(Korean Movies) Collectors, 2020

Collectors, 2020

Collectors, 2020
Audience over 12 years old
running time
114 minutes
cumulative audience


“I thought it was junk, but it was a treasure?!”
The robbers who dig and trade are coming!

Gang Dong-gu (Lee Je-hoon) is a gifted tomb robber who finds treasures just by tasting the soil.
Dr. Jones (Jo Woo-Jin), a tomb robber expert who calls himself “Indiana Jones” in Korea, meets the legendary shovel master Sapp-Dari (Im Won-Hee), boasting fantastic team play and raising a dangerous and thrilling robbery. .

Meanwhile, Director Yoon (Shin Hye-sun), an elite curator in the antique world who recognized his talent,
He proposes an attractive and risky deal to Dong-gu Kang…!

Hwangyeongsa gilt-bronze Buddha statue, Goguryeo tomb murals, and even Seolleung in the middle of Gangnam, Seoul!
The world of robbery where the plate grows the more you sell!

2020 crime movie
This November, a different grade of shoveling begins!

[ Charm discovery point ]

Dig the ground for a hundred days, money… come out?!
A world of 'underground technology' that has never been seen before is open!

The movie <Government> is a crime entertainment in which a gifted tomb robber Gang Dong-goo (Lee Je-hoon) digs up relics hidden in the ground with experts from all over the country, and it is a delightful and exhilarating film that will pierce the hearts of the audience this November.

<Government> completed a detailed story structure to realistically embody the world of robbery, which the audience was not familiar with from the scenario stage. In the beginning of the movie, the Buddha statue in the 9-story stone pagoda of Hwangyeongsa Temple, announcing the appearance of robbers, the murals of the Goguryeo tomb located in Jian, China showing the combination of Lee Je-hoon and Jo Woo-jin, and the best treasures of Joseon buried in Seolleung in the middle of Gangnam, where the skills of robbers stand out. The robbery case was composed of the likely relics. Regarding this fresh idea, Lee Je-hoon read the screenplay in an instant with great anticipation of “How will this robbery process be realized?” Jo Woo-jin said, “It was so fresh that I wondered if there was a movie dealing with this subject in a Korean movie”. He gave his first impressions of the screenplay.

<Gobul>, a film full of such fresh charm, heralds the opening of a 'world of underground technology' that has never been seen before in Korean movies. The charms of the characters with their brilliant skills are also diverse. <Government> is a collection of charming characters such as Gang Dong-goo (Lee Je-hoon), a gifted tomb robber, Dr. Jones (Jo Woo-jin), an expert in tomb robbery, Yoon (Hye-seon Shin), an elite curator in the ancient art world, and Sapp-dari (Lim Won-hee), a legendary shovel master. Completed the excavation team. The various robberies performed by four different characters based on their respective fields of expertise and team play that can't take your eyes off of it all the time completed the entertainment fun. Armed with such a young cast, fresh visuals, and pleasant breath, <Gurgling> raises expectations about what kind of vitality it can bring to the theaters in the second half of 2020. Director Park Jung-bae, who is making his debut through this film, said, “The point of <Gurgling> was to keep the fun and novelty above all else. In order to bring out the sense of rhythm even in the character's chubby lines, the editing was also adjusted quickly.”

<Gurgling> is a combination of the production team's delicate efforts, the actors' extraordinary visuals, and fresh directing. The world of robbers, whose plates grow bigger the more they sell, foretells to revitalize the theater district in November.

Hwangyeongsa gilt-bronze Buddha statue, following the tombs of Goguryeo in China
To Seolleung in the middle of Gangnam, Seoul?!
A different class of shoveling begins!

In <Government>, from Hwangyeongsa Temple, where the first robbery begins, the Janganpyeong Antique Shop, announcing the existence of Gang Dong-gu, a genius robber, the second robbery base, the Sky Hotel, where a secret transaction with an old Goguryeo tomb is held, and Gangnam, Seoul, where the second robbery base is located. Various locations appear, from the middle of Seolleung to Seolleung. The production team will show various excavation routes all over the place, covering the ground and the underground.
First, the production team searched numerous places to find a place that satisfies the two conditions of being in a mountain and having a large yard in determining the actual filming location of Hwangyeongsa, a fictional ancient temple. This is because a space was needed to place the 9-story stone pagoda-scale props in a realistic way. In the process of location hunting, there were many places where stone pagodas were already laid, so it was difficult to find a suitable space. However, the production crew did not give up and persistently searched for a place, and eventually found the optimal place that satisfies both conditions and was able to perfectly embody Hwang Young-sa, announcing the start of the film. Next, along with the gilt-bronze Buddha statue of Hwangyeongsa Temple, the Janganpyeong Antique Market, a place that announces the existence of Gangdong-gu, was also filmed in the Janganpyeong area, which is widely known as an antique shop, adding reality.

