documentary film about the stories of action school classmates who jumped into the world of stunts with the ambition to become action actors. It has been well received by critics and audiences as it vividly captures the actual action of the movie.

Director Jeong Byung-gil, in his commercial film debut <I Am a Murderer>, presents the essence of real action that goes beyond <We are Action Actors>. Serial killer Lee Doo-seok, who became a star with his autobiography of confession for murder, and detective Choi Hyung-goo, who tries to catch him somehow by digging up an unresolved disappearance case, will give the audience a thrilling action experience by adding intense action. In particular, the rainy night chase scene that unfolds in the opening scene in the beginning is captured in one-scene, one-take, making the viewers sweat. While the two characters race through the narrow alleyways and between buildings, the camera maintains the gaze of the pursuer and the pursued, delivering a vivid sense of presence as if the audience were actually there. Along with the opening chase scene, you can feel the essence of the real action of <I Am a Murderer> is car chasing. In this scene, where the 119 ambulance and three cars are tangled and run on the road, the actors directly cling to the vehicle bonnet and even fight on the bonnet. As such, the real action with 100% pleasure provided by director Jeong Byung-gil, a graduate of the action school, will be an important observation point to fully enjoy the dynamic action thriller <I Am a Murderer>.

A serial killer who became a star VS a detective who can't be caught by law
Two characters in strong contrast and a story full of tension

It would not be an exaggeration to say that the essential item of an action thriller dealing with crime is the character confrontation between the criminal and the detective. Action-thriller works such as <No Need to Admit>, <Memories of Murder>, <The Chaser>, and <The Turtle Runs> have also brought exhilarating pleasure to the audience by capturing the breathtaking confrontation between the pursuer and the pursued. Following this action thriller's box office genealogy, <I Am a Murderer> presents an impactful character confrontation between 'a serial killer who became a star' and 'a detective who cannot catch him by law'.

The two characters of <I Am a Murderer>, completed with the addition of the setting of 'the shock confession of a serial killer whose statute of limitations has expired', gives a strong impression from the visual to the clear contrast. The appearance of a beautiful-looking serial killer and a rough detective with a terrible scar on his face stimulates interest in who is a detective and who is the culprit. Also, after the statute of limitations has expired, a serial killer who has published an autobiography of penance for murder becomes a star and forms a false fandom culture. It creates tension and increases immersion. The last unresolved disappearance case, unknown to the world, appearing in the middle of the film here is a new hint that the case 17 years ago is not yet over, and goes towards an unexpected ending. In this way, the two characters with strong contrasts from visual to inclination and the tension-filled story they create when they collide will fascinate the audience at once.

Expertise meets ambition!
Jung Jae-young transformed into a strong character & Park Si-hoo, the first screen challenge!
Two men's sparking smoke showdown

From comedy, drama, melodrama, to historical drama, Jung Jae-young has the widest acting spectrum in Korea. And Crown Prince Park Si-hoo, who conquered the small screen with works such as [The Princess' Man] and [Prosecutor Princess]. Two men who could not meet in one work face-to-face in the dynamic action thriller <I Am a Murderer>.
Jeong Jae-young, who has given the audience a strong sense of trust through his seasoned acting in each work, takes on the role of 'Choi Hyung-gu', a detective in charge of chasing 'Lee Doo-seok', the culprit of the serial murder case of Yeongok, who disappeared after leaving a terrible scar on his face. As a person who has lived with anger towards 'Lee Doo-seok' for 17 years, Jung Jae-young will simultaneously show high-level emotional acting and strong charisma of a detective. Not only that, it melts the change of emotion in a single word that seems to be thrown out of the mouth, making the audience fall into the emotions of 'Choi Hyung-gu'.

Park Si-hoo, who succeeded in capturing women's hearts as a sweet romantic character in the drama, took on the role of 'Lee Doo-seok', a serial killer who became a star by publishing an autobiography that recorded every murder track two years after the statute of limitations ended. <I Am a Murderer> is Park Si-hoo's screen debut, and he takes on the character of a serial killer, which is the opposite of the existing image, and undergoes a vigorous transformation. Park Si-hoo's shocking transformation will surprise those who remember him as a romantic.