For the scene in Jian, China, where the old Goguryeo tombs are located, the production team visited the Chinese site and filmed elements that could realize the actual tombs. The location in the city center is also outstanding. The Sky Hotel, the setting in the movie where Kang Dong-gu and Director Yoon's secret transaction take place, was filmed at a five-star hotel in Yeouido. Seolleung, the last place of operation for robbers, is set in the middle of the city, so there are restrictions on filming all scenes, so a set similar to the actual size of Seolleung was implemented. It completed not only the ground level of Seolleung, but also the underground level that no one has seen. The underground tunnel, completed with heavy equipment such as fork cranes, perfectly realized the sewer and drainage channels, making it a visual that has never been seen before.

Regarding the filming of Seolleung, director Park Jeong-bae said, “If the ancient temple Hwangyeongsa Temple and the ancient Goguryeo tombs in China are vaguely predictable, the film’s main target, the robbery site, was an unexpected place. So, I decided to set up the space because I thought it would be interesting if robbery was done in Seolleung, which is always nearby and easily accessible to everyone.

As such, the various locations provided by <Gobul> will give you different pleasures with different charms.

Real robbers who dig and trade are united!
Lee Je-hoon, Jo Woo-jin, Shin Hye-sun, and Im Won-hee
Extraordinary team play! A fun and exciting crime movie is coming!

In November 2020, robbers who will change the face of Korean crime and entertainment films have united. In <Goblin>, as director Han Park Jung-bae said, “The actors with various charms gathered as a team to create a ‘Tiki-taka’ team chemistry and focus on making humorous points”, as the real tomb robbers put on the extraordinary team play. is an outstanding film.

The most important thing was a perfect casting combination in order to express each living and breathing character well. Director Park Jeong-bae struggled to form a team that showed fresh and natural chemistry in the combination of casting and characters because the team play of the robber team was important. First of all, Jee-hoon completely transformed into 'Gang Dong-gu', a natural genius robber with a natural intuition to find out if there are any relics just by tasting the soil. In response, Lee Je-hoon said, “Unlike the roles I’ve played so far, he is a character with always high-tension and bright charm, so I enjoyed making ‘Gang Dong-gu’ and found it very attractive.” did. Next, Jo Woo-jin, who plays the role of 'Dr. Jones', also came as a character with a charm that was 180 degrees different from the charismatic appearance shown in previous works such as <Battle of Bongo-dong>, <Day of National Bankruptcy>, and <Inside Men>, raising the expectations of the audience. raising it further. At a glance, the visuals claiming to be the Korean version of 'Indiana Jones' and a red sports car are full of bluffs, but he is expected to transform as a burial expert who penetrates maps of tombs around the world.

Actress Shin Hye-sun, who has shown perfect character digestion in each work she has taken on here, is expected to show off her intellectual charm by transforming into the role of 'Chief Yoon', an elite curator in the ancient art world. Perfectly transformed into a curator who recognizes the astronomical value of relics at a glance, she said, “I wanted to build a neat and sophisticated image so that trust can be formed just by looking at it.” We plan to show a variety of charms that the audience has never seen before. Also, the legendary shovel master who digs tunnels wherever there is a shovel will be played by the master of comic acting Im Won-hee. As director Park Jung-bae said, “As an actor who always has the charm of a rugby ball, he does not know where he will go, even through this role,” said director Park Jung-bae.

The <Gurgling> team, matched with such tight casting and character synchronization, radiates various charms to their heart's content and announces the birth of a crime entertainment movie armed with tiki-taka team play.

[Production Note]

Including a set where Seolleung is realized at 80% of its actual size,
Exciting production that utilizes scale and detail at the same time!

The film <Gobul>, which is full of colorful relics in various locations, covering the ground and the underground, is a film that stands out for its scale and fun production at the same time.