The dynamic action thriller <I Am a Murderer>, where you can meet the veteran Jung Jae-young and the ambitious Park Si-hoo, is going to present a richer spectacle with the two men's sparkly acting confrontation.


45% of all rounds! 1/3 of the total budget!
Dynamic real action created by large-scale quantities and the passion of the staff!

<I Am a Murderer> is filled with action that will give the audience an exhilarating sense of action, as you can feel in the genre of dynamic action thriller. There are three main action scenes in <I Am a Murderer>: a one-shot, one-take, camera-walking chase scene, a car-chasing scene in which actors race on the road with the actors clinging to a vehicle, and a large truck chase and action scene in the movie climax. am. These three big action sequences appear in the early, mid, and latter half of the movie, giving viewers a sense of urgency that keeps them sweating. The three action scenes that make up <I Am a Murderer> are expected to boast outstanding perfection, with 33 out of 73 episodes, that is, 45% of the total and 1/3 of the total budget. Based on the intention of showing something that has never been shown before through a new action from a new angle, director Jeong Byung-gil has fully demonstrated the action skills he has accumulated since the days of the action school.

Among them, the opening action scene was filmed first in the entire filming schedule, and the scale was truly amazing. A total of 4 cranes were always mobilized, including a crane spraying rain, 2 cranes for lighting, and a wire crane, for the opening action filming, which took the production team so much that it took 11 episodes, about a fortnight. He stayed and took turns filming extreme action shots. In addition, 14 vehicles were put in for the perfect video during the 12th car-chasing filming, and in the final 10th filming of the heavy truck chase and action scenes, a specially made large live fish truck was mobilized, collided with the inner wall of the tunnel and overturned. A high-level action scene leading to an accident was completed realistically. In addition, it is said that director Jeong Byung-gil and all the staff stayed up all night and pondered despite filming in mid-winter, and focused only on high-quality action. The dynamic real action of <I Am a Murderer>, which was created with such a large volume and the passionate passion of the staff, will be remembered as the most thrilling and intense action in Korean film history.

The narrow alleys of Incheon, the background of the opening action, and a live fish truck I made myself,
Even the set of the actual broadcasting station where the national debate takes place!
The hidden efforts of the producers for reality!

One of the ways to properly enjoy the dynamic action thriller <I Am a Killer> is to find the reality elements hidden throughout the scene. The production team, who wanted the space seen in the movie to be a real space, not a cinematic space, especially a space that matches real action, tried to add a sense of reality from location hunting. First, to implement the breathtaking opening action scene, we found an alley in Gajeong-dong, Seo-gu, Incheon. This alley, which is intricately connected like a maze, acted as a device to make the tight chase scene between a serial killer and a detective after him 17 years ago more tense. The production team worked out the sum of the actions dozens of times to capture the action of one-scene, one-take, in the perfect place for a complex and fast-tempo chase scene.

In addition, the production team tried to capture the real 'space of life' by excluding studio shooting in order to preserve reality in the dramatic aspect. The hut that appears as a hideout for the families of the victims of serial murders is actually a mountain hut in Pocheon, the broadcasting station where the public debate takes place is the actual Yeosu MBC broadcasting station, and the bookstore where Lee Doo-seok holds a fan signing event to commemorate the publication is a large bookstore located in Jongno. In particular, on the day of the fan signing, when Lee Doo-seok was surrounded by fans, the actual fan club of Park Si-hoo participated and was able to successfully capture the real fandom phenomenon. In addition to this, it is a space where many places actually exist, adding a sense of realism to the action and drama.

On the other hand, the production crew did not hesitate to make a large live fish tank truck that did not exist in reality. Since this truck is an important prop that appears in the highlight action, a regular 5-ton truck was directly converted into a live fish truck to give a sense of size. In addition, in order to realistically capture the situation after the live fish truck overturned, the staff directly purchased flounder worth millions of won and filled the tank to create the perfect live fish tank. From location hunting to production, <I Am a Murderer> was born with the passion of the producers for reality and detail, and will mesmerize the audience with lively action and realistic drama that seems to be unfolding before their eyes.

There has never been such an action in Korean cinema history!
14 vehicles completely destroyed! The largest dynamic car chasing ever!

Among the action scenes of <I Am the Murderer>, the highlight is the large-scale car chasing scene shot in the downtown area. For the unprecedented dynamic car-chasing that has never been seen in Korean film history, the production team has been contemplating for a long time to ensure safe filming. They spent over 10 hours in each meeting, constantly discussing whether it was possible to shoot an actor with a wire hanging from a car. The car-chasing action, which was carried out after careful consideration, was carried out during the filming period for a total of eight episodes. In fact, the number of vehicles shown to the audience is a total of four, including one ambulance and three passenger cars, but in the beginning, a total of eight vehicles were prepared by the production team in consideration of the complete destruction of the vehicle. By the time the main shooting was over, these 8 vehicles were completely destroyed, and the same vehicles were repurchased several times in additional shooting for a more complete action, resulting in a total of 14 vehicles being mobilized and destroyed.

This dizzying filming took place on the road next to Ansan Lake Park. Because this road was unopened, it was the perfect place to shoot dangerous car-chasing. However, there are many citizens who travel to Lake Park on foot, so the production crew always had to pay attention to safety. In particular, the fact that the film has to be filmed while the sun is rising because the setting in the movie is in the daytime, but the fact that the sun is short in winter made the production crew nervous. Another difficulty was controlling the speed of the car. It was not as easy to make a moving car stop exactly at the desired point according to the sign, because of the braking distance of the car running at a speed of 60~70Km/h. One time, a running car crashed into filming equipment, but the staff learned car control technology through long meetings and were able to finish filming safely.

Director Jeong Byung-gil expressed his satisfaction with the completed car-chasing action despite numerous difficulties, saying, 'The action scene came out well as much as the effort was put into it'. The car chasing action, completed with the bloody and sweaty efforts of director Jeong Byung-gil and the production team, is the highlight of the dynamic real action that <I Am a Murderer> is proud of, and it will give the audience a fresh thrill that they have never felt before.

The sensible temperature is minus 25 degrees! The acting fighting spirit of the actors who overcame even the heavy snow!
Jung Jae-young, who took on the most intense action since his debut
Park Si-hoo doing wire action while wearing only underwear

The dynamic action thriller <I Am a Murderer> was filmed from October 7, 2011 to January 29, 2012, in the midst of winter. Because it was a work that had a high level of action such as chase scenes and car chasing, there were a lot of outdoor shootings, and the actors and staff had to struggle with severe cold. At the peak of the cold, the sensible temperature dropped to minus 25 degrees Celsius, and the fish poured from the large live fish tank truck immediately froze. In addition, in the winter of last winter, due to frequent heavy snow, snowplows were driven all over Goyang, the filming location. In addition, the staff had to fight the cold and heavy snow, as well as clean up all the snow for filming the next day when it snowed.

The reason we were able to finish filming safely even under these worst conditions was because the actors' fighting spirit shone. Jung Jae-young, who took on the most intense action since his debut as a detective, said that he said, "It's too hard" even though he described himself as 'an actor who never says it's hard'. In particular, during the shooting of the opening chase scene, which was the first filming, he was actually injured by a strong shock while performing the action of throwing himself into a large fish tank while hanging on a wire. Park Si-hoo, who challenged the screen with <I Am a Murderer>, was unable to participate in pre-production due to the drama filming at the time, but as soon as the drama filming was over, he stayed at the movie set and showed enthusiasm to learn the atmosphere of the scene, admiring the staff. In addition, he performed a high-level wire action hanging from the bonnet of a running vehicle while wearing only one piece of underwear and a gown. Park Si-hoo, who was filming for the first time, even though his foot was torn by a piece of glass and stretched in the shoulder ligament, surprised director Jeong Byung-gil and the staff with enthusiasm more than anyone else.

Jung Jae-young and Park Si-hoo, who showed their fighting spirit despite the severe cold of minus 25 degrees and small and large injuries, will leave a strong impression on the audience by providing thrilling action pleasure.

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