For the excavation work of Seolleung in the movie, the production team produced a set and filmed the actual Seolleung. The set, which is 80% of the actual size of Seolleung, is a place where you can see the dazzling skills and teamwork of the excavation teams. The art team completed the tunnel set by putting in an enormous amount of soil enough to mobilize more than 100 5-ton trucks. Director Park Jeong-bae wanted a visual that seemed cramped for even one person to enter, just like a real tunnel. The scene, which was created under harsh conditions, where both the filming staff and actors had to bow down and film all day, was able to bring out the urgency of the robbery operation to the fullest. Not only the size of the set was important, but also the texture of the soil. The art team prepared various soil samples and tried to airlift the soil that might be under the old tombs. The tunnel, which was completed by adopting moderately moist soil, provides the audience with the reality of being in an actual tunnel. Lim Won-hee said, “When I went to the filming site, I was surprised by the size of the set that was comparable to reality. I used an industrial drill to take pictures of the actual tunnel digging scene, etc.,” he said, admiring the extraordinary scale.

The detailed effort of the production team to express the instinctive skill of 'Gang Dong-gu', which detects the location of the tomb where relics are hidden by directly tasting the soil, also shined. Inspired by the fact that the outer surface of ice cream has a texture similar to soil, it is scraped off one by one and manufactured with a material similar to soil. In response, Je-hoon Lee expressed his gratitude, saying, “I was able to shoot very comfortably thanks to the consideration that I prepared so that I could act freely in the scene where I tasted the soil.”

The appearance of various relics representing each place is also a powerful viewing point unique to <Gullying>. Relics that existed in the time period were prepared as they were, and the excitement of viewing along with the excruciating process of excavation was doubled. The gilt-bronze Buddha statue and the 9-story stone pagoda were created based on data from the relics of existing temples, and the murals of the Goguryeo tombs were created as new tomb murals with a reinterpretation from the movie, referring to the mural tombs of the Goguryeo period, including the Anak Tomb No. 3 in Hwanghae Province. In addition, non-existing cultural assets, such as the royal portrait of King Sejong the Great, worked with experts to restore the relics and reinterpreted them based on the times of the day, adding to the fun of excavating relics that can only be found in <Gobul>. Jo Woo-jin said, “It felt like I was visiting a famous museum or art gallery. So, the moment I entered the set, no one said anything, and I appreciated the art.”

In this way, <Gobul> is a film that realistically captures everything from the underground space, which was previously unknown to the audience, to the charm of relics. Detailed productions utilizing reality will add to the fun of watching, providing fresh and exciting fun to the audience.

From Hwanghak-dong market to oriental painting experts!
Excavation of reality artifacts completed by visiting all over the country A to Z

If there is a scene stealer from the movie <Gobling>, it is the colorful relics that catch the eye one by one. What the production team cherished the most were the relics that appeared as props. Because it is the only production artifact in the world, it was in a situation where it could not be used if it was damaged. Therefore, it was a filming site where actors also pay more attention to props than anyone else when acting.

When preparing the relics that appear in <Government>, what the production team considered important was the harmony of reality and the crime story. They were moments of choice when the focus on historical evidence diminished the entertainment fun and the reality of the movie was halved if the focus was too much on entertainment fun. To this end, the relics representing the times were arranged, but in the reproduction of the relics, the direction was set to make use of the representative points of famous relics.

In the case of the stone pagoda of Hwangyeongsa Temple that appears at the beginning of the movie, the visual of the stone pagoda from the Goryeo Dynasty was referenced. To match the setting of Gang Dong-gu (Lee Je-hoon) robbing alone, it was made with a tall stone tower that took into account Lee Je-hoon's physique. The Buddha statue that was kept in the stone pagoda was also made by hand considering the size of the stone pagoda. In the case of the Buddha, the production price was very high, so only one could be produced, and it is said that he was treated as a VIP at the movie site. In the case of the murals of the Goguryeo tomb located in Jian, China, where the so-called Goguryeo expedition will be robbed, the murals were drawn by experts in reference to the images of the murals of the Goguryeo tombs that were actually excavated, such as Anak Tomb No. 3. In order to add an adventurous fun factor to this, the five sides of the tomb were filled with murals, and the sense of space was pursued by making the tombs wider than the excavated tombs. The various relics appearing in the storage room of Chairman Jin (Song Young-chang) were a site where antiques became treasures. The high-priced items that appeared in the Hwanghak-dong market and the actual antique art market were prepared for the movie scene. The portrait of King Sejong the Great hired an oriental painting expert and completed it by drawing an imaginary drawing.

In this way, the treasures that the production team of <Government> worked hard to find from all over the country provide interesting things to see throughout the movie.

